Golden QuillJune 2011 Newsletter

If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

June has been cloudy, but warm. It has been so nice to have milder weather. It has been good weather for the boys and me to go hiking in; not cold, and not too hot. Little Jake loves being in the woods. We were thrilled to see a woodpecker the last time we hiked on Burnaby Mountain. The woodpecker had bright red feathers on its head, unlike the usual variety of woodpeckers in the area, which are more modestly plumed. I wanted to take a photo of it, but Connor had my camera in his knapsack and he was ahead of us on the trail. When I was young, I never thought that I would take an interest in birdwatching. It seemed pretty square when I was in my teens and twenties, but I have become more appreciative of nature.

The grandsons are keenly interested in the videos that I have downloaded onto my laptop concerning how to survive in the woods. I suppose this is because I let them watch I Shouldn't Be Alive videos on YouTube. I like those shows because they showcase God's mercy. It is so obvious to me that God's hand was at work to keep those people alive, even if there is rarely any mention of God made on the show. The boys are fascinated by how the people those events happened to managed to endure, and they can sometimes pick up helpful information, such as how drinking salt water undermines a person's efforts to survive when they are adrift at sea.

I don't want my grandsons to panic, if they ever get lost when they go hiking by themselves or with their friends some day, or if they encounter dangerous situations in the woods. We particularly enjoyed a video on what to do if one runs into a bear. The bear was a guy dressed up in costume. Connor made contemptuous remarks about the video, as he thought it was hokey, but I noticed that he watched the whole thing intently and I think he thought the video was entertaining. He was just too cool to admit it. Here is the link to that BEAR video. Judge it for yourself.

Jake and I went for a walk this month in the woods at Rocky Point, and when we got to the boardwalk that runs across the bog, three ladies who were coming in the opposite direction said that they saw a bear cross the trail a short way in front of us and go into the woods. That did not surprise me, as I noticed a trail behind the berry bushes in that area and figured that it was one that bears used. The ladies asked if we saw the bear and I said that I was glad that we hadn't. The women were worried about Jake, but he had been only a couple of yards ahead of me. I was making a lot of noise dragging a couple of roller cases behind me, so the bear must have figured that he did not want to deal with the noisy creature that had the huge paws.

My desktop computer gave up the ghost this month. I didn't have my files backed up because I'd had problems with the CD components. Up until now, I always thought that I would freak out if something happened to my desktop files, but I felt total peace when it happened. I knew that God had His hand on me in a special way to keep me calm and help me let go of those files.

I let the grandsons use the programs on that computer, but used to fret that they would mess it up and cause me to lose my work. I don't think that they had anything to do with the computer conking out; it was old and the hard drive was bound to wear out some day. I lost a lot of work, such as months of copying out the Bible and inserting my comments in red, as well as pasting in the Hebrew and Greek for all the names and also for key words. God said to me, though, "Well, Lanny, you got a lot of benefit out of doing those studies, even if you lost the work and couldn't print it out." True enough. Besides that, if I did print them out, I would have needed a separate room to store all the binders I put the pages in.

I lost years of journalling my prayers, which includes memories and dreams and visions, but if it is time to let the records go, then it's time to let the records go. Everything that was of worth in those journals will be restored to me in Heaven. I lost some poems that I had started, but the Lord said, "You weren't doing anything with those poems anyway."

I lost my spreadsheets that I used to keep track of finances, but the Lord said, "You will remember enough to reconstruct your spreadsheets." And I did. I did not need to keep records of how I have spent my money over the last several years. The purpose of my spreadsheets is to help me with current spending, so that I know what I am spending my money on, and how much money I have left so that I can stay in budget. Before I used to do that, I was bewildered about what I had spent my money on, and it was always running out too soon.

I had some momentary regrets about losing the records of various ways that God has blessed me with provision. I nearly always wrote down each incident on a spreadsheet because the Bible says, "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not ALL His benefits." It has been very encouraging in difficult times to read those lists and remember various ways in which the Lord has always come through for me when my back was against the wall. Saints in Bible days, however, did not have computers or notebooks to keep lists of God's benefits, and many of them did not even know how to write, but they still managed to stay grateful to God.

When I cast my mind back to recall blessings from the past, God brings some of them to mind, and He doesn't seem worried about what I can't recall. He knows that I know that, except for Him working on my behalf in many ways both big and small, I would not be where I am today. People might not think that I am a great success, but I am still alive, and, by God's grace, I have not resorted to doing anything illegal or immoral to support myself or to be a help to my family. I think that counts for a lot. I have been able to live with myself, praise God!

I mentally went through the files I had on my desktop and the only other one that gave me any real concern was a study on Proverbs. I had been urged to join a Bible Study at a drug recovery house in my neighbourhood. The man in my church who suggested it said that he thought the women there would appreciate my input. Some of them did, and for their sake's, it was worth it, as well as for the opportunity to plant some seeds of truth that might come to bloom and produce good fruit later.

By a miracle, I was allowed to join the Bible study. Normally, the pastor in charge did not allow people in who have never been addicted to drugs or alcohol, but she was on holiday at the time. I told the woman who was filling in for her that I really did not care if she said yes or no. I was asking permission simply to obey Jesus, whom I had seen in an inner vision, beckoning me with a big grin on His face and a motion of His hand to follow Him down that path. (Actually, I was leaning towards hoping that the answer would be no.) The woman left in charge of the office, a pretty brunette in shorts who sported large tattoos on her legs, said I was welcome. She said it had been a concern that the women in the home did not have hardly any contact with the other people in the neighbourhood.

Do tell. I lived right next door to a drug recovery house at that time, but it ran on a secular program. It did not take me long to figure out what kind of place it was. The first thing that I thought was unusual was that those two houses were so neat and clean, though a lot of guys lived in them. The second thing was how a group of guys clustered by the side of one of the houses looked up guiltily one day when I passed by on the sidewalk. I figured that they were dealing drugs, but that did not clue me in what those houses were about. It was when I heard a group of guys clapping and cheering one day in the house next door that it dawned on me that some type of program was going on there, and the remembrance of those guys by the side of the house tipped me off what kind of program it was. I steered clear of them. Drug use usually goes hand in hand with crime.

I steered clear, that is, until one day when I accidentally locked myself out of my suite when I was baking cookies. I was tossing a bag of garbage out when the door closed behind me and stuck, as it sometimes did. I went into a panic. I had to take those cookies out of the oven in two minutes, and I didn't want the house to burn down. My landlords weren't home and I needed someone who knew how to break into a house, so I headed next door, figuring I would find a rich pool of expertise there.

The worker in the home did not want any his guys to go to my place to try to pick the lock, so I asked if I could use his phone to call the police to help me get into the house. He asked doubtfully if I thought that the police knew how to pick locks. I nodded my head. Of course. How can they examine a crime scene for evidence if they don't know how crimes are done? I gather that he did not want the police to come around, as he gave me permission to ask the residents for help. There were probably some there who were wanted on charges, but the aim of the home was to get people off of drugs, and that was apparently what they stayed focussed on.

I went around to the side of the house, told of my predicament, and made my request to the young men who were sitting around in patio chairs, smoking cigarettes. They started laughing when I asked if anyone knew how to pick a lock, asking each other, "Whadda ya looking at me for?" One of them, a handsome man in his forties, finally volunteered to help. As he proceeded ahead of me down the path, he said, "I've locked myself out of my own house a few times," by way of explaining how he knew how to pick locks. I said nothing, but figured, "Okay, if that's your story."

The rest of the guys followed behind us, like eager, little bunnies, to see if they could help. It was reassuring to find out that they could not get into the house through the windows, and the door proved to be only temporarily stuck. If I hadn't panicked, but had worked on it longer, I probably could have gotten it open myself. The cookies didn't get burned, and it was kind of fun to ask those guys for help and give them a good laugh. But I was still pretty cautious about them, which is wise, as addicts, particularly those who have gotten in trouble with the law and have been ordered to seek help with their addictions, tend to be con artists. They never caused me any trouble, though.

When I visited the women in the Christian drug recovery home down the street, I found myself feeling a lot of admiration for them because they were courageously trying to fight a monster that plied them constantly with strong temptation. I was very grateful that God's grace had kept me from ever getting entangled with addiction to alcohol or drugs, or even addicted to cigarettes. I'd had plenty of difficult issues to deal with in my youth, without having to deal with addictions, as well.

By this time, I had gotten over my arrogance that had made it so tough for my ex–husband, who had been an alcoholic. When I was married to him, I scorned him for his weakness and handled it all wrong because I was resentful at how his addiction was messing up my life. After we broke up, I came to my senses and figured that I had better have a more humble attitude, considering myself lest I stumbled into that same snare, as the Bible says in Galatians 6:1. The fact that I have never been an alcoholic does not mean that I never could be, if I messed around with alcohol long enough. I didn't drink very much before then, but I stopped it all together after that, except for one time when my stomach was badly unsettled. I borrowed a page from James Dobson, who said that if one never takes the first drink, then they never have to worry about the possibility of becoming an alcoholic.

One of women in the Bible study said that they needed to be around someone who had lived a normal life. I laughed and said that there are some people who don't think I am normal, but I knew what she meant. Addicts tend to associate only with addicts and all the workers in that house had been addicts. We were studying Proverbs and the women said that they liked the way I interpreted Scripture to explain it to them, so I wrote out the book of Proverbs in terms that people who have lived on the street would find easier to understand.

I gave the study to the pastor of that recovery home and sent one to the recovery home for men, but I don't think that anyone paid attention to the study. The women's pastor was annoyed to find me in the Bible study when she returned from holiday, as she had not approved me, but she tolerated my presence for a couple of months and then told me to leave, saying that some of the women complained because they did not think that I understood their experiences. What they meant is that they thought that they'd had no other alternative but to sell their bodies at various times in their lives, considering their financial situation, particularly if they had children to feed. Many of them were molested when they were children and, considering themselves ruined, used their body as a commodity.

A surprising number of women had good job skills, better than what I possessed at that time, and had no doubt earned more money than I ever had, but drugs are an expensive habit that wages from a regular job cannot keep up with. In some cases, prostitution probably was not used to just keep up with legitimate expenses. If a woman's common sense is fully reawakened, then she will see that drug addiction has robbed her not only of a lot of money, and her health, and her relationships, but also robbed her of her modesty and purity. The more a person realizes the destructiveness of that addiction, the more motivation they have to steer away from drugs. A woman has to value modesty and purity, though, for the loss of it to mean anything to her.

It seemed to me that none of the workers in the home addressed the issue of fornication with those women, though they apparently were Christians. Their focus was to get the women off of drugs, and a lot of the women said that they were Christians, but they were still living with their boyfriends; this included some of the workers. They did not see anything wrong with it. I sensed that a lot of those women who said they were Christians were just psyching themselves into thinking that they were, so they could conform to the house program, as well as use God as their "higher power" to get themselves off of drugs, until they felt that they didn't need Him anymore.

The Book of Proverbs addresses the issue of fornication, adultery, and prostitution, so I explained some things about the harm that it does to a person psychologically to engage in sex outside of marriage, but I didn't do it in a condemning way. I just didn't skirt around it like the counsellors did.

I poured my heart into that Bible study on Proverbs, so it gave me a momentary qualm that I had lost it when my hard drive gave out, but the Lord said, "If you do the study again, Lanny, it will be even better because you have more insight than what you had before." I get the message: Don't worry about having lost anything that was on that hard drive. Thank You, Lord! Instead of being upset, I feel light and free – like God helped me streamline my possessions.

I don't want any more desktop computers. They take up too much room and they are a nuisance to move because they are so heavy. I was given a few of them for free and I stored the extras, figuring that someday I would get hard drives for them and set them up to teach other women how to use a computer. Several women had complained to me that they wished they knew how to use a computer, and I offered to teach them, but they were too busy to take me up on my offer. As time went by, the technology became too outdated to make it viable to use those computers anymore, so I tossed them out, and I am glad to be done with the one I used. I love my laptop; it doesn't take up hardly any space and I can move it so easily to use wherever it is convenient.

I like to set it up on my table when I am watching videos with the grandkids, because then one or both of the kids curl up in my lap when I am sitting in my armchair. I sure love to cuddle those guys and I am so glad that Connor still doesn't think he is too old to do that. And why should he? My nephews used to sit on my lap even when they were thirteen years old.

Connor grew up cuddling next to me in that armchair to eat his meals. As scuffed up as that chair is, I don't think that I want to replace it. It has a lot of happy memories attached to it. My grandsons have fallen asleep in my arms in that chair. They have fought with each other to get onto my lap in that chair. And frequently while I have sat in that chair, the kids have come to me and given me three kisses and three hugs. It's part of a game that Connor made up. When the boys are wrestling, I am a sort of goal post to them. If the one can get away from the other and give me three kisses and three hugs before the other one gets to them, then they have won that round.

I also get to be Top Dog in that chair. You know how it is that the man of the house normally has his special chair, usually a Lazy-Boy, and anyone sitting in it has to vacate it when he comes along? Well, I get that privilege, too. No matter how much he sasses me at other times, when I tell Connor to move out of my chair, he always gets out of it right away. Usually he then sits on my lap as soon as I sit down. I have to lose some weight. There isn't as much room in the chair as there used to be for the two of us, and that isn't entirely due to Connor's increased size. I really put on the pounds this year. And Jacob is getting so big that it is really squishy when he squeezes in with us.

Heather says that Jacob has been worried about what will happen when his voice changes. He is only five and he is already thinking about that. He is afraid that his friends won't recognize him when he phones them. Heather laughed when she told me how he was telling her about this and made his voice go deep to demonstrate how he would say to his friends, "Hi. I'm Jake."

One of these days, soon, it will be Connor whose voice is cracking. His voice still sounds really sweet over the phone, like a little boy's, and I love it. I have already felt the loss of how his hands are not smaller than mine anymore. His dear little hand felt so sweet and cute when I used to hold it as we walked together. He has also confessed to me that he has shaved his upper lip once because it was getting hair on it. I can't lift him up anymore. But he will always be my baby, just as I think of Jake as being one of my babies, and still think of Andrew and Heather as my babies, though Andrew is past 30 and Heather is nearly there.

I have a thought that comforts me, when I get to thinking about how little my children and grandchildren used to be, and feel regrets that I can't cradle Andrew against me in one hand anymore or smell the scent of a newborn on his scalp, and that Heather is no longer small with a piping, little voice, and Connor is no longer a chubby, little chunk whose thighs Heather and I loved to pinch because they looked like the Michelin man's. The Bible says that eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has stored up for those who love Him. That tells me that, if I can imagine a particular joy in Heaven, I will get to experience it there. I think that it is possible that there will be times when my children and grandchildren will consent to take on their baby forms again for a while, so that I can hold them in my arms again and relive those happy times on Earth.

Why not? I have heard plenty of stories about how angels have taken on the form of humans, sometimes even appeared as particular humans, when on their missions. Also, the Bible says that Yehoshua appeared to be someone else after His resurrection, until He was ready to reveal His identity. Angels have sometimes taken on the appearance of children, so why would we not let ourselves take on a younger form for a while when we are in Heaven, to give joy to someone else? I just betcha that goes on sometimes in Heaven.

I have told Connor that I think that when we go to Heaven, sometimes we will appear to be kids the same age, so that we can play and have kid fun together. I love to think of getting to be six years old again, and Connor being six years old, and us playing Tag and Hide n' Seek with other kids the same age, like his Mom and his Uncle Andrew and little brother Jake, and anyone else in our family or among our friends who wants to join in. Maybe even the Lord Yehoshua Himself will make Himself look like a six–year–old and play with us. I don't have any Scriptural proof, but I just betcha we will be able to do that. Why not? It does not violate the Royal Law of Love.

I am so glad that God made me a woman and let me be a mother and a grandmother. I love that my little ones have come to me for cuddling, and that my kissing a scraped knee can make it feel better, and that Jake thinks that I am right about everything. Connor used to, too, but he got over that. It's fun to talk to Jake about his Bear Bear and Chuchuhuahua, and Connor's Bonnie Bunny, and my Aroara Beary Alice, and the other stuffies as if they are real. Jake seems to think they are. He says that are not toys. He says they are sweet and he sets them up in the chairs around the table when we have a tea party. I'm so glad that I get to be soft and gentle, and can get into these games with him, and don't have to worry that people won't think that I am macho, like guys do when they are presented with an occasion that calls for tenderness and sensitivity.

I really think that people tend to be too hard on boys, and that's why so many of them grow up to behave like selfish, insensitive louts who drive women crazy. Little boys have tender hearts and are easily hurt and scarred. God understands this. He says in His Word in Psalm 144:12, "That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace."

Seedlings need to be handled carefully in order to thrive. They need good soil and adequate water and sun, and to be protected from being trampled. But boys are trampled a lot. They are told to not cry, even when they have suffered great losses. In the past, a lot of boys were ridiculed as being sissies because of their artistic interests. Boys were cuffed about and called names when they made mistakes, so they developed calluses on their hearts to protect themselves from hurt, then grew up to be too hard on their kids because they were callused.

There aren't too many people who don't consider an ideal father to be gentle, sensitive, and affectionate, but boys usually have to be grown that way in order to turn out that way. Little boys need to be watered with understanding and compassion, and warmed by acceptance and approval. They need the trellis of their parents setting them the example of godly character in order to grow straight and tall. They need to be nourished with God's wisdom, and this is done sometimes even in families who don't know the Lord, but recognize wisdom when they see it.

Girls need all the same things, but sometimes they are given too much of those things, and not enough is expected of them that would help them grow a backbone. It is not as bad as it used to be, when jobs and interests were strictly identified as being male or female. When I was in my teens, a group of girls in my class complained to a teacher about how hard it was to do Math. The teacher did not tell us that we simply needed to work harder to understand it. She laughed and said, "Well, you hardly need it to bake cookies."

In those days, girls were generally expected to be married by the time they were twenty–one and have kids, then get a little job working as a sales clerk in a department store when the kids were grown. A lot of those girls ended up divorced and needed to earn as much as a man, so that they could support their kids. In the business world, in the technology industry, and as an architect or engineer, it helps to be proficient in Math. Working harder at the things that don't come easily gives girls more choices when they make decisions about education and jobs.

Besides needing to develop skills that can help them earn a living, girls need to learn to not be so dependent on men emotionally. Parents went easy on their daughters, grooming them to leave decision–making up to the man they would marry. It seems to me that if parents are going to polish their daughters after the similitude of a palace, that they are going to raise them to be strong, like a pillar in a palace, and also able to cope with many different situations in life. Palaces are busy places where a lot of important things happen, so girls should be trained to be able to cope with important things, and to do it with grace.

I'm still reading books about raising kids, trying to do a better job with the grandkids than I did with my children, and still finding out that I have been doing some things wrong with the grandkids. When does it ever end? It's not that I am a hopeless mess as a parent or grandparent. It is just that there is a lot involved in being really good at parenting and mentoring, and very few people have developed a high degree of parenting that enables their kids to be free of hang–ups.

When my kids were in their teens, I saw psychologists to help me deal with my parenting responsibilities. Actually, they were supposed to counsel my daughter, but after I got them all set up to begin appointments with her, Heather refused to go. It was hard to get her to sit still; she wanted to always be on the go, running about with her friends. The psychologists offered me the appointments, seeing as the funding had been provided. I got a lot of good out of seeing those counsellors.

The first one helped me to be more patient with my kids, the second one helped me with strategies to deal with misbehaviour, and the third one helped sort out some of my own issues. When my appointments with the second counsellor ended, she gave me one of the highest compliments I have ever received. She asked if I would consider adopting children and was delighted when I told her that it was something that I wanted to do after I got married again. My kids weren't responding at that time to my efforts to help them, but Deborah did not think that their misbehaviour was due to what I was doing as a parent. She thought that I was actually a pretty good Mom.

I think that I am, too, but even if I didn't have to cope with the effects that other people in my grandchildren's lives have had on them, I would still feel like I am treading water just coping with the effects of my own mistakes regarding those kids. I don't want to offend those children in any way, or any children for that matter, and that is what I work towards. I think that the grandchildren know that I care about doing a good job of dealing with them, and I apologize to them when I see that I am at fault, so they tend to forgive me when I make mistakes. If kids can see that a person is progressively getting better at parenting, they know it's because they are loved, and that goes a long way with them.

I want my grandkids to be much better off emotionally than what I was when I was a teen and a young adult, and what my kids were, regardless that there appears to be less stability in their family life than what my kids had and what I had. I stand on Psalm 45:16 that says, "Instead of your fathers shall be your children, whom you may make princes in all the earth." God's Word trumps circumstances.

I really hoped that my children would be spared the pains of insecurity that I suffered with, and make a lot more headway in their lives sooner than I did, but they got so damaged after their father and I separated. It really frustrated me that they did not surrender their lives to Yehoshua when they were still in their teens, as I did, and get started way back then on getting their lives sorted out. But I have another Scripture to deal with this situation. Joel 2:25 says, "And I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten." When they get on track with God, He will help us get caught up on having the kind of relationship that I long to have with my children.

My son has been quite distant, but I see a lot of improvement in how my daughter relates to me. It blesses my heart so much that I am getting back to the place in her affections where I was before her father took off to another province with her and her brother when she was five years old, and didn't let me have contact with my children for five years, while filling their ears with stories that were designed to alienate them from me. Heather doesn't look like five years old anymore, but her spirit is starting to feel more like it was back then, when it was sweet and trusting. A person's spirit is the part the matters the most.

As far as the grandkids go, all I can do is the best I can do, and then trust God to use what I have sown into their lives to help them navigate their way around the pitfalls of this modern age. When I start to feel sorry for what they have to deal with in this ungodly culture, I remind myself that God has chosen them to be End Time warriors, which is a great privilege, and they chose, after all, to be born at this time.

There may be a lot of people who don't agree with me about that, but I heard Jesse Duplantis speak about some things he saw when God took him up to Heaven, and what he said makes sense to me. He said that he saw little souls hovering around God's Throne, and flying up to His face pleading, "Make me a spirit, make me a spirit!" which meant that they wanted to be born in the Earth, so that they would have a chance to glorify Him. So often we have heard kids say, "I didn't choose to be born."

I think that all of us chose to be born and that we agreed to having the parents who loaned us their genes. We can't blame God that we inherited unattractive physical traits from our parents, because we knew when we were still in Heaven that those things didn't really matter and were willing to overlook them. We knew that the important thing in life is to bring glory to God, not to seek it for ourselves.

James 1:17 describes God as the "Father of lights". To me, this means that He is the Father of all spirits and souls, in the sense that all of them started off as a bright idea in His mind. The Bible says in Ephesians 1:4 says that He chose us before the foundation of the world. God had the blueprints for us in His mind before He made the Universe. In that sense, we lived before we were born into this world. We were a glimmer of light with a consciousness of God before we were told our indentity and given a body to live in on this Earth. I think that God gives us options about what kind of circumstances we will be born into, but He knows in advance which option we will choose, so He planned things for our lives accordingly, even before He made the Universe.

I believe that some people change their minds about serving God very soon after being conceived. They are shocked when they are pounded by waves of evil in their mother's womb, perhaps because of really bad circumstances, such as being conceived by rape, or their parents have addictions, or they are satanists who will subject their children to various horrors. There are all sorts of ugly circumstances in life that people choose to blame God for, as they forget what Heaven was like and its holiness.

They may have consented to be born in adverse circumstances, but the reality was worse than what they thought it could be. They choose to go inward and serve Self, to get what gratification they can out of life, instead of turning their face towards God and trusting Him to work out everything for their good. How else can one interpret Psalm 58:3 that says, "The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies." God understands a baby's cries and their baby talk, and He knows if their complaint is against Him, saying that He is unfair, or if they are crying to simply make their needs known to their parents. That does not mean that a person who started even as a baby to complain against the Lord will not ever be redeemed. Anyone can decide to change their course and receive the redemption that God offers us through Yehoshua.

Saying that God is unfair is probably the most basic of lies. Life is not fair, but God is always fair. He is always good. The evil that is in this world is not what He wants, but it is what Man allows, whom God set over this planet to manage it. The fact that Man has done a crummy job of managing the planet is not God's fault. He gave Adam and Eve everything they needed to do a good job of managing the planet, but they blew it when Eve listened to satan, was tricked, and then Adam conceded the dominion of Earth to satan in order to not be separated from his wife. But though Adam did that, every human being has been offered God's help to deal wisely and triumphantly with the mess that ensued. Most do not accept His help, but some will, usually after they have been beaten over the head enough with the consequences of their folly enough to be heartily sick of trying to do things their own way.

The concept that people choose to be born and accept the parents God has offered them does not excuse anyone from helping children in their adversity, seeing as they consented to those circumstances. Their circumstances present people with the opportunity to do something kind and compassionate, and we are judged when we harden our hearts to the needy and turn away from them, when there is something we could have done to help them. God shows mercy to the merciful.

Another matter that I contemplated this month was the verse in 1 Corinthians 2:7 & 8, "But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory." I have heard this preached on before, but very few seem to interpret this verse correctly. Generally, it is thought that if the princes had known that Yehoshua was the Messiah, they would have honoured Him.

Not so. The princes of this world always hate God. That is not to say that all rulers in the world hate God; just the ones who are of this world. There have been kings and queens who genuinely put their faith in Yehoshua as their Saviour and tried to rule their kingdoms the best they could for the glory of God, and there might some in the world today who fall into that category. God knows their hearts. Also, that word prince is not confined to those of royal blood, but encompasses any ruler who has the power to decide if someone lives or dies.

Rulers who are of this world, under the dominion of satan, are in rebellion against God, and therefore would be in rebellion against His Son. They would seek to kill Him, if they could, but not in a way that would enable Him to have victory over them. His death by crucifixion obtained the victory over them. Death by beheading would not have done it, for it was not the death that God ordained for Yehoshua.

A lot of Christians think that people who lived before the Law was given knew next to nothing about the Messiah and how He would die, but that is not true. It was in the very first prophecy about the Promised Seed that He would give His life to redeem Mankind. That is what God meant when He said that the serpent would bruise His heel. It was a euphemism for death, and the fact that it is described as the bruising of His heel indicates that it would entail only a physical death, and that it would not be permanent. The bruising of satan's head indicates that his defeat would be total and that it would be permanent.

If I can figure that out, using only one tenth of my brain apparently, and the little information that I have to go on that I have gleaned from various authors, then I am sure that Adam and Eve, who used 100% of their brain and had much more continuous and direct communication with God, could figure it out, and pass the information on to their descendents.

There was no need to write things down in those days, as Adam was around to preach this even to Noah's father, and people had much better memories back then. There is no record of Noah having written anything down. He may have, but his writings might have been destroyed, for an evil empire arose shortly after the Flood, headed by Ham's son Cush and his son Nimrod, and Semiramis, who was Nimrod's wife and his mother. (Bleah, bleah, bleah!) It would not surprise me to find out that she was Nimrod's sister, his father's daughter, as well. In satanism, incest is a means of propitiating evil spirits in order to gain more powers, but the reality is that people open themselves to greater deception and stronger demonic enslavement by purposely engaging in deep sin.

It is evident that this evil trinity knew a lot about the way things truly are in relation to God, for Cush styled himself as God the Father, Nimrod as the Son, and Semiramis, besides being titled the Queen of Heaven and the Virgin Mother, was also esteemed to be the Holy Spirit, hence one of her symbols was the dove.

I recently heard a preacher say that it took 4000 years to bring forth the Messiah because that was how long it took to get some key people to believe how God wanted to bring Him forth, such as through a virgin. I would say that the fact that Semiramis was worshipped as the Virgin Mother refutes this statement. They knew long before that was recorded in the Jewish Scriptures that the Promised Seed would be born from a virgin.

Anyone, including Abraham, who truly believes that God created everything and did it simply by speaking it into existance should not have difficulty believing that God could bring forth the Messiah through a virgin. The Bible says that Abraham never stumbled in his faith that God would give him a son through Sarah. He got sidetracked by Hagar because of the lust of his flesh, when Sarah stumbled in her faith and represented to him that it was okay with her if he married her beautiful handmaid, not because he had doubts about God's ability to give life to Sarah's womb.

The prophecy that God gave to Eve indicates that the Messiah would be conceived by a virgin. It says that the Seed of the woman would defeat satan. That indicates that the Messiah would not be conceived in a natural way through a human father, as a judgment against Adam. The prophecy placed greater blame on Adam than on Eve for the curses of sin coming into the world. Eve gave up to satan her half of the dominion that God gave to Adam and Eve over the Earth, but satan could not activate anything that he wanted to do to the Earth until he got hold of Adam's authority, as well.

It was like a key that needed two parts in order to make it work, a kind of safeguard that God worked into the system when He handed the management of the planet over to Adam and Eve. If something went afoul with one of the team because satan was lurking about, the other team member could recover the situation. Adam didn't want the consummation of his marriage to Eve to be delayed, though, so he opted to give satan what he wanted. The greater blame was put on him because he wasn't tricked into taking the forbidden fruit, like Eve was, but gave into selfishness and walked into the trap with his eyes wide open.

It's nasty how men have blamed Eve for centuries for the downfall of Mankind, holding her in contempt because she used her beauty to tempt Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, and many men resenting it that women are attractive to them because they consider it a weakness in themselves. Adam thought Eve was beautiful before she took that fruit, and there was no sin in him regarding her that way. Their relationship and her body had matured to the point where it was time to physically consummate their marriage, and satan picked that time strategically to get to Adam through Eve, having figured out that the male sex drive is very strong. Whether Eve had fluttered her eyelashes at Adam or not, or gave him a hot, smokey look and smiled alluringly, just the fact of her offering him a fruit, that the refusing of would mean delaying his honeymoon, was enough to make up his mind. Eve didn't have to do anything special to get Adam to take that fruit from her hand. It is no wonder that God placed more blame on Adam than He did on Eve.

In the beginning of time, people were much more intelligent that modern man. If Christians think that Adam and Eve and their children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, etc, were basically simple–minded people, it is because they have allowed themselves to believe the deceptive evolution programming that has forced its way into our educational system, where Man is represented as having developed from a brute ape–like creature to his present, "sophisticated" condition. Modern man sophisticated? Ha! More frequently, modern people are childishly naive about the past, and about how they are currently being manipulated, and arrogant in their conceit that they are more intelligent than our earliest ancestors.

The evil trinity of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis was close to the most accurate accounting of our the Earth's beginnings, from Adam's mouth to Grandfather Lamech's ear. They knew God could bring forth life merely through speaking the Word, just as He brought forth the Earth and all the stars and planets the same way.

They did not make up their own religion because they did not believe Noah's record of the Earth's beginnings. They knew it was true, but they believed satan that God is not fair. They wanted to control others for their self–gratification and indulge their unclean passions without suffering retribution for their sins after they died, so they worked to help satan gain God's Throne, trying to both deceive and force as many people as they possibly could into worshipping him. They believed that the more people they could prevent from worshipping God, that it would diminish His power, and the more they could get to worship satan, that it would increase satan's power, and that satan would reward them for their services. Well, if they did not repent of their sins before they died, they now have their rewards, but they don't like them.

It was Semiramis who invented crucifixion. The tau is the first letter in satan's name, as it is written in Chaldee, and the first letter of Tammuz, the son whom Semiramis conceived after Nimrod's death and touted as Nimrod's reincarnation. Execution upon a cross was her way of offering sacrifices to satan (Taitan) and Tammuz simultaneously. I don't have any other Scriptures that predate Semiramis to indicate that she knew that the genuine Messiah would be crucified, but I think she logically deduced it.

People who have an antichrist spirit make much of the fact that the cross is a symbol that predates Christianity, and they imply that the early Israelites and Christians simply borrowed their doctrines from existing pagan religions. They play upon people's ignorance of history. Christians really should not be lazy about looking into history, or afraid of what they will find, in order to better understand the Bible, as well as to be wiser about satan's devices.

As the tau is an ancient symbol for satan, it seems likely that, thinking he was running the show, he would demand of God that the ransom for Mankind would be made upon a cross. By limiting how the Promised Seed would die, he could be alert for the appearance of the Messiah and try to keep it from happening, killing Him by some other means. God was not worried. Before He made the Universe, He already knew every thought that would come into satan's head, and He also knew that satan could not prevent Him from having the Messiah offered up in that certain way. It was fitting, from God's point of view, to place His Redeemer upon a cross, as the cross represented satan's, and Man's, will crossing God's will. God engineered language so that the first letter of satan's name in Chaldee would be a tau, knowing that satan would egotistically demand of Him that the ransom for Mankind be paid upon a cross.

To create confusion, over the centuries, various false Messiahs were reportedly sacrificed on crosses, so that if the genuine Messiah managed to get Himself put to death on a cross, doubt would be created that He was the real Messiah, and that the whole crucified Messiah thing was just a myth that was shared by several ancient cultures.

The princes of the Earth who drew their power from satan did not mind that false Messiahs were crucified. They were probably troublesome to rulers, and the rulers probably figured that this Yeshua of Nazareth was just another one of the same. After all, how likely was it that the One who would ultimately defeat their lord would be born in a stable and live for His first thirty years as a humble carpenter?

Moreover, this carpenter was apparently a bastard. His mother, a cunning wench, had claimed that she was the prophesied virgin who would bring forth the Messiah, according to the Jewish Scriptures. It probably was not the first time an unmarried, pregnant girl with a lot of chutzpah had made that claim. There was no way that the real Messiah would be a bastard, conceived through sin.

The only king who had truly recognized that Yehoshua was the Messiah was long dead. He had learned of the sign in the heavens heralding His birth, and tried to destroy Him when He was a toddler, but His mother and adoptive father had gotten Him safely away before the soldiers came, and fled to Egypt. When they returned to Israel, they went and lived in Nazareth, and the Jews who opposed Yehoshua after He began His ministry did not know that He was born in Bethlehem. They only knew that He was from Galilee. The Scriptures prophesied that the people in Galilee would see a great light, but God kept them from remembering that.

Satan tried to kill Yehoshua by having Him tossed off the brow of the hill in Nazareth. He tried to get Him to commit suicide by jumping off the pinnacle of the Temple. He tried to drown Him in a storm at sea. He tried to get Him stoned to death one day when He was preaching in the Temple. Those are only the attempts I can recall that were recorded.

It soon became apparent that there was only one way that Yehoshua would consent to die, and it did not look like satan had much choice but to crucify Him. Satan was getting so desperate to kill Yehoshua that he was willing to let Him go to the cross. Perhaps He would be persuaded to sin against God on the cross and thus defeat His mission. As a last ditch effort, satan tried to get the soldiers to scourge Him to death, but Yehoshua still would not die.

Many of the humans involved in this, for their part, were mad with their ambitions, which urged them to ignore the Galilean's goodness and miracles, and plot His death and plead for it to the Roman government. The Romans, not being familiar enough with His history to realize that He was the Promised Seed, went along with what the Jews wanted. The Romans practiced a latinized version of the Babylonian Mysteries, which is why they adopted crucifixion as a method of execution and propitiating pagan gods. To them it was just same old, same old. Here was a trouble maker; crucifixion was the usual means of getting rid of trouble makers, making a public example of them to anyone else who was thinking of stirring things up.

The rulers who had made deals with the devil in order to obtain their power would have had a fit if they had known what was happening way off in Israel, outside the Damascus gate. (There is a really interesting link regarding that site, about how the Mercy Seat is located in a cave beneath the very spot where Yehoshua was crucified.) A descendent of Shem, the man who defeated Nimrod, Shem who had also been selected to be the progenitor of the Messiah, one of his descendents had fulfilled all the prophecies of Jehovah concerning the Promised Seed up to the point where He was being offered up for death, and was pouring out His blood on a cross. The dark lord of the antichrists was locked into very mode of the Messiah's death that would seal his doom.

Satan had not been allowed to reveal to any of his dupes who it was that they were putting to death. Perhaps he reasoned to himself that, if the Jews knew without any doubt that Jesus was the Messiah, they might have backed out of doing Him harm. When God commands him to do something, satan always tries to salvage his pride by persuading himself that he went along with it because there was some advantage to him. The humans who knowingly serve satan do the same thing, to justify to themselves why they are doing something that God wants, rather than admit that they can't help it because God has commanded it.

Yehoshua warned the Pharisees, though, that there was coming a time when they would know without a doubt that they were fighting against God, and coming perilously close to committing an unpardonable sin by attributing His miracles to the work of satan. They were still in ignorance that He really was the Son of God.

There were probably some among the Pharisees who thought that He was just a magician, who had learned sorcery through the Babylonian Mysteries, as they did. Their students, whom the Bible refers to as their sons, cast out demons through occult means, as indicated by Yehoshua's question when He asked them by whom their sons were enabled to cast out demons. When sorcerers cast out demons through occult power, what actually happens is that the demon who is afflicting the person backs off, so that a stronger demon can step in to hold the person in deeper bondage. Outside of being cast out through the Name of Jesus by someone who has the legitimate authority to do so, satan does not withdraw any of his demons without replacing them with worse ones.

For instance, a person could be suffering from a spirit of infirmity, but recover instantly from their affliction because the spirit of infirmity has left, but it is replaced by a spirit of deception that prevents the person from understanding that Yehoshua is the Messiah and receiving Him as their Saviour, chaining them more tightly to a religious system that teaches salvation through works, or a doctrine that teaches that everybody will go to Heaven, even if they ignored or fought against Jesus all their life, or some other belief system that prevents them from getting saved.

Not all of the Pharisees practiced a pure form of Judaism. There probably were very few who did. Saul of Tarsus was likely one of that number, as he testified that, concerning keeping the Law, he had been blameless. The Jews picked up a lot of Babylonian doctrines during the Babylonian captivity. Some of them were even initiated into the Mysteries, and they reasoned that Yehoshua received His ability to perform miracles through the Mysteries. Yehoshua exposed them, though, calling them vipers and hypocrites. The fact that He exposed them made Him guilty, in their minds, of violating oaths of secrecy and loyalty, for which the penalty is death.

To some of those Pharisees, accusing Yehoshua of blaspheming God was just the official reason to call for His death, to make it acceptable to devout Jews and seem reasonable to the rest, when the populace considered the view point of religious leaders who officially taught the Laws of Moses. The Babylonian Mystery religion, which is the mother of all false cults, was always intent on infiltrating every religious system with its agents to exert control over the cults and legitimate churches. It is highly doubtful that the Pharisees were an exception, especially since Yehoshua exposed the Pharisees who opposed Him as being full of wickedness, though they looked good on the outside.

After Yehoshua rose from the dead, I think that those who were instrumental in putting Him to death realized that He really is the Son (physical expression) of God, who took on a mortal body to pay the ransom for Mankind with His temporary death. They heard the testimony of the soldiers who had sealed the tomb, driving an iron spike into the wall to prevent the stone from being moved. Maybe some of them backed off after the soldiers reported about how the earthquake had broken the spike and rolled away the stone, but most of the leaders consented to ignoring the supernatural aspects of the event, convincing themselves that it was all natural causes that opened the tomb, and paid the soldiers to lie, saying that Yehoshua's disciples stole His body away.

Evidences of who He really was and is kept beating them over the head. People in Jerusalem saw resurrected saints walking through the city. People who were not inclined to be liars testified that they had seen Yehoshua alive and that He spoke with them. The Pharisees who had put Him to death and continued to fight Him were confirmed in their sin against the Holy Ghost by continuing to maintain that He had been a fake. NOW they were guilty of the unpardonable sin. They were not acting against Yehoshua any more in ignorance, in their rabid ambition to maintain control over others.

God deliberately cloaked His identity by coming to Earth as the Promised Seed in a disguise that the rulers of the Earth would not penetrate. They were too proud to imagine that He would choose to be born to poor parents, in a place that was not a palace, that He would do menial work as a carpenter, and live in a regular family with brothers and sisters whom He sometimes babysat, that He would play in the streets with the neighbourhood kids like an ordinary child.

No, He actually chose to be born in a stable. His birth was watched by some cows and maybe a donkey, instead of attended by nobles in their sumptuous robes, congregated around fine bed adorned with costly silks and linens, being brought forth by a queen whom they approved of. The legitimacy of His conception was in great doubt, never mind that they were not sure of His bloodline, though they might have heard rumours that His adoptive father was descended from a royal line that had fallen on hard times and the mother was also of King David's lineage.

God knew that the disguise of illegitimacy would effectively conceal His Son because the pride of His enemies would not allow that a humble carpenter, who had the reputation of having been born on the wrong side of the blanket, was the Messiah. They were used to judging people by their parents and their education, and their livelihood, and their wealth, rather than on their individual merits and accomplishments. It didn't matter how much character and intelligence and ingenuity a person had, if they were not one of the accepted elite. They were good for being used for a time, after being buttered up by flattery, but when it came right down it, the elite wanted one of their own number to be their head, and most certainly not a fearlessly honest man, as this Yeshua of Nazareth was.

When Yehoshua rode into Jerusalem, it was on a donkey with a bunch of rough fishermen, a scummy tax collector, and a former terrorist leading the way, tossing their cloaks on the ground ahead of Him to give people the impression that He was something special, rather than on a prancing stallion with soldiers in His retinue. It was the rabble who aclaimed Him as a king, rather than the core of the respectable citizens of the city. To the Romans, that parade looked like a ridiculously feeble attempt to challenge the legitimacy of their occupation of Israel, which needed to be put down before it gained more momentum.

The guy wasn't even good–looking, which was just another aspect of His disguise, so that the rulers would be disposed towards putting Him to death on the cross. Besides that, God wanted to be loved for His character; not for His looks. I think that Andrew Wommack was right when he said that it is easier for people who have never seen Jesus to have faith in Him, than what it was for His disciples. Andrew had a vivid dream where he was following Jesus with His disciples, watching Him perform miracles. Afterwards, they were walking along a road behind the Lord when Jesus suddenly turned and pointed His finger in his face, and asked, "Who do you say that I am?" Andrew said that Jesus was grubby from travelling the dusty road under a hot sun. He said, even having seen Him perform miracles, Jesus was so normal and ordinary–looking that it took all the faith that he could muster to reply to Jesus that He was the Son of God.

The fatal damage has been done to satan's kingdom. The crown that he extorted from Adam has been recovered and now rests upon Yehoshua's brow, and Yehoshua has delegated His authority to His followers. Satan tries to convince Christians that he is still in control, though. It is a lie. His head has been bruised; the evil that he still manages to do is just his death spasms. We can avoid being damaged by those spasms by refusing to distrust God, refusing to be resentful towards Him or others, and forgiving those who have been used to hurt us. Getting us to walk into those traps is the only real way that satan can keep our soul in his grip.

Christians should make themselves familiar with some of the history of the Babylonian Mystery religion, though not to the extent where they let themselves become defiled by their reading or viewing material. In the eighteenth century, a minister named Alexander Hislop wrote an excellent book about it, called TWO BABYLONS, that can be downloaded from the Internet. Revelation 17 and 18 indicate that this religion has been active through the centuries, though in an undercover way. I believe that it will be brought back into the open in these last days, shortly before people are compelled to take the mark of the beast. I base this on the fact that the Apostle John was shown the Great Whore of Babylon in the last days, and the angel explained to him her identity and informed him of her function. The angel told John to not be impressed by her, and that goes for anyone who puts their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is infinitely mightier.

The Babylonian Mystery religion certainly is working up to coming out in the open. I have been finding it really hard to find decent books in the library to read to Connor. Most of the books for his age group seem to related to the occult. If they are not outright promoting witchcraft, they tell the adventures of kids who have psychic powers. Our children are being groomed to be sorcerers, which is what the Babylonian Mystery religion was all about. Christians have played into it by being naive about books written by Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, who represented some wizards as being good people who fight on the side of right. Anybody who is a wizard is deceived, if they think that their powers come from something that is good. I doubt that most witches and wizards don't know that their powers are supplied to them by demons and that satan is their lord.

I can understand the attraction for mythology and sorcery, when it is wrapped up in adventure. When I was a kid, I scoured my school library for the Narnia Chronicles and Tolkien's series about the Hobbits. I wanted to be taken away from the boredom of mundane life. It is ingratitude towards God that fuels such boredom. When one considers the horrible things that some people go through because of where they were born, or the family they were born into, it really is a privilege to have just an ordinary life, until God calls one to a higher purpose that entails sacrificing peace and quiet to endure hardships.

How much better it is for a kid to mow the lawn and take the grass clippers to trim the grass around their parents' house, than to grow up in a war torn place where they are starving, and being pressed into being a human buffer for a rebel army, and to serve its soldiers as a sex toy. Most kids in Canada and the US are so naive about what children in other places suffer, though. They may see photos of starving children, but as long as they aren't starving, they don't give much consideration to the pains that other kids have to endure.

It is the self–centredness of childhood that makes them that way, but what of those who are now adults, but still feeling bored and seek to escape their boredom through unwholesome fantasies that are related to sex or the occult? It is a good practice to rehearse every day things that one can be grateful for, such as a roof over their head and food to eat, even if one's home is not as large and lovely as one's friends' homes, or their food as fresh and varied.

How about being grateful that one can go to work or school, instead of confined to home because they might get shot if they step out the door? Not having a war happening on one's doorstep is something to be grateful for, as well as a police force that is helpful to most people, rather than holds out its hands for a bribe in order to guarantee decent treatment from its officers. There is still a lot to be grateful for in Canada, regardless of mistakes that the police, and other people in authority, have made. If people were more appreciative and respectful towards the police, the police might feel more motivated to do a good job of serving the public.

Whether a person is bored or not usually hinges on their attitude, rather than on events or circumstances. If we feel that we are entitled to a lot, we are likely to get bored easily. There is plenty around us that can engage our interest, if we take the right attitude towards life. I feel privileged to live so close to a good place to hike. The woods are so beautiful. One has to get off their butt in order to enjoy them, but exercise is good. One can take along a book about plants to learn to identify various plants, or a book about birds to learn to identify birds. We can learn all sorts of things about how to survive in the woods, which could come in handy in the event of a disaster that cuts an area off from electrical power, or if God leads us to a place where it is not available.

TV is one of the worst things for provoking kids to be unthankful and bored. The stories on it move at such a fast pace that, if life does not move at the same pace, kids think it's a drag. It sets things before their eyes that they think that they have to have, or they won't be happy. I can remember playing with sticks and pebbles when I was a kid, using them to make the floor plan of a house and to furnish it, and I was completely happy with that game. Usually if one suggests such a game to modern kids, it is met with a look that says they think you are crazy. How can something be fun if it isn't plastic and doesn't beep and show moving pictures and cost an arm and a leg to buy?

I see that Connor doesn't think that designing things is dull. I find drawings around my place of floor plans and games that he has invented. It probably helped that I took him to work with me for a short time on a Saturday when I worked for a large architectural firm. The decor was pretty impressive and the mockups of the buildings the company was working on were impressive, too, so he knows that being an architect is a pretty classy occupation, and that designing stuff requires intelligence. He is also the type of kid that one doesn't have to work too hard at getting interested in things because he is naturally enthusiastic, but even Connor sometimes balks when I suggest old–fashioned things to him that have been out of his range of experience.

I have not yet been able to get him interested in stories with historical settings, and I so want to read Kidnapped to him. It is an interesting story and Scotland is part of his heritage. I complained to Heather about how hard it is to find good books in the libraries that will interest him. She had already come to the same conclusion as me, which is that if one wants to get good books for their kids, they should look in second hand stores or the book racks in the libraries where they sell the books that aren't being read.

When my kids were at home, I had a whole shelf of children's classics. I rarely saw my kids read them, but Heather said she read them all. I felt really good when she told me that. I was glad that I was able to help improve her education by exposing her to those books. I can't yet imagine Connor reading books like The Deerslayer, which was actually kind of depressing because of how it ends, or Robinson Crusoe. He seems to be interested only in modern themes.

I found an excellent children's book the other day in a second hand store. It is called Trapped in the Old Cabin by Patricia Kershaw. It is so interesting that I couldn't put it down until I finished it, and then I read it again right afterwards. It is about a brother and sister who fly out to California by themselves to visit their relatives, and are met at the airport by a couple who pretend to be their aunt and uncle. The man wants to use the boy to help him kidnap another kid, whose Daddy is rich and the man has a grudge against him. The boy goes along with it to protect his little sister, whom the bad guy is threatening to harm unless the boy cooperates.

The three kids are taken to a cabin and kept locked in a room. The Christian boy realizes pretty quick that the kidnappers intend to kill them, but he learns to trust God in the situation, receiving peace, and also direction about how to escape.

He is hindered by the other boy, who is a bitter, self–centred, little jerk and highly skeptical that God exists. The rich kid's objections are quite familiar, but the author handles them skillfully, and the way she works out their escape is both exciting and entertaining. If anyone should object that the story ended well because the author willed it that way, and that it is unlikely in real life that it would have ended well, what I have to say to that is that I have heard the testimonies of people whom God has delivered out of far more dangerous situations, such as Margy Palm, whom God prepared for a special mission.

Margy Palm was kidnapped by a serial rapist who tortured and murdered thirty–three women before he chose her to be his next victim. Not only was she not raped or murdered, but she led that man to the Lord. She had been praying that God would reveal more to her of His love, and He demonstrated it by extending it to a vicious murderer, the second most wanted on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, giving him one last chance to repent of his sins. The man was captured later that day after he let Margy go, and eventually executed for his crimes, but when he died, the warden wept and said that he knew that Stephen really had changed. Here is MARGY'S STORY on Sid Roth's website, for anyone who wants to listen to his interview with her.

No, I don't think that there is anything unrealistic about Patricia Kershaw's story. I consider it a jewel and am so happy that I found it! Now I have to see if I can get Connor to listen to it. He will undoubtedly identify with the hero, but because of his asthma, he will probably identify with the little sister, as well, whose life was in jeopardy, not only from the kidnappers, but also from that affliction and from her allergies. It certainly added excitement to an already exciting story that the hero had to race against time to get help for his sister. God has come through many times for people with that kind of situation, too, supplying doctors and specialists who were in the right place at the right time.

Patricia Kershaw is the mother of a large family, and she has been a foster mother, as well. She found a very effective way, I think, to address children's doubts about God's willingness to help them and to direct them to put their trust in Him, as well as to encourage them to do whatever God directs them to do to get themselves out of a tight situation. God bless you, dear woman, wherever you are. Your book is such a blessing. I hope that when others read this report about it, they will search online to obtain a copy to read to their kids or grandkids.

I think Jake is more likely to be interested in historical stories than what Connor is, who is so totally into our modern times. I have downloaded videos about how to ride horses, camels, and elephants, and Jake likes to watch those. Connor is more interested in videos about how to mountain bike or drive cars.

I tried to show the kids a funny video about a Arab guy playing with a baby camel. The man was on his hands and knees crawling around in the sand, and the camel was bossing him, sitting on him, chewing on his arms and legs. It was hilarious, but Connor didn't want to watch it, so he said it was cruel. Jake got upset because he believed Connor, and said he didn't want to watch it either. He watched it with me later, though, when Connor wasn't around, after I explained that the camel probably would not have acted that way if the man was standing on his feet. The guy was crawling around because he wanted to see what the camel would do when it thought it had the upper hand. This is the link for the FUNNY CAMEL video.

By not having a TV in my home, I can get the kids to watch all sorts of wholesome, educational, or relatively harmless, entertaining stuff that I have selected because they are so desperate to watch something on a screen. There is a lot more control with a computer, especially if one is not hooked up to the Internet, but downloads things onto their computer that are more suitable for kids to watch. Jake and I watch this one a lot about the guy who teases his dog who can't stop THINKING ABOUT FOOD. It annoys Connor that Jake and I recite the lines along with the characters, but it is just sooo funny! Klaatu42 probably makes the best funny animal videos on YouTube.

Connor perked up when I clicked to show the kids a clip from a Korean talent show. He thought I had downloaded it for entertainment, but I reached for a hanky right away. I saw this clip on my Facebook feed and I cry whenever I look at it. It features a young man named Choi Sung Bong, who was left at an orphanage when he was three–years–old. He ran away when he was five because the people there beat him. He lived on the streets for ten years, selling pop and gum to support himself. At one point, he was sold as a slave, probably for the purpose of sex, because he was in such a vulnerable situation.

Choi Sung Bong did not go to school until High School, which he was able to get into when he was fifteen because he passed some GED tests. He said he did not sing very well, but he liked to sing because he had once heard someone in a nightclub singing with sincerity, and he decided he wanted to do that, too. He was currently working as a manual labourer, which the judges did not think was very impressive, until after they heard his story and realized that it was a lot better than what street kids usually turn to in order to earn money. Choi Sung Bong had some singing lessons, but he had mainly worked on his singing on his own.

Then he sang in a beautiful baritone and tears streamed down from many faces as the audience and the judges listened to him. I am sure that they were thinking of a little boy wandering alone around the streets, nobody caring for him, nobody suspecting the keen intelligence of his mind and the fine sensitivity in his soul. This is the video of CHOI SUNG BONG singing. I wonder if Connor realized from watching that video how much he has to be grateful for. He has some differences with his mother, but at least he has a mother, and she loves him and does good things for him.

I think that video is the kind of thing that kids need to see, to help them realize how good they have it and be grateful for what they have. Doing chores at home and going to school sure beats wandering around the street, trying to sell enough gum or pop to feed oneself, sleeping in public bathrooms, and being sold off to perverts by evil people who figure that defenseless kids are fair game for earning extra cash. It also shows that, no matter how hard life has been for a child, a young teen can make choices that will lead to an honourable life, such as getting an education, even when nobody compels them to go to school.

Thankfully, we don't have too much of a problem getting Connor to go to school. He told me that he wants to have perfect attendance and he seems to enjoy his studies quite a lot. He is particularly keen about Biology and likes to show off that he knows things about various kingdoms that I was not taught in school. I think those categories are a new development since my high school days.

A few times he said he was too tired to get up and wanted to stay home. When he stays with me, he has to get up at 6 a.m. to get ready for school, which has been an incentive to get along better with his Mom, because she lives only a five minute walk from his school. When he says he doesn't want to get up, I turn the dial on my radio alarm to some preaching and tell him that I am not going to read any books to him, if he stays home, that he has to prepare his own meals, and I will just go about doing what I would do if he were not there, as he isn't supposed to be home at this time, and that includes listening to my Bible videos. It is usually enough to persuade him to get himself out of bed and out the door. I have had to bodily push him out of the house only once to get him off to school.

On June 26, Jeff Mayr celebrated the first anniversary of his Sunday afternoon gatherings at the Chuck Bailey Centre in Surrey. It is a blessing to go to his meetings because the people who attend are generally hungry for the Lord. The young men who have come to know the Lord recently are an inspiration with their zeal. God has done some wonderful things for the people there.

Spirit Life Worship Centre

He has done some wonderful things through the people who attend, as well. Valentina Kirichilina has been a great blessing, faithfully and generously supporting Jeff in his ministry through her gift of hospitality.

Last year, Val was asked to attend a Christian lady who was dying of cancer, so she moved in with her for the last two weeks of her life. I was astonished to learn that the lady she looked after was the woman whose house my ex–husband and I rented back in 1984. Val did not know Mabel Smith before she went to attend her, but she was a friend of Mabel's best friend, who had been looking after her before then, but was finding it too heartbreaking to watch Mabel die. Mabel was still living in that same house when she died, and her daughter allowed Valentina to stay there afterwards for several months, while the house was being shown for sale.

During that time, with the daughter's permission, Valentina frequently opened the home to Jeff to hold his meetings on Wednesday and Friday nights. Valentina is an excellent cook. After the meetings, she served everyone a full dinner, if they didn't have to leave right away. We enjoyed many times of good fellowship in Mabel's home, which had been refurbished with a lovely chandelier in the dining area, and the interior of the house was painted and carpeted in colours that I enjoyed looking at.

It looked a lot better than when I lived there, with its mustard yellow carpet, boring browns, and other dull decor. The backyard, however, was no longer beautiful, as it had been when my son Andrew dubbed it "The Garden House." The fruit trees had died and been chopped down, and there was no longer any garden with berry bushes, nor tool shed at the back with roses climbing up it. A pastor's wife and I prayed for was a house with a yard for my kids to play in. It certainly fit the bill when we rented it, all hedged in by fences and trees, and my husband's parents bought the kids a swing set right away. I enjoyed putting it together with my ex–husband; not all of the memories were sad. I think my worst memories were of what an idiot I was back then; of mistakes I made.


It was a healing experience to attend Jeff's meetings in Mabel's home because the breakdown of my marriage had begun to accelerate when I lived in her rental house. God brought me back to the very place that had been the scene of a lot of heartache and regret, mostly due to my own failures, and overlaid it with lovely memories. God had been calling me back then to faithfully keep on attending church and to pray for my husband, regardless of what he was doing. I didn't like to pray, and I stopped going to church after my husband persuaded me to go to the bars with him. In 2010, God brought me back to that place, both to pray and to go to church! I never imagined in 1984 that a church would meet in that house, and I would be attending it.

I brought my grandsons to the meeting on New Year's Eve. I never imagined back in 1984 that my grandsons would ever be in that home. That meeting was a particularly joyful time. I coaxed my grandsons there because it was free to ride the bus that night, and I wanted to take advantage of that to do something celebratory with them. I told them that Val would probably be serving cookies and chocolates. The kids got some cookies and Jake later excitedly told Heather that Gramma had been right; there were chocolates!

The kids were warmly received by the other guests and entertained by a pretty, young woman who let them play with the games on her cell phone. That freed me to hear, almost without interruption, the amazing testimony of one of the other guests. The memory of my grandsons' happy chatter and their enjoyment of the evening casts its glow in the treasury of my heart. God really does give beauty for ashes.

Marie Bob is another member who has contributed a lot to Jeff's meetings. She has a gift of evangelism and is bold to witness, which she sometimes does in rhyme, much to the delight of her auditors. She has a bubbly, friendly personality that seems to make a lot of people interested in listening to her and they are encouraged because she is eager to pray for their needs. Marie has led many people in the prayer to receive Jesus as their Saviour and a good number of them have attended the Jeff's meetings. The photo below of me and Marie (on the left) was taken July 4, 2010, when a group of us went down to Birch Bay to celebrate America's Independence Day with Jeff.

Marie & Lanny

It has been a blessing to have Jeff come up here to Canada and show his concern for souls in the Surrey area, holding his Sunday meetings in a hot spot of need. There are a lot of homeless people and drug addicts who hang out in the Whalley district of Surrey. My own nephew used to live in the area and died of a drug overdose last year in the park across the street from where Jeff holds his Sunday afternoon meetings. Though my nephew died of an overdose, I have the consolation that my nephew probably was not capable of being accountable for his actions, as he was mentally retarded.

But who knows whose hearts are breaking for the poor people in that area who are held in bondage by addictions and mental problems; mothers and fathers and other family members who are wondering where their loved ones are and what will become of them? Certainly the Father's heart is breaking for them, but Jeff's ministry is one of the lighthouses He has raised up in that area, to lead them to salvation.

Gordon Fleury

One of the people who has helped lead the worship at Jeff's meetings was led of the Lord to witness to a young man who was hanging out in this area. God showed Gordon Fleury, pictured at the right, that the young man was contemplating suicide. Gordon told him this, which the young man acknowledged. Gordon told the young man that God had plans for his life, then he played his guitar and sang a beautiful song about God's everlasting love, which he had written. The young man was ministered to by the song and astounded at this evidence of God's love for him. In tears, he gave his heart to Yehoshua. Gordon said that after they prayed, the young man's face, which had been pale and ashen before, was now glowing.

The Holy Spirit came upon the young man, making him a bit unsteady on his feet. Then he told Gord that he wanted to witness to his friends. He led Gord to where a group of six people were sitting around. He talked to his two friends, who were sitting among them, and led them to the Lord when he himself was only a few hours old in the Lord! One of the men who received Jesus as his Saviour dropped his drugs on the ground and exclaimed that he did not know what was happening to him.

Gord wanted to get the young man's phone number, but he had disappeared by the time Gord had returned from using the bathroom. He has not seen him since, but God has His eyes on that young man, and it will be interesting some day to learn what happened to him afterwards. It sure was encouraging to hear Gordon's story and see how God is working in that area.

When I phoned Gord to check the details of his story, I learned that he had been in a car accident a while back, and that it is a miracle that he survived it. His gas pedal got stuck, the weather was rainy, and he accidentally ploughed into a mini bus. His car was totalled and he suffered injuries, which he was recovering from, but he was in a lot of pain when I talked to him, and needing to use a walker to get around. It is little wonder, considering Gordon's giftings and compassion for suffering souls, that satan would try to kill him.

Not everybody has the boldness to go into that area to witness to people, but one thing that readers can do, if God puts it on their heart, is to pray for Jeff's ministry and for the people who attend His meetings and are getting equipped for ministry to the down and outers. It takes supernatural wisdom and patience and power to minister to them. Here is a link to the SPIRIT LIFE website for anyone who wants to find out more about Jeff's ministry. May the Lord bless this work in Yehoshua's Name.


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