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Wow! What a month. A lot sure happened, some things that I can share, and some that I can't. What I can share is that my stepfather was very ill, diagnosed with cancer of the lungs, liver, kidneys, and prostrate. At 82 years old, his smoking habit caught up with him. He wanted to be healed, but the doctors gave no hope. He had to go into a hospice.

I wanted to visit him, to make sure that he heard the Gospel and had one more opportunity to receive Jesus as his Saviour. I had tried to share the Gospel with him before in letters, but he refused to read my letters, and he refused to let me see him, as he knew I would talk to him about Jesus.

But God has His ways. Years before, I had witnessed to my youngest sister, and though she did not like it at the time, she would still listen up to a point, which is more than what the rest of my family would do. The things I said convicted her and made her realize that she needed to be saved, but she loved the man she lived with, and he wasn't a Christian. Then after her son died, she turned to the Lord because He was the only One who could comfort her.

What Dad would not let me say to him, he allowed Lorrie to say, as she was his own flesh and blood. He also had a brother who would quote Bible verses to him. He told Lorrie about his brother doing that and raised his brows. I think he was trying to let her know that he hoped she wouldn't do that. Lorrie just smiled and said that our uncle was just trying to help; Dad nodded, acknowledging this.

Lorrie often read the Bible to him and he listened without showing much interest, but at least he did not protest. He was cranky with her, but always showed some eagerness when he knew that my other half–sister was going to visit. He had always favoured her. Lorrie always knew it and it saddened her that she was not equally loved, but she came to the place where she accepted that Dad was like that. She persisted in loving him and trying to help him.

I had an acquaintance who I hoped would go and see Dad; perhaps he would listen to another man, especially one who was close to his age, but the man had to take his wife to a lot of doctors' appointments, so he didn't make it in to see him. But God is faithful. He finds a way to save a soul who would be saved.

On August 6, I had a dream where I ministered to my stepfather and cast a lot of demons out of him. He became like a little boy, sweet and innocent, and could not even remember having ever committed sins. I was going to take him home to live with me and he was so excited about getting to sleep in a top bunkbed in my home. I told him that he would have to make his bed, but it would be fun – like building a castle. I figured, "I may as well plant the seed now, to get him to make his bed."

I awoke from this wonderful dream in the middle of the night and savoured the great peace I now felt about my stepfather. I no longer had any anxiety about him. I didn't feel that there was any more need for me to visit him. I knew he was safe in God's hands.

Dad died on August 27. Lorrie told me afterwards that she had been praying for him, urgently seeking God to give her wisdom what to say and do. She felt led to read to him from the Book of Revelation. This seems like a really odd choice of Scripture to read to a dying man; one would think that it would upset him, but Dad didn't seem to mind. I feel that God led her to do this, so that Dad would realize that God is not one to be trifled with, and also, that it would be better for him to go and be with the Lord before those things happen, as he did not have the strength to endure what is ahead, even if he was restored to perfect health. God does not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able to bear; if He has called us to go through that time, then it is because He has designed us to be End Time Warriors.

Lorrie read to him about the thief on the cross, who repented at the end of his life and Jesus received him. She urged Dad that he could do this, too. He was too weak to speak, but she told him that he could speak in his heart to God, and God would hear him. She urged him to tell God that he was sorry for his sins and to ask Him to save him in the Name of Jesus.

I was so thrilled when I heard this. My sister attends the church we were raised in, which is a Christian cult that believes they are the only genuine Christians. Their ministers have told my sister that they believe that people in other churches are saved, too, if they believe as their church believes. That's an empty attempt to sound accepting of people from other churches; no other church believes the same as the Cooneyites in every point of doctrine. I have emphasized several times to my sister that salvation is only through Jesus, and she conveyed to my stepfather the true Gospel.

I had great peace from the dream that God gave me, and my peace doubled when my sister told me about how she had ministered to Dad before he died. We believe he is with the Lord. He was kinder to my little sister towards the end. After his death, I saw a glimpse of him in my spirit, running about on a lawn in Heaven and laughing. He was so happy that he made it to Heaven! I cried for joy to see his face like this. It had always been really hard before now to imagine my Dad in Heaven; it had been hard to imagine him being kind and sweet, because that wasn't how he normally was. He had been a rather narcissistic, self–centred kind of man, cranky and critical, more often than not, though sometimes he could be fun.

My natural father had a similar experience; he did not receive Jesus as his Saviour until just before he died. I love to visualize the two of them in Heaven, not only friends, now, but brothers, hanging out together, no longer jealous and hating each other. What a happy thought! They will always have a special relationship to each other because each of them had three children who are brothers and sisters with each other.

One of my nephews got married this month. My daughter attended the wedding with her two sons and she was so proud of the older one because he was polite and helpful. The younger one, who is usually cooperative, surprised her by acting bratty. Kids tend to get like that, though, when they are around other kids, getting excited. He nearly wiped out his cousin with a wagon ride, but the cousin thought his harrowing descent on a downgrade was a great lark.

I was busy at home with my work. I sure love my job. I am the only employee, so the work would really pile up, if I wasn't there. It's great to know I'm needed and I love the people I work for. They are very fair–minded and sort of like a Mom and Dad, though they expect me to do my job well, and I expect it of myself, too.

I was on my way to the bus stop one evening, a couple of weeks ago, wondering when I will ever get a car. I had been believing for another one, but it had been twelve years since the last one, which I gave to my son for his birthday. As I wondered about when I would get another car, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, "Sooner than you think." Well, I have had experience with the Lord's soons before now, so I didn't take it too seriously. Sometimes His soons take years to materialize, but when they do, I always realize that I wasn't ready until then for what He wanted to give me.

The next morning, on the way to work, I said to the Lord that I was fine with whenever He wanted to give me a car, because taking the bus and Skytrain to work gave me opportunities to witness to people. I really was deep down in my heart content with my current situation; there was no longer any unrest there. I think that He had been waiting for me to come to that place of totally yielding to His timing for that blessing.

A couple of hours later, Arne, my boss breezed by my desk, saying something about Kathie's new car, as he headed into his office. I thought, "What's he talking about?" I usually know about this kind of stuff ahead of time. I said, "Kathie's got a new car?" He said that, yes, a friend of theirs found out about some lady who had a car in mint shape, with only 37,000 miles on it, that she was offering to sell for a really good price. Kathie had earned enough money from selling herbs to buy the car. I asked what they were going to do with the old car.

The old car had been recently appraised for $2600.00 by ICBC when they got its door fixed, after it had been scraped by another car. They wanted to advertise it on E–Bay and Craigslist for that price, but if I wanted it, they said they would sell it to me for $1500.00. Dream come true! I had wanted to buy a car without having to pay interest. In fact, they said that I could get it insured and start driving it even before I made the first payment. So I did. Arne and I went last Friday and got it insured.

Woooweee! Is sure is fun to have my own car again. I had driven other people's vehicles a little bit since then, so I still know how to drive, but it's a bit of challenge finding my way around some places because of construction that has changed the roads. I'm catching on, though.

It calmed me when I remembered the first time I drove into Vancouver by myself after my husband left me, and I knew that, though my husband was no longer with me in the car to give me directions, Jesus was there with me. It really wasn't hard to drive into Vancouver. What scared me at that time was how to get out of Vancouver, but the Lord calmed me down with the thought, "Lanny, the people who made these roads used logic to plan them; there is an order to them." Then I thought for a minute about that and found my way out of Vancouver without any further problem.

So, that's what I do when I am driving now; I just calm myself and watch for signs that direct me to where I want to go, and if I make a wrong turn, I refuse to worry about using up extra gas. I'm worth it to be safe, so I find a safe way to get back onto the right road, even if it means having to go a long distance, instead of panicking and turning onto roads that could get me into trouble.

The conveniences of driving a car are wonderful: no more getting my groceries in little dribbles, only as much as I can carry or drag home in a case on wheels; having a place to store my coat, instead of carrying it, when it gets too hot; going places that have poor bus service or no bus service; not having to walk home in the dark; getting home in only half an hour instead of in an hour and a half; getting out to favourite stores before they close for the day. It's all pretty cool. Thank you, Yehoshua!

I work for a Christian ministry and it is awesome to have a boss who prays for me when I am facing difficulties. He and his wife are very kind–hearted, and I know that they are really concerned that things go well for me, but I suspect that Arne prays for me also because he does not want me to get distracted from pushing forward with the ministry. That's fine with me. I push, too. I said to Arne the other day, "You know, we Christians are going to have to get to the place where praying for cancer and TB is just minor stuff, and believe God to raise the dead and grow back missing parts."

I am absolutely flummoxed when I read about exotic diseases that have devastating, deforming effects on human bodies. Man, I don't want to go to those places where stuff like that happens until I am assured that my faith is pure enough to keep me healthy, and to pray for the people there who are afflicted with those diseases and see them healed. I hate it that satan can give people the sniffles, never mind that other stuff. I believe that God wants us to press forward like that, to ask for the gift of miracles, instead of shuffling our feet and ducking our heads, awkwardly muttering about being too humble to ask for such a gift. I used to be afraid of getting into pride, so therefore avoided asking for great and astounding gifts, but there are a lot of people who need miracles, and God wants to heal them. Also, the redeemed have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, so we can rely on His character within us to keep us from falling into pride.

I believe that renewal of youth is in the Atonement. Aging is caused by disease, and Jesus suffered torture and death to deliver us from disease and injuries and deformities, from all the curses of the Law. I think that the saints need to lay hold on that truth, particularly the older ones who are well–seasoned warriors, instead of thinking to themselves, "I'm tired and I want to go Home. I have fought the good fight; I deserve my rest now."

Grandpas, Grandmas, and all other older warriors who know the ways of the Lord, this generation still needs you! The Bible says in Psalm 78:1 – 8, "Give ear, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old: Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, showing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done. For he established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers, that they should make them known to their children: That the generation to come might know them, even the children which should be born; who should arise and declare them to their children: That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments: And might not be as their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation; a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not stedfast with God."

Our children, and especially our grandchildren, still need us. Their friends need us. Many of this generation need us. Many of them have been raised on television and computer games, programmed with antichrist doctrines of devils, and hardly know what is good and what is evil. Most of them have never cracked open a Bible; even their parents have told them that it is just a book of fables, or that it was written by nasty men for the purpose of keeping people under their control. They deny its divine inspiration and ignore the benefits that it endowed to societies that let the Bible guide them.

Many of us, though we love the Lord, our own children are out in the world, living common–law, or as homosexuals, or perhaps respectably married, but very materialistic, not taking the things of God seriously. Part of the problem is that we did not fully recognize the dangers of television and secular education, or perhaps we could not afford to stay home and homeschool our children or send them to a Christian school.

Abortion is a terrible crime and there is a strong push for euthanasia. Us older people, particularly Christians, are not useful to the agenda to bring the world under satan's control. Most of us were raised with good morals. Many of us think more clearly than the younger generation because we had a healthier lifestyle in our youth. We played outside and got fresh air and exercise, instead of being plugged into an electronic box of lies and seedy ideas for hours each day. Older folks aren't generally as easy to fool as younger people who have less experience. We need to lay hold on the promises of God, which includes PERFECT health, not just pretty good health.

Perfect health would render a body strong and flexible, able to resist bacteria, and viruses, and poisons. Perfect health would undo much of the aging process that most people take for granted as God's will for them. It was not God's will in Eden for people to grow feeble. If you are washed in the blood of Jesus, you are eligible for Eden health, and this younger generation needs us to be strong and of good courage. In spite of how insane the world is becoming, we need to stick around and show these young people what God can do, if we dare to just take Him at His word, without doubt and unbelief contaminating our faith.

Don't let yourself be hauled off to a seniors' home where some nurse or doctor, who thinks that they mean well, can give you an overdose of medication that will put you out of your misery like you were a horse or a dog that needs to be put down. Frustrate satan's plans to get you out of the way by taking hold on the Word of God that says that, by Jesus' wounds, we WERE healed. We've already got it. We just have to appropriate it; to enforce the victory that Jesus won for us. We don't have to get sick in order to die. Like Moses did, we can just lay down and give up our spirit to the Lord when He calls us Home, if we do not pass on by a martyr's death.

Certainly there were a lot of great men and women in the past who went through the natural process of aging, and many of them died of diseases, but don't say to yourself, "Who am I, that I should do better than they?" Get your eyes off of yourself and that false humility, and look instead at the needs around you.

We are living in the Last Days, the very Last Days, where technology is in place to destroy people by the millions all at once, instead of just one by one as in the days of the Apostles and for many centuries afterwards. Technology is in place, and has been used for quite some time, to groom millions of people all at once to give their allegiance to the antichrist. Technology is in place to mark them as his slaves and put them under his complete control.

Our faith needs to go higher. There are weapons that can disorient a crowd and keep them confused for days. There are weapons that can fry a person's insides and kill them, while leaving their property intact for plunder. There is a lot of technology that governments keep under wraps, to delude the public that their guns can protect them from, thus giving them a false sense of security. Guns are like bows and arrows and spears were to the Ethiopians when they were invaded by Italy, who used guns and airplanes to conquer them.

Christians need to believe God for supernatural protection against all the power of the enemy, whether it is spiritual or technological. God is in charge of technology; the materials that are used to develop and manufacture those devices were made by Him, and they remain subject to Him, when a man or woman of God is full of the Holy Ghost and knows what their authority is in Christ. Until our work is done, nothing can kill us, if we are committed to fulfilling our destiny in God, instead of turning tail and preferring to die, rather than facing the challenges of this evil world.

Certainly, after several decades of struggling with our flesh and the world and the devil, it would be lovely to go on Home, but what about these youngsters whose minds have been assaulted daily with messages that there is nothing wrong with experimenting with sex, and even with homosexuality, and that it's okay to abort one's babies, if they don't feel capable of raising them, or if having a child would interfere with their career opportunities or fun? What about this myth they have been taught about evolution, as if it were fact, and that the Bible's record concerning creation is a myth? These youngsters need our wisdom and our faith and our example of holy living.

I think that God has a lot of adventure in store for those who will take up His challenge to believe for their complete healing, for perfect health, for renewed youth, and to operate in miracles that go beyond what Jesus did when He was on the Earth, according to His Word wherein He says those who follow Him will do even greater miracles. Take it literally, because that is how He meant it. He had only three years to just get started on showing us what the power of God can do. He lives! He is available to lead us on to greater displays of God's power, and we sure need it in these Last Days; because of satanic technology, the Last Days saints are facing much greater challenges than the Apostles.

I am not yet operating in that degree of faith, but I am working towards it, listening to ANDREW WOMMACK's uplifting teaching on faith via his videos, which I access from his website, and meditating much on the truths of the Bible. As Andrew says, "I haven't arrived, but, praise God, at least I've left!" What about you?


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