Golden QuillFebruary 2013 Newsletter

The car problems are now fixed. The problem was the alternator. It wasn't recharging the battery when I was driving. I finally feel comfortable about driving longer distances again.

Michelle is finally out of the women's shelter. Thank you, everyone who has been praying for her. The rent is more than what she was looking for, but she didn't have much choice about it. It is going to take miracles each month to keep up with her bills. Please keep praying.

The most exciting thing this month is that I have been listening to KAT KERR as she speaks about Heaven, and that's pretty exciting. Listen for yourself and hear how fantastic the things are that God has prepared for those who have sincerely received Jesus as their Saviour and continued in the faith. Kat has a lot of videos on YouTube about Heaven and I intend to listen to them all!

It has been a short month and this is all that I feel like saying in this newsletter.


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