Golden QuillAugust 2011 Newsletter

If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

August certainly has sped by for me, but that's how it usually goes once a person hits middle age. What used to seem like an eternity when we were young now seems like a blink of the eye, except when we are having trouble believing for answers for prayer. In that case, it seems like we have been waiting forever.

My daughter and her children are very happy in their new surroundings. Heather marvels at the beauty of the mountains. Lakeside beaches are handy to take the kids to, and kids ride the buses free on school holidays, including all summer break. They were in their new town less than a week when the house next door to their friends came up for rent. It was nice that finding a house to rent was taken care of so quickly.

Connor has made lots of friends, which is not surprising. He has a very outgoing personality. One unfortunate incident occurred when he was occupied with making new friends. A boy he met at a bike park asked if he could try out his bike. Connor agreed and watched the boy go off a bike ramp. The boy asked if he could go one more time. Connor agreed again, but after seeming to head for the bike ramp, the boy suddenly turned in another direction and speedily took off with his bike.

This was very disheartening to him. He had just recently lost a bike that was snatched when his back was turned at a park. He had been standing only a foot away from it, and when he turned back, a large crowd of kids were going by. He couldn't even see his bike to attempt to recover it. Now it had happened again, and worse, when he had been offering friendship!

However, in a small town, everybody knows everybody. Numerous people said, "Yeah, I know that kid." He was, apparently, the neighbourhood bully. Heather and a friend went to the child's father and told him that his son had stole her son's bike, but they would not go to the police if the bike was returned by noon the next day. It wasn't, so she went to the police, but it was actually another boy who recovered the bike, visiting the bully and demanding that he return it. As Heather said, Connor probably would not have recovered his bike down at the Coast, but in this place, people seem to care more about others.

Jake can't go roaming like Connor can, but he seems content to play at home with his teddy bears, ascribing all sorts of super powers to them. His other toys are in storage until they move into their own place. A couple of weeks ago, Heather and the kids had the delight of watching a bobcat in the backyard chase butterflies. Another time, the kids joined a group of hippies on the beach who were playing instruments and Jake went crazy on the bongos. When out for a walk, they came across a girl who was riding a horse and the boys asked if they could pet it. She said that they could sit on the horse! Wow! I never heard of horse riders being so friendly in my area. Heather said that Jake was not at all afraid to get on the horse. I told her that is probably because we watched horse riding videos when I was babysitting him and told him to pay close attention for when he would get to ride horses some day. I am sure that the videos made him very eager to try it out.

I am still listening a lot to ANDREW WOMMACK, in the interests of appropriating perfect health, which is part of the atonement that Yehoshua paid for on the behalf of all those who receive Him as their Saviour, as well as to get the healing power He has given me to flow out to others. This includes appropriating perfect eyesight. Some Christians might think that it is frivolous to labour at learning to receive healing for poor eyesight when we have glasses available to correct it. Whatever. Having to wear glasses is a nuisance. They get fogged up sometimes, and streaky in the rain. If a person's eyesight is bad enough, they could burn to death in a fire, if they are unable to find their glasses to find their way out the house. Getting laser surgery is a risky alternative. Some people have gone blind from it.

Poor eyesight is a particular nuisance when one goes swimming, as everything is blurry, and it can lead to embarrassing situations. When I was a young wife, my husband and I went to a public pool to swim. I was wandering about in the pool on my own, on one of those occasions, when I spotted my husband a few yards away. He had a fantastic build with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. I grinned and waggled my eyebrows at him invitingly, then noticed his swimsuit, which was not the same colour as the one my husband was wearing.

This person was now heading towards me with a look of lively interest on his face! In horror, I hurried away, found my husband, and told him what I had done. For the rest of the time we were at the pool, he stayed close by and directed me around the pool to keep me yards and yards away from that other guy, throwing daggers with his eyes as an inducement for the man to keep his distance. I was so embarassed because I am not given to flirting with men; normally, I would feel very uncomfortable about doing that. Yep, you people who don't have to wear glasses don't know what us who do sometimes have to go through.

I want to see results when I pray for people to receive perfect eyesight, and I want to see people receive new teeth. We have dentists who can help us in that area, but there are plenty of people who have mercury fillings, which are slowly poisoning their bodies. I am sure that there are people who think that it is trivial to pray for such things when there are many who have painful conditions and diseases that could kill them in a short time. Well, I want to be able to release the power God has given me to heal those kinds of things, of course, but it isn't going to dim the lights in Heaven for God to take care of the smaller things, as well. He has more than enough power to take care of everything and He is willing to heal everything.

Normally when I pray for others with the laying on of hands, I command perfect health for people who are Christians, as this is their inheritance in the Lord Yehoshua. I figure that it saves time to pray for everything all at once, rather than go through every thing one at a time. We have to speed things up because God wants to pour out His power through us, and more people are going to want Christians to pray for them when they realize that God wants to heal them. When I pray for others, I expect that God's power has gone through me to them to, at least, get them started towards manifesting perfect health. I really don't know where my faith level is at, but I figure that after all the good preaching I have been listening to for the past year, it has to have had some effect on getting rid of my unbelief and letting God's power in me flow more freely.

I can't say that, up until this point, I have ever seen anyone receive a spectular manifestation of healing when I have prayed for them, but I don't want to get hung up on that and require it to encourage me to pray for people's healing. Frances Hunter said that she and her husband Charles prayed for a lot of people whom they did not see manifest a healing, but they just kept at it and, eventually, they began to have a lot more success when they prayed for others.

Besides that, many years ago, God gave me a dream where I cast a demon of insanity out of a man and then walked away, expecting that it had been done, though he was still manifesting a demon. Some people had thrown a tarp over the man to keep him from hurting anyone, and when he crawled out from under the tarp, he was fine. He sat across from me at a picnic table and I looked at his face, which was covered with lines from the stress of having been insane all his life up until then. I smiled at him and said, "You're a blessing." He gave me the sweetest smile in reply, for nobody had ever told him before that he was a blessing. I loved that dream. I think that God gave it to me as a dress rehearsal for ministry, as well as to teach me to expect that when I prayed, the work was accomplished, regardless if it still looked like nothing had happened.

God also showed me many years ago that He is concerned about everything concerning us, no matter how small. When Heather was five years old, she told me that she had a sore on her leg. I glanced at it. It was a tiny scab and certainly could not have been painful. I shrugged and walked away because I figured that to pay attention to it would encourage her to be a wimp.

The next day at church, the Sunday School teachers had a healing line for the children. Heather went forward for prayer because growing pains were making her arms and legs sore. She told me about the healing line when we got in the car to leave, and her face lit up happily as she said of the teacher, "And she prayed for my sore, and I didn't even tell her!" I heard the Lord speak to my heart, "You see, Lanny, I care about EVERYTHING." Yes, I guess that is why He said that He has numbered even the very hairs of our head. I think that He would have gone so far as to say that He has numbered every cell in our body, if people had understood about cells in those days.

It is not just regular diseases that we have to contend with in these days. There are people in our world who are working on reducing the entire global population to 500,000,000 or less, in order to save its natural resources for posterity. Their posterity, that is, not ours, though they beat the drum about environmental issues and overpopulation and how these things will affect the future of our children. They don't want our children to be around for long, but they do want us to get on board with their program. Well, whatever, God has appointed us to steward the Earth, and we should be good stewards of it, even if it is a benefit to the bad guys, but not to the extent that they want us to go with it, such as getting rid of people whom they consider "useless eaters". God says that people are the precious fruit of the Earth, not its natural resources.

Yes, I do believe there is a conspiracy among an elite group to take over the world. If you are Christian who believes that the Bible is the Word of God, then you, too, should believe that there are groups of evil people who conspire to take over the Earth. Psalm 2:3 & 3 says, "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us." That didn't happen only up until the psalmist's day and then taper off. It has been grinding away steadily for centuries and gaining momentum with the advent of modern technology and communications systems.

This is why Judeo/Christian beliefs have been so drastically devalued since the 1950's. Who would have believed back then that, in one person's lifetime, TV and radio entertainment would censor out profanity, nudity, and gory violence, and only fifty years later the airwaves would be spewing the degree of filth that it does nowadays, with a growing trend among young people to want to be vampires?

The people who have engineered this state of things don't want Christians and Torah–loving Jews to "impose" Biblical morality on society because, in order to fulfill their plans to take over the world for their dark lord (satan), they need people to become satan worshippers who are willing to shed a lot of blood as sacrifices to the devil. He draws power from blood sacrifices and other forms of idolatrous worship. Read the rest of Psalm 2. It tells us that those plans will not succeed, though it may seem for a time that evil is triumphing over good.

Blood sacrifices to satan has many forms, and the perpetrators of those murders are not always aware that they are making them to satan. Abortion has killed millions of innocent children in our country, but so have some methods of birth control, if they kill fertilized ovum. I read of a vision a person had who saw Hell, and satan was forcing women who had aborted their children to eat their babies' bodies. Think about that possibility. Fathers who consented to abortion, or even if they were just careless about getting girls pregnant and it resulted in abortion by a pill, or IUD, or in a clinic, are probably punished that way, too. If we turn away from our sins and look to the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from them, we won't have to be afraid that we will go through that over and over for eternity.

It doesn't matter what stage of life a human is killed; in God's eyes, it all murder. Euthenasia is murder. Suicide is murder committed against oneself. Overprescribing drugs is murder, withholding food and water to cause a patient to die is murder, and it is a very painful way for them to die. Unholy Sacrifices of the New Age by Paul deParrie and Mary Pride goes into more detail about how murder is being legalized within hospitals.

Deadly viruses deliberately concocted in laboratories and releasing them upon an unsuspecting public in order to reduce population is another way that satan receives his daily quota of blood sacrifices. Satan encourages selfishness in people, so that they will be convinced that reducing the population, even by evil means, is justifiable.

I watched a video this month that helped me to finally understand how AIDS became known as a homosexual disease. Christians have been pretty quick to say that it is God's judgment upon them for their sins.

A certain group of homosexuals who were suffering from HIV were innoculated with an "experimental" vaccine that was supposed to help them fight their disease. In actual fact, it gave them a new disease and they spread it to others. Homosexuals were chosen to carry this virus because it was known that many of them have up to 1000 sex partners in their lifetime. For those who would still maintain that this is a judgment from God upon them, carried out through the medium of evil men, consider that a lot of innocent children and heterosexual adults, some who were Christians, have also died from AIDS. I consider homosexuality to be an abomination, but I think that murder is worse. People who engineer deadly viruses and/or deliberately spread them are evil. Their crime is still evil, even if the lifestyles of their victims are contrary to the righteousness of God.

What if it was our child or brother or sister or friend who were involved in homosexuality, and someone injected them with a deadly disease? Would we commend that person for killing our loved one, because their homosexual acts were deserving of God's judgment? I don't think so. I think that most of us would prefer to hope in God's mercy, that He would give them time to repent of their evil ways, and that we would not think that the people who killed them with a disease had done them any favours. Some of the sweetest Christians are those who have come out of homosexuality. Those who are forgiven much, love the Lord very much for having given to them the gift of repentance and delivered them from their destructions.

Consider also people who know of easier, cheaper, painless, and more successful ways to fight cancer and other diseases, but are part of the machinery to suppress those remedies because they can make more money off of conventional methods of treating those diseases. Consider drug companies that can make valuable medicines for just a few cents, and then make a killing with the markup, extorting money from people through their necessity for the drug to control or eliminate their disease. Disease is big business.

Consider the possibility that some companies who sell natural remedies might be lying about what they put into those bottles and are actually just distributing placebos. How do we know that they are telling us the truth? How do we know that what is being marketed as spring water really is spring water, and not poured from a tap? How do we know that some people who test products for purity and efficacy aren't being paid off? There is so much deception going on in our world that it could put our heads in a spin, if we try to figure it all out. Even if we were trained chemists, we wouldn't have the time to test every product we use to see if it is as harmless or as useful as what it claims to be. We need to be so tuned to God's voice that we can hear what He has to say about what He wants us to purchase, rather than rely on ads to inform us about their benefits.

Christians, return to the simplicity that is in Christ. He came among us and taught us many things, one of which is that if we drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt us. Have faith in what He said. We need to get our faith activated for healing and to walk in perfect health, so that we won't be plagued with illnesses that we have to pray away. That is how we can survive the poisons and diseases that are being released into our environment and save other people's lives, as well.

There are so many books out there about what foods are good to eat and how they ought to be combined. If we lived in a world where we could be sure that the claims people make about their products are true, the foods those books recommend could do us a lot of good, but if those foods are genetically modified, they could contain poisons. I read on the Internet about a poison that farmers use to kill insect pests. It makes their gut burst. It's not very harmful to people when applied topically to a plant, as the pesticide gets washed off, but some brilliant scientists decided to put that poison right into the plants to kill the pests. Now you can't get rid of the poison. Some women who ate those genetically modified foods gave birth to children who were born with leaky gut syndrome. From what I understand, leaky gut syndrome doesn't usually form until after many years of dietary abuse.

People struggle so much with the question of why, if God really does love us, He allows evil in the world, particularly evil that is perpetrated on innocent children. My series THE MAJESTY OF GOD deals with the why of that question, but here I want to point out the evidence of His Love.

God took on mortal, human flesh and came to live among us as Yehoshua or Yeshua of Nazareth. What kind of family did He choose to be born into? A poor family, one that could not afford to buy a lamb to offer as a sacrifice for Him when He was a newborn. They had to make do with an offering of a couple of pigeons. Where did He chose to be born? In a lowly stable. He even set Himself up with the ignomy of being thought to be a bastard, to identify with those who, through no fault of their own, were born to parents who were not married, and unjustly despised for the circumstances of their birth.

Who did He mainly keep company with during His ministry? Mostly with the poor. He cares about the suffering of the poor and wants to give them relief for the present and comfort regarding their future eternity. He did not choose to be born in a palace among the elite of this world. He did not care about their approbation at all.

Yehoshua underwent suffering so that by His wounds, we could be healed. He died on a cross to pay the penalty for our sins, and also to give us an inheritance of perfect health and provision, in spite of the vigorous, relentless efforts of satan and his followers to make us ill and profit from it, to deprive us of fair compensation for our work, to deny us provision to meet our needs, and to kill us off. As the Bible says, a will does not go into effect until after the death of the testator. Yehoshua went so far as to even give His life in order to rescue us from Hell, and to give us health and joy and peace and provision. He rose from the dead and now lives within us as the Holy Ghost, which gives us the power to collect our inheritance.

By the way, when Yehoshua gave His life, it was more than a physical death that occurred. When all the sins of the world were rolled onto Yehoshua, God the Father turned His face away from His Son because He is a holy God and sin cannot abide in His presence. At that moment, Yehoshua was separated from God, which was an infinitely worse torture for Him than any pain that His body had been put to. This is what killed Him. He died from a broken heart because He had never before been separated from the Father, but had always existed in perfect union with Him.

Those who know the Lord and the joy of being in union with Him, consider how awful it feels when you don't sense God's presence, particularly if you have done something that God does not approve of and feel guilty about it. This sets up a dark night of the soul that makes one feel like they are hanging over the pit of Hell. What Yehoshua felt when God turned His face away was exponentially worse and we will never be able to fathom the pain He felt at that moment, even with all of eternity to consider it.

I think that all Christians need to meditate on this aspect of Yehoshua's death. It might save us some day from making the mistake of a certain archbishop who was arrested and imprisoned in Communist Russia during the Iron Curtain days. He was forced to administer communion to other Christian prisoners, using feces and urine as bread and wine. When one of the prisoners asked in shock why he did this, considering what Jesus had suffered for him, he replied, "Brother, I have suffered more than Jesus." This man was probably tortured in the most degrading ways, as well as for many more days than the one night and day that our Lord was afflicted. He looked only at the physical tortures that Yehoshua had endured, and did not understand how deeply the one who was God in the flesh would have had to suffer in order to cause Him to die of a broken heart.

We have to put work into renewing our minds in God's Word, so that we can fulfill His will for our lives. That is what I am doing by listening so much to Andrew Wommack's teaching. I have read a lot about the evil stuff that is going on in the world behind the scenes. It could be very depressing to know about these things, but Andrew's teaching cheers me up. It helps me understand the Bible more clearly in many aspects. The times ahead are gloom and doom for those who don't put their faith in God's goodness and power, but God is able to help us develop spiritual maturity that enables us to face the truth about what is going on, but not get down about it, or to hate those who are doing those horrible things.

Those people are caught in a trap. Some of them were born into families that are sold out to satan, and they were groomed from infancy to give their allegiance to him. Man, it is a great mercy to be born into a regular, middle-class family that never had any of the really weird stuff in it that goes on in those satanic families, regardless of their wealth and other privileges. It is a really wonderful thing to live an ordinary, relatively wholesome life without any awareness as a child of creepy, supernatural stuff and forced to participate in it. Instead of judging those who are bent on bringing forth a one world government, we need to pray for their souls, considering the possibility that they experienced horrors that forced them into their current activities. They are in a trap. For them to receive Yehoshua as their Saviour could mean immediate torture and death, and perhaps the torture and death of loved ones, unless God supernaturally preserves their lives.

I also watched some videos of a man named Doc Marquis about the occult origins of our holidays. Doc Marquis claimed to be part of an Illuminati family. All sorts of rumours about him fly around the Internet. Whether he was a genuine Christian or not, I found his presentation about occult origins of our holidays very interesting, and I consider his information valid. Most of it I already knew, having read other sources, but he presented some things that I did not know about, particularly concerning St. Patrick's Day and Groundhog Day.

Doc read Jeremiah 10:2 – 4, "Thus says the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not." Do you see that? It says to not learn the ways of the heathen, for they are vain. Yet how many Christians celebrate "Christianized" pagan holidays, even when they know that they have pagan roots, and brush off their critics with the lame reply of, "Well, God knows my heart." Yes, He does, and He knows that it is a divided, compromising heart.

It is not just the celebration of those holidays that are at issue, but even the ways in which those holidays are celebrated that are rooted in the worship of devils. I will give the following samples of occult customs:


Saturn is the head of gods, also known as "the hidden god," who is satan. Saturn was worshipped as a symbol of Nimrod. Nimrod was a major human representative of satan, who garnered worship for his master. Nimrod was a prototype for many of the gods of the ancient pantheons.The fact that satan was the god whom the pagans really worshipped was the innermost secret of their mysteries. As Doc asked in response to the assertion that God knows our hearts, that we are honouring Him in our celebrations, how can it honour God to celebrate Him with pagan festivities, rituals, and symbols?

The Bible says that when Yehoshua was born, the shepherds were still out in the fields. In Israel, the shepherds bring their sheep in from the fields in the second week of October, so Yehoshua had to be born before mid–October, not on a cold winter's night with the snow on the ground. John the Baptist's birth can be calculated in accordance when his father was ministering in the Temple when Gabriel spoke to him. Yehoshua was born six months after John the Baptist, which places His birth around the end of September or beginning of October.

The Bible tells us that the wise men did not visit Yehoshua when He was in His manger. He was two years old when they arrived to offer Him gifts, so that is another false image attached to His birth. I think that if a person wants to honour Yehoshua by celebrating His birthday, they shouldn't be three months late, and they should dispense with incorrectly placing the sages from the East at the event.



The Bible says to not learn the way of the heathen. Christians should feel convicted about indulging in celebrations that have pagan roots and steer away from them.

Valentine's Day

Groundhog Day

May Day

St. Patrick's Day

Doc said that the occult celebrates birthdays in the belief that their god, Lucifer, gave them life. This is where birthday celebrations originate. I wondered for several years about the reason for birthday candles. It makes sense now. I suppose the custom of making a wish and blowing them out relates to offering one's life to Lucifer (blowing the candles out representing death). Blowing out all the candles means giving satan your whole life in order to receive a wish in exchange for Lucifer's blessings. Okay, that's it. No more birthday candles for me. I think that I will just celebrate birthdays as an appreciation day of the person, with a card or a gift, maybe a special meal, but no cake with candles.

Some argue that we shouldn't celebrate anyone's birthday, including Yehoshua's, because the Bible doesn't say anything about celebrating birthdays, and because the pagans did it. But the Bible doesn't say that it is wrong to celebrate birthdays. I did not know that pagans celebrated birthdays to offer themselves to satan. I like to celebrate birthdays because it is a nice thing to do for others and I like it when people celebrate my birthday. It is like they are saying, "I am glad you were born," There certainly is nothing wrong with that, nor with giving gifts to others freely out of a pure heart, without trying to obligate them to us. I think that birthdays are a matter that God lets us decide for ourselves on, but we should not celebrate birthdays with pagan customs.

Doc warned that a lot of Christians are going to be taken by surprise and bowled over by what it coming down the pike, if we continue to celebrate pagan festivals. This confirms the conclusion that I came to about ten years ago that we have been set up with these holidays to program us to worship the Antichrist. Many of us have numerous happy memories attached to these holidays, so there is an emotional attachment to them and their symbols. So what happens when the Antichrist makes an appearance and bumper stickers and posters appear that employ a valentine symbol in connection with him? Up comes our love for our Mom, or of our children, our friends, our sweetheart, of our spouse. It will be a hard fight to keep from transferring those feelings to this false Christ, because there will be a lot more than the valentine symbol pulling on us to do it .

The celebration of Christmas honouring Jesus of Nazareth is already dropping Jesus out of the festivities. Schools and other civic facilities are forbidding Christian symbols, such as manger scenes, as well as references to Jesus's birth, on the basis of separating church and state, to make this a secular celebration of the winter solstice. I think that the plan is to replace Jesus as the reason for the season with the Antichrist, and to draw on happy emotions connected with family celebrations to make Christians feel very left out and depressed, if they do not join everyone else in celebrating the Antichrist. Some will capitulate for the sake of recapturing the warm glow of the feelings they experienced when those holidays were celebrated as Christian traditions.

It is not easy to swim against the current, but if a salmon does not swim against the current in order to return to its origins, it is swept out to sea. The Great Whore of Babylon sits upon the waters, Revelation 17 tells us, and those waters represent the sea of carnal humanity. She dominates them. The sooner we stop compromising by celebrating these pagan traditions, the less difficult it will be for us when we are faced with making a choice about taking the mark of the Beast.

I do not believe that the Church is obliged to keep the Jewish feasts, but I think that a lot of spiritual insight can be gained from studying them, and if a person wants to make happy memories for their children by celebrating something, these feasts provide a good opportunity to do that, as well as to teach them about God and His dealings with Israel.

The evil Haman

I have celebrated Purim with my grandsons, after a fashion. I don't like that business of making pastries that represent Haman's beheading; it's gruesome. I prefer my own ideas to some of the Jewish traditions. The boys and I dressed up in costumes and enacted the story. Connor was Ahasuerus, Jacob was Mordecai, and I was Esther, though I am sure that I was much too stout to really look the part. Anyway, I got to wear pretty clothes. As we had run out of people to play any more parts, we used a large toy beetle with pincers to be the evil Haman. The kids had fun with this play. I took a lot of pictures and they enjoyed that, too.

Satan has grabbed nearly every day on the calendar to match up with some type of occult significance and appropriated millions of things from nature to infuse with his symbolism. You can't hardly turn around without being confronted by something that you could say is an occult symbol. God invented geometric shapes. There is nothing evil in the star shape of lilies or the circular shape of the sun, the shapes of crystals as they occur in nature, etc …. These symbols gain their demonic significance from being used to promote the occult or to manipulate carnal appetites through psychological trickery.

Right here I am going to warn against Christians reading books about dream symbols in order to interpret their dreams. First of all, why would we go to people who practice forms of witchcraft for such information? A lot of those books are written by channellers. The Bible says that not only is divination an abomination to God, but it is also an abomination to go to a diviner for their insights. In actuality, the same symbol in a dream can mean different things to different people, and the Holy Spirit will give insight about what it means to us, as we seek Him for wisdom.

Secondly, I believe that those books about the meaning of dream symbols are programming tools, to seed the public with the same idea about what various things are symbolic of. When everybody more or less interprets a symbol the same way, it is called an archtype. I think that the deliberate seeding of symbolism has been going for centuries, ever since Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis instituted the Babylonian Mysteries shortly after the Flood, but some things still mean different things in different cultures, and individually to different people. If everyone believes that crossing a river means death, for instance, then it is easier to convey the idea of death through presenting a river as a symbol in a movie, in an illustration in a book, in an ad, or on a political poster.

I have even seen subliminals, not only in Christian books, but also in Bibles. In one Bible I looked at, there was an illustration of someone crossing the Sea of Gallilee in a boat, and there was a knot hole in the boat. Who makes boats out of wood with knot holes? There was a fishing net draped across the boat. Together those symbols suggest "naughty net", which may possibly influence some Christians to spring a leak in their commitment to holiness and look at porn on the Internet. In another drawing in that same Bible, I saw a tree with a thick trunk, and the contours of the tree trunk looked like the legs and hips of naked men and women standing closely together, suggestive of an orgy.

In case anyone thinks that it is a dumb idea to make that sort of association, Wilson Bryan Key, a psychologist who used to embed subliminals for various advertising companies and taught Communication Theory as a university professor, asserts that it is easier to program intelligent people than people who have a low I.Q., because intelligent people are more able to make the associations with the symbols. Dumb people just don't get it.

It makes it easier for advertisers who use subliminal imagery to put their ideas across if people read those dream symbol books and buy into the idea that the symbols mean the things that they list. Why make it easier for them to steer our thinking and pick our pockets? I read that a white cat represents treachery. I don't have a clue why it would, but now that I know that this is what it means to the advertisers, that idea is now conveyed to me when I see a white cat in an advertisement. It's not fair. Poor kitties. There is nothing wrong with a cat being white, except that when they shed, their hair tends to show up on dark textiles.

Doc Marquis makes a very valid challenge to Christians to decide whether they want to be committed Christians, and back up it up with appropriate action. If a Christian persists in celebrating holidays that have pagan roots, they might be mature in some areas of their Christian walk, but in this area, they are carnal. One dear gentleman said to me that he loved Christmas, as it was a precious family time to him, and he thought that I should go along with it, as not celebrating Christmas puts one out of step with other Christians. That is undoubtedly so, but it does put one more in step with Jesus.

One of the things that Doc talked of that I have reservations about is that he said that the New World Order has colonies on Mars, where they have transported people to be their slaves, and that all of the space vehicles sent to Mars are always reported as having a malfunction. He said that this is a lie, to support the idea that Mars can't be colonized. I doubt that there is anybody living on Mars. Yeah, I know that Graham Hancock wrote about pyramid structures on Mars, and that might true, but if it is, they were probably put there by the fallen angels, not people, in order to throw doubt on the Genesis account of Creation, giving support to the fiction that Earth was colonized by people who came from another planet.

I doubt that Man has reached even the moon. There are many who believe that the whole Apollo moon mission was concocted on a sound stage in the Nevada desert, as a public relations gambit, to allay the fears of the American public about Russia's technological capabilities, after they sent up the manned Sputnik satellite. The American government isn't above lying to the public; it has done it lots of times, telling us that certain products are okay for us to use, allowing us to be slowly poisoned to satisfy the big pharmacy lobbies, and lying about products that can cure diseases cheaply and effectively, making it illegal to sell them, so that profits can be made from keeping people ill and locked in to conventional methods of treatment. They have lied about their reasons for getting engaged in various foreign wars. The official reason is never the real reason.

Experts have examined the moon landing footage and pointed out inconsistencies in the lighting and the background. The fact that thousands of people were involved in the "moon landing" doesn't mean that it wasn't a hoax. Maybe they believed that they were helping to construct that fiction for the good of their country, to keep people from panicking while their space program tried to catch up to the Russians. Some would do it just for the sake of keeping a well–paying job and prestigious position. Threats may have been made about disclosing the truth. It would be wrong to judge people for this, as we don't know what was used to pressure them into telling lies, and they might be really good people in other respects.

I remember the excitement I felt when watching the moon landing on TV when I was a little girl. Of course, I totally bought it back then. I was just a kid and believed our government was totally good and never ever lied. Now I know that some people in the government want to do good things for others, but aren't always allowed to, and some people in government will do just about anything for financial gain, and some are plain evil and love to do bad stuff just for the heck of it. What I wonder is, if that mission was successful, then why have we not heard about any other moon landings since then?

There is one guy who says it didn't happen because, if people were to go past the Van Allen belts, the radiation from the sun would kill them. If people really can't go to the moon, then they sure can't go to Mars. So why does Doc apparently believe that there are NWO colonies on Mars? Maybe he is disseminating disinformation, or maybe he really does believe it because he was told it was so by people he figured would know, but it could be a lie that the NWO tells in order to make people think that they are more technologically advanced and powerful than what they really are.

I have no doubt that they are more technologically advanced that what the general public knows, but I don't think that they can put people on Mars. Of course, I could be wrong about that, but even if it is true, what does it matter? God says in Obadiah 1:4, "Though you exalt yourself as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, thence will I bring you down." God isn't saying that anyone will be able to do this. He is saying that, even if they could, He will ultimately destroy those who rebel against Him, and there is nothing they can do about it, no matter how hard they fight Him.

I suspect that, not only the holidays Doc mentioned are pagan in origin, but even Hanukah, as well. Some think that because Yehoshua went to the Temple during this festival that He was giving countenance to it, but that is an assumption. It is more likely that He went to the Temple at that time because a lot of people were there, and He wanted to reach them with His Gospel. I seriously doubt that He participated in ceremonies connected to it, because Yehoshua never sinned. He may have looked on while others celebrated it, and refrained from making comments about it that others were not ready to receive, but I can't see Him lighting a menorah with nine lamps, no more than I can see Him following customs that the Jews adopted from Babylon, such as wearing a little, round cap on their heads, which relates to sun worship. There is absolutely nothing in the Old Testament that indicates that God required this of men, but it is a custom of sun worship to shave a tonsure on the head, symbolic of the sun.

After realizing that our traditional Christian holidays are set up to groom people towards the Antichrist, using them to hook their emotions, I considered the origins of Hanukah. It came about after a crazy, bloody tyrant tried to physically force his evil religion on the Jews, and they fought back tooth and nail. Many Jews were put to death, but others kept resisting, attacking the Syrians to throw off their yoke because what they wanted from them was insupportable. The Syrians must have figured out that they were not going to win the battle with force. The story goes that the Syrian forces had defiled the Temple and only one vial of holy oil remained to light the Menorah. This should have lasted only one day, but, miraculously, the Menorah stayed alight for nine days.

The Babylonian Mystery religion is very sneaky, so I suspect that this was a set up to get the Jews to comply, at least in part, with what was wanted of them. Some Jewish priests and Levites, including some of the high priests, were very likely secret adherents of the Babylonian Mysteries. Being a descendent of Aaron is not a guarantee that one is completely moral and above reproach. Even at the outset, two of his sons were killed because they offered strange fire upon God's altar, and it was a high priest who hypocritically rent his garments and called for Yehoshua's death.

I considered the possibility that the high priest in the days of the Syrian tyranny secretly kept lighting the Menorah with unsanctified oil and put the story about that it was a miracle. Possibly another agent within the Temple managed to do it. If I were to bet on it, though, I would put my money on the high priest because a menorah with nine branches was brought into the Temple to commemorate Hanukah. A nine branch menorah breaks the type that God gave Moses for the furnishings of the Tabernacle, and the number nine has heavy signficance in the occult. I think the aim was to get the Jews to celebrate a festival of lights during that season, similar to the pagans, as an invitation to the winter god to give him the right to hinder them in serving God. The high priest would have the most influence to gain the acceptance of a nine–branched menorah. I think that the whole miracle was a total set–up. I celebrated Hanukah once, but not after giving it more consideration.

Here is the link for those who want to watch this video series on OCCULT HOLIDAYS by Doc Marquis. I don't know if he was really who he said he was, or if he was a genuine born–again Christian, but what he shared about the occult can be verified by other sources. He puts it together very well and makes a lot of legitimate points that Christians should consider. I added some details about those holidays that I learned from other sources. Alexander Hislop's TWO BABYLONS is a terrific resource for information about the roots and outgrowths of Mystery Babylon. We need to know about this stuff because the book of Revelation implies that the Babylonian Mystery religion will come back out into the open in these last days.

It sure has been making headway, sucking a lot of Christians into thinking the C.S. Lewis's Narnia chronicles are a Christian allegory, whereas they actually are related to sun worship. C.S. Lewis absolutely loved mythology, which is a strange preoccupation for someone who professes to be a Christian. The book that the world touts as his greatest work is the most bizarre of his writings. It is called Until We Have Faces, and I wonder if the title hints at the aim of pagan practices some day coming totally out in the open.

There is no such thing as a witch or wizard who doesn't get their power from satan, even if they practice "white" magic. If their power does not come from God through the Holy Ghost, then it comes from the only other source of power in the Universe, which is profoundly evil. Part of its evil is that it masquerades as good in order to deceive and trap souls.

Some people seem to think that Balaam whom the Bible tells us about was a prophet of God because he blessed Israel. Balaam was a high priest of the Babylonian Mysteries, a warlock. Like a lot of psychics, he claimed that he got his power from God, but he actually got his power to bless and to curse from satan. Balaam was eager to respond to the king of Moab's summons to curse Israel, but God broke in on his incantations. He probably shocked when that happened, like the witch of Endor was when Samuel's spirit arose from Paradise and appeared instead of a demon. God told Balaam not to go to Moab. Balaam knew that he was dealing with the One True God, and he better not cross the line without His permission.

When higher–ranking servants of the king of Moab visited him the next time, offering bigger and better bribes, he acted like he was on the high moral road and boasted that he wouldn't do it, even if they offered him the king's palace full of silver and gold. That was a hint to offer him even more, and he gave them hope that the bargaining wasn't over by saying that he would ask God again about this matter, to see if He had anything further to say about it. God was really clear the first time, and there really was nothing more to say, but Balaam was mighty impressed with himself that the Living God had actually talked to him, instead of just the lesser deities that he was used to dealing with. He supposed that God recognized his power to bless and to curse, and that if he cursed those people, it could over–ride what God wanted. That wasn't it at all. God was trying to extend mercy, not to Israel, whom He protected anyway, but to Balaam.

When Balaam presumptuously asked God about this a second time, God answered him through an idol, the greed that was in his heart, and Balaam got back an answer from God that he could go with those men to the king of Moab, but he was not to curse Israel. Balaam went, probably hoping that God would change his mind about that, too. God sent an angel with a sword to persuade Balaam that He was not going to change His mind about that, and that He had the power to kill him, if he disobeyed. Most of Balaam's the enthusiasm for the trip probably fizzled out at this point, but he realized that he had to go now, seeing as God had locked him into it.

Why did God lock Balaam into it? Because Balaam didn't listen to God when He tried to save his soul, giving him a chance to turn away from his wickedness. If he had obeyed God and not gone with the Moabites, grace would have been released to turn him away from witchcraft all together, and to put his faith in God and His promises regarding the Messiah.

Balaam had crossed that line, though, and was now compelled to stay on the path of destruction because he had despised all the chances God had given him in his life to repent. The gift of repentance was no longer offered to him. God is long–suffering, but His patience does come to an end, if a person goes too far in taking it for granted, refusing the mercy He offers through the Messiah. In those days, people were required to put their faith in the promised Messiah who was to come, but now we must put our faith in the Messiah who has already come in the person of Yehoshua of Nazareth, who fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies about His lineage, His deeds when He inhabited a mortal body, the manner in which He would die to pay for our redemption, and His rising again from the dead.

Balaam went and looked at the Israelite camp with the king of Moab, and then pronounced blessings on Israel, according to the words that God gave him. He was so bloated with pride that he was actually hearing from the true God, and being used by the true God, that he thought that God was giving him those words because he had great favour with Him.

Not so. God was just demonstrating that He can use anybody to do what He wants them to do. He can make the devil himself do what He wants him to do. When God gives commands to those who are set on evil, though, they kid themselves that it is their own idea and come up with selfish reasons for doing it. For instance, if God tells satan to release his hold on funds that are held by one of his servants, but should be used to do good for the poor, satan will tell himself that he is doing so in order to build a good reputation for one of his servants, in order that he may take advantage of that at a later date.

Balaam acknowledged to the king of Moab that he had no power to say anything but what the Lord gave him to say. He knew he would be killed if he disobeyed God, but he wasn't humble in his heart about it. He used the situation to get some mileage out of it, presenting himself as one who chose to not say anything but what God told him to say, hiding from the king that it was fear for his life, rather than moral fortitude, that motivated him.

When he prophesied God's blessings over Israel, he also took the opportunity to laud his own position as the vehicle through which God chose to pronounce those mighty blessings. This hadn't happened to him before. The people who had come to him before were pagans who worshipped false gods, and their gods answered them, but here was the Most High using him for a mouthpiece. He thought that God was doing it because He recognized him as a mighty man. He was a fool. God used him to demonstrate the folly of not obeying Him willingly when He gives us the chance to do so.

Balaam continued to ride the impulses of his pride after he delivered the prophecies that God compelled him to give, even kidding himself that he wanted to speak those words over Israel because of his special relationship with God. He really did not have any relationship with God, but pretending that he did gave him the opportunity to promote himself as a man of principle.

Did he go home and mind his own business after delivering those prophecies? No, he hung around, waiting to see if some opportunity for financial gain would present itself, seeing as the king of Moab had been so willing before to reward him handsomely, if he had done his bidding. Balak was plenty ticked off with him and not inclined towards hosting him, but Balaam was a powerful sorcerer, and he couldn't mistreat him beyond a few snide remarks and glares and a steady stream of bad vibes. Balaam figured out a way to get back into favour. He could not curse Israel, but if Israel could be persuaded to forsake God, then God would not back them up. He advised Balak to send beautiful women to Israel to seduce the men and entice them to worship idols.

If Balaam was a true prophet of God, he would not have given advice like that, though previously he pronounced great blessings on Israel. If he had been a prophet of God, he would not have even considered putting curses on Israel when he was approached to do so. The king of Moab probably promised to pay him a lot of gold, if his advice paid off and they were able to conquer Israel, and part of the deal was very likely that Balaam had participate in the battle and kill Moses. They did not have any confidence that any but their most powerful sorcerer could pull it off, but he did not succeed. Moses killed Balaam by the sword, sending him to the reward that he deserved. Sorcery has its limits.

Tolkien's ring trilogy added gasoline to the flames of the current interest in sorcery, and the Harry Potter series even more. I have never watched those movies, but one day when I was visiting someone, their kids were watching it. I caught a glimpse of a scene where witches thronged a marketplace and I thought, "That is what satan is after with this series; he wants everyone to be witches and right out in the open about it."

It is a challenge to find good books to read to kids. It seems that 80% of the children's books in the local libraries where I live are related to the occult. Children's appetites have been so whetted for this abominable entertainment that it is hard work to get them interested in the good stories that children used to read when I was a kid. Those stories are not spectacular enough to hold their attention, though they promote good values. The world is spinning out of control, and kids know it because they see images of violence on the news. They can even watch some aspects of war unfold before their eyes while it is happening, if their parents are not careful about keeping them out of the room when they are watching the news.

Kids are interested in sorcery as a means to make their world predictable and under their control, to gain power over others who might wish to do them harm, as well as to put some excitement into what seems like a boring life. Most children's lives do not match the shows they see on TV for affluence and action, and the powers of superheroes build a taste in them for supernatural powers, even if they come from evil sources. I was astounded one day when the child of a Christian friend fantasized that he was inhabited by a demon that enabled him to leap to great heights. It was part of a story line of something that he had watched on TV.

There are many Christian parents who let their kids watch sorcery–oriented shows, read the books, and play video games that are populated with demonic figures engaged in occult scenerios, because they don't want to wrangle with the kids. First it is because the kids whine that they want to do what their friends get to do. After the parents give in, it is a matter of having to deal with the powerful drive of addiction.

The Bible talks in Proverbs about disciplining our children regardless of their crying and how disciplining them will save them from Hell. I think that Yehoshua has given New Testament believers better means of training our children than using a physical rod. Since He demonstrated mercy to adults in His dealing with them, such as not having the woman taken in adultery stoned to death, I don't see why He would not deal more mercifully with children, as well, particularly as the Holy Ghost is now within us, rather than being just an outside influence. He can enable us to know the appropriate reality discipline to apply to various situations, but the principle is the same, that we should not cave in to our children out of a sense of false pity.

I did not let my kids watch TV in my home after I got them back from their Dad. I provided them with a lot of good books to read and I was willing to play board games with them, if they wanted me to. My kids' boredom was an excuse for them to disobey me, which led them into various troubles, but I think that if I had had a TV in my home, it would have only slightly delayed their looking outside my home for excitement, and that their behaviour could have been much worse because of greater access to the ugly ideas that TV conveys.

Even if they had not misbehaved worse, any trouble they got themselves into, I would have been consumed by guilt for allowing them to be defiled by television. I have had to work through tons of regret for letting them watch shows with New Age messages when they were little, but I could reason that it was expected, considering what a dough head I was in those days. There was far less excuse for it after I had received much more grace from God.

I was absolutely appalled at what my kids watched when they became adults, shows about witches and demons and just plain awful stuff. When I was in my teens, my first foster mother wouldn't let me watch scary shows because they gave me nightmares, and that woman wasn't even a Christian. They smoked and drank in that home, and they didn't object to the other kids watching horror movies, but I wasn't allowed in the room when they were on, and it was a relief, actually, that she laid down that rule. Even after I left her home, I watched horror movies far less than before because she set me in the direction of staying away from creepy stuff.

My kids watched far worse shows than I had ever seen. I didn't look at the TV screen when they had those shows on, but just overhearing a few things informed me that the horror movies of my youth were like Romper Room or Sesame Street in comparison to what Hollywood was spewing out in the 1990's. Regret ate at me for having allowed my kids to watch cartoons like Masters of the Universe and movies like Neverending Story. Actually, I regretted having let them watch TV at all. The Bible says that if you give a child only butter and honey to eat, they will know to choose the good and refuse the evil.

Even knowing better, I made mistakes with my grandsons, but less so than with my kids. It's progress. I have reservations about letting them watch anything but Christian videos on my computer, but I do let them watch some stuff other than that. It's much better than what I used to permit, so that's progress, too. I am not so influential with them that they would be totally happy with me reading my kind of books to them, which I have not been able to do very often, so I have made some concessions, but there are certain things I will not allow in my home that they are used to doing in their own home. The grandkids aren't happy with that, but they know they have to go along with it when they visit me. For the most part, they seem to enjoy their visits, regardless of how Connor gripes about not being allowed to do certain things that he takes for granted at home.

Sometimes, even in spite of our knowledge, the best we can do is a progressive weaning of ourselves away from worldly entertainments and customs, rather than going completely cold turkey. If it is the best we can do, at least it is in the right direction, as long as we keep working at it. We might have to step up our Bible reading and prayer time, and read more information on those topics to strengthen our sense of conviction, until we reach the point where we can go cold turkey on the things that God wants us to forsake. After all, He says to flee from Babylon, not to dawdle and take our time about it, and look back with longing at what we have left behind, wishing for those things again. Remember Lot's wife.

If we don't work at learning to flee the lusts of the flesh, what happens is that we sink deeper and deeper into compromise. I have seen a lot of Christians allowing themselves freedoms that the Bible teaches against, such as watching unwholesome shows. The Bible says in Psalm 101:3. "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me." The Bible says that in the last days, the love of many will grow cold because iniquity will abound. Iniquity is sin on the inside of a person, but not yet acted on. Meditating on it is what brings it to bloom. Reading books that promote ideas contrary to the Bible and watching ungodly shows are breeding places for iniquity. The love of many is growing cold towards the Lord because they graze in the pastures of iniquity.

When hearts warm towards the world and its ways, they grow cold towards God. I have known several Christians who lived with their lovers in open adultery or fornication, even including an older man after his wife died. His daughter said that her mother's death was hard to take and her father's subsequent behaviour made it even harder.

I used to wonder about him because of how he used to mutter snide criticisms about the leadership in my church. I don't believe that leaders should never be criticized when it is deserved. Sometimes it is needed to talk things over with other Christians, both to clear one's mind from webs of control that have been cast over them, or to keep our minds free from those webs, but one should not criticize in a judgmental spirit that condemns the person, instead of only the behavior. It didn't surprise me all that much when I learned that this man was living in sin, but I never used to hear of that happening when I first became a Christian back in the 1970's. Certainly some fooled around, but they kept it behind closed doors. The influence of television has helped to spread corruption and make many shameless about things that ought to make them blush.

A few years ago, I used to think that it would be best if people never watched television at all, because of hidden things that have been embedded in what they are looking at. The people who put those things there must suppose that it trumps absolutely everything, including Christian programs, or at least hinders their effectiveness. The latter is probably true, but there are some Christian programs on television that are so mightily anointed of God that the good that can be gained from watching them outweighs the drawbacks. Sid Roth's program It's Supernatural is one that I believe fits that category, and Andrew Wommack's Gospel Truth shows are another. I prefer to watch them on the Internet, away from the temptation of competing television shows, and also because I can skip the introductions and advertisements, and stop the show and pick it up later, when I have to do something else. Admittedly, I also watch educational videos.

I think that I have learned my lesson about slipping back into watching shows from YouTube for entertainment. Last month, I caved in and watched some Regency era movie videos that are pretty tame compared to what most people watch, in an effort to take my mind off of Heather and the kids not being at my place when I returned home after they left for the Okanagan. I knew that the Lord didn't want me to do it, but He was patient with me. The effects of exposing my mind to those stories were soon felt. For the next few days, I often thought about those movies. They had many attractions with their interesting story lines and beautiful costumes and sets. It was like I was still watching those movies, even when I was doing my dishes.

One day, though, it flashed in my mind what was snaring my thoughts. I saw a man in a Regency costume, wearing a Brutus style of haircut, which was fashionable in those days, but he looked rumpled and there was a horrible, crazy look in his eyes. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me that this image represented the demonic spirit that was working on me to ensnare my thoughts. When I was thinking about those movies, I wasn't thinking about the Lord. Movies release a brain sucker that keeps us distracted from giving God the attention He deserves; it hinders us from growing in the Lord. Seeing that horrible thing gave me the motivation to cast it off. I wonder what it was that I missed out on by watching those movies, instead of just pressing in closer to God for His comfort about being parted from my children.

I am still going to Jeff's Mayr's meetings, but more often now that I am not looking after the grandkids. It has been great. God is moving in those meetings. Friday before last, Jeff spoke in tongues over a woman in the service, and she told him that he had spoken in Romanian. Last night, he ministered to a native woman and spoke in tongues over her, as well. She said that he had been speaking in Cree, and she told him what the Lord had said to her through him. Jeff ordinarily doesn't know how to speak Romanian or Cree, and he didn't know what he was saying when he spoke in tongues, but both occasions brought forth words that glorified God and were Biblically sound.

As always, I learned a lot this month. I might not be parachuting out of airplanes or climbing mountains, but my life always seems like an adventure to me because of how God leads me and the things He teaches me. I can hardly fathom how apathetic and pleasure–oriented I used to be, and what a bore life was as a result. I was like a dumb ox bent on feeding my physical senses and seeking entertainment, only occasionally letting my grazing be interrupted. I couldn't see any farther than a few yards ahead because I was so focussed on getting my own way. I eventually looked for excitement by going to bars and cabarets with my husband, which drastically eroded my spiritual life. The riches of God's wisdom were available to me all that time, if only I had lifted my eyes higher to see what He was offering me.

This world is so evil, much more than what it appears to be on the surface. We need to press in to God to maintain our peace of mind; that is, if we want to be informed about what is going on. If we remain in denial about what is going on behind the scenes, our darkest hour will sneak up on us and take us by surprise. Remaining in denial and trying to not rock the boat will not keep that dark hour away. It comes to all, and we need to be in full armour and on watch in order to stand in the evil day. Proverbs 27:12 says, "A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished." This refers to hiding ourselves in Yehoshua, not trying to stay out of the line of fire when courage is called for. It is the carnal mind that figures that it is better to be a live dog than a dead lion.

We need to prepare "double garments" for ourselves and the people within our sphere of influence to keep our hearts warm towards God when the cold winds of persecution blow. Proverbs 31:21 describes these garments as clothes of scarlet. We need to build our faith in the ability of the blood of Yehoshua to keep us safe in His love, no matter what happens. I am not speaking of physical safety, but of spiritual safety, which is far more important. It is not only the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony that ensures our victory, but also loving not our lives unto death.

Christians don't have to lose sleep over the machinations of evil people who are working on taking over the world. We need to be informed about their schemes, at least enough to give us the big picture of what is going on, but to also keep in mind that God's Word tells us that sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. In other words, don't worry about what might be ahead. If we are having trouble coping with housework, get it conquered. Work at giving our families what they need from us. Deal with problems at our jobs. Meet the challenges in ministry. Stay in constant communion with God and do what He directs us to do. When bigger stuff comes along, if we have been consistently faithful in that which is little, we will be able to keep faith with God when we are challenged with that which is much.


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