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Blessed be the Name of the Lord. How appropriate for this time are the words of a song by the NEWSBOYS:

Blessed Be Your Name
In the land that is plentiful
Where Your streams of abundance flow
Blessed be Your Name

Blessed Be Your Name
When I'm found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your Name

Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say

Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious Name

Blessed be Your Name
When the sun's shining down on me
When the world's 'all as it should be'
Blessed be Your Name

Blessed be Your Name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be Your Name

Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say

Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious Name

Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Blessed be Your Name
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious Name

You give and take away
You give and take away
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your Name

It was a shock to many Americans, and many Canadians, too, that President Obama managed to stay in office for a second term. Observing how many influential people came forth to fire their arrows at him, I couldn't help but think, "He's going down. It must have been decided that's his work is done and now it's time to put someone else in place. But will that be for a reprieve, or will it be that the next President will be much worse and will use the groundwork that Obama has done in removing American freedoms to implement those laws? I don't think that they would be saying those things, if they didn't have good reason to believe that their party will win."

On the other hand, I wondered if their derision and biting criticism was a ruse, to give people a false sense of security about saying what they think of the President, or if the other candidate had himself been lied to, with assurances that he would win. Or maybe, there had been every intention of letting Romney win, but God over–ruled it, as an act of mercy, and caused the puppeteers behind the curtains to change their minds.

The falsity of politics was encapsulated in a photo I saw in some magazine article online, which showed Obama and Romney standing side by side, each facing in opposite directions, with a caption stating that their positions in politics were opposite. Their positions, maybe, but probably not their motives and goals. It looked to me like an inside joke, juxtapositioning them in that way, like Janus, the two–faced god, both part of the same thing monster – the beast system of this world – though appearing to be opponents.

People know that politics is a dirty business, but it's much, much dirtier than what most people are aware of. What is shown in the media is a play, a drama to distract the voters and give them the illusion that they have some control, while the real action goes on behind the curtains. I am persuaded that leaders in every level of government are "selected", rather than elected.

I don't believe that their will is totally in the control of those who set them in their positions, but I do believe that much has been done to them to try to ensure that they will do what is expected of them. In spite of all the machinations, the selection of leaders are ultimately under God's control. He can set up those who are the lesser of evils, and He can also set in place leaders who hearts are fully His, like Joseph who was the Prime Minister of Egypt, and Daniel, who became the Prime Minister of the Babylonian Empire, and then of the Persian/Mede Alliance, and Mordecai, the Prime Minister of Persia, in his day, along with the virtuous Esther, who became its Queen.

Some leaders are bad to the bone and love to do evil just for the heck of it. Others will do as they are told for what they can get out of it: wealth, prestige, influence, sex, and any other perk that comes with the job. They would throw their own parents or children under the bus to get what they want. And then there are others who genuinely want to do good things for the people whom they govern, and they would do much good, if they could.

What prevents them? Threats. Perhaps they have been caught in a compromising situation and they have been threatened with scandal. Perhaps they were even forced into a compromising situation that was filmed. How could they be forced into a situation like that? Again, through threats, perhaps of violence against themselves or their loved ones. It is likely that they and their loved ones have not only been threatened by violence, but have been subjected to it, with threats of more to come, if they do not comply with the demands of those who want to bring forth the rule of satan on the Earth. These are part of the package that the Bible calls "the hidden works of darkness," and through the fear of death, satan enslaves them. Why would they not be afraid? If they have not made their peace with God through the Anointed Lord Yehoshua, they have plenty of reason to be afraid of death.

Why don't they then just receive Him as their Saviour and put their trust in Him? Then they wouldn't get into such a vulnerable position in the first place. It's not so simple. There may have been enormous pressure brought upon them to turn them away from God, to make them bitter against Him, to feed them lies about God. It may take nothing less than hundreds or thousands of faithful martyrs to demonstrate the love and power of God to convince some of them that God really can be trusted, that He really is able to cause men, women, and children to rise above their fears.

God is the only one who truly knows the hearts of men. He knows what is deep inside each one of us, the longings that we are aware of and the longings that have not been formed into words in our minds. He knows the longings that are good and the longings that are selfish. We have a mixture of both, and it is up to the gatekeeper of our souls, our will, which ones we will allow to come forth or to deny access to the material realm, when we are faced with the opportunity to fulfill those desires.

One of the reasons why God tells us to not judge others is because we don't know what is really in a person's heart, and what they would do, if they had complete freedom to do as they wished, without negative consequences ensuing. We can judge their actions as wrong, but how do we know in the case of a government leader, if they really wanted to do what they did? Sometimes the roles that they are assigned fit them to a T, but I believe that there are some who absolutely detest the roles that they are being forced to play. For instance, they may have been assigned to promote homosexuality and their lifestyle matches that goal, but in their heart of hearts, actually prefer the opposite sex.

I have pondered the case of Sven Robinson, a Canadian politician who is openly homosexual. When he voiced his support of an issue, it was usually on the ungodly side of the issue. Eventually he was plunged into disgrace when he was caught stealing a ring. Many conservative people rejoiced at his fall, but there are many, many homosexuals in positions of leadership in the government. Was Sven worse than any of those others, who still remained in office?

It is possible that he was better than a good many of them. Why did God not cause them to be publicly disgraced and booted out of office? Perhaps Sven was forced to play a role that he did not want, including his lifestyle. Maybe he tried to do something on his own, a good deed that did not go unnoticed, and was ordered to shoplift something and bear the disgrace of it, in lieu of a worse punishment. This is a viable theory because some politicians often break the law and it is covered up, if their usefulness has not been outlived. Then again, maybe Sven Robinson is just what he appears to be, but he treaded on the territory of someone who was higher up in the ranks, and they decided that he was to be exposed and prosecuted at the first opportunity.

Things are often not as they appear to be in the matter of politics. A person might publicly hold a high rank, but actually be subordinate to others who appear to be of less rank. Some leaders might appear to be inept bunglers, but actually be brilliant and have a purpose for concealing the extent of their abilities. Others may come across as brilliant, but their ideas are not their own; they are just good at memorizing their script and putting on a convincing act.

For many years, I dismissed politics as all a farce and declined to sit in the audience. I considered every last politician to be fakes and I wasn't going to waste my time listening to their canned speeches. I was disgusted that they never kept all their promises, particularly their most important promises. I stopped bothering to vote because I couldn't find a candidate in my area who was firmly Pro-Life. I figure that if people don't have the basics right, such as respect for human life, particularly for innocent lives, then their judgment is fatally flawed. Nobody is more innocent than a child who is still in the womb.

When I inquired one year about a so–called Christian candidate who had showed up at my church, and asked what his stance was on that issue, his secretary, thinking that she was being tactful and diplomatic, said that he would vote on that issue in accordance with how his constituents wanted him to vote. So this was how he wanted her to answer on his behalf! I knew that the area where he was running was strongly pro-abortion, and, indeed, a pro-abortion candidate won that seat.

I was so disgusted! That isn't how democracy is supposed to work! The candidate is FIRST supposed to state their platform, AND THEN people decide if they agree with his/her values and goals. This man seemed to me to be angling for a cushy job that would give him prestige and perks, such as an expense account and opportunity to travel, and to travel in style, a hefty paycheque, a generous retirement fund, and he was just playing up to Christians to get their votes. He had no backbone!

I was so angry that I couldn't get a straight answer from someone who styled themselves as a Christian. I had no time for listening to lies and evasive replies. Afterwards, when elections came around, I just prayed that God would put the right person in place. I sure couldn't figure them out, and I couldn't be bothered to try anymore, but God coaxed me away from my dismissive, judgmental attitude. Indeed, He is the only one who really knows what is going on in the depths of each heart, and He sees past all the shenanigans to the places inside men and women where they have been willing to receive His grace and do good deeds towards others.

Acts 13 tells us of Sergius Paulus, the deputy of Paphos, who is described as a prudent man. Yes, he was a politician and he was a prudent man. Under the tyrannical authority of Rome, to get to the position that he had attained, he must have done some ungodly things. He most certainly had to have participated in pagan rituals; perhaps he actually even believed that he could attain spiritual power by participating in the rituals. Then again, he may have been a cynic who believed only in what he could perceive with his five senses, but he knew that giving lip service to the gods of Rome and the superstitions of the people would advance his career.

Whatever his religious beliefs were, Sergius Paulus knew that the population could be better managed, not by tyranny, but by showing fairness wherever possible. He may have been required by his superiors to practice some cruelties, but he didn't go out of his way to act like a jerk. Being raised in a culture of slavery, he possibly saw nothing wrong with it, but he knew that he could get better service out of a slave by winning their admiration and respect, rather than by terrorizing them. He probably also realized that it was best to not insult people, now matter how lowly their rank, as one never knew what could happen to elevate them above himself some day. This was a man who had some control over his passions, regardless that his rank could have granted him some immunity to indulge them.

Who knows why he had that sorcerer hanging about? Perhaps Sergius Paulus was merely curious about what he had to say, or perhaps he catered to the sorcerer's vanity because of his influence over others. It seems likely to me that the deputy was superstitious. Figuring that he needed all the edge he could get, perhaps he felt that he required the sorcerer's supposed astrological abilities to predict the future, or his ability to put spells on people.

What actually happens in the spiritual realm in the former practice is that a spirit of divination tells the sorcerer what to say and then demons are dispatched to make it happen, in order to bring the person into a dependency on them. In the latter practice, demons are dispatched to torment or seduce the target, in order to tighten their hold on their "client". It really has nothing to do with the sorcerer being powerful; he or she is just a dupe of the demons who control them, and part of the way in which they control their slaves is to convince them that the slave is in control of them. They have a good laugh about that.

Things don't always work out as expected, though, because demons compete with each other and sometimes ruin each other's plans. But more importantly, sometimes things don't work out because Christians have been praying and angels are dispatched to defeat the plans of the enemy.

Paul the Apostle arrived in Paphos, declaring things that Sergius Paulus had never heard of before. He obviously wasn't some raving lunatic, but a very well–educated man who did not use his education to weave confusion around people, but managed rather to refute with great rationality the statements of other highly–educated people who confused issues in order to maintain control over others. Sergius Paulus was curious. Whatever his faults, he was a fair–minded man who was willing to hear what Paul had to say. He possibly intended to go no further than just hearing what he had to say, but then something happened that startled him out of his complacency with the status quo of his life.

He had made no attempt to shut the sorcerer up when he contested Paul's statements. If Paul could not handle Elymas, whom he knew to be the most useful to him in keeping people under control with his spells and his rhetoric, then why should Sergius Paulus pay more attention to Paul than to Elymas? He was a practical man. He didn't have a lot of concern about his soul, though it was a question that niggled at the back of his mind. His main concern was how to function in the here and now: to stay alive, so that he could delay having to find out what was going to happen to his soul after death, and to live at a fairly comfortable level in the meantime, as well as to provide for his family at that same level, and to have enough rank that he didn't have to kiss up to a lot of people on a daily basis. Perhaps this Paul could demonstrate that what happened to his soul after death was something that he should be concerned about, but he would have to do or say something that could prove that Elymas's assurances that he was best guided by him were in error.

Paul was fed up with the sorcerer. He knew that Elymas opposed him for purely selfish reasons. The sorcerer didn't care that he was destroying thousands of lives and souls in his ambition to gain more influence and power and wealth. He cared nothing about truth; lies were his stock in trade and he could weave them with skill, stretching or minimizing the truth to suit his purpose, diverting attention away from good arguments and real issues, making statements while leaving out pertinent details, uttering slanders, producing forgeries, making mockery, and playfully hinting at dire consequences for those who disagreed with him. Here was a man who was willing to listen to the Gospel, but this evil warlock was so eager to be used of satan to bring the deputy down to Hell.

Paul didn't like to have to discipline people with supernatural power, but this sorcerer was pushing too far. He told him exactly what he was, saying, "O full of all subtilty and all mischief, you child of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness! Will you not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord? And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon you, and you shall be blind, not seeing the sun for a season." And immediately there fell on him a mist and a darkness; and he went about seeking some to lead him by the hand. Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord. [Acts 13:10–12]

Christians have failed government leaders by not being thankful enough when they do good, and by not praying for them to help them resist the pressures that come against them to entice or to force them to practice injustice. Some of them really would love to do more good and keep the promises that they made when they were campaigning, such as to overturn abortion, or to bring more economic advantages to the population, even if they are ambivalent about the abortion issue. We have also failed them by not operating in the level of power that Paul operated in, where we perform miracles to convince them of God's love and power, which include people being instantly healed, not just instantly struck blind.

It has been comfortable for many Christians to cling to the flawed statement that God meant for such working of miracles only in the early days of the Church, to get people to believe in the Gospel, so that it could take hold. Why would God confine miracles to only those days, when in these last days we need them even more desperately than the early saints? Certainly we have modern medicine that has successfully treated many diseases, but we also have much more pollution in the enviroment and poisoning of our food supply that contributes to more illness, besides the terrible trickery that is being perpetrated on people through media technology, that most people are not aware of, not to mention weapons of mass destruction and surveillance technology that the early saints didn't have to contend with.

There is another reason why it would not fair to restrict miracles to those early days. Yes, there is a great blessing upon those believe the Gospel without having seen miracles, but not everyone is able to receive the grace to do that. Most people need to see the proof that the Gospel is true, that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead and is still operating today the way He did back then, healing the sick, restoring the maimed, delivering the demon–possessed, and providing for material needs in supernatural ways.

Even if we believed the Gospel without seeing any of these things first, a Christian who takes the Bible seriously should press in until they are able to operate in those areas because Jesus said that these signs shall follow those who follow Him. Though we call ourselves Christians, are we really following Jesus, if we aren't interested in finding out how we can flow in the gifts of the Spirit? Or are we just interested in changing our behaviour to some to degree, to conform to Jesus' teachings about morality, to gain some respectability and assure ourselves that we won't go to Hell? That's a selfish way to live, though it sure beats living an immoral life, which brings much harm to the rest of society. Not being able to demonstrate the power of God to others, though, also leads to its decline. It contributes to the rise of witchcraft, because it lets satan show himself as the only one who has power and can impart it to those who follow him.

So, am I at the level where I operate in signs, wonders, and miracles, where people I pray for instantly receive healing? No, but as my favourite Bible teachers says, "I may not have "arrived," but, praise God, I've left!" I listen to Andrew Wommack a lot, as well as others who successfully and consistently operate in God's power, and I meditate much on the Word of God, because I want to do what I am supposed to do.

There are many, many people in desperate need of miracles and God wants to help them. It distresses me to see people ill, maimed, scarred, heartbroken from abuse, tormented by demons, or lacking the neccessities of life, and I hate feeling helpless to do anything for them. They need us to get rid of our sinful unbelief that hinders our faith from operating the way God intends it to, so that the rivers of living water that God has put in us through having received Jesus as our Saviour can flow out to those people, to demonstrate that God does indeed love them, is able to help them, and abundantly willing to do so.

I had an awesome dream the morning after the elections and awoke at 5 a.m. to write it down. This is what I posted in my Facebook Notes:

I was disappointed to hear that Obama managed to get in for a second term, though he did not do so fairly. Much fraud was employed, but I thanked God in the situation, as we are instructed in the Bible to do. And who knows what Romney would do in that Presidential seat? Only God truly knows if he would be a better President, or one who would be far worse, regardless that he looks and talks like Hollywood's idea of how an American President should look and talk.

I awoke this morning around 5 a.m., feeling wonderful happy because of a dream the Lord gave me. In my dream, I was taken to a care home that had a large gym where a charity event was being held for the facility, but there were only a handful of people in attendance. The patients in this care home were severely ill and severely disfigured. A Christian song was played, though this was a secular event. I danced for the Lord, swirling gracefully, and the guests liked my dance. They had never seen anyone praise the Lord in the dance before.

As I danced, I came across a patient who some of the guests were speaking kindly to. He had hideous deformities and the guests were afraid to touch him, but I laid my hand on him and prayed. The deformities started to disappear and I laughed and told the others to look. They were amazed. I kept praying until he was healed, then told him to get up out of his wheelchair and walk. I took him by the arm and pulled him out and some others helped, and the man's legs gained strength, and he walked, completely healed.

I then prayed for another person. He had a large, open sore on the calf of his leg that people would not touch, but I knew that the Lord wanted me to touch him there. I did so, by the edge of it, and the sore disappeared, as well as all his other deformities, until he was completely healed.

Then the person who had brought me to this function came and told me about some crazy person who he wanted me to pray for. I said, "Well, we will just have to cast out his demons." I wasn't at all afraid of having to minister in that area. I don't know if I did minister to someone for that, or not, as the dream is a bit fuzzy in my memory at that point, but whatever happened, I got caught up in rejoicing and dancing and fellowshipping with the people there, and then a woman who was there as a volunteer came storming into the gym. She wondered why I wasn't praying for more people to be healed; these patients were in desperate need.

I agreed that they needed to be ministered to, so I followed her to a room where she had been looking after a patient. The patient appeared to be a man, and I never saw anyone so deformed as him. He had an eye on his leg and all sorts of things in places where they shouldn't be. The volunteer caregiver had just finished cleaning him up and making him as comfortable as possible.

I laid my hand on his leg and the eye disappeared. I pointed that out with excitement and the caregiver got excited, too. I kept praying and soon all the deformities disappeared and the patient became what they were supposed to be, and it turned out that the patient was a woman, not a man, and a very attractive woman. Her name had been Fred, but I told her that now her name was Florence, like that city that was full of beautiful art.

I had mixed feelings about saying that, as so much of it portrayed pagan themes and Catholic error, but much talent had gone into the paintings and sculpture, and to this woman, the art was very beautiful and I wanted her to accept the name she was supposed to have. It means "flowering" or "flourishing." Florence was a very talented woman, both musically and artistically, but she had been an invalid all her life and had known nothing but lying in bed. She continued to lie there. I insisted that she get up and we helped her out of the bed.

I wondered why the Lord had not led me to minister to that lady sooner, before the caregiver had to do anything more for her. The answer came that God delayed the healing, so that His love could be demonstrated to Florence through the caregiver's sacrifice of having to deal with her repulsive deformities and cleaning up after her when she was so helpless. He wanted her to see His love demonstrated that way, the grace of loving the unlovely, as well as through deliverance from her diseases.

My feelings about the elections after waking from this dream are, "Oh, piffle about these elections. God has great work for His children to do, ministering healing and deliverance and preaching salvation; let's get on with it!" My heart feels happy and I have a big smile on my face as I come to the close of this exhortation.

So, that it what I wrote and it sure has cheered my heart. I am not saying that we shouldn't vote. I believe that we should vote according to our conscience, with the platform that agrees with what we believe is right, even if we have suspicions about the sincerity of the candidate. After all, it really isn't the number of votes that get people elected. There are many types of fraud that can skew those numbers, including computer programs that flip the numbers in favour of the one who has been selected to get in, and they cannot be disproved unless someone looks at their source code AND unless all the votes were submitted in hard copy and preserved intact, besides being entered into the program, so that the ballots can be counted to see if they match the votes that the computer recorded. Votes might be counted accurately, or they might not, depending on whether the selected candidate got more votes than their competition, or not.

If there is a person who runs on a Pro-Life platform, but is an idiot in too many other respects, I probably wouldn't vote for them, but if they came across as wholesome and standing up for righteousness, my vote is a statement that says that I support those values, and this contributes towards God extending mercy to a nation, particularly if a lot of people vote that way. Even if I am the only one who votes for that candidate, I believe that God takes note and extends His mercy to me and my family because of it. That does not mean that we will not suffer in this life, but it unleashes powerful forces to assist us in being faithful to Him and delivering us safe to our Home in Heaven. And so what, if we go to Heaven sooner rather than later? Heaven is a MUCH nicer place than down here on Earth, where sin taints even the best of what it has to offer.

If there are no candidates who stand for Pro-Life values, then I will abstain from voting. I will not vote for someone who thinks it should remain legal to kill preborn children, or that it should be legal to kill handicapped people, or that euthasia is acceptable, no matter how much I may like that person in other regards. To vote for a person who protects those kind of laws, or who belongs to a party that supports them, is the same as consenting to the deaths of innocent people.

Maybe a leader is working hard to do what is right, but they are hindered from doing all the good that they would like to do. I would like to give every leader the benefit of the doubt that this is so, and to that end, I pray for God to direct and protect them, even if they do not publicly hold to a Pro-Life stance. Who knows what is in the heart of Obama? Maybe at some time in his life, he hated the role that was chosen for him, and perhaps under the narcissism, there is a still a spark of God's divine light calling to him, and needing us to fan it into a stronger flame through our prayers.

It could be that God gave America the best possible choice of the two main candidates because of the prayers of the saints, but if more Christians had been living in line with God's holy precepts, there would have been another candidate, one with a Pro-Life platform and other godly values, who would have been right up there with them, giving them a run for their money. It would not have been so much of a fifty/fifty proposition, but rather a one out of three chance of that person getting elected, and they would have won the election. They may have even won by a landslide, if Christians were living at such a level that they could influence their society more and restrain it from being so rotten.

But what I have I been hearing in the post–election rhetoric? Lamentation that Romney took too much of a conservative stance and that the Republican party needs to be more "liberal." It's probably just the media again, working at trying to shape the public into adopting deviant morality. Christians need to acknowledge where their lukewarm stances have led our society to and become much firmer in standing for the truths of the Bible. They need to stop being so concerned about winning elections and much more concerned about winning souls. If lots of people get saved, crime will go way down, evil businesses will go bust, and unjust laws that permit abortion will not be drawn on so much.

Maria Woodworth–Etter, a 19th century evangelist, reported the effects of a revival that she conducted, where many were saved. She said, "The fear of God fell upon the city. The police said they never saw such a change; that they had nothing to do. They said they made no arrest; and that the power of God seemed to preserve the city. A spirit of love rested all over the city. There was no fighting, no swearing on the streets; that the people moved softly, and that there seemed to be a spirit of love and kindness among all classes, as if they felt they were in the presence of God."

God can do this again, regardless of how far gone a society is. Charles Finney once preached to a group of men on the topic of Sodom and Gomorrah, not knowing that they were all practicing homosexuality. He didn't suspect that any of them were doing that, and had no idea that the neighbourhood where he was preaching was called "Little Sodom" because of its notoriety. He wondered why the men all looked so angry at him for preaching what was, to him, simply a story out of the Bible that demonstrated the holiness and judgment of God. He did not find out until later, after the Spirit of God fell on those men with conviction and had them all weeping and repenting on their knees. It is not God's preference to wipe out sinners, but rather to save their souls and help them live holy lives.

I am inclined to believe that President Obama is the lesser evil, seeing as he is still in the White House, because I know that a lot of Christians woke up when they saw what was happening to America and started to take God seriously in the matter of prayer. I am not saying that Obama will be turn out to be a good President this time around, but it's possible that Romney might have been much worse than him. Perhaps the destruction of America would have come much faster under his leadership. We don't really know, as he hasn't had the chance to show us what he would do as a President, but we do know that God is faithful and does not dismiss the earnest prayers of a righteous person.

We can still trust Him, even if it looks like the curtain is going down on one of the greatest nations that the world has ever known, a nation that was great, not just because of its military might, but because it was a refuge for many who were oppressed under overtly tyrannical regimes, for the compassion it had on the poor, where funds were sent, not to build mosques, but to feed the hungry and help them become self–supporting, and because it sent out many missionaries with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must not lose faith or abandon hope in Him, but we need to change our focus from that which is earthly to eternal things. If we focus on circumstances, we will sink into despair, but if we look to the Lord, His glory will shine.

Obama is not the AntiChrist that the Bible predicts. He actually did say that he believes that Jesus is the Lord. This occurred when a Christian stood up and interrupted one of his speeches and proclaimed that Jesus Christ is Lord. He then made a quick getaway and Obama laughed and made the above statement. It stood out to me like a bright light in an otherwise dark background because the Bible says that nobody who says that Jesus is Lord can lightly speak evil of Him. For him to say such a thing, even if he said it to reassure Christians who were inclined to vote for him, indicates that somewhere in his soul, it bothers him what he is doing that goes against God's will. Pray for him. Don't let him be lost when your prayers could make a difference.

When the real AntiChrist shows up, don't despair. It's actually good news for Christians, because then we will know that Jesus really is going to return very soon, that this wicked world will not go on for more decades or centuries, continuing to cause innocent people to suffer. Soon, when Jesus returns, there will be no war for a thousand years, no rapes, no thefts, no torturing, no more murders. Justice will reign and all children will be safe, even from animals. Kids will be able to hitchhike without any danger of harm coming to them. If Grandma lives across the country, and their parents say it's okay to visit her, they will just send them on their way with a present for Grandma, their toothbrush, and a change of clothes. They will catch a ride with the first person who comes along who has room for them in their vehicle, and so on. When lunchtime comes, the person they are with will buy their lunch, and homes will be open for them along the way to stay the night, without any fear of molestation. They will do chores without protest and always speak respectfully to adults because all the demons will be locked up, no longer around to put evil suggestions in anyone's minds, and there will be nothing to hinder teens' ability to be reasonable. What a world that will be! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Did you know that, though Cuba is a Communist, totalitarian country, 30% of its people are Christians? The percentage in America and Canada is much lower. This is because people eventually realize that they must not believe the atheistic lies that oppressive governments promote or mythical stories of eternal bliss, if people cooperate with them in carrying out their bloody agenda, for if they do, they will never escape from fear and suffering. Discerning people realize that, though it is difficult to serve God under such oppression, He is the only one who offers real hope for a bright future beyond the grave and can help them endure the miseries of this life. Not only that, but God can give peace that passes all understanding and unspeakable joy in the midst of suffering.

Furthermore, God's people are not powerless, even in countries that are oppressed. They can still heal the sick, restore the maimed, cast out demons, raise the dead, and receive amazing miracles of provision, if they know what their covenant rights are in the Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers and sisters, make it your business to find out what they are and press in to appropriate the victory that Jesus has won for us. He said, "Occupy until I come." That means to be aggressive in our faith; to not give up and lie down in defeat because evil abounds. The Bible says that where evil abounds, grace does MUCH MORE ABOUND. Expect to operate in God's miracles and find out how to do it. Determine to be faithful unto death to Jesus and keep moving in that direction, practicing holiness in daily living. Jesus also said, "Fear not, for I have overcome the world."


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