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If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

It was wonderful that Heather and the kids came down to the Coast during the last week of December. I loved being able to hold my little Jacob in my arms again, and after a while, Connor let me cuddle him, too. Heather was frazzled because her visit wasn't what it had been promised to be, but that had nothing to do with me. I kept the kids overnight while she went out with a friend and stayed over at her place, but I got to spend some time with her the next day.

Boys! They require a lot of energy, particularly if they are both strong–willed and contend with each other. I had to go out to pick up some eggs and bread for their breakfast. They squabbled with each other the whole time, but there was an interesting spiritual lesson in it. I tried to keep them apart in the grocery store, but Connor wouldn't leave Jake alone; he kept demanding an apology for something, which was ironic because he was pestering his little brother as much as he was being pestered. An apology was never going to happen, but he wouldn't let go. I told Jake to let me deal with him, but Jake kept trying to get back at him. I told him, "Fine, then if you won't let me handle it, you can deal with it yourself."

I was struck by the similarity of when we have issues with someone who has offended us. God says, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay." It's good to let God handle it, because He is totally fair and He knows exactly how to deal with those who are spiteful towards others. But if we keep getting in the way, He can't deal with the issue, because now He has to deal with us doing something wrong.

The boys settled down once we got back to my place again, watching funny animal videos and looking at funny animal photos. I have a sizeable collection on my computer. Jake lost interest after a while, but the rest of the evening was very peaceful as Connor sat at the computer with me and Jake busied himself drawing.

To cap it off, I had a really restful sleep that night, though I slept on the floor, so that the boys could have my bed. That's not normal; usually it hurts my back to sleep on the floor, and that night I was too tired to put piles of comforters on the floor to make a mattress. I slept on only one comforter, and was very comfortable. It gladdened my heart because I know the Lord did something special there.

I am still looking for work, and reminding myself daily that God can make a way where there seems to be no way. In the job search course I took, the instructor said that one of the people who took a previous class applied for a job in a bank, and was told that they'd had 500 applicants for that one job. Huh. And I thought it was really something that a job I'd applied for had 200 applicants. The woman who had recommended the job to me, saying I would be perfect for it, spoke to the company when she heard they had hired someone else. They said that they had so many resumes that they didn't bother to look at them all before they hired someone.

Normally, I would have found a job long before now, but I am grateful that I have had time to do some things that I usually don't have time for when I am working. This month I embarked on a project that has been a lot of fun. I was asked to administrate a website. I was so glad because this brother has a mighty healing ministry, but his website wasn't very good. He runs his ministry at home on a tight budget and has a very modest lifestyle; most of the offerings he receives go into holding crusades overseas to bring salvation and healing to many of the world's poor people. His ministry bears most of the expenses; the people he ministers to don't have the means to give him big offerings.

I love being creative and organizing stuff, and building a new website for him afforded me that opportunity. I worked on it on New Years' Eve, to get most of it done and out of the way, so that it would not interfere with my job search. What a blast! I was far happier doing that than if I had gone to a party. I guess a lot of people would consider me to be a very boring person, seeing as I enjoy planning webpages and organizing files on my computer more than going to a party, but that's the way God made me.

There was more to my joy than creating and organizing, though. I was thrilled that, though unemployed, I had the opportunity to support a ministry that, for many years, I have thought that if I was rich, I would pour thousands of dollars into it, because of the integrity of this man, the effectiveness of his ministry, and because he ministers to so many of the world's poor, helping them find salvation, as well as healing for their bodies and deliverance from bondages.

It is kind of frustrating sometimes, when one has a burden for the poor, but not much opportunity to help them. I am speaking of the truly poor, people who don't have food to eat through no fault of their own, usually because the country they live in is being raped of its resources, leaving next to nothing for most of its population. I am not speaking of people who started off in life with enough to eat and had a decent roof over their head, but due to envy, felt they were entitled to live on a much higher level, and in their frustration at not having more money, turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the dreariness of their lives.

When I had a job and could afford to give hand–outs to beggars on the street, I didn't give money to everyone who asked. Most of the time, I just said no, and I didn't say I was sorry, because I wasn't sorry. I've heard stories of people who have a home, but dress shabby and go panhandling because they can get more money that way than if they had a job. How was I to know if these beggars were in that group, of if they wouldn't take my money and go buy booze or drugs with it? I relied on the Lord to prompt my spirit to give to whom I was supposed to give.

There was a time in my life when I was out of work that a friend brought me fruits, vegetables, and bread that had gone past its due date and would have gotten thrown out, but it was still edible. I very much appreciated her kindness in bringing me this food, but often I had far more than I could eat by myself. I would have gladly shared it with others, but who? I didn't have busfare to take it to downtown Vancouver, and wouldn't have wanted to go to that much bother anyway, particularly since the people begging for money on the streets probably would have disdained it. If they want to eat more than they want to get high, panhandlers can get enough money to go to a restaurant, and many of them probably would prefer to do so, rather than eat what I was grateful for.

There are some truly poor people in North America, but very few as desperately poor as the poor in third world countries. Most of the poor in third world countries don't have government funded health care and so have to bear with their illnesses and injuries the best they can. I remember how shocked I felt the first time I went to Mexico, and saw a little boy begging on the streets, quite obviously ill. His eyes were yellow and glassy and there was no hope, no spark of the joy of life in them.

When Roy Durman goes to those poor countries, thousands of people attend his crusades. He brings them hope, through the healing power of Jesus Christ. Blind people are healed, deaf people regain their hearing or hear for the first time, the mute speak, cripples throw away their crutches and walk and run, cancers are vanquished, people with AIDS are instantly cured, and people are even raised from the dead. Through Roy's ministry, people see that there really is a God, in spite of the evil that goes on in the world, and that God loves them and wants to help them.

I feel so blessed that God gave me a way to help desperately poor people, who are poor through no fault of their own, by equipping me with skills that can help create more of an Internet presence for Roy's ministry. My HTML skills are very basic, but I can design and organize and upload webpages with pertinent information on them.

I was thrilled when Roy spoke to me about adminstrating his website, but having previously looked at the source code for that site, I knew it would befuddle me to have to deal with his current one. I got busy the next day making a new set of pages as the basis for a new site. Later, I learned that the site was made with a web builder, but it probably isn't all that user friendly.

Even when I was in community college, I found it easier to make my pages from scratch, rather than to figure out how to use the web builders that the teacher recommended. It was probably more fun to do all my own HTML anyway. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment that would have been lacking, if I had used the web builders. I like to understand the why and how of things. I found it exciting to uncover the mystery of the symbols I had seen used to make web pages; it is exciting to find it easy to understand and use things that used to be unfathomable to me. And it is always a thrill when I find shortcuts that make things easier.

Roy gave me some material to put on his website. It was so edifying to hear his stories of past healings and see pictures of the people who were healed. He showed me a photo of a pretty girl who had a beautiful smile, and told of how her mouth had been all twisted up on one side due to a jaw deformity, but God healed her. Her problem was not life–threatening, but it is so comforting to know that God cares about everything that concerns us. He's a good Daddy!

Roy also showed me a photo of a girl with the most perfect, white teeth. When she came to the crusade, her teeth were rotted and twisted; a real mess. Roy said she was a very poor girl who could not afford dental care. Nobody laid hands on her to pray for her. As she stood in the service, God sovereignly healed her teeth. Oh, they were so beautiful! And she was now a very pretty girl. I am so glad to hear stories like that because I want to pray for poor people with missing and crooked teeth, among their many other ills, and see them healed. Like a good parent who looks after their children's teeth, God would love to do this for all of us, if we will believe Him for it.

I've been working on getting rid of my unbelief. I have lived among people who think that it would make the lights go out in Heaven, if God were to heal everything that is wrong with us, or they think that it is shallow and immature to believe God for minor stuff, when there are so many more dire needs in the world. Well, yes, if all we think about is our own little ailments and nobody else's, but God really can take care of everything, so let's give it all over to Him and claim the full redemption of what Jesus paid for with His stripes. We need to get rid of the stinking thinking that we have absorbed and get into believing that is receiving.

Roy told me of a little boy who was healed of Mongoloidism and looked normal afterwards, and of a little girl who had been born with two tongues. After Roy prayed for her, the extra tongue that was underneath shrivelled and disappeared. The little girl was able to speak for the first time in her life. He spoke of some people who were raised from the dead in his meetings and how the people went wild to see it. Many, many miracles happen in his overseas meetings, too many to count, and many souls get saved.

I went home with some of Roy's magazines and got busy right away on adding material to the pages I had made, and adding more pages. It was so edifying to read those articles and joy filled my heart knowing that I was doing something for the poor people who are reached through Roy's ministry by helping out in this way. The new site should be a lot easier to find than his old one. After next week, just type in Roy Durman and GoDaddy because it will be on their server.

Working on this site was a great way to end 2011 and start a new year. I am glad that my phone is working again, as well. It was out of commission for ten days. It's on Shaw's system and they were short of techs, as so many went on holiday during the Christmas season. It's a good thing that I got hooked up to the Internet at home recently, so I was able to stay in contact with people, but I really missed not being able to talk to Heather and the kids on the phone.

In closing, here is a link to more of OTTO KONING'S edifying and entertaining stories. I love his dry sense of humour.


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