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If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

Hi, everybody. May was a terrific month. Only two weeks after seeing Heather and the kids and taking the kids to the zoo, they came down to the coast for another visit. This time, I took the kids to Burnaby Heritage Village. Jake's other grandmother and one of his older half–brothers joined us. Admission to Burnaby Heritage Village is free this year, as the village is celebrating its 100th year.

It was pretty cool to find this out. I had wanted to take the kids there, but the way things were working out that Saturday, I wasn't going to be able to get together with the boys until around 2 o'clock, and I didn't want to fork out all that money for admission when we would get to spend only an hour there. I went on the Internet, to see what time it closed, and that was when I found out about the free deal.

We got to spend an hour and a half in the village, and that was enough. Then the kids went to the play area while Judy, Jake's other Grandma and I, rested under a shady tree. The kids were boisterous and Judy said that people were looking at us, expecting us to rein them in. I told her to let them look. Kids need to be kids and outdoors is the best place for them to work off their energy and be noisy. We have enough of a job keeping them in line at other times, so that they don't make too much noise at Judy's place, or at mine, or are untidy, or bad–mannered, or too rambunctious when we take them visiting other people. We went to Red Robin's afterwards and, all in all, it was a pretty good day.

The next day was Mother's Day. Jake's Dad had arrived early in the morning to pick the boys up for his turn to spend time with them. Heather showed up in the afternoon and we went out for lunch. On the way there, we saw a bald eagle circling over us. That was so cool. I think that the Lord sent it. I said to Heather, "I told Connor before that we're an eagle family." I was glad to have the chance to say it to her, too, and get her thinking about that.

Which brings me around to something that I have been thinking about for weeks and briefly mentioned in my last letter, how a minister, who I thought was an eagle, had turned out to be just a vulture. That man is Afshin Javid. I used to have him on my Eagles page. He is a lesson to me in how deceptive wolves in sheep's clothing can be. He gave his testimony at the church I attend and I was so impressed. He blended humour so adeptly with what appeared to be a passion for God. Tears came to his eyes when he spoke of how his mother accepts that he and his two brothers will probably die as martyrs. Now I wonder if he meant for Jesus or for Allah. He also turned on the tears in his video where he gives his testimony. Of all ruses, when pretending to be a Christian, tears have got to be the best.

This man's former Office Administrator, Brenda Klempke, has offered an APOLOGY online for having helped him build up his ministry and deceive many people, though she did not do it willfully, but was deceived herself at the time. Afshin Javid admits that he performed massages on women in his home, and that they took of their blouses for this ministration. I guess he figured that he had to admit to it, as there were other people present at the time, who would know him, not only for this inappropriate behaviour, but also as a liar, if he denied it. Also, the man who ghost wrote Afshin's autobiography says he has regrets for having helped him write that book, as he found out later that Afshin has fudged on the facts; he feels like he was taken for a ride.

I am so glad that Afshin Javid has admitted to giving those massages. People can lie, even people who are close to them, such as an Office Manager and a ghost writer, but the fact that he acknowledges that he talked women into taking off their blouses and letting him give them a massage sets before me a lesson in how a carnal man can put on a tremendously good act of being a committed Christian. It also shows how big they can lie.

Afshin said that he had a vision of Jesus and he realized that his religion had been wrong, that he had been lied to about Islam and Allah, and that it made sense that love is what God is about. He testified that God supernaturally enabled him to read a Bible that was printed in English, though he did not know English at the time. Later, his ghost writer discovered that Afshin's brother says that God enabled him to read the Bible in English, too. That was when he started getting suspicious about the veracity of Afshin's testimony, but the brother said that, rather than doubting, he should be twice as impressed.

Afshin also spoke of how he was able to miraculously obtain a bus ticket to travel with a friend to his home city in Pakistan, and how he prayed for his friend's nephews who were deathly ill, they were miraculously healed, he also prayed for the neighbour's son, who was miraculously healed, and that he boldly preached in the mosque, with the result that the 3000 men who were there at the time mobbed him and his friend to get them out of the mosque, intending to kill them. When his friend said, "What do we do?" Afshin replied to forgive them. He said that Jesus then spoke to him from Heaven and told him that they were not going to die that day.

Just as they were about to be pushed out of the door, the neighbour woman, whose son had been healed, rushed in with a crowd of other women and forbade them to kill Afshin and his friend, as they were men of God. She told how her husband had died of disease, which her son caught from his father, but he had been healed.

Afshin and his friend were then given the opportunity to pray for healing for every sick person in the city, and if any of them were not healed, then they would be killed. Apparently, all the sick people were healed and the Muslim clerics ordered them to come to their homes and tell their children about Jesus. Wunnerful, wunnerful testimony, eh?

How can we verify it? We would not expect Afshin to tell us what city this happened in, as it would put the people there in jeopardy. But, you know, God can do wonderful things; this is not beyond Him. And there were the tears, the passion in his voice, that were very convincing, and the humour that made you like him.

Given the account of Brenda Klempke's experience with Afshin, and his admission of unseemly sexual antics, I have to conclude that his conversion was not real. He is likely practicing taqiyya, the principle whereby a Muslim considers it a virtue to deliberately lie to infidels, even to the point of appearing to embrace their religion and repudiating Islam. Considering the pattern of spreading corruption among Christians that Afshin Javid has exhibited, I suspect that he is still very much a Muslim, who perhaps has a deliberate mission to undermine the Christian church. If this is not so, then he has only himself to blame for people suspecting this of him, due to his behaviour.

In any case, there is no way that this man should be a pastor. He is not a good example to the flock. He does not meet the criteria for being a deacon or an elder, never mind a pastor, yet there are pastors who are still, not only endorsing his ministry, but even actively supporting it, citing the case of how David fell into sin with Bathsheba, yet God said that David was a man after his own heart. Well, God was not pleased with David when he sinned, and He sent a prophet to rebuke him.

The story of David has been misused to overlook the misdeeds of many pastors. There is a big difference between a king of a country and a pastor of a congregation. Kings have power that many lust after, hoping to gain influence and harness some of that power, if not all of it, for their own use. Kings are subjected to a greater degree of temptation than pastors. There is no way that I believe that Bathsheba did not know that sometimes the king took a walk on his rooftop. The king was not only powerful, but very handsome, a famous warrior, and a lot younger than her husband. If you wish, you can read more of what I think about that situation in Chapter Eight of Taming the Unicorn.

Now, it is true that, even if a pastor is homely and cowardly and not so young, he is probably subjected to temptresses more than the average man, simply because he is in a spiritually strategic position that satan wants to undermine. One time, I heard a pastor eagerly mention how covens send beautiful women into churches to tempt the pastor. By the sparkle in his eye and the flashing grin on his face, he gave the impression that he could hardly wait to be accosted by beautiful women. I am sure that he envisioned himself sternly putting those women in their place, and that he figured that this would prove what a committed and mighty man of God he was.

I suspected, however, that what he was looking forward to was the ego rush of denying a beautiful woman access to his bed, and I had my doubts that he would always resist temptation. After all, just how often do balding, middle–aged guys have beautiful women throwing themselves at them who would actually go to bed with them, if they were to take the bait? Consider this, pastors; those women might personally find their prey rather repulsive, but orders are orders. Now for some men, being preyed on by women is all the reason they need to motivate them to get into ministry, but it's a whole lot better to be married to a woman who admires and loves you, than to commit sin with an adultress who hates you and entices you for the purpose of destroying you. In all likelihood, she, or her associates, will probably get it on film and use it for blackmail.

Regardless of temptations that pastors face, they are not nearly as numerous as that of a king, so there was much more excuse for David's sin than for the sins of pastors. Also, it is not the custom to depose a king for committing adultery. It lowers people respect for their king; sensible people's, that is, but he is still needed to rule the country. For pastors, however, part of their job description must be that they are good examples to their flock, and if they fall, they ought to step down and go to work on strengthening their relationship with their Lord through increased intimacy with Him, and get their issues sorted out. Pastors tend to be very busy people; sometimes too busy to study the Bible extensively and pray.

It is a disgrace that the pastors who are continuing to endorse Afshin Javid's ministry are putting people at risk of being undermined by him. They say that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. This is true. If there is genuine repentance, the person would see the wisdom of dropping out of ministry in order to spend more time with the Lord and get their issues resolved, readying themselves for the time that God tells them to step back into ministry.

They don't insist on being allowed to hold a position in the Church, else they will just ditch the holy walk, and go into a sulk about how "judgmental" Christians are. Christians ought to take their relationship with God very seriously, to be on the watch for wolves, and not let anyone come between them and the Lord, or to destroy the faith of others. If there was genuine conversion, then the person who erred is deeply grateful that God still loves and accepts them, and that's enough. Out of love and gratitude to Jesus, they will find ways to share the Gospel with others, witnessing to those whose paths cross theirs throughout the day, rather than insisting on being given access to a pulpit.

There; I'm glad that I finally unloaded my thoughts about what that man's deceptions. He has made a fool of many and continues to fool Christians, because they are LETTING him fool them. Personality and charm are not godliness. Performing miracles is not always proof of godliness; Jesus said that many will insist that He had been in their midst and they did many mighty works in His Name, but He will deny having ever known them, and they will be cast out into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Being considerate of one's wife is godly; not bossing her around and loading her up with work and being insensitive and negligent of her needs. The Bible commands men to love their wives as Christ loved the Church and gave His life for her. Delivering on promises is godly; not doing shoddy construction work and taking full pay for it. Has Afshin Javid made restitution to those who lost money and were put to aggravation in their business dealings with him? He should not be allowed to pastor until restitution has been made, and it should be voluntary, as proof of his repentance, not forced by law.

Treating employees with respect is godly; not teasing them with seduction and putting them in positions where their reputation is compromised, as well as their relationships with family and friends. Teaching the flock to be holy is godly; not encouraging married men to date other women. Teaching self-control is godly; not encouraging Christians to drink wine and get tipsy. Sound speech that cannot be condemned is godly; not crude jokes and profanity. The Bible teaches that it is the fruits of the Spirit that are the measure of a person's character, not the gifts of the Spirit (which can be faked through a false anointing), and it is character that determines a person's suitability for leadership.

If anyone sees an endorsement for Afshin Javid on any of my pages, please email me to let me know, so that I can remove it. I have so many pages that I can't always remember where I wrote certain things.


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