Golden QuillMarch 2013 Newsletter

It sure is great to have my car running well. I have gotten some really good use out of it this month, sorting out stuff and carting things off to the a Mennonite thrift store that supports missions. So far, I have hauled eight carloads there. When I spoke of this to my boss, he said, "You must have had a lot of junk, huh?" Hellooooo. I wouldn't have held on to those things for so long, if I thought they were junk, but I really don't need two dictionaries and four thesauruses, etc. I took bags and bags of books to the thrift store. They weren't junky novels; they were educational. I had books on how to ride horses, how to scuba dive, gardening, how to fly an airplane, – all sorts of things that interest me, but I don't have time to read about, as well as a lot of good Christian books that I know I will not read again because I have too many new ones to read.

I was also warehousing a lot of things for the grandkids. They've been upcountry for a couple of years now, so it looks like they are settled in. The youngest has outgrown the little kid toys that he loved to play with when he visited. Out went the clothes that I kept on hand for his visits. He has surely outgrown them. Heather said that she has to buy him new shoes every three months. My place is much more restful, now that it doesn't have so much stuff in it.

When I made a start on getting rid of things in the shed, it was such a daunting task that, after spending an hour and a half at it, I was done for the time being. It is one of those situations that you have to approach as if it is an elephant to be eaten. How do you do that? One bite at a time. You can't look at how big the job is. You just have to steadily devote some time to it until it is all done.

I have been listening to KAT KERR as she speaks about Heaven, and it has been really edifying. I also ordered the books for my boss's wife and she loaned them to me. Kat has come under a lot of criticism, and most of it is really off base. There are some who loftily scorn her revelations about the fun stuff that God has in store for us in Heaven, which shows that they don't know God very well, nor the Word as well as they think they do. God is fun. Nobody is more fun than God. Some people can't figure out how God can be both holy and fun at the same time. They tend to be inclined towards legalism and trying to earn God's approbation, rather than having a revelation on how Jesus has credited all His righteousness towards our account when we receive Him as our Lord and Saviour, and they have quite dull, rigid notions of what they regard as holy.

People of that ilk have criticized Kat for saying that there are roller coasters in Heaven, and movie theatres. What is so hard to understand about "In Your presence is fulness of joy; at Your right hand there are pleasures for evermore." Is it is a sin to ride a roller coaster? No, so why wouldn't we have roller coasters in Heaven? Is it a sin to watch movies? It depends on what is in the movie. Is it a sin to be in a movie? Again, it depends on the movie. All that the person whose comments I read on this had to offer as "proof" that there are no such things in Heaven is that he (or she) wouldn't want to go on a roller coaster or be in a movie. Fuddyduddyism is not the same as a holiness or maturity. Holy, mature people do not object to having fun, if there is nothing sinful in it.

A valid concern that was raised about movies in Heaven relates to Kat avowing that she saw John Wayne in Heaven, starring in a movie where he was riding on a horse and shooting at a bad guy. I don't have an issue with John Wayne being in Heaven. He may very well have repented of his sins and received Jesus as his Saviour shortly before he died. It's pretty wonderful, if he did. But who would play the part of the bad guy in Heaven? Who wouild want to? Maybe there's a reasonable explanation for it. Maybe nobody plays those parts; the villains might be holographic images and they will never swear. Hey, that is a bit of Heaven; being able to keep bad guys from using bad language. One person questioned that violence would be portrayed. Well, if we get to see visual displays of how David killed Goliath, and how Samson fought the Philistines, that should answer that question.

Another questioned that Kat said she saw the movie Star Wars being made in Heaven. They asked how that can be, since Star Wars is embedded with New Age messages. It seems reasonable to me that, if Star Wars is a movie in Heaven, the script has been rewritten to portray Biblical values and everything unwholesome that was in it has been taken out. There are plenty of movies that I would love to edit; it would be Heaven indeed for many Christians to have movies made the way they would like to see them made.

Someone took issue that Kat says there are cinnamon buns as big as dinner plates in Heaven. Is it a sin to eat cinnamon buns? Not at all, if it is made from entirely healthy ingredients and one eats in moderation. Kat says that food in Heaven is made from light and that it looks like and tastes like what you want to eat. Fried chicken has the same look, taste, and texture as fried chicken on Earth, except that no animals are killed to create it.

Was the criticism related to how big she said the cinnamon buns were? God is a God of abundance, so that would be evident in what He gives His children to eat in Heaven. Is exception taken to how much a person eats, as if Kat is encouraging gluttony in some way? She said that you eat as much as you want, and then the rest disappears. If the food is made of light, then eating is probably enlightening; it likely imparts revelation to the eater. If a person is spiritually mature enough to eat the whole thing, then good for them. It is not a sin to be a glutton for God's revelation. The more revelation we are able to receive from God, the happier it makes Him. I would hardly think that Kat encourages gluttony, seeing as she eats only one meal a day herself.

There is probably an allegorical significance to the roller coaster and other things, too. Trusting God on Earth is like a roller coaster ride. If you don't trust Him very much, some of the situations we encounter can be terrfying, but the more we trust Him, the more life becomes a thrilling adventure, instead of one anxiety attack after another.

Another objected to Kat saying that she saw Jesus playing golf with someone in Heaven. They wondered at the "coincidence" of Kat just happening to see this person in Heaven, who is also in her book. Well, duh. They are in her book, because she saw them in Heaven. This gives us an idea of the intelligence level of some of the people who are griping about her; it sounds like they want to gripe just because they like to complain; not because they have any great theological insight. And why wouldn't Jesus play golf with His redeemed? There is nothing sinful about it in Heaven. Nobody neglects important matters, such as family, in Heaven, because they have all eternity to take care of important matters AND have fun. Nobody gambles on the game. Nobody cheats. Nobody has a fit and tosses their golf clubs in a rage.

Heaven is supposed to be fun. It helps to meditate on this because it makes it easier to accept that our time on Earth should be put to good use in building God's Kingdom; we can play later. Not that God doesn't want us to have some leisure time on Earth, but if we are tempted to spend too much time loafing about or playing, it would be helpful to contemplate the fun stuff waiting for us in Heaven and get going here on Earth with what we are supposed to do.

Also, it helps firm up the determination to be faithful to the Lord. Who wants to miss out on all that fun? Oh, yeah, I know. The guy who doesn't think it's fun to go on roller coasters or be in a movie. Well, even for them, I am sure that Heaven offers something that they will think is fun, while at the same time, not denying others their idea of fun.

I listened for a few minutes to a video wherein a couple of guys in suits offer some more sensible and intelligent objections to Kat Kerr's teaching, but they also objected to the charismatic movement, so, in spite of them apparently thinking that their interpretation of the Bible trumps everyone else's, I had no patience to listen to people who want to convince others of the error of operating in the gifts of the Spirit today. Or maybe they are okay with people operating in the gifts, a little, but certainly not to the extent that Kat is speaking of when she talks about last days' saints doing the "greater" works and doing them a lot. It seems to me that the people who object to this part of her teaching are looking for excuses why they don't operate in the gifts of the Spirit, or have only a little bit of success when they try to.

I certainly do not agree with all of Kat's teaching. First of all, I object to her telling people to turn off their minds and open their hearts, to just receive what she is saying. This is contradictory to the Bible and not at all safe. Our souls are precious, Hell is forever, and we need to be very careful to examine teachings by the Word of God to see if they line up. If she gets upset over people doubting her and wanting to filter what she says through the Bible, but has a good and honest heart that wants to know the real truth, then I am sure that God will help her deal with it. If she realizes that she is in error about some things, God will help her to be humble enough to admit that she was fooled.

The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 "And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them who perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:"

If satan is employing all types of deception, then we had better be pretty careful, like the Bereans of Acts 17:11, who not only had readiness of mind, wherein they were willing to hear and to accept the possibility that what the Apostles were saying was true, though it was contrary to what they had previously been taught, but were also careful to search the Scriptures to see if what they were saying was supported there. And it was. Not always word for word in the Old Testament, but the Old Testament does support the New Testament teachings.

What makes Kat think that everything she says should be accepted without question, that it is the same as resisting God to doubt anything that she says? There are so many ways that the enemy deceives people, and one way he does it is that he sets people up to have a lot of credibility and then uses them to herd them towards the antichrist agenda. He might do this by allowing a sincere Christian to gain fame and influence, then hijack their ministry further on down the road by setting up temptations and getting evidence of them caving in to it, or just manufacture the evidence (plenty of ways to do that with today's technology and false witnesses) and blackmailing them. A man or woman of God might be afraid of losing their wife and kids, if the wife and kids can be made to believe that they did what they are accused of.

Don't think that a person can't be a man or woman of God, if they are afraid or put something else ahead of God. Abraham was afraid of losing his life; he put that ahead of God, but it didn't end his relationship with God. He managed to get past it eventually. And all those people who are making the devil's horns (a satanic hand signal) to give glory to satan and put curses on people when they preach, though their heart isn't fully into being evil, are going to have to get past their fears, too, if they don't want to eventually make a complete shipwreck of their faith.

Alternately, a famous minister may be part of a satanic family who is really good at putting on a respectable front to the public. Satanists, the more clever ones, frequently choose the public persona of being a Christian minister because people tend to trust them, until, that is, they've done a good job of discrediting Christian ministers. Even in that case, though, somewhere along the way, these people might become genuinely converted to Yeshua, but have to be given time in order to make a complete break from practices that they were trained in from childhood. In many of those cases, torture and humiliation was and is applied to keep them in line.

So what about people who are very gifted actors and know the right things to say? An Iranian pastor visited the church I attend and told us an amazing testimony of how Jesus appeared to him in his prison cell and rescued him from being choked by a demon, and revealed Himself as the Saviour. The man told his story with tears, and I cried, too. He spoke of how God miraculously caused him to read the Bible in English, which he had never learned. Wonderful! I've heard of others whom this has happened to.

He also talked about a dangerous situation he and a friend escaped after he preached in a mosque in an Islamic holy city. He said that he and his friend were about to be beaten to death, but a gang of women showed up and the leader of them testified how her son had been miraculously healed, after these men had prayed for him. So, they were put to a test. They had to pray for every sick person in the city, and if any of them were not healed, the two Christian men would be killed. All the sick people were brought to be prayed for; they were all healed. Afterwards, the leaders of the mosque ordered them to come to their homes and tell their children about Jesus. Awesome! Of course, there was no way to verify the story. It would put many people in that city in danger, if he were to name the city.

I loved to listen to his story online. One website put him on a list of Christian leaders whom everyone should know. After several months, though, I noticed that this man's video had mysteriously dropped off of that website, and also off of my church's website.

Later, I found out why. He had been having people over to his house to drink wine with him, which is risky, considering how many people are alcoholics and might cross the line into excess. Also, he gave some of the women massages in his living room, with their bare backs exposed. When women stayed overnight, he visited them in the guest room and fondled them. He had counselled married men in his church to date single women, telling them it would be good for their marriage. He boasted to his secretary that he had slept with forty women since his conversion, and one of them was a missionary in her fifties in Pakistan when he was only nineteen–years–old. Hello? Was he overcome with lust for a woman old enough to be his grandmother? Was it possibly a case of deliberate seduction to compromise her ministry?

The man admitted that he had given women massages in his home on their bare backs. He pretty much had to admit it, as his home group would have known for sure that he was a liar, if he denied it, because they were witnesses. It astounded me that someone who said that they had had such a dramatic intervention as Jesus appearing to them in prison, and experienced the miracles he attested to, could afterwards ruin the ministry of a missionary and compromise all those other women, too.

I don't believe any more that he actually experienced that vision, or was enabled to read the Bible in English without having learned that language, or the story about the miracles at the mosque. It may be someone else's story that he told and claimed as his own. His ghost writer and personal secretary are embarassed, but humble enough, to admit that they had been taken in, that he's a fraud, even if some of the sick people he has prayed for have been healed. If his story is true, but not believed now, he has only himself to blame because his conduct has not been consistent with how Christians should behave.

So, there are people in pulpits who should win Oscars for their scripts and their acting abilities, yet Kat Kerr thinks that we should accept her stories without any skepticism? Without examining if they line up with Scripture? Because she knows for sure that she's not lying and that the devil has not deceived her? And that God is going to judge those who speak against her, though His Word tells us in Galatians 1:8, if any of the first Apostles, or if even an angel FROM HEAVEN brings any other Gospel, we are not to receive it?

Paul is saying that it is highly unlikely that any of those who were eyewitness disciples to Yeshua's life on Earth would preach contrary to the Gospel that Yeshua gave them, but it is possible, and surely it is even more unlikely that an angel from Heaven would speak things contrary to the Gospel, but it is possible. So, if we had lived in those times, we would have to carefully examine the Apostles' teaching, to see how it lines up with the original Gospel, and even be skeptical of angels, but not skeptical of Kat Kerr? That sounds a wee bit arrogant. It could be, though, that her statements are reactions to having taken a lot of flak about her teaching.

As the Bible says that satan uses all kinds of deception, let's not leave technology out of this. People might be astounded to hear a minister say things about them that they "couldn't possibly know." Did they fill out a card prior to the preaching, with their name and address and maybe a prayer request also? One minister's so–called "words of knowledge" were conveyed to him by his wife through a little microphone concealed in his ear, as she read off to him information that people had listed on cards.

It's even easier nowadays to find out things about total strangers. If they have any information about themselves online, whether they put it there or someone else listed it or wrote about them, it can be easily accessed by computer. Their photo might be online, too, and an assistant could tell a fake minister what seat they are sitting in and what they are wearing.

Did you know that the public is now being informed about devices that can read people's minds and shown how they work? Did you know that the technology that is made public is at least 25 years old; the stuff that is kept under wraps is far more advanced? The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 14:24 & 25, "But if all prophesy, and there comes in one who believes not, or one unlearned, he is convinced of all, he is judged of all: And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth." Do you notice how it says the secrets of his heart? This means that there are things in our heart that we haven't thought of, yet, but when a true word of God comes forth about it, we recognize that it's true and realize that only God could have known such a thing.

Sometimes it isn't realized right away. I once had a word of knowledge spoken over me that made me feel deeply depressed, because I was in distress and desperately needed to hear from God, but I didn't think that what was said over me was true. The word was that I had often looked in the mirror and said to myself, "I don't measure up." I felt so annoyed. I thought, "I've never said that to myself!" But over the course of a year, the Lord showed me that it was true, and it ended up being a really wonderful blessing to me. The mirror that the Lord was speaking of is His Word, and I had been labouring under a heavy sense of condemnation. I didn't know who I was in Christ Jesus, that I have been made the righteousness of God through His sacrifice for me. When I realized more fully that I am righteous, it was so liberating! People act like what they believe themselves to be.

Further in regards to devious technology, did you know that there are devices that can trigger a fit, to make people shake and pass out. Even if the person themself suspected that this "manifestation" wasn't from God, it would make it appear that they have gone down under the power of God and that would make the preacher look like he's operating in the Holy Ghost, according to the signs that were exhibited in the old time revivals.

All these shenanigans, if they aren't actually happening, certainly are possible, beside satanic power supernaturally counterfeiting words of knowledge and other gifts of the Spirit, yet Kat wants us to just accept without question that what she is telling us is true? How are we to protect ourselves from deception, if we don't question and then test all things by the Holy Ghost, as well as see how it lines up with the Bible?

There is video on YouTube of a lot of famous ministers making the devil's horns hand signal. There is nothing natural about that signal. Usually when people wave their hands about expressively, all the fingers are extended, or they might point with one finger to punctuate what they are saying. It takes a little bit of extra effort to extend the index and pinkie fingers and pull the middle fingers back towards oneself. It is a way of (to their thinking) putting a curse on the people in the audience, as well as signalling their loyalty to satan. Many public figures make that signal during speeches and photo ops, to state their loyalty to the satanic system that enables them to achieve fame and fortune.

I saw a Facebook post about a kid on some talent show doing a dance routine. The person who posted it was very impressed, but I saw that kid subtly work the devil's horns signal into his remarks prior to his performance. He pointed his fingers in that manner towards the audience, saying with a laugh that he saw some of his homies out there. Is he ignorant of what it means, or did he intentionally signal the "star makers" that he was willing to sell his soul to the devil for fame and fortune?

Well, it's not that surprising coming from a worldly person, but what about all those preachers who do this, who also teach that Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, that He was sinless and He is the only way of salvation? The basic tenets of what they teach are correct, but they make that signal when they preach. Jesus said that nobody who does miracles in His Name can lightly speak evil of Him, and we are not to forbid them from doing miracles in His Name, for those who are not against Him and His servants are for Him. They further God's Kingdom, even if they are not completely free from satan's snares.

It may be that those who preach that Jesus is the only way of salvation, yet do this hand signal, are genuine Christians who have become entangled somehow in a scheme of satan to use them to lead others astray. He might not be able to steal their adherents' salvation, in every case, but he can get them distracted from fully completing their destiny by getting them to go off on some tangent.

I've heard Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland preach some really bizarre stuff. Another minister who makes the devil's horns actually called his detractors a dirty name at one of the meetings I attended, setting a very bad example. At a later date, when I rebuked an immature, carnal Christian for using profanity, she defended herself by saying that even anointed ministers use words like that. Yes, it's true, but it's not right.

Sometimes false doctrine is a lot more subtle than the weird stuff, and the preachers might be really good people, but they are still taking people in the wrong direction. It works like this. A person listens to a faith teacher on tithing, and the teachers seem to have all sorts of success with it. Well, of course. They are in ministry and are in a position to receive donations from people, but the ordinary person usually just has their job as a source of income, and there aren't too many people who suddenly take it into their heads to give them hundreds or thousands of dollars as a gift. So, they are led into bondage to the Law, supposing that they have to keep up with this Old Testament practice, though after the death and resurrection of Yeshua, the Apostles taught only on giving offerings. When tithing doesn't work for them like it apparently does for the preachers, they get bitter and fall away from God. I have more to say against mandatory tithing in my essay To Tithe or Not To Tithe.

The same thing can happen with the systems of control that many of these preachers teach that they are to submit to. They finally get fed up with being everlastingly allowed only to participate in helps ministries and biting back their protests when they see these men or women teaching error, leaving it up to someone who is equal in position to the pastor, or above him, to rebuke him, which often means that the minister continues in error for years and years because his fellow pastors and his headship are in the same error.

Some have concluded that Christianity is a system of control, as they are told to be humble and submit to leadership, while the leadership exercises itself in arrogance and expects everyone to just hop to it when they want something done, and in this way, their subordinates demonstrate their "spiritual maturity." The Bible tells us to submit one to another, and we ought to, but controllers take advantage of that Scripture and use it to dominate people.

Like officers in an army, pastors are sometimes quite rude, barking out orders, treating others like lackeys, instead of asking, using courtesy and diplomacy, like a family member who cares about getting along with the rest of the family. Jesus said in Matthew 23:8, that we are all brothers. He did not use army verncular to describe the relationship we are to have with each other. In fact, it was heirachy and control that He was addressing in that passage and He was against it.

One of the things that I respect ANDREW WOMMACK for is that he respects women who have a strong personality. The controllers usually call assertive women "Jezebels." I heard Andrew say good things about a woman in his school who had a strong personality and he admitted that he wouldn't like to tangle with her. The controllers tend to only lift up as examples for the flock those who meet their standard of meekness and willingness to do any dirty or boring job that they are handed. In this way, they let people know how to behave, if they want their approval. Meekness and willingness and cooperation for the sake of the Gospel are good, but sometimes assertiveness is called for.

Mandatory tithing and control are rather mundane errors; they exist in most churches, whether the pastors are famous or not. There are other errors more deadly, such as that business of teaching people that Yeshua acknowledged that people are gods. He wasn't saying that at all; at least, not as a compliment or an endorsement of New Age visualization. You can read more about that error by clicking on my link to Gods or Goons?

Others are derailed when those who led them to the Lord, or blessed them in some other way through their ministry, are exposed as adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, etc., or are made to appear to be guilty of those things. How do we really know? People can lie. Video and tape can lie. Lookalikes can be used to destroy the reputation of a good person. It's a good rule of thumb to never judge anyone, because we simply do not know everything that is going on; only God knows all the facts. Even if the person is guilty, it is never an excuse to give up on God and trusting that He is good because someone else fell into sin or deliberately perpetrated a deception.

The promotion of tithing is one of the things that concerns me about Kat Kerr's visions or visits. Jesus apparently spoke to her about His blessing on people who tithe. Just about anyone who claims to to have visions of Heaven can get a lot of pastors to endorse their ministry and visions, if the vision includes something about Jesus reinforcing the practice of tithing as mandatory for New Testament saints. Do you think that the "revelators" don't know that? They may not think about it on a conscious level, but years of attending church gives them plenty of opportunity to observe this tendency of pastors to hearken to those who support the tithe doctrine. Not necessarily because they are greedy for people's money, but more likely, at least in the cases of pastors who barely manage to scrape by, because they are afraid of not being able to support their family.

Kat Kerr was a preacher's kid, from a family of fifteen children, and they had to continually exercise their faith in order to meet the family's basic need for food. I don't fault her parents at all for having fifteen kids. My grandmother had sixteen. And besides that, the Bible endorses big families. It speaks in 1 Chronicles 13:14 of how God blessed the house of Obed-Edom when the Ark of the Covenant was in his house. That probably means, among other things, that his wife was very fertile. Obed-Edom had eight sons. He may have had daughters, also. Daughters usually weren't listed, unless they distinguished themselves in some unusual way. So, there you go. The Bible listed a minister with a lot of kids as being very blessed; not as a burden on society. Kat Kerr's parents, though, probably wished that people tithed as consistently as they were expected to in King David's day. If that was firmly in place, it might not have been so much of an exercise in faith for them to feed all those kids and the many homeless people they gave meals to.

"Christmastown" is another thing that puts some doubts in my mind about the total veracity of Kat's experiences. I have no doubts that somewhere in Heaven is a charming place where people can experience snow, in a pleasant way, and engage in snow sports, but why would God call it Christmastown? Christmas is a Babylonian festival, and it's very name means to dismiss the Messiah. I found some information online that says that the roots of the word "mass" means "to dismiss," so every time someone wishes others a merry Christmas, they are telling them to have a good time dismissing the Messiah. And that's pretty much what they do. They are predominently caught up in shopping, going into debt, decorating, going to parties, overeating, and overindulging in alcohol. That doesn't leave much time for the One whose birthday they are supposed to be celebrating.

If we want to give people gifts, as an expression of love, both to them and for our Lord, we can do it any time of the year, and spread the expense more evenly, and take advantage of good sales, rather than let ourselves be herded into overspending at the end of the year. We should feel free to make flower arrangements with poinsettias any time of the year, instead of feeling that they are inappropriate, unless it is December. We should feel it is appropriate to sing songs of gratitude about the Saviour's birth any time of the year.

Satan's real purpose in blending pagan rituals with Christian teaching wasn't to make Catholicism more palatable to pagans. It was to adulterate Christian doctrines and to program Christians with pagan traditions. Why would God reinforce Babylonian customs by calling a place in Heaven "Christmastown"? Why would He link a pagan festival, that occurred in winter, to His Son's earthly birth, which occurred in autumn, when there was no snow in Israel at that time of year, and it was still warm enough for shepherds to sleep outside with their flocks? Besides this, the Bible says we will speak a pure language, not one that is laden with Babylonian symbolism.

The fact that Christmas is a pagan tradition doesn't mean that God won't meet people where they are at, while here on Earth. There was a time when Christmas was special to me, and God blessed me in delightful ways that reached my heart during that season. He did the same for me on Valentine's Day, before I found out how the festival really originated and what the valentine symbol means in witchcraft, which made it repugnant to me. God does not quench smoking flax nor throw away bruised reeds; He is sensitive to how much revelation about pagan deceptions we can take. Unless a person can steadfastly trust that God is always good and always in control, it can really throw them for a loop to discover how much more evil the world is than what they thought it was.

Choo Thomas was another one whom Jesus apparently spoke to about tithing and condoned Christmas in her visions. These were big signals to me that Choo was being deceived. Maybe some of her visions really were from the Lord, but satan got in there, too. Choo teaches that people should tithe on their gross, not their net pay. In countries where taxes are grossly out of control, such it is in just about every country in the world now, Christians are to pay an additional tax, and are cursed if they withhold it?

Did you know that income tax in the US and Canada was not instituted until World War 1, to pay for the war, and tax payers were promised that it would be dropped when the war was over? In addition to the percentage that is deducted for taxes, employment insurance, pension, and, for some, their union dues, Canadians pay a tax on just about everything they purchase. That leaves them with a much smaller percentage of their paycheque that they can consider their own, for Yeshua taught us to pay the taxes. Is it right for the Church to come along and demand that Christians pay another tax?

It really is best to leave it to the conscience of a believer, as the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 9:7. In their hearts, believers know that everything they have is on loan from the Lord; let the Holy Spirit direct them how to steward the finances that God has put into their hands. It helps develop intimate relationship with the Lord for each believer to wait on Him for direction about what to give to ministry, and where to give it. The Lord's directions may not be what the pastor thinks they should be, but whatever the person gives, they will give it with a willing and joyful heart.

I had a pastor who taught that we should tithe on the gross amount, because we enjoy the benefits of our taxes. That shows how naive he was. Billions and trillions of tax dollars are paid to the global rulers of this world, who use much of that money to oppress people. Millions and billions go into "scientific" research that is immoral and cruel; sometimes, it's just wasteful. Our tax dollars pay for underground cities that the elite intends to take refuge in after they have finished throwing the topside world into complete chaos, so that they can destroy most of the population and remake the Earth into a new world for a select few. At least, most of them probably believe that. Some of them, I am sure, know that the ultimate aim of their leader (satan) is to destroy every living human being in existence, but they figure that he will give them a kingdom in the second heaven, if they help him achieve this, and that they will eventually overthrow God and take over the whole universe. That's not going to happen, but they think it will.

Even if a person doesn't know about that kind of hidden wickedness, how about the billions that are wasted printing textbooks to teach the myth of evolution to our children to turn them into atheists? Or the money spent on teaching them sexual perversion in school? What about the billions of dollars of our tax money that is being spent to support the murder of millions of preborn babies? How about politicians' fat expense accounts? It's really only a tiny percentage of everyone's tax dollars that is actually going into projects that benefit us, such as roads and hospitals.

Having said that, I want to clarify that not all politicians are evil. Some actually wish that they could do the good things that they promise during election campaigns, and they will do as much as they can when they are put into an official position, but they are not allowed to do all the good things that they would like to do. The prayers of the saints can open more doors in that regard for them, as well as help them resist the gargantuan temptations to do evil that they are faced with, and protect them from retribution for going against the antichrist agenda.

Choo also quotes "Jesus" referring to pastors as "Pastor Randolph" and "Pastor Wolfson." Why would He do that, when it is totally contrary to what He taught in Matthew 23:8 – 12, where He told us we are not to call spiritual leaders by titles? You can read more about that on the link to Religious Titles. Most Christians wouldn't notice that error, as they have been programmed to accept it as a godly practice, and Choo's quotes reinforce the error. It's a kind of fawning and Choo is likely vulnerable to engaging in it because she has suffered a lot of rebuke and rejection from pastors who think she operates under a false anointing. Nobody enjoys it when others consider them to be mentally ill or under the influence of the devil. Pastors are more apt to be patient with people who they think are weird, if the person calls them by a title that caters to their pride, particularly if they adopt a humble tone and posture towards them at the same time.

Choo teaches that Sunday is the Lord's Day. Choo said that she believes that it is a strategy of satan to keep Christians busy with work schedules on Sunday, because he knows his time is short. From what I can tell, satan is working towards forcing everyone to keep Sunday as a sacred day, to spite the Word of God which names the seventh day as the Sabbath, and to humiliate the Jewish people whose consciences it would violate to ignore the Sabbath, and more so if another day was substituted for it. I am not endorsing a legalistic observation of the Sabbath. I just want to clarify which day of the week is considered to be the Lord's day in Scripture.

Yeshua said in Matthew 12:8 that He is the Lord of the Sabbath. He was referring to the seventh day of the week, not the first day of the week. When He spoke to John the Revelator "on the Lord's Day," it was on the seventh day of the week, not the first. Mainly on the basis that Yeshua arose from the dead right after the Sabbath, Christians have accepted a tradtion that the Catholic church instituted several hundred years after the beginnings of the early Church. They have dismissed thousands of years of Torah teaching that the seventh day is the Lord's Day. John the Revelator was not so befuddled; he knew the difference between the seventh day of the week and the first day of the week. The fact that the first day of the week is mentioned a few times in the New Testament should not be taken as particularly significant. The saints met with the apostles to hear their teaching whenever they could, which might have been every day in some places.

I'm not saying that it is wrong to go to church on Sunday. Any day of the week is a good day to have a Christian meeting. It just seems more authentically Biblical to me, though, to hold the main meeting of the church on Friday evening.

On page 38 of Heaven Is So Real, Choo says that she saw a lot of naked babies lying stored side by side in a big warehouse that was neither fancy or pretty. These apparently are aborted babies, who will be given to their mothers, if they get saved, or to other mothers later on. That is very weird. How could a Christian who has a firm grasp of the Scriptures suppose that aborted children are stored in Heaven in a warehouse, like a body part, and naked at that, rather than beautifully clothed and tenderly comforted from the trauma of being murdered? It is really basic to God's character that all souls are precious to Him, even the ones who were miscarried or deliberately aborted. And is there really ANY place in Heaven that is plain and impersonal? Choo said that she could see that Jesus was very upset about abortion and had tender compassion for these babies, so why was His tenderness and compassion not demonstrated by giving these little babies cuddling, and some pretty clothes, and interesting things to do?

It sounds to me like Choo Thomas experienced some strong negative vibes from the outside world when she was in her mother's womb, which made her feel that she was worth less than others, making her vulnerable to a deceptive vision about the souls of aborted babies. Could it be that, like many Asian parents, Choo's parents valued boys more than girls? Indeed, on page 3 of her book, she says that her father believed that she could have been very successful, if she was a boy; she states that, in those days, a lot of Asian men believed that only boys could become successful.

Kat Kerr's teaching about what happens to miscarried and aborted babies is much more in keeping with the nature of God. She says that all the aborted babies live in a beautiful nursery and wear lovely gowns. Who had the authentic experience? Kat's description sounds a lot more likely.

Choo also says that she tells Catholics that, if they believe in Jesus, they are Christians. Oh great! As if they aren't deluded enough in thinking that they can live like the devil, just as long as they go to confession every now and then and tell all to a priest, who will then pronounce absolution over them and give them a false sense of security. It takes more than just believing in Jesus to be a Christian. True salvation comes through sincere repentance of sin.

I've asked people if they were Christians, and they told me that, no, they were Catholics. They seemed a bit embarassed when they said it. I admired that they were astute enough to realize that being a Catholic is not the same as being a Christian. Some Catholics are genuinely born again, though, and they need to leave that church. If Choo has so much discernment, then how can she believe that a church that warehouses statues of Greek and Roman gods, in the name of preserving great art, is a Christian church? The Bible makes it really clear that idols should be destroyed, no matter how beautiful they look.

I've met people who believe in Jesus, but it's only head knowledge for them. They know that Bible says that He is the only way of salvation, but they haven't truly repented of their sins and surrendered their life to Jesus. I know a guy who even led someone to the Lord on his deathbed, because the man asked him how to get saved and this person knew what the Bible says, but I never saw any evidence in this man's life that he personally was born again.

At least Kat doesn't bother me as much as Choo Thomas does. I was able to read her book, but I can't stand to listen to Choo Thomas when she speaks on tape or video. When she described the physical manifestations of being "under the anointing," obviously very impressed with this "evidence" that God was overshadowing her with the Holy Ghost, or so she believes, it was like listening to someone rake their nails on a blackboard. Choo came across as being full of pride about how special she believes herself to be above other Christians because God chose her to be a prophet; not special in the sense that ALL of God's kids are His favourites. It is highly debatable as to whether she is a true prophet of God.

On page 200, Choo said that Jesus told her that her book, Heaven Is So Real, would be the last chance for people to realize how soon He is coming for His people. That would sell a lot of books, if people believed it. Choo's book would almost become essential to salvation. It was published in 2003, yet in these last ten years, God has continued to use others to warn people to get their hearts right with Him.

On page 212, Choo said that the Lord has shown her some people who will be left behind when the Rapture occurs. Why would He do that? What business is it of hers? And how long are they going to live for anyway? Kat Kerr says in one of her videos that Jesus isn't going to come for another three hundred years. Who should we believe? Both of these women make a profession of faith in Jesus as their Saviour.

On page 182, Choo says that Jesus told her, "I am pleased with everything about you." Boy! Is there any living human being who absolutely pleases God in every way? I am not talking about our position in Christ, and I don't think Choo was talking about that either. The passage seems to indicate that Jesus was referring to her attitude and behaviour. On page 186, she says that He told her, "Now you are a perfectly polished vessel."

This sounded so much like the delusions I had in 1987, after suffering a nervous breakdown because my husband left me. At that time, I recommitted my life to Jesus, repenting of various sins, and then I had the breakdown. I wanted to die because I thought that I couldn't face life without a man to take care of me, besides losing the dream of my husband reverting back to the sweet person who used to be in love with me. I was being a coward, but I didn't want to think of myself in those terms. I deluded myself into believing that God was soon going to take me Home to Heaven because, in those few weeks after my repentance, I had become so perfect that there was no more purpose for me to be on the Earth. What more needed to be done? (Plenty! But I didn't realize that, at the time.) I thought of myself as a beautiful, delicate porcelain tea cup that would be chipped, if it remained any longer on the Earth. I didn't dare think of myself as a golden vessel; I wasn't that deluded!

Choo said that she felt humbled after Jesus told her she was a perfectly polished vessel. Well, good for her. When I thought I was perfect, my head felt like it was filled with helium and floating around in the wild blue yonder. Thank God, Jesus was on the other end of the string, reeling me in and bringing me down to Earth. Afterwards, I felt like such a fool over the stupid things that satan got me to believe, but it helped to know that Jesus loved me anyway and hadn't given up on me.

I've read some criticisms of Choo Thomas and her writings. It seems to me that a lot of those people go overboard, nit picking at this and that. There are plenty of things to legitimately criticize, without looking for fault with a microscope. The same is true of Kat Kerr. I hope to address legitimate issues, and not make snide or petty remarks.

I don't mind Kat's pink hair, but I am a bit bothered that she stated in one of her videos that differently coloured hair is going to become the norm. I don't object to people using make-up to enhance less than perfect features, or older ladies trying to cover up their gray, if they can find a safe way to do it, but it is sad to think that people, in general, are not going to appreciate the colour of hair that God gave them. It could very well become a popular trend, though.

I had a dream where I saw people dressed like punks with spikey, dyed hair, but they were completely crazy and very dangerous. They were young men who had grown up in the rubble of an America that had been destroyed by war, and they hated children because every child represented to them someone with whom they would eventually have to compete with for food. Therefore, they were homosexual and they despised people who were heterosexual, because of their potential to add to the population. It was a nightmare scenario that we need to pray will not be fulfilled.

I have never liked the punk trend that makes eyesores out of people, with their glued hair sticking up in spikes, painted green or bright red or something else that is just plain ugly. An evangelist named LORETTA BLASINGAME saw people in Hell whose hair was like that, and she had that vision decades before that fad appeared on the Earth. At least Kat's hair is a pretty, pale shade of pink and somewhat artistic.

Kat says that God told one of her daughters to get tattoos that look like brass knuckles on her feet. I really have my doubts about that. I just can't imagine that God would deliberately instruct a creature made in His image to deface themselves that way. A woman's feet can look so beautiful and elegant when the skin is smooth and clear. When she is dressed up, she can look elegant, but tattoos definitely detract from elegance, whether they are on a man or a woman; they always look tacky. I read where someone noted how so many celebrities are tattooed now, and they believe that this trend is designed and fuelled by satan to make people comfortable with getting tattoos, for when the mark of the Beast is brought in. Now that makes sense.

Kat's daughter probably thinks that tattoos are cool and she wanted to look cool and was determined to get a tattoo. In that case, I can see the Lord thinking, "Well, if she's so all–fired set on getting a tattoo, and won't take no for an answer, let it, at least, be a tattoo that will help open some conversations to give her an opportunity to witness to people."

Ezekiel 14:6 – 11 says:

These verses show that when people have idols set up in their hearts, and they want that idol, if God says, "No," they will hear, "Yes." This is why, after telling Balaam to not go to Moab, God seemingly changed His mind when Balaam asked him about it again. God knew Balaam would not obey, so He modified His instructions, allowing him to go, but absolutely forbade him to speak curses over Israel. Balaam found a way around that, though. He advised the king of Moab that he could remove Israel's defense by getting them to worship other gods. Balaam worshipped wealth and prestige, so he managed to find a way to get what he wanted, but God did not let him enjoy the rewards of his disobedience for long. Moses killed him in battle.

God can use anything and anyone to bring people to salvation. As I said, I know of a man whom I don't believe is a Christian, who led another man to the Lord on his deathbed. Also, the man who led me to the Lord had some serious problems and did jail time because of them, but he did tell me what the Bible says about how to get saved. What is so difficult then, about believing that a lady with pink hair and a woman with tattoos on her feet can be used of God to do good things for His Kingdom?

What I find really alarming in Kat's visions, surprisingly, nobody else seems to have commented about online. Before I get to that, though, Kat is criticized for saying that people who commit suicide don't always go to Hell. I agree that not all people who commit suicide go to Hell. If a Christian has an organic disease of the brain that prevents them from thinking rationally, how can they be held to account for it driving them to suicide? If drugs are forced on them to alter the chemistry of their brain, they can't be held accountable for that. This happens to some people, such as to force them into prostitution, or to cause political opponents to hallucinate and take their life in order to discredit them.

It depends on how the thoughts link to the heart. If there is spite and malice in a suicide's heart and they do it to make others feel bad about not giving in to their demands or for wrongs that they did, then there are serious repurcussions in the afterlife.

Kat says that God excuses people who suffer so much pain that they can't stand it anymore. Okay, well, that certainly isn't on the same level as wanting to kill oneself out of spite to make others suffer, but it sure opens the door wide to arguments for legalizing assisted suicide, and putting blood on the hands of those who would feel free to do the assisting, or who let it happen because it's legal.

Where does trusting God for healing come into euthanasia? The people who are pushing for euthanasia leave God out of the equation, as if He does not exist, or if He does exist, in some tepid way that excludes having the power to heal in these modern times. The medical industry has become a god that most everyone looks to for cures and pain relief. If doctors have no ability to cure the disease and the pain is just going to get worse, then hey, let's put the patient out of their misery, as if they are just a dog or a horse that needs to be put down.

There are worse things than pain; namely, being in pain forever because of having rejected Jesus as Saviour. Those extra hours or days or months, though wracked with pain, may be precious time that those people needed, if they were not saved, to reconsider their ways, repent of their sins, and be saved.

Isaiah 59:1 says, "Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:" God says that He will not permit us to be tempted beyond what we can endure. Jonah 2:8 says, "They who observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy." If people will allow themselves to believe the lies of the enemy more than they believe the promises of God, they will miss out on obtaining physical and emotional healing, which are among the blessings of salvation.

I understand that Kat wanted to comfort those who have lost loved ones to suicide that it isn't so cut and dry that everyone who commits suicide goes to Hell, that there is a possibility that they went to Heaven, for only God is perfectly suited to judge, as He knows absolutely every angle of each case. Also, she did caution that one should not assume that they will go to Heaven anyway, if they feel that their pain is too great to bear, because there is a chance that God might take a different view of their situation. It still makes me feel very uncomfortable, though, because it makes it seem like there is some justification for euthanasia, and I know that's wrong.

It should never be legalized because it will make it easier for greedy relatives to get their hands on an inheritance, or for negligent relatives to get rid of someone who they feel takes up too much time and money to look after them, or to free up hospital beds, or for social services to get rid of mopey teenagers who feel depressed, rather than spend public money on them for counsellors and to pay foster parents to look after them. It's heading in that direction. I heard talk decades ago of opening up suicide centres where teens will be given pills to take their lives without the parents being informed, and there is a bill in Scotland right now, to try to implement legalized suicide for teens.

Kat Kerr made claims of seeing various well–known people in Heaven. Some people are gracious enough to allow that, though these people promoted New Age ideas during their lifetime, they may have gotten saved on their deathbeds. More serious issues arise, though, over Kat having seen people in Heaven whom other people saw in Hell, in their visions. They wonder who to believe, and well might they wonder, as the others who testify opposite also apparently believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation and confess Him as their Saviour.

Kat might be right about Michael Jackson being in Heaven. There was a music director in a church that I used to go to, who helped arrange for backup singers for Michael Jackson, and many of the singers she hired were born–again, Spirit–filled Christians. One might wonder how genuine Christians could agree to participate in putting together such ungodly music, but, as far as I know, the recording was done separately from the sets, the choreography, and the special effects. It probably would be better to not be involved with it at all, but God meets people where they are at, weaning them off of their idols, and He uses circumstances like these to demonstrate His grace.

Judy spoke of a recording session where the backup choir got really into praising the Lord in the studio, warming up before Michael Jackson got there, and the anointing was so thick that the unsaved people in the room were holding onto the wall to stay standing up. When Michael arrived, he was afraid to come into the room because he didn't know what was going on, but Judy gently coaxed him to join the circle and sing praises to God with them.

He may have gotten saved at the end of his life, and maybe he was deliberately overdosed with drugs by someone in his household because those who were using him to promote their antichrist agenda were ticked off that he made that decision. It isn't always a given that when we hear that someone died of an overdose, they did it to themselves.

I have heard so many conflicting visions about what Heaven is like, in aspects that should agree, and error about what people say the Lord Himself said to them, that I have to conclude that visions of Heaven can be compromised by the enemy. I think God allows this to test people as to whether they will give higher credence to the visions than to the written word of God, which should always be our plumbline, our standard, our filter. It is even more tempting to believe in visions, if the visions are one's own experiences. Nobody wants to think that their amazing experience, their brilliant visions, could be flawed, that the devil could actually infiltrate them.

Of course he can. Can he do it when the person is in Heaven, whether in the Spirit or in the body? I'm not sure, but perhaps he can meddle when they are between the third Heaven and this physical dimension. He most certainly can implant false memories in people afterwards, if there is anything in them that can give him a foothold. He does it to people who submit themselves to hypnosis and then generates vivid hallucinations of them being sexually molested, stirring up great distress in the subject, as well as making trouble for those who supposedly molested them. He gives people hallucinations of having lived past lives and they open themselves to demons who implant historical details in their brains, as well as languages they did not learn. He gives people hallucinations about being snatched by aliens. He gives witch doctors visions of a golden city that he inhabits, or perhaps he actually takes their souls into that dimension where he has his strongholds. Satan gives powerful hallucinations to New Agers who "astral travel", though to them it's just a Hindu practice and they don't realize that it is witchcraft.

There are evil people who manipulate others by hypnotizing them and suggesting things to their mind that produce hallucinations. If you think that satanists overlook this technique of creating confusion in the Church, then you sure have underestimated the enemy. Is Kat one of their pawns? I don't know. Maybe, but I prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is not, unless something comes up that proves she is.

HENRY GRUVER speaks of how he was killed in a traffic accident and when his soul was travelling to Heaven, backwards, he heard a voice behind him telling him to come to him. He said it was the sweetest voice he ever heard, and his heart was torn because he felt that his children needed him. God miraculously brought him back to life, but for a couple of weeks afterwards, he was in a deep depression. He didn't tell anyone else about it, but he felt that he had disobeyed and failed the Lord. When he finally shared his feelings of guilt with his wife, she scolded, "Why, Henry Gruver, you should know better than that! You know that the Bible says that satan disguises himself as a minister of light!" Suddenly the chains of guilt and shame fell off of him because he realized that his wife was right, and that it had been a temptation of the devil to get him to allow the spirit of death to take him before his time.

The human brain is an amazing organ, and it can construct within itself some really astounding visions that are not from the Lord, but leave the person convinced that they are from God. How does it do this? Through the heart. Pride can give satan a foothold to embed hallucinations of great splendor; condemnation and shame can produce visions of great horror.

Kat boasted in one of her videos that, like Jesus, satan had nothing in her. Uh oh. Now here is something that I don't believe any human being can boast of. It seems to me that only Yeshua Himself was capable of resisting absolutely every temptation ever thrown at Him, which is the major thing that made Him eligible to go to the cross as the substitute for us.

I know for a fact that Kat has given some place to the devil, as evidenced by Scripture twisting. In one of the videos I saw (I've watched a lot of them and don't remember which one), she said that Jesus' mother was not poor, that Jesus was a master carpenter and it was quite some house that she lived in. No doubt, there was good craftsmanship involved in the construction of her home and furniture, but it is doubtful that there was enough luxury in that home to make the family more than middle–class, at best. When Yeshua was born, Mary and Joseph could offer only a couple of pigeons on his behalf in the Temple. Certainly, the wise men from the East brought presents that supported them until they returned from Egypt. Does she think that this godly family did not spend some of this to help the poor, that they were less generous than her parents who often helped the poor? Joseph returned to Nazareth when they came back to Israel, to lay low. It seems reasonable to me that he and his family lived in a way that would not attract notice, even if there was still some treasure left over from the wise men's gifts.

Kat goes on to state that Jesus wore an expensive garment that was woven without seam. She seems to rely on the traditional teaching from the pulpit about this. I read somewhere else that garments woven without seam were common in that part of the country, but in the south, the fashion was to wear a garment that was made from two pieces. It was just a regional style of garment, not something extraordinary, except that it continued to identify Yeshua as a Galilean. The Pharisees insisted that He couldn't possibly be the Messiah, as He came from Galilee, not knowing that He was born in Beth–lehem. But even if it was an expensive garment, what of it? Maybe someone made it special for Him and He wore it out of respect and affection for them because of the love that they put into making that gift. That doesn't mean that, if Jesus lived on the Earth in 2013 instead of 2000 years ago, that He would wear Armani suits and ride around in a very expensive car.

Kat talked about how He had to have lots of money because He supported a big team of people who travelled with Him. The Bible says that His support and that of His team was largely paid for by some wealthy women who travelled with them. But this is the real kicker: she said that when He told a certain man that foxes have dens and birds have nests, but that the Son of Man had no place to lay His head, what He was really talking about was that He had no hearts to rest in. This is patently not true and it is totally out of context.

Jesus had, at least, the hearts of eleven of His disciples, besides that of Lazarus, Martha, Mary their sister, Mary Magdalene, Mary His mother, and others who loved Him and served Him unto death. He was replying to a man who expressed the desire to follow Him, and He was asking the man if he really meant that, because He did not have a home of His own on this Earth. He relied on the hospitality of others, and sometimes that hospitality was pretty thin, like on that Sabbath day when His disciples were so hungry that they plucked wheat as they passed through a field and rubbed the chaff off in their hands, so they could eat it. Instead of criticizing them for this, the Pharisees, if they were truly righteous men, should have opened their homes to feed them.

When Kat mangled the Scriptures to make a case that Jesus had lots of money and a beautiful home, it raised up a host of red flags in my mind and waved them about furiously to sound the alarm. It sounded like she was setting the stage in advance to justify a luxurious lifestyle from the proceeds of the Jesus stuff she wants to sell.

I don't have an issue with her manufacturing articles that advance the Word of God and have beautiful pictures of godly things on them. As she says, the enemy has his ugly stuff on plenty of things. I hate to see people wearing clothes decorated with skulls and monsters and obscene images. It is an offense to my eyes and some of that stuff scares little kids, but the knuckleheads who think it's cool to wear clothes like that are too selfish to care. I'd much rather see clothes that depict godly emblems, and it costs money to manufacture them, so why shouldn't she make a profit off of producing those kinds of articles? Hopefully, she won't charge more than what is reasonable. If she is earning money from a business, she doesn't have to justify how she spends the income. That is between her and God. When she twists Scripture, though, to justify it, that indicates that all is not right in her heart.

But all that has been mentioned so far is not as serious as one thing she said that just astounds me. On page 83 of her second book, Revealing Heaven, Kat says that Lucifer used to go inside God to cover the stones of fire, which are God's heart. She says that even after he sinned, Lucifer could still go inside of God and walk up and down upon the stones of fire. This does not make any sense at all. Oh, there may very well be a glorious country inside of God. Why not? Actually, I believe that there is. But would satan still have access to it AFTER he sinned, as Kat states? 1 John 1:5 says, "This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness AT ALL." And I don't think that there ever was, not even for a moment.

This sounds like a set–up, but not necessarily one that Kat has deliberately planned. She is probably just deceived, but what if this nonsense statement becomes widely believed? It casts doubt on God's absolute goodness and holiness, seeing as He, at one time (according to Kat) allowed a sinner angel to go inside of Him.

And what if, at a later date, satan comes on the scene saying that when he was inside God, he did something that is eventually going to bring Him down? Something like a time bomb, but not in a literal sense. I wouldn't put it past him too cook up a lie like that. It must really gall him that the way he and the fallen angels are constructed guarantees their destruction, for they were made to be good, and going against their design causes them to self–destruct. Because God is Love, He cannot possibly make anything that, if it turned evil, could have the power to destroy the whole Universe and all the angels and creatures in it. It would not be loving to His faithful creatures to allow any possibility of putting them forever in the hands of evil.

What I have written in my series, THE MAJESTY OF GOD, about Lucifer's fall seems to me to have more Biblical support than what Kat Kerr says. I am going to change some things in that series, because of things that Kat spoke of that make sense, but I am not convinced that everything she says is the way things really were or the way Heaven is now.

Since his fall, satan has always boasted of being more than what he is. On this Earth, he has claimed more creative power than what he actually had. In Masonry, he is called The Great Architect of the Universe, as if he designed it! God may have used him and other angels to help build some parts of the Universe, but that's not the same as being the Creator. Lucifer was possibly a prism through which God directed His light, but the creative force was in the light and in the voice of God.

Kat said that the Holy Spirit whispered to "Did not Lucifer say, "I am like the Most High"? That creeped me out because it reminds me of how the serpent beguiled Eve, framing a question about what God said, and changing a few words that gave it a drastically different meaning. The Bible says that Lucifer said he WOULD BE like the Most High. The meaning seems to be changed from stating his intentions to highlighting satan's creative ability, as if the ability to create music is somehow on par with God's ability to create a Universe. It just seems kind of silly that someone would suppose their ability to compose music is in any way equal to creating a whole Universe. Was satan that dumb? I doubt it. He was probably the most intelligent of the angels. He must know that he is lying when he lays claim to having designed the Universe.

Another thing that doesn't sit quite right is how Kat describes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost as three Persons. Jesus IS God; the Bible names Him in Isaiah 9:6 as the Everlasting Father. God is one God, manifested in three forms. I surmise that the Father is the heart, the Son is the creative voice, and the Holy Spirit is His breath, and all work together as one. Also, the Son is how God manifests Himself in a form that can can interact face to face with His creatures, while still staying in control of the Universe upon His Throne. Why not? He's God; He can do anything, as long as it doesn't violate the laws of Love. Why wouldn't God want to make Himself small enough to walk around on a planet that He has made, and look over His works from an eye level view, and speak face to face with human beings, or pet some of the animals He has made?

Okay, now there's another thing that I have doubts about that Kat says, though she may be right and I might be wrong. She said that the animals used to talk. I have no doubt that that they used to be much smarter in the beginning, and parrots demonstrate that they can imitate human speech, but why would they talk? Isn't one of the major things that distinguished animals from Man is that Man could speak, that he had this God–like attribute that enabled him to rule over the animals? Man was given the ability to imagine and create, and speech was part of that creative ability, whereby projects could be organized and made to happen. Why would animals lose their ability to speak, but Man did not?

Kat said that the animals could talk and they didn't work in the Garden of Eden. Yes, they did work, but the work was so pleasant that it wasn't thought of as work. Adam was set in the Garden to dress it, the Bible says. That means to keep it under control. It had already been designed; God made it for Adam and then put him in it. Adam and Eve monitored the growth of the foliage and instructed the animals which plants to eat, or where to eat off of them, so that the garden would maintain its beautiful design. Otherwise, it would soon have become a jungle because everything grew so fast. The animals were intelligent enough to easily understand what Adam and Eve wanted them to do.

Besides the serpent in the Garden, which was taken over by the spirit of satan, the only time the Bible speaks of an animal talking concerns Balaam's ass, but that could have been done through an angel articulating on its behalf, like ventriloquism, and making the voice come from the donkey's throat.

In Rebecca Springer's account of Heaven, called Intra Muros, she said that the animals in Heaven don't talk, but that made them all the more interesting. Then again, I found flaws in her account of Heaven, as well.

Kat says that the Earth is billions of years old, just as radiocarbon dating attests. I believe that there were millions of years between when the Earth was first made and when it was restored in Adam's time. I believe that there was more than just one global flood. God's promise that He will never again destroy the whole Earth by flood seems to imply this, and that it was common knowledge to Mankind in Noah's day; hence, the need for a visible sign, the rainbow.

I believe that some of the same animals that lived before on the Earth were recreated in Adam's day, but I don't think that the bones of any of the dinosaurs and other creatures from the pre–Adamic age could have survived the first deluge, considering the jolting that must have occurred at that time. It probably shattered everything. I think that the Earth stopped revolving and hung suspended in limbo for eons. None of the other planets or stars existed in the physical universe during the interim period, so things were not progressing according to natural physics. The Bible says that the heavenly bodies did not appear until the fourth day, after He had caused vegetation to grow.

I don't think that the Earth revolved again until God said, "Let there be light." If the Earth stopped revolving, it would result in a huge tidal wave lashing the entire globe. It seems to me that all the matter on the face of the Earth would be smashed completely, if that happened. If not, then certainly buried too deep to be excavated in our era. Besides that, when God said for there to be light and for the waters to be divided, explosions probably occurred, melting the elements and reassembling them into even layers.

As for the matter of radiocarbon dating registering ages of millions of years, it is based on assumptions. There have been intrusions of celestial bodies from outer space affecting our planet since Adam's time that probably have not been figured into the equations, and therefore the radioactivity is higher than what is expected under more moderate events. For instance, the plagues of Egypt were caused by a comet that closely followed our orbit for a time, and it caused great damage all over the Earth, not just in Egypt. Also, an asteroid may have been involved in Noah's Flood, followed by another cosmic event in Nimrod's day, which caused the Earth to develop its bulge around the equator and the continent to split into pieces and separate to distant parts of the globe. Not only that, but Kenneth Copeland claims that some Soviet scientists who specialize in quantum physics discovered, to their chagrin, that the Universe is only around 6000 years old. Did he lie about that?

Like Kat, I believe that there was a race of people on the Earth the first time around. I agree that they had flesh. I doubt that all of them were male. I don't think that all of them were compelled to rebel along with Lucifer. Some may have chosen to be faithful to the Lord, and possibly were taken to Heaven. Or maybe they lost their lives and became only spirit. There are many conjectures that can be made about that race of people, and it is interesting, but maybe we don't need to be very concerned about that just now.

Many Christians think that because the Bible says that death came through Adam, it means that death never existed on this planet before. Adam's disobedience disrupted the cosmos of his era, but it doesn't apply to what happened to the Earth before it was restored in Adam's day. A frozen ball of ice certainly does signify death, but God breathed on it and brought it back to life.

What was that frozen ball of ice doing there, if it was not the corpse of a previous Earth? Does God need ice in order to create a planet? Of course not. The Bible says that He made the worlds out of nothing, except His spoken word. [Hebrews 11:3] When He called forth the planets and stars and moons on the fourth day, they popped out of the darkness and were suddenly there, like an explosion of fireworks. There was no forming of those bodies; it was just instant. God spent more time on making the Earth because it was special. He was preparing the nursery for His children.

I find it boggling to think that after Lucifer's fall, any of God's remaining holy angels would allow satan to persuade them to join forces with him, as Kat seems to be saying when she speaks of these angels with flesh seducing (the Bible implies that some were abducted) daughters of men to produce offspring with them. Why would any of the good angels join Lucifer after seeing how soundly he and the rebels had their butts kicked?

The inhabitants of Earth who rebelled with Lucifer were undoubtedly destroyed. The whole Earth hung as a frozen ball in space. Frozen orbs of ice do not support life. They became disembodied spirits, what we know to be demons. Can they become physical again? Probably not until the resurrection from the dead, but maybe physical tissue can be artificially made and formed into a body for a demon to enter into and animate. Fallen angels, of the higher orders, I suppose, are able to leave the spiritual dimension where they normally resided and become physical, but they probably gave up a lot of powers to enable them to do that.

Kat says she doesn't want to hear anything more about the nephilim; she's tired of hearing about them, and they were all destroyed in the Flood. She says it so authoritatively, as if she knows this for sure because, after all, satan has nothing in her that could make her vulnerable to deception. I think she's on shakey ground in that regard. She might be 90% right about what she tells us, or 80%, but we really can't know for sure until after we die and get to Heaven and see it for ourselves, if we have been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus. It is only when we become permanent residents of Heaven that deception can never touch us again.

The Bible tells us that the Nephilim made a reappearance after the Flood, and some of them inhabited the land of Canaan; they were called the children of Anak. The land of Canaan was probably the most evil place on Earth, a place where Canaan's descendents had managed to open a Hellmouth, which is why it was eventually taken away from his descendents and given to Jacob's seed, who were also given the ability to keep it under control, if they obeyed the Lord.

With Kat Kerr set up as an authority on Heaven and what's really going on in the spiritual realm, is the Church being set up to be off its guard on issues that relate to a revival of the old tactic of degrading human DNA with demonic seed? The fact that some of the fallen angels did that, and were put in chains to await judgment, doesn't mean that satan and his bunch won't chance it again, when they are desperate enough because they know their time is short.

Kat might be convinced in her own mind that the Nephilim are not an issue, but she has said some things that cast doubt on her integrity, that it isn't impeccable (the Scripture twisting), and upon her discernment. That doesn't mean that I think she's a bad woman; not at all. She actually seems like a really terrific person, from my point of view. Everybody has flaws and are wrong about some things.

I think that Kat Kerr is wrong about who says Melchizedek was. Kat says that he was one of the angels who had flesh and lived on the Earth before Adam's day.

There are several places in the Bible where we can know for sure that God has manifested upon the Earth as the Son, God made visible, before He came to the Earth in mortal flesh as Yehoshua of Nazareth. We know that He walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden [Genesis 3:8], we know that Abraham talked to God about sparing Sodom for the sake of Lot and his family [Genesis 18:1], and we know that He appeared to Joshua the night before the Israelites marched on Jericho [Joshua 5:14 & 15], because when Joshua fell down to worship Him, the Messenger did not rebuke Joshua and tell him that He was just a fellow servant, as did the angel who rebuked John the Revelator for falling on his knees before him.

I believe that Melchizedek was a physical manifestation of God, as well. It seems just like God to give the Canaanites a huge chance to turn from their evil ways before taking their land from them and giving it to the children of Jacob. Just think of it! God Himself coming down to live among the Canaanites to teach them His righteous ways. The Jebusites were particularly open to having Him be their king and their priest.

When He came to Abraham after the battle fought with the kings from the east, Melchizedek obviously had a retinue of servants with him, who carried back to Salem the tithe of the spoils that Abraham gave Him. How did Abraham recognize God when He appeared to him on the plains of Mamre? He had seen Him before as Melchizedek, but now that mission of mercy to the Canaanites was finished. He had only two angels with him, instead of the Jebusites, and He said in Genesis 18:21 that He would go down to Sodom and see if it was as evil as He supposed.

If God had come down directly from Heaven, would He need to see for Himself if homosexuality was so rampantly out of control that the cities needed to be destroyed, lest they pollute the rest of the nation too rapidly? In Heaven, God the Father sees and knows all. But as God the Son, He limits His knowledge. We see how Yeshua maintained His connection with the Father through prayer and learned from Him where He was supposed to go and what to do and say, in order to demonstrate and set an example of how we should trust and obey the Father. In Genesis 18, He came down from Salem (Jerusalem), which was in the mountains of Moriah, to the cities of the plain to give the people there one last chance to avoid God's wrath, but when they demonstrated that they were so rebellious against the Lord that they would even rape angels of God (evidenced by how the angels demonstrated their supernatural power), that finished them off.

What really convinces me that Melchizedek was Jesus is how Hebrews 5:10 says the Son is called forever a priest after the order of Melchizedek. How could Jesus be called a priest after an order of a leader who is less than Himself? Could Jesus be called a priest forever after the order of St. Paul? No, because He is the one who ordained Paul to be an Apostle. Could He be called a priest forever after the order of the angel Michael? He is the One who created Michael. Likewise, Melchizedek can not have been an angel, because an angel cannot be higher than his Lord.

Kat Kerr's mixed visions convince me that a person can have some really amazing visions, accompanied by all sorts of feelings of awe and holiness, but can be counterfeit. The only time we can go to Heaven and be totally sure that what we are seeing is absolutely true is when we stay there for good. If we are still in our natural body, our flesh can cause us to be deceived, but if we truly are the elect of God, God will reveal the truth to the us and set us free from delusion because our spirit contains a genuine desire to be holy as He is holy. That means completely holy; not holy in just some parts of our personality, but reserving other parts to serve Self.

One thing that Kat Kerr, Choo Thomas, and Angelica Zambrano from Equador seem to agree on is that children under twelve, but not over seven years old, are considered to be accountable to the Lord and can actually go to Hell, if they consciously decide to behave like brats. Kat doesn't come right out and say so; she just says that she saw kids in Heaven who were seven years old and under, who had made it, despite not having received Jesus as their Saviour on Earth. They were near the Throne, doing something; I can't remember at the moment what it was. Choo mentions seven years old as an age limit somewhere in her book. Angelica Zambrano, said she saw kids burning in Hell, who were only a little more than seven years old. Maybe she had some really bad experiences with babysitting and therefore doesn't find it hard to believe that some kids go to Hell.

I find this really disturbing, as I can't imagine God doing that to such a young child as eight, nine, or ten years old. I was still quite a little child when I was fourteen. I never doubted that there really was a God, and I cared about what He thought of me, until I was fifteen and consciously turned away from Him because I wanted to do my own thing.

I never really believed in evolution. It was just too crazy to suppose that people were descended from apes. I learned that junk in school, but never thought much about it, except in the same category of what Buddhists or Hindus believe. It was the religion of people who didn't want to serve God and thought they were too rational to believe in idols. I paid attention in class and learned how to answer the questions on the tests because I was conditioned to do what teachers told me to do. I wanted to get good marks on my report card, but that kind of "history" never interested me like real history did. No, I didn't believe in evolution, but I didn't spend any time thinking about it either, to try to pinpoint its flaws. When I was a child, it always made sense to me that there is a Creator and that He made Man in His image and that we better obey His rules. I just wasn't very good at obeying His rules.

I'm still chewing on this business of such young children going to Hell; I don't know what to make of it. Shouldn't people get more time than just a brief seven years to decide if they will receive Jesus as their Saviour? Is it fair to rush them into Hell at such a young age when they might not even have learned their times tables, yet? Is an eight–year–old child emotionally mature enough to be held responsible forever and ever for having decided to behave like a brat? What a creepy idea.

I can't believe this of God. I find it very comforting that these three women who seem to agree that kids can go to Hell at such a young age have obvious flaws in their stories and are not infallible. It would be a good idea, though, to help children to receive Jesus as their Saviour as soon as possible, because the older a person gets, the more set they become in their ways, and the more difficult it is for them to make the decision to surrender their life to Jesus.

Overall, I find Kat Kerr really interesting to listen to. She describes some things about Heaven that seem very probable to me. I also can handle the idea of God's people doing amazing miracles and living in victory, in spite of very troubled times. Some think that she is preaching "dominionism," but there is a difference in the doctrine. She says that this will continue until satan is given his seven years to pour tribulation on the Earth worldwide. The Bible says in Daniel that those who know their God will do mighty works for a time, and then be given into satan's hand to plunder them, put them in prison, and kill them. It seems to me that this glorious Church whom God is returning for should have its chance to show that, through the blood of Jesus removing the curse from those who have received Him as their Lord and Saviour, they can take dominion over creation and rule it, like Adam and Eve were supposed to.

I agree with Kat that God's people don't need to stockpile; that He will provide for them supernaturally. It is what God has been speaking to my heart for several years. I agree with her that the current President of the United States, as bad as he seems up to now, could very well be a lesser of evils, and be turned to do much good towards America. I pray for that.

At this point, I would say that Kat is probably a genuine Christian who has been deceived about some things. That business about Paul's thorn in the flesh is yet another error; she adheres to the traditional conjecture. But she may very well have had genuine visions from God and visits to Heaven. I find most of I've heard her say very edifying. I would have to have proof that her teaching is a deliberate fraud, before I would believe such a thing of her. I wouldn't call her a heretic either. She teaches the basic tenets of the faith correctly, and that counts for a lot. There are many Christians who teach that tithing is mandatory, and that's a heresy, but I don't think it's fair to judge them as being false Christians or heretics. They are just deceived, and all of us have been deceived about various things, until God set us straight. We all, undoubtedly, are still mistaken about many things, because we are not perfect or all–knowing, but God will set us straight about those things, too.

Will the Earth continue for another 300 years before Jesus returns, as Kat is reported to having said? She makes a good point that 2000 years ago, Jesus said He was coming soon. The Apostles seem to think that it was imminent, that it could happen in their generation. But we are still here, and, as wicked as the world is, overall, it still isn't as overtly wicked as it was in the Apostles' day, with Christians being legally and publicly tortured and murdered. Pedophilia was legal and rampant in those days, but it still has some legal and social restraint on it, particularly in countries where the laws are rooted in the Bible. Slavery was legal over the entire globe in those days, but there is still some restraint on it in many countries in our time. The signs of the times of the last days that were cited in the New Testament will, by implication, far exceed the villainy of the days that the Apostles lived in. Regardless of how long it is before the Lord's return, we need to live like He is returning any moment, for, unless He intends to extend our lives long after a normal lifetime, He will come for us individually soon enough.

My heart sunk when Kat spoke of us still having decades more before Jesus returns. I didn't expect Him to airlift us out of here before North America loses its prosperity and peace, before Christians on this soil get their share of severe persecution, but I sure hoped that misery upon the Earth would end soon, much sooner than 300 years from now, or 30 years from now. But, maybe Kat is right. Definitely, we should "occupy until He comes" as the servants were told to do. That means, I believe, to not give an inch to satan. Come against disease, injuries, and poverty by faith. Enforce the victory of Calvary. Don't be content with just barely hanging on. Get aggressive (spiritually) against the enemy.

It seems to me that those who criticize Kat for urging people to press on ahead to do all that Jesus did, and the greater works, are trying to excuse themselves for their lack of faith (and gumption) by painting Kat's ambitions in that direction as fanatic fantasies. By this, they demonstrate that they don't take seriously everything what the Bible says about following Jesus and performing miracles. Those directions were never meant to be for only a few super saints. They were intended for us all.

With every teaching, we have to filter it through the Word of God, and spit out the bones, but don't reject the meat along with the bones. There is a lot of good meat in Kat's teaching. She has also comforted grieving people who needed to hear what she had to say about their loved ones in Heaven. In many respects, Kat has a beautiful ministry, but I wish she would be a bit more humble and stop calling herself a "revelator," as what she shares is not on the same par as the Apostle John. I hope that she will consider the possibility that she has been deceived about some things. That doesn't mean to say that she should not have shared her visions. If we have to wait until we get everything perfect, nobody would minister, and Kat's errors are a lesson to the Body of Christ to be humble and not consider ourselves above being deceived, even if we have tremendously amazing visions of Heaven.

You will see that I am very late with this newsletter. It has been a huge battle for me to get it done, between my reluctance to criticize Kat's visions and satan's interference. When I first listened to her videos, I was very excited about them, and I don't want to hinder anyone from getting good out of them. People need to be warned, though, of her errors, but in a balanced way, so that they don't miss out on being blessed by the things she said that are correct. We must examine all things by the Word of God and discard whatever doesn't line up, even if the teaching comes from likable people who have an engaging, upbeat personality and fascinating stories. Yes, I know that some people don't find Kat likable or engaging, but they are sourpusses who don't particularly seem to be oozing with the love of God.

In the end, I think I lean more towards Andrew Wommack's type of ministry, which relies more on the Word of God as the basis of belief than on visions. He says that he hasn't had hardly any visions, but he operates with quite a bit of success in the area of miracles, nonetheless.

I am glad for Kat's ministry, in spite of how some of her teaching is seriously in error. I pray that God will help her to process the fact that she has been deceived about some things, get it straightened out, and make her a greater blessing. I bless her, in the Name of Yehoshua. The same goes for Choo Thomas and Angelica Zambrano. Choo's self–centredness drives me up the wall, particularly because she thinks she is so spotlessly perfect, but we've all been guilty of self–centred and, as Psalm 130:3 says, if God should mark iniquities, who would stand?


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