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November was a strange month for me, being challenged to believe God for my healing. I know that in the Spirit, it is already done, but the manifestation of it has to be contended for. Listening to Andrew Wommack's teaching on his website helps renew my mind. As it turns out, though, being at home came in very useful this month when my daughter needed some help with dealing with a little boy who is emerging into his teens and struggling for independence. I was glad to be able to help out with Connor by having him stay with me for a few days. He brightens my home with his sense of humour and the easy companionship that has always been ours since he was a baby. Our personalities mix well together.

I have been working on typing out the Bible with the correct Hebrew names and making notes, which I intend to print off eventually for my personal study Bible. So far, I have typed out the New Testament, and have commenced on Genesis, making adjustments along the way. When I started to type out Genesis, I decided to copy and paste from e-Sword's Strong's Concordance the correct pronunciation of every name, and its meaning, if it is given. I have always been interested in knowing what the names mean, in case there is prophetic significance in them. This means that I will have to go over the New Testament again, with the new format, but that's okay. I have to proof read it anyway, before printing it.

It is interesting how many details come to my notice when I copy out the Bible. A few days ago, I made some charts to include as notes for my Bible, listing the ages of the antediluvian patriarchs and Noah's descendents up to Abram, as well as their ages when their first son was born. I had heard before that another great cataclysm occurred after the Flood, in Nimrod's time, which toppled the Tower of Babel and caused the Earth to develop its bulge around the equator. It was due to this expansion that the great pancontinent was broken into smaller pieces that eventually spread across the globe.

The event occurred the year Peleg was born and his name commemorates it, for Peleg means earthquake, or channelled. I noted that Shem lived 600 years, then the next generations were reduced to 400+ years, and beginning with Peleg, they were reduced to 200+ years. This is because more of the electro-magnetic energy field dissipated into outer space and protection from the sun's radiation was reduced still further. When I made my chart to see how many generations the patriarchs' lives spanned, I noticed that Shem still lived quite a long time after the Babel cataclysm, as did the next few generations, so I concluded that their bodies were so strong that they were able to withstand the increased radiation. This is probably why Noah continued to live to 950 years, as he retained his antediluvian superiorities. It seems that the radiation caused birth defects that reduced longevity.

It was interesting to note that Shem was still alive not only when Abraham was born, but he also lived until Isaac was fifty years old. I wonder where he lived at the time. I would guess that his home base was in Mesopotamia, to keep it under control and prevent Semiramis from regaining the empire he toppled when the cataclysm struck. It was when the languages were confused that he seized the opportunity to hunt Nimrod down when his armies were in a weakened state, execute the tyrant, and outlaw sorcery and idolatry. This inhibited paganism for a while. For those who do not know, Semiramis was Nimrod's wife and, also, incidentally, his mother.

When Nimrod and Semiramis and Cush, Nimrod's father, set up their empire, they styled Cush as the Father, Nimrod as the Son, and Semiramis as the Holy Spirit, perverting the wholesome doctrine of Grandfather Noah. Semiramis was also known as the Queen of Heaven. She and her priests continued to operate through secret societies, sending their emmisaries out into the world to teach Babylonian doctrines, which is why there are ziggurats in Mexico and other places, and cultures separated by vast oceans have words in common with Chaldean, which is why it is considered the sacred language among pagans.

I surmise that it was after Babel fell that Cush emigrated to the west, settling in Ethiopia, which was named after him, as one of his many names was Ethiope. Ethiopia had a more ancient culture than the Egyptians. Mizraim must have emigrated with his brother and then branched out on his own later, establishing his foothold to the north, becoming Egypt's first Pharaoh, impressing the people with his great skill in engineering. Much of the Egyptian Mystery religion was borrowed from Ethiopian religion, which follows, as Cush helped create and institute the Babylonian Mysteries, which has spread its poison throughout many cultures.

The Bible certainly becomes more interesting when one understands the background against which it is written. There is much more in the text than what there appears to be on the surface. For instance, Jeremiah 13:23 that says, "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may you also do good, that are accustomed to do evil." Jeremiah obviously understood a great deal about the Babylonian Mystery religion in making reference to the leopard and the Ethiopian.

The obvious meaning is sufficient to get the point that some things cannot be changed. The deeper meaning relates to Cush and Nimrod. Nimrod's name has been interpreted to mean "rebel", but according to Alexander Hislop, who wrote Two Babylons, that is incorrect. He says that Nimrod means "the spotted one" and it is in reference to his custom of wearing leopard skins, and that it is in imitation of Nimrod that priests in various cults wore leopard skins. He also used leopards in hunting, as if they were hounds. Cush was known to be a black man. Nimrod was also, though his mother, Semiramis, was white, blonde, blue–eyed, and considered to be a great beauty.

As she was his mother, it is supposed that she was Cush's wife, at one time, but I doubt it. Considering how evil these three people were, I suspect that she was Cush's daughter. In satanism, incest is considered a way to increase one's power. How it works is that with each act, more demons gain access to a host that engages in such an abomination, and as a reward for pleasing them with such an evil sin, they will lend some of their powers to the host for a while, until the host dies and goes to eternal torments. The host, of course, does not know that all that awaits him or her after death is eternal torment; they think that they will be given a kingdom in the afterlife. God takes a shot at Nimrod and Cush in this passage, stating that they were totally sold out to evil and could never change, even if they spoke pleasant words of peace and goodwill and performed acts of philanthropy.

The verse in Jeremiah is a good thing to keep in mind, for even in this present day there is a certain institution with Babylonian roots that is famous for having murdered millions, if not billions, martyring many saints among that number, and now makes apologies, speaking of peace and brotherhood. Can the Ethiopian change his spots or the leopard his skin? Psalm 55:21 says, "The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords."

It got a bit chilly this month in Vancouver. In this corner of Canada, most winters are quite mild, and it rarely snows until December, if it snows at all. Sometimes we get away with only one or two light snowfalls that are washed away by the rain in a couple of days. I had to bring out the woolies earlier this year and get both heaters going in my place. It sure is nice that the rain has cleared up most of the snow around here; it makes walking easier.

Of course, the kids get quite excited about the snow. They want to go sledding. I am thankful that there is a little park at the end of my street, with a slope that ends in a field, so that it is safe for the grandkids to slide down it. I was not looking forward to the snow and all the hassles of getting around in it, but I could not help myself from getting a bit excited about the first snowfall. It always looks so pretty when it is fresh and the trees are laden with a soft, white covering.

It was nice that the month ended on such a cozy note, with Connor staying over for a few days and sharing meals and snacks with me at our little table, chatting and laughing. It is too bad that so many people have abandoned the tradition of eating together as a family, opting to eat while watching TV or eating at different times because kids are off with their friends, or because couples have differing schedules. Yehoshua said that He stands at the door and knocks, and if any man opens to Him, He will come in and sup with him. Eating together is meant to be an opportunity to bond.

It is a very important one and parents should endeavor to make mealtimes happy memories for their children, rather than use it as an opportunity to nag them. The stress of being nagged inhibits digestion and makes kids want to run off and be with their friends when they hit their teens, so that they can avoid their parents. But happy memories warm the heart in later years, and draw children back onto the right road, if they have gone astray.

In addition to calling Connor to the table to eat, instead of letting him eat while watching funny animal videos on my computer, I have been reading Parenting Without Hassles by Dr. Kevin Leman. I read several chapters of it today, and discovered that, oops, I had been doing some things wrong. I wish I had known these things when my kids were young, then maybe there would not have been so many problems with them. Maybe I did know them. I read parenting books back then, but it might have been too much information for me to assimilate, or maybe I was too stubborn to change, but better to learn late than never.

I did not approve, though, of Dr. Leman counselling a couple to put a deception over on their kids to demonstrate the need for curfews and to keep them informed of their whereabouts. The intentions were right, but the method was wrong, in my opinion. I think that parents should never lie to their children, or to anybody else, because it undermines trust. It was for that reason that I never pretended to my kids that Santa or the Easter bunny were real. I wanted them to believe me when I told them about Yehoshua, and not to think that He was just another fairy tale.

Though Dr. Leman sometimes advised parents to put on over on the kids, they did reveal the truth when the point was made, so the children could see that the intent was not to deceive, but some kids could get really sticky about the lying. I probably would have when I was a kid, and I know Connor would, too. In spite of disagreeing with Dr. Leman about the charades, I highly recommend this book; it can make things go more smoothly between kids and parents or grandparents.


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