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I've been so busy at work that I don't know how that ministry ever coped without a full–time secretary. Part of my job is to read a lot of emails as quickly as I can and print off the ones that my boss needs to see. The emails are mostly articles about current events that people think we should know about, for our Prayer Partners to pray regarding them. What a strange world we live in; it has been going insane, judging by the stuff I have to read.

Many things have torn the fabric of our society, rendering our nations vulnerable to spiritual attack. As in the days of Moses when Balaam counselled the kings of Moab and Midian to render Israel vulnerable through idolatry and fornication, this is the tack that satan has been taking towards Canada, the US, the UK, and everywhere else. Legalized abortion has torn a terrible gash in our armour, making Canada a target for judgment on behalf of the blood of millions of innocent children whose destinies were snuffed out by an untimely death.

It is insane how many of the same people who are outraged by cruelty to a dog think nothing of aborting a child. Certainly, we should be concerned about animals, but we should be even more concerned about human beings. Indeed, those who would have been born with handicaps or in bad family situations would have suffered, but they have the right to make a decision about how they are going to respond to what life has dealt to them. Abortion robs them of their choices.

The cruelty of abortion is a true horror for the children involved, and often the experience for the mothers who have chosen to kill their babies turns out to be a nightmare for them, also. The people who profit from abortion don't care about their clients. They despise them because they know that the mothers are murderers, like themselves. This is why there are abortion clinics that are filthy and a great hazard to the clients. This is why many times the people who work in them are not qualified to assist with surgery. They might not use coat hangers anymore, now that abortion has been legalized, but it's still a very risky thing to have an abortion.

Abortionists push sexual immorality because it is good for their business. They have pushed to get sexual education taught to young children, because their goal is to perform abortions three times on every girl between the age of 14 and 18. It is called repeat business. Abortion rakes in a lot of money for those who own the mills and those who perform the abortions. It's not about women having a choice about what to do with their own bodies. It's about the income of those who profit from these murders.

Many women want to have the "freedoms" that men have had for centuries, to fornicate to their heart's content without incurring a social stigma against themselves for doing so, and not being burdened with the care and expense of children. Their motives for abortion are utterly selfish. I believe, though, that a high percentage of women who live common–law or engage in affairs do so out of low self–esteem. They don't believe that a good man would want to marry them, so they settle for what they can get.

Abortion increases the risk of cancer, though abortionists deny that this is so. Of course they would; it's not good for their business for women to know that. Abortion often results in infertility, among other medical problems. Abortions can also result in hemorrhage and death. In most cases, it generates years of guilt; no matter how femnists rant about how women should have the right to get abortions, God designed us to know deep in our hearts that killing innocent people is a terrible crime.

Do the men who "support" women's "right" to have abortions care about them? Hah! They have their reasons, such as not wanting to pay child support when they get someone knocked up, and there are some who really hate women and want to expose them to the health risks of abortion, but mainly it is pushed because the "elite" want to control the masses, and they are easier to control if there are less of them. Thus, they push scientists and the media and the educational system to rant about overpopulation, though the Earth has enough room and food, with the help of modern transportation, to meet the basic needs of everyone on this planet, and billions more. It is not an under supply problem, but a greed and control problem that causes famine. Tons of good food is thrown away, rather than given to the poor. Besides abortion, engineered famines and wars are other means that are used to reduce the population.

Homosexuality and other perversions have torn rents in the fabric of society, as well. When the Judeo/Christian ethic was in place, this perversion was hidden because most homosexuals had a proper shame about deviancy. Now they're in the open, and brazen about it, and have become fascists about pushing it on others, bellowing about "homophobia" and racism. Homosexuals are not a race. They are messed–up people. Homofascists want everyone else to be messed up like them, to bring them down to their level, so that they won't feel so bad about themselves. I agree that nobody should beat them up or verbally abuse them, but it's going too far when they bully people into being afraid to say that they don't agree that homosexuality is okay.

Unless Christians pray (and live godly lives without compromise), evil will take over. It is only the grace of God that there is any goodness and justice in the world. We need to pray for our authorities, so that they can discern good from evil, and have the courage to do what is good, as well as to pray for their protection while they are headed in the right direction, for there are powerful people who serve satan in exchange for wealth and power and compel officials to carry out their evil agenda. But God can make a way where there seems to be no way.

The Bible tells us to pray first of all for all those who are in authority. There are many other needs that often get prayed for first, such as for family members and friends, but God wants us to look at the big picture. If the country falls into deep sin, such as is occurring, thus rendering it vulnerable to oppression from our government or invasion, the entire population will suffer terrible things, including our loved ones. Praying for our government leaders has good results for our nation. Besides that, this is a command, and if we obey it, it will facilitate the other prayer needs being met, whereas if we disobey this command, we are probably hindering our prayers from beng answered.


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