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If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

June sure was wet here in Vancouver. My employers went out of town for a couple of weeks and left it up to me to keep their outside plants watered. That chore was never easier; I didn't have to do it even once. I recollect a lot of Junes that were cool, but none as wet as this one.

It certainly has been an interesting year, so far. I have watched aghast at how the United States is being dismantled, its freedoms systematically being taken away, and I don't buy it that once the President passes things into law, that they are law forever. If it had been done by someone who was qualified to be the President, then there would be some basis for his laws to remain, but when an interloper who was born in Kenya, and has lied about his birthplace and his father's citizenship, takes the helm of the ship of state to crash it onto the rocks, then the damage he has done should not be allowed to stand. Did he not take vows to defend the Constitution of the United States? That man should be arrested.

I found out just yesterday that my stepfather is dying. He is down to 104 lbs and his skin has turned yellow. I always thought that I would not be able to bear it when my parents die, but now that the time has come, I find that God has given me His grace. My stepfather doesn't know the Lord and I am praying that he will surrender to Jesus before he dies. It is horrible to contemplate what his existence will be like in the hereafter, if he doesn't, but I recognize that he has the right to make his choice, and if he chooses to reject Jesus right up to the end, there is nothing that I can do about it.

I have to believe, though, that there is a reason why God set him in a family where he has received Christian witness, and why God has sent other witnesses to him from time to time, and why God has spared him from getting killed on the job as a night-shift taxi-driver when people pulled guns on him to rob him. On one of those occasions, the robber kept pulling the trigger, but the gun didn't fire. Dad was able to jump out of the car and take cover while passersby phoned the police. God has wanted to show him mercy and has let him live a long time, though he had rheumatic fever when he was a child, which weakened his heart, and he has smoked cigarettes from the age of 14, without getting cancer before now.

I've had some issues with my Dad. He never wanted to look after his stepchildren; we lived with our grandmother until she felt that she was getting too old to look after little kids anymore. My stepfather did some good things for us and we had some good times with him, but our childhood was mostly characterized by dissension and tension. By the time I was in my teens, I hated the man whom I had adored when I was a toddler. But I got saved when I was 17–years–old and realized right away that I had to forgive him. That took care of most of my bitterness.

I still had a lot of things to work through, though, in the years following. Bit by bit, I dealt with the unhappy memories and got over most of my hurts. What finally cleared the rest away was a picture that God put in my mind. I saw a dreary, flat, grey landscape and a dusty track running through it, with bushes on one side. Demons hid behind the bushes, whispering and snickering as my stepfather timidly walked along the track, confused and afraid. He didn't realize that he was dead and he wondered what these malevolent voices belonged to. The demons were playing with him. I surmise from things I have read about NDEs, and from this vision, that the initial death experience is not the same for everyone.

My heart went out to my Dad in pity. Whatever he had done that was wrong, I wanted him to be forgiven. I don't want him to ever be afraid and confused like I saw in that dream, never mind dragged off to worse torments by those things after they make their appearance. It would be so wonderful to have my Dad in Heaven, and for him to be good friends with his stepchildren. I am forgiven of my sins; I want him to be forgiven, too.

After I saw that vision, it was easier for me to be empathetic towards my stepfather, to consider the heartaches of his childhood and the difficulties of life that are even harder when a person doesn't have Jesus in their heart. I wish that I hadn't expected so much from him in the way of character. I idolized my parents, so I expected them to be perfect.

Not that my Dad would have wanted me to be around him, if my attitude had been different. I used to think that when he refused to let me visit him, it was personal, but then I found out from one of my half–sisters that he would tell her and my other half–sister to go home after a short visit, because he wanted to watch TV. He's been a lot into himself, but that's the way he is, and if I had just accepted that about him, I would have been a lot happier.

Yesterday afternoon, on the way home from church, I recalled a woman who I used to see on the buses. She was a very attractive–looking lady, but she was always in a lot of pain, as she had been in a car accident. She was trying to sue for compensation, but apparently getting nowhere with it. She needed a lawyer, but she didn't have the money to hire one. She had a lot of expectations of other Christians. She felt that, considering her condition and how helpless she was, other Christians should volunteer their time and skills to help her prepare a case, perhaps even contribute some money for a lawyer. Her expectation that she would end up in a wheelchair before long drove her to look to other Christians to be her salvation, to get her some money that she could live on when that happened. She was a single lady and had no savings, and nobody to look after her, apparently.

This woman was not a pleasant person to be around because of her weighty expectations. I couldn't do anything for her. My priority was to help my daughter with my grandchildren, but I had the feeling that this woman would not consider my grandchildren's needs and their future to be as urgent and as important as her own needs. I felt like she figured we were all a selfish lot, not worthy to call ourselves Christians, because we did not live up to what she expected of Christians.

I concluded yesterday that when people do not put their trust in the Lord to meet their needs, but look to other people to meet them, they become very burdensome. The Bible says in Isaiah 58:9 "Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, 'Here I am.' If you take away the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger, and speaking wickedness, … " The yoke refers to putting expectations on other people, and pointing the finger is when we make accusations against them. Life would be so much simpler and more peaceful, if we let our trust rest ultimately in the Lord, truly believing that He can sort things out.

I don't recall that I could talk to this woman about believing for Jesus to heal her. Her entire focus seemed to be on getting some money from her accident and relying only on what modern medicine and technology could do for her to help her cope with her disabilities. When a person knows that Jesus is able and willing to heal, then there is no reason to be bitter about injuries and fearful about the future.

I used to be scared about being disfigured, either from an accident or by deliberate malice, but the more I have listened to preachers who present the Scriptures accurately, citing the many cases where Jesus healed all who came to Him for healing, thus revealing that it is always the Father's will to heal those who come to Him, even if they ungratefully don't serve Him afterwards, the less afraid I have become about what the future might hold. If my body gets scarred, Jesus can heal it. If a hand gets chopped off, Jesus can grow it back. If my body is sliced up into little pieces, Jesus can bring all the pieces back together and raise me up, if it is not yet my time to die.

We have to put images of victory in our minds, images that are firmly based on Scripture, in order to face life, especially with all the terrible things that are happening in the world. We can't let ourselves be hindered even by people whom we respect, if they speak things that are contrary to the Bible. Without a vision, the people perish. It has to be a vision of victory.

Mediocre Christianity is not going to get people through tough times. You could be a very nice person, a very moral person, but if you don't believe that God's miracles are for today, and that it is always His will to heal, then you are going to be a wet blanket, not a very edifying person to be around. There are some things that we are called to bear patiently, like false accusations, but Jesus never wanted us to be patient with sickness. His Word says that by His wounds, we were healed. He wants us to go on the attack against sickness. He said that the Kingdom of Heaven permits violence (He meant violence against demonic spirits), and that the violent take it by force. If the enemy is holding something that rightfully belongs to us, we are supposed to take it from him; after all, Jesus paid for it.

I recommend that people listen to ANDREW WOMMACK. He has wonderful teaching about grace and faith, though I don't agree with absolutely everything that he teaches. I explain about this on my BLUNDERS page. I also recommend ROGER SAPP for teaching about healing, though I disagree with him about plenty of other things, such as his views about women and submission. Whatever … ; nobody's perfect.

My Dad could be healed of his cancer, but will he receive healing? Andrew Wommack says that some of the people he would have prayed for could not receive their healing because all their life, they ignored what the Bible says about it. Healing needs an atmosphere of faith in order to manifest itself. He prayed for some people who received their healing at first, but they lost it because they went to a church that preached that miracles are not for today, or they were surrounded with relatives and friends who were wet blankets to their faith. Sometimes, if you want to lay hold of God's promises, you have to leave your friends and family or your long–church, and go where you will get encouragement to believe the Bible. If my Dad just gets saved, it will be a miracle and I will be very grateful for it.

God bless you all in Jesus' Name. Always look to Him; not at circumstances. It's the only way to walk in victory.


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