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Last month I quoted a song by the Newsboys, about how the Lord gives and takes away, but blessed is His Name, regardless. This month, I had the sweet privilege of hearing a woman in Quebec sing it, while she was going through trials and temptations. She is an amazing woman. Michelle was born in Haiti, into a family of generational voodoo practioners. As a tiny infant, she was offered to satan to be his bride.

Without a doubt, she had a miserable childhood, with all sorts of abuse perpetrated on her. As a little girl growing up in Montreal, she was frequently turned out of doors and told that, if she knocked on anyone else's doors for help, they would call the police on her and she would be put in a reform school. While other kids were snug and warm in their homes in the evening, Michelle was looking for a safe place to sleep.

Someone took her to church, though, when she was a little girl. She received the impression that God was stern and mean, looking for a chance to jump on people for doing wrong to punish them. But Jesus was a different matter. She said that He seemed like sunshine to her, and she decided that she wanted to be married to Him. Well, you just know that He wouldn't turn down a proposal like that!

Michelle came to the Lord when she was 18 years old. She has had a rough time, as her upbringing did not teach her to make healthy choices and there were many things that she had to learn about living wholesomely and responsibly from sources other than her family. The Lord has been with her, gently guiding her into His truth and taking care of her needs.

I was particularly struck by one of her stories about a time when she lived in the US, in a southern state, and did not have money to put gas in her car. She needed to use a phone and the closest one was a good distance away at Walmart. The day was hot and she had to take her youngest child, who was a toddler, with her. By the time she arrived at the store, she was dripping with sweat. While she used the phone, people stared at her, aghast at her unkempt appearance. Michelle couldn't help it that she was poor and had to walk in the hot sun, rather than go places in an air-conditioned car. She began to feel ashamed and to think that she should maybe leave by the back door. Then something inside her rose up in anger, as she thought, "No! I won't do that! I didn't do anything wrong!"

She left by the front door and there in front of the store, she saw a lady from her church in her big, fancy car. The woman said to her, "I didn't plan to come here. There are other things I wanted to do today, but God told me to come here, and I think He told me to come here for you. Would you like a ride home?" There's a lesson in there about not listening to the lying putdowns of the devil because, otherwise, we will miss being in the right place to receive God's blessings.

Michelle is a generous soul and loves to help needy people, but has frequently been in desperate need herself. She told me that one time when there was no food in the house, her children railed on her, saying, "You're always helping people, but where are they when you need help?" She kept insisting that God would help her, and then there came a knock on the door. One of her daughters went to answer it, and she heard the lady who had given her a ride home from Walmart two weeks previously asking, "Is your mother home?" The lady had come to take her grocery shopping.

Michelle said that she felt timid about the offer, so she chose only a few things. She didn't want to put the woman to a lot of expense. The woman looked at her few items and said, "I told you to shop; now you grocery shop!" Ha ha! That woman loaded up two grocery carts of food for her and paid for it.

Michelle is a single mother raising three of her five children; the two eldest are adults. Sometimes, she has had her grandchildren staying with her, too. Two of them would be with her right now, if she had the means to look after them, as their mother is living with them in a women's shelter. During a recent visit, one of the little grandkids held Michelle's face in her hands and told her, "Though I'm not living with you right now, you are with me in my heart."

Michelle she decided to move out into ministry more. With that decision came a firestorm of trial. Her voodoo family began to throw curses on her in earnest. One of her daughters was driving along in her car and a window suddenly exploded. Other weird stuff has happened, but God has been shielding Michelle and her family. Someone tried to kidnap the youngest child in front of their house. People tried to break into the house. Some may have actually been in the house when the family was out. They had to barricade doors and sleep with hammers next to them for self–defense.

Her landlady wanted her out of the house because of the strange things that were happening. It isn't easy for a woman on a fixed income, because of health issues, to find another place. A friend who helped her look told me that people were asking for criminal reference checks and one place refused to take families that have boys. I have not met Michelle in person, but he lives near her and has met her and the younger children. He said that they are very well–behaved and respectful children.

I was put in contact with Michelle through a request that I link her with Christians who live in her area. After talking with Michelle and hearing about her family background, I didn't know who would be willing to deal with the freaky stuff that was happening to her. Most Christians pretend that witches exist only in fairy tales, or are a thing of the past, when they used to be burned at the stake.

I ended up speaking with her on the phone quite a bit, and it was a real delight, because Michelle is not a draining type of person. She doesn't mope and feel sorry for herself. She feels grateful that God chose her out of her hideous background and brought her to Himself. Though she has felt like she's on the edge of a nervous breakdown because of all the stress she has been going through, she picks herself up and praises God, and affirms her faith in Him. She says, "I love to praise Him; that's what I do." It is the mission statement of her life; she is a praiser. It is inspiring and energizing to talk with her.

Sometimes she was down when I spoke with her, but when I told her about things God has done in my life and miracles He has worked for others, which she can expect, too, and quoted Scriptures to her, she responded immediately with faith. What a joy. It was like scattering seed into soft, rich soil; the good ground that Jesus spoke of in the parable of the sower and the seed. Sometimes she would end up singing that song about how God gives and takes away, but blessed be His Name. Other times, it was the song about how God can make a way where there seems to be no way.

Members of Michelle's family offered her money to pay her rent, but it comes at a great cost. They want to get their hooks in her, and for her to sell her soul to the devil, like they have. I reminded her of how Abraham refused to take anything from the king of Sodom, and that it is only the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. She was sorely tempted, as her landlady was frequently ranting at her to get out and threatening to evict her. She felt that God had told her to go to Toronto, but she didn't know how to get started on doing that. She lived out in the country, far from stores, and didn't have a car, so she couldn't go and get boxes to start packing. I phoned someone in her area and asked them if they could help with that; they brought her some boxes.

She packed the boxes and someone came to take her to Toronto to look for a place to live. She was honest about her bad credit and low income, and one man appeared to be willing to rent his house to her, which gave her high hopes, but he backed out. Then, though she didn't ask for his assistance, one of her brothers showed up at her door with a small moving truck that he had rented, and packed some of her furniture and things into it, ranting at her all the while, saying vile and disgusting things.

There wasn't room in the truck to take everything, so he decided what to leave behind. Then he dumped her and the children and the truck off at a seedy motel and told her that her family wasn't going to help her anymore. She said to me, "I think my brothers want me to be homeless." Yes, homeless and helpless, until she caves in and does what they want her to do.

Michelle sat in the hallway of the motel feeling defiled from the things her brother had said to her, and in shock, too. Of all her family, he was the one whom she hadn't had any issues with, as he was her younger brother, and there had been a bit of affection between them. I can relate to this. I am the second oldest of six children and was about seven years old when my youngest brother was born. My older sister and I considered him to be our live baby doll, and we used to fight over who got to feed him and change his diapers. I was well in my forties before I ever had an argument with him and when I spoke sternly to him, he looked shocked, as I had never spoken that way to him before. Recently, I felt it necessary to speak some hard truths to one of his grown children, which he took great exception to, and said so to me in a rather ugly way. I don't love my brother any less, but it is not pleasant to have to deal with someone when they behave like that, particularly when prior to this, they have been so sweet.

Michelle told me that she railed to God about how her brother had treated her, and reminded Him that she had not asked for his help. Then God interrupted her and said, "Did I ask you for your plans? It was my plan." Then she realized that God permitted this to happen to open her eyes to the fact that she should not have anything more to do with her family, until their behaviour changes radically for the better. Up until now, in spite of the abusive way they treated her, and the danger they were to her children, she continued to have contact with them because they are her flesh and blood.

The brother did help her get out of the house, and most of her stuff moved, and she and her children were dry and warm for the moment. She had been frustrated and confused about how so many of the Christian people who had promised to help her reneged on their promises, leaving her to the mercy of her cold–hearted family who doesn't know how to love. God let that man run off at the mouth, and high–handedly make decisions about which of her things to leave behind, and that man possibly meddled with Michelle's cell phone, but God kept him from doing worse.

Michelle said that her brother borrowed her cell phone and then pushed a lot of buttons. She didn't know what he was doing. I warned her that most people don't change their code on it, and there is usually the same code on all cell phones when they are new. Calls can be diverted to an intermediary that charges a lot of money per call. I advised her to look at her phone bill. She asked her daughter about it, who has been paying for her phone. She asked Michelle how she managed to run up a $1000.00 bill in a month. Some of the calls were to her other daughter, which she had not made, as they had been out of contact with each other for the previous month. That still has to be sorted out.

I asked a friend who lives in Toronto to give Michelle a call. I had told her about him, and one day when she was telling her children that she hoped he would call, and then prayed that he would, he called her on the phone just a few minutes later. It lifted their hearts. Ray went to the motel to pick her up and take her to look at a house, but it turned out to just be a realtors' office, and they were not any help to Michelle. Nonetheless, Ray had a wonderful opportunity to witness to the realtors, who are Muslims. Afterwards, he took Michelle around to look at other places, but no doors were open to her. As he drove her back to the motel, Michelle raised her hands and praised God, in spite her frustration and disappointment.

He said that Michelle's children were lovely in their manners. The two girls are fourteen and eight, and the boy is twelve years old. Ray heard about how Michelle's mother had tried to sacrifice the fourteen–year–old to satan when the child was a baby. It horrified him, especially so because he met the child, and he said that she has a face like an angel.

He bought some McDonald's food for the kids on the way back to the motel, and they were eating it while he talked to their Mom. Then as he was about to leave, all the kids put their food down, and went to him to give him hugs, telling him that they were thankful because, though they knew that there wasn't much he could do for them, considering his own circumstances, at least he was trying. So many people had said they would help, and then backed out. Each one of the kids prayed for him before he left.

I wanted to help Michelle, but I was determined that I was going to believe God to help Michelle, without jumping in myself to rescue her. I wanted to see God work. I believe that God is going to work tremendous miracles for her.

Also, a few months ago, I got sucked in by a con artist who probably saw a post I had put on Facebook about how anything you do for a child is never wasted. The next day, a stranger came to me asking for prayer for his daughter, saying that she was planning to get an abortion. Not once did he ask for money, but his background story was so artful that it just naturally led me to offer to loan him some money, so that he could catch a ferry to Victoria where his daughter was going to university, and persuade her to not kill her baby. That guy should get an Oscar for Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

I'm not angry at the man. I just told the Lord, "Well, that was the same amount of money that I was going to give to ministries this month, so consider it my offering." I know that the Lord sees my heart, and that money, as far as He is concerned, is seed planted to save innocent lives. He will see to it that some babies are saved, as a result, by moving on the hearts of their mothers to have second thoughts about getting an abortion.

I learned from that, though, to not assume that people are telling me the truth when they go on about their hard times, but to listen with my spirit, as well. So, when Michelle talked to me about her background, my spirit was alert to scan her spirit for an authentic faith in God. She registers with me as genuine. I feel towards Michelle like Jonathan must have felt towards David, when he saw the Lord's anointed and realized that this was the man whom God had chosen to be Israel's king, and he wanted to support him in this, even though it meant that he would not be the king when his father passed on. Jonathan wanted what was best for Israel, and I know that God is going to use Michelle in mighty ways to set people free from deep bondage.

I finally couldn't stand it anymore when I realized that Michelle was in danger of having her kids taken from her because they weren't in school, due to the uncertainty of their living arrangements. She's a good Mom and those kids need to stay with her. They may be financially poor at the moment, but they are rich in love and faith.

I really needed to be saving money for various things that are coming up. I have car repairs that have to be done. I have to move, as my fridge has gone on the blink and I know that if I ask my landlady to fix it, she will give me notice to leave. She is very nice lady, but she has made it clear that she doesn't want to sink any more money in this place. She says that she doesn't want to rent my suite any more at all, probably because the pipes in the upstairs bathroom leak and it would take a lot of money to get them fixed. I have lived for eight years with half my bathroom ceiling missing, so that the water doesn't get trapped and generate mold. And I have set aside time in the spring to go see my daughter and grandkids, and need to save money for that. But here was a dear, brave woman trapped in a grungy motel with her three kids, and their needs were more immediate than mine. I sent my friend in Toronto some money to help Michelle. If it turns out that Michelle is some kind of con, then I have to conclude that I don't have much discernment, in spite of having been a Christian for forty years.

Ray was so relieved to get my cheque for Michelle because he very much wants to help her, but his current financial situation does not allow much scope. He spoke to a friend, asking him if he knew someone who could help him unpack Michelle's things from her truck to put them in storage. After the friend heard Michelle's story, he felt like he wanted to help, and he got one of his employees to help, as well, with unloading the truck. Ray used the money I sent to rent a storage compartment for MIchelle's furniture. The company gives a big discount on the first month's rent, but it will end up costing a lot of money, if there is a minimum requirement of three months on it, as is the case with most of these deals. It was the best that Ray could do on short notice. The rented truck had to be returned. Strangely, when he returned it, the man did not charge him extra for the extra days. Praise the Lord!

In the meantime, Michelle and her children have moved into a woman's shelter. The money I sent to Ray on Michelle's behalf isn't enough to get her into a place of her own; it could take of only some of her needs. The kids are on their winter break, so that has bought her some time before the kids' schools start breathing down her neck again. If anyone reading this newsletter would like to help Michelle financially, then please send me a message via the email on my CONTACT page, and I will forward it to Ray, who will tell you how to proceed. Do not, however, do so on the basis of an emotional appeal. That's how I got sucked into giving money to a con artist. Carefully put the matter before the Lord and listen to what He says to do, whether it be to proceed or to refrain.

And who is Ray? There is no need to know his last name, unless you are going to deal with him about helping Michelle, but he is a brilliant man, a top notch engineer who is an inventor. He was recently the guest speaker at an event that I attended and he related fascinating stories of miracles that the Lord has done for him. He was the right man to ask to go see Michelle; her family background does not perturb him.

I made my cheque out to Ray, as I trust him to see that Michelle gets the benefit of the money, and he said that he would send me a careful accounting of it. Michelle is on Welfare, which requires her to claim extra money she receives. As the money I gave her is a gift, not a steady income, she would be allowed to keep it for her use, without having it deducted from her cheque, but it makes things less complicated for her if it doesn't pass through her hands at all.

Whether you choose to be a part of Michelle's miracles or not, God is going to do them for her. I feel it is a privilege to be part of that. I was worried, at first, that I was compromising in believing for God to move, that I was falling down in the area of faith, but the Bible says that, though faith is important, love is greater. Maybe I got a C- in Faith, but I think that I made at least a B in Love. Or maybe it was just a C+, but whatever, I think I moved in the right direction. I don't feel that I can do much else for her, considering my own needs and things I want to do for my own family, so I have to just sit still now and continue to have faith that God will open doors for this dear woman.

One of these days, Michelle intends to set up a blog where she can share her testimony, and what a lot of interesting reading that will be. God's blessings on you, Michelle, and on your children, in Jesus' Name, and on your family, too, whom I am believing with you will come to know Jesus as their Saviour and shake off the chains of generational satanism. Nothing is too hard for God.


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