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This month started off with my birthday and a beautiful card from my daughter that said some very thoughtful and lovely things that blessed my heart. She also brought me flowers on Mother's Day and said some things a couple weeks later that I waited a long time to hear and was as a refreshing rain upon my soul. Praise God!

I have continued to be blessed by Jeff Mayr's meetings on Friday nights at the Ramada Inn in Surrey. They start at 7:30 p.m., for all those who are interested in attending. I have also started going to his Bible studies on Wednesday night.

When I was at Jeff's meeting on the 21st, during the fellowship afterwards, I asked a couple of people to pray for me for healing. Several months ago, my jaw dislocated slightly. I could not yawn without pain nor could I open my mouth to its fullest extent. It made it difficult to eat apples. Eventually, pain developed. I had a constant earache in my left ear and my molars on that side were feeling painful. It was a low level pain, but uncomfortable and increasing to where I was on the verge of taking Tylenol, but I didn't want to have to start that. I received prayer at the meeting and the next day, the pain was all gone and my jaw was back in place. Praise the Lord! I opened my mouth wide and God filled it with laughter!

This is not the first time God has healed me. In 1985, I stretched the ligaments in my left kneecap in a dirt bike accident. I could no longer hop on that leg or jump down or run; doing so made the knee pop out of the socket. Also, if I walked steady on it for more than two hours, my knee swelled. God healed it about 80% in 1987. This helped me for ten years, during which time I worked full–time as a waitress and went on mountain hikes and praised the Lord in dance in church, but because I did not receive a full healing, the knee deteriorated again. I was on the verge of getting knee surgery, having made an appointment to see a specialist to arrange it, when, during a dream, God healed that knee four days after I made the appointment. Praise the Lord!

It was a pretty cool dream. For several days, I had been sleeping with my leg propped on a pillow to ease the discomfort from it having popped out of the socket. It would dislocate sometimes just from simply turning in my bed. While I slept, I dreamed that I was fighting a battle with demons. They looked like people, but I could feel intense oppression that told me they were demons. I raised the Sword of the Spirit and declared, "It is written that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father!" I also quoted another Scripture that I can't recall just now. Then I felt something like oil pour onto my knee and it turned and went back into place. I felt very glad in my heart, because I knew that an angel had ministered to me.

The next morning when I knelt to clean out under my sink, my knee cracked. I thought, "I am not going to receive that. It is a lie of the enemy. According to the Word of God, by Jesus's wounds, I was healed, so I am going to do what I did in my dream when He healed me." I quoted those Scriptures that I had quoted in my dream, and others that came to mind. I kept this up and after two weeks, I noticed that there was no longer any jarring in my knee when I stubbed my toes, and I could hop on that leg, and I didn't have to hold onto the counter any more at work to bend to reach the Visa machine that was stored on a low shelf.

Now this is how the enemy works. I was testifying a short time later to some family members about how God healed my knee. Right after I told them about it, I kneeled to clean out a cupboard and my knee gave a loud crack. My sister and her husband looked at each other and their expressions said that they thought I was deluded about my healing. What happened was a new injury. The cartilage in my knee cracked; it is a very common injury. In spiritual terms, satan attacked my knee with a spirit of infirmity to try to destroy my testimony.

My knee never again dislocated, but sometimes that torn cartilage gave me trouble and made it feel like it was dislocated. When I went to the doctor about it, and was given laughing gas to relax me (it made me feel depressed), the doctor bent my knee all around to show me that it was not dislocated and she diagnosed the problem as torn cartilage. That was what another doctor had told me two days earlier, but I had not believed him. I had thought that the old problem with the stretched ligament had come back.

The torn cartilage gave me problems whenever I tried to kneel at home to pray, but it never was a problem to kneel in church during praise and worship where the anointing was stronger, confirming that it was a spiritual attack manifesting in a physical way. When the cartilage clicked out on me, by praying in tongues and confessing the Word that by Yehoshua's wounds, I was healed, I could relax and shift my knee so that the torn pieces went back into place. As my faith grew, the residual discomfort from those episodes went away faster.

A couple of times over the years, I ran into a doctor who had given me laughing gas (I had laughed my head off that time) to put my knee back into place one time when it became dislocated, before I had received full healing the second time that God ministered to that knee. I told him how well I was doing. The doctor said to me both times, "Do you know how rare it is for that type of injury to get better? Usually, they get worse."

Another thing the Lord healed me of is carpal tunnel syndrome. I developed it in 2003, after I moved in with my daughter to look after my grandson because she had obtained work as a telemarketer. When I made lunches in the morning, my hand was so sore and numb that I couldn't tear plastic wrap to wrap up sandwiches in the morning when I made work lunches. I had to get someone else to do it for me. The pain lasted until 2 p.m. and it was so bad that I cried. I did not consider surgery. I had known enough people who had surgery for that condition to know that it didn't always help. What was the point of going through more pain and getting my hands all scarred up for a procedure that could turn out to be useless? I looked to the Lord for my healing. I could barely move my fingers to type out prayer requests to some healing ministries, but I managed, and God healed me!

Within a couple weeks after I sent in my prayer requests, the pain left my hands. Oh, what a relief! The devil tried to bring it back, of course. It is his job to be stubborn. Sometimes I felt numbness in my finger tips in the mornings, but I did not get into fear. I just quoted the Word that says by Yehoshua's wounds, we were healed. Within ten minutes, the numbness left my finger tips and my hands felt good. Eventually, those attempts to rob me of my healing went away all together. It has been a long time since I have been pestered with them; I can't remember the last time that satan tried to put that spirit of infirmity on my hands.

God also healed my eyes of dryness. When I was thirty–nine, my eyes started to sting and tear up. It made it difficult to drive because my eyes were sensitive to light and would start to sting and tear, and I couldn't always pull over to deal with it. I had to wear sunglasses to reduce glare when I drove.

One time, I was very embarrassed when my eyes teared up. I went to see a play with some friends in my church. It was Our Town and the lead actor was a friend. I admit, I cried sometimes when I used to watch movies and I cry sometimes when I read the newspaper, but I didn't feel like crying when I saw this play. Not even when Frank threw himself on a grave to weep over his dead wife, or whoever it was who died. But right at that moment, my eyes started to sting and tear. I thought, "Oh, man! My friends are going to think that I am crying over this stupid play!" I couldn't even dab at my eyes discreetly because I had no hankie with me. I had to wipe my eyes on the knees of my jeans. Actually, the play wasn't stupid. I might have cried at some other time, but I was managing to control my emotions really well, and feeling good about it, when my dry eyeballs started to cry out for moisture.

I went to an eye specialist. He put little hooks in my eyes to keep them open, which was uncomfortable. After examining them, he told me that my eyes were becoming dry because I was getting older, and there was nothing that could be done except to use eye drops to keep them moist. I did not believe that report. I believed the report of the Lord that says that He gets the last word. I can't remember if I asked someone to pray for me, but God healed my eyes in 2000 and I have not had any problem with stinging and tearing since, though I am older now than what I was then! Praise the Lord!

Another thing God healed me of was a neuralgia in my left arm. About six years ago, I could not carry my purse on my left side anymore, or lift anything heavy with that hand. I asked the Lord to heal me, though, and He did! I could again carry heavy bags with that hand and I went back to carrying my purse on my left side, where it feels that most comfortable. Hallelujah! I don't lay claim to great faith, but I give glory to a great God who can heal and is willing to heal. I recommend Roger Sapp's books on healing that helped me to see that, according to the Bible, it is always God's will to heal.

Mostly what I did this month was work on my website and then God healed that jaw problem. What a blessing! I didn't see the grandkids much, but I expect I will have little Jake for a week next month. Heather is moving at the end of this month and she wants me to keep Jake out from underfoot when she is putting things away in her new place. I am looking forward to having him around. By the way, he is recovered from his fall. His right eye is slightly scarred below the brow, but he is so young that the scar will probably fade to nothing.


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