Golden QuillNovember 2013 Newsletter

We've been getting a bit of frost in the mornings for the last week, but it has been usually sunny during the day. I am so glad that winter has been held off so far.

I have been so busy with my boss's wife being in the hospital, doing her jobs, as well as extra things in the office because my boss is stepping down, and I have the new Director giving me tasks, in addition to the regular and extra things. I've promised to meet with various friends to spend some time with them, but I haven't the time.

Kathie, my boss's wife, is not doing well. She had a course of ten radiation treatments and the doctor said that she would regain her strength, but it hasn't worked out that way. She has not regained her vision, as the doctor said she would. Currently, she is hovering on the brink of death and she wants Arne to let her go, but he doesn't want to. They waited a long time for someone to come along to to take his place and they planned to travel, and the very next day after God told Arne that this other man was to replace him, Kathie's doctor put her in the hospital and she has been there ever since. It has been 2½ months now.

At first, her doctor thought that Kathie had a little stroke and was concerned that she was not recovering from it fast enough, but when she got into the hospital, they discovered that she has a cancerous brain tumour. It's right behind her left ear. Her troubles seemed to have started with a car accident when she was making a left turn, and she thought she had time to get through the intersection, but a speeding car hit her. Initially, she seemed to be okay, except for some bruised ribs; they turned out to be broken. After a few weeks, they mended, but her health troubles multiplied. She spent a month not being able to sleep and that was torment. She was on edge and too tired to come down to the office to work.

At times, she experienced excruciating pain in her body, which was probably her fibromyalgia getting worse. Once she got into the hospital, though, and started taking medication to dry up the brain tumour, all that pain went away, for which we were very grateful. But now, even after a shot of morphine, an hour later she is in pain again.

When I first visited Kathie in the hospital and Arne spoke to her about getting well, she said to him, "But Lanny's been telling me about Heaven and how wonderful it is; I just want to go there." I rebuked her sharply, saying, "Yeah, but you're not supposed to go there before your work is done!" I had come across some videos of Kat Kerr telling about her visits to Heaven. I don't agree with everything she says, but quite a bit of it sounds legitimate. I had talked to Kathie about it earlier this year when she was well and she got me to order Kat Kerr's books for her. Kathie clammed up and didn't say anything more about going to Heaven, but she has probably thought about it a lot.

Many, many people have been praying for Kathie's healing, but Kathie has to want to be healed. I think her attitude about it is, "Well, Lord, if You are going to heal me, then heal me, or take me Home. Don't let me keep on suffering." So many people put the decision for healing on the Lord. The Lord has already healed us. The Bible says that by His wounds, we WERE healed. The problem is that, though the redeemed each have enough faith to experience perfect health, for God has given the same measure of faith to each of us and it takes only a teensy bit to toss a mountain into the sea, we also have unbelief clogging its flow.

A lot of people think that you can't have faith and unbelief at the same time, but we see from the Scriptures that it is possible. Peter had faith to get out of the boat and walk on water, but then unbelief got into him when he took his eyes off of Jesus and noticed how the waves were being tossed by the wind. Though he was sinking, he had the faith to believe that Jesus could save him from drowning and he didn't fight and try to swim when Jesus grabbed him by the hand. The disciples had faith to heal people and cast out demons, but at various times, Jesus rebuked them for hardness of heart and their unbelief.

Traditional teachings that are in error hinder many people from understanding that it is always God's will to heal all those who come to Him for healing. Jesus came to reveal the Father's heart, and the Bible says that He healed ALL who came to Him. Yes, there were some who didn't get healed when He was around, but they were people who didn't come to Him to be healed. They doubted that He was who He said He was, particularly in His home town of Nazareth where people had walked by His shop and seen Him sweating while at work, looking so ordinary. He didn't fit their idea of a prophet or a Messiah. Some people outright disdained Him, and that kind of attitude towards God's anointed hinders people from receiving His blessings.

I am sure that Kathie doesn't have a problem with doubting Jesus or disdaining Him, but is she coming to Him for healing? Currently, it seems that she is tired of the struggle of life. She has weathered many illnesses. This one is the worst. She has asked Arne to let her go, but he wouldn't do it. When her niece, who is a doctor, told Arne that Kathie is going to die within a few days, he insisted, "No! She's going to get better and we're going to travel!" We will see how this works out. I've let her go and have had my cry over it, but you never know. Something could rise up inside Kathie even at this late hour and refuse to let satan have this victory over her body. I would prefer to see her recover and enjoy wonderful health and get to have some lovely times together with Arne, and then when her time is up, to just slip away gently in her sleep. But however it happens, I pray that the suffering stops really soon in Jesus' Name.

The Lord gave me dream last week. In my dream, I was in a city and some kind of parade was about to happen. There was a lot of excitement about it and everyone seemed to be involved. Many parents were out in the streets with their children, and they had their kids bundled up in snow suits. They felt that they were taking really good care of their children, but I knew that they were putting their children in jeopardy. I knew in the dream that a tidal wave was coming, and it was going to flow into the sewage systems and burst all the water pipes, and the whole city was going to be flooded. Those kids needed to have their legs free to run. I had the charge of some kids and only had parkas on them.

In the dream, I was the mother of four children, possibly six of my own, but only two of them would stay near me. All the kids in the city just wanted to have fun, and my other ones were off somewhere doing just that, in spite of my warnings. Eventually, I had only one of my sons, who was about four years old, near by. His name was Dan, short for Daniel. He wasn't obedient; he was just playing with some other kids who were there. I rounded up four of the children, including Dan, and ran with them to get out of reach of the flood that was about to burst into the city.

The city was apparently contained within a tall apartment building. I looked for the stairs so that we could get out of reach of the flood. I figured that the flood would start when we had gone up only four flights, but at least we'd be ahead of the crowd a bit. I ran into a room where I expected there would be stairs, but there were no stairs. It was empty of furniture. A youth pastor was there, waiting for something, but I knew instinctively that this particular man was useless to us. He had no inkling of the danger we were in.

I ran with the kids out of the room and saw that the stairs were blocked. They were accessible only to the people who thought they were in charge of everything. In any case, I was beginning to have my doubts that the upper levels of this building were a refuge because of the flawed foundation that the apartments were built on.

I ran outside and had to run back inside to get the kids. They weren't following me. They were engaged in playing with electronic devices, a kind of computer game. I grabbed the devices to get the kids to go outside with me, but had to leave all but one of the adapters behind. The other one I used for stringing through the handles to hold the devices together in a bunch and I told the kids that we could get more adapters when this was all over. They went outside with me and then I realized that there wasn't going to be any electricity when the flood passed. I threw the computer game devices away, since they were going to be useless, and it was slowing me down to carry them.

There was a swimming pool outside, filled to the brim, and a pastor stood by it, along with a woman who did everything that pastor wanted her to do. They were both rather smug and totally blind to danger that we were in. Seeing that there was no help there, I ran with the children into the woods where I knew there was a treehouse. The kids went along, figuring it would be fun to play in the treehouse. It was somewhat rickety, but it was fastened on a very strong, large tree. This tree, of course, represented Jesus. I got them up there, and then the flood came.

The water flooded the whole city in the apartment building and thousands of people died. I was glad that the children did not see all that and get the full impact of the horror. The waters rose in the forest and they saw only a few bodies floating by. After 24 hours, they were hungry, but they knew better than to whine about it. They knew that, though I was an adult who wanted to take care of them, circumstances were such that there was no food available, and somehow they were going to have to tough it out for as long as they could. My sense was that I would have to believe for supernatural provision, such as when Moses led the children of Israel through the wilderness.

When I awoke, I wondered about my dream, and I believe that the Lord was telling me to urge Christians to appropriate the immunity that Jesus has provided for us through His suffering when we are tortured. The flood is the persecution of Christians. A lot of Christians don't want to think about persecution, and so they won't be prepared for it, but the Bible says that the wise virgins had extra oil for when the night was at its darkest. The oil that all the virgins had is the anointing to prosper, to minister, to have favour and good health, and all the wonderful stuff that everybody wants. Wise Christians remember, though, that Jesus said that, along with His blessings, would come persecution, and they also go after an anointing to suffer.

That doesn't mean that they have a martyr complex and tend to be masochists. Far from it! It's just that they accept the reality that, though God can provide great protection and cause them to escape from their enemies time after time, there may come a time when He allows them to be arrested, imprisoned, and tortured, or kidnapped and tortured. I believe that God wants us to extend our faith to believe that, if it should happen, we won't feel any pain, and that He will very quickly heal us afterwards. God the Father gave Jesus a mortal body so that He could feel weariness, thirst, hunger, and pain for us, to lift weariness, hunger, thirst, and pain off of us. They are all part of the curse that came on the creation after Adam's fall. It will be unto us according to our faith.

Do I have a pure enough faith so that I would be completely immune to suffering when it is inflicted on me? I don't know, but I work on preparing myself for it. The Lord told me that we shouldn't watch disaster movies because they leave God out of them. They depict a dog eat dog mentality, people killing others so that they can survive. You don't see any miracles–a–la–Moses happening in them. He told me to play His movies in my head, to imagine how He could intervene in dire situations. That's a lot of fun. Imagine that you are in a concentration camp and all you're given to eat is slop. Then imagine that the slop disappears and a lovely plate of food appears in its place, whereas in the commandant's dining room, a plastic bowl of some disgusting glop is sitting in front of him where his plate had been a minute ago. That might teach him to fear the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom. Just think of it; every time he sits down to eat, his food disappears and is replaced by what he is feeding the prisoners.

Where's the Scripture for that? The Spirit of the Lord picked up Elijah and Philip and moved them around instantly from one place to another. It's no big deal for the Lord to move food around. There are many ways that God supernaturally provided food in the Bible record: manna from heaven, oil that kept pouring as long as there were vessels to pour it into, oil and meal that did not run out, ravens who brought food to Elijah, an angel who baked Elijah some cakes and gave him water to drink – and that food kept him going for forty days. There was also the stew that was poisoned by wild gourds, but Elisha threw meal into the pot and rendered it harmless, and water that was causing death was healed at Jericho (2 Kings 2:19 – 22). and water that burst forth from a rock in the desert. God is not limited to providing only by these methods. By providing food and drink in various ways, He is making the point that He can provide it in endless ways. He is Jehovah Jireh – the Lord who provides.

What about a shield from pain? Did not the Apostles experience pain when they were whipped? Probably, but maybe not always. There is a legend that John the Beloved was thrown into a boiling vat of oil, but it had no ill effect on him. It is said that he paddled about in it as if he was in a warm bath. I think that this legend is probably true, as he ended up on the prison island of Patmos, whereas all the rest of the Apostles were martyred. Seeing as they couldn't kill him, the Romans isolated him there. I also read in Foxe's Book of Martyrs of one saint, who, as he was being burnt at the stake, mocked his murderers that he was as comfortable in the flames as if he rested on a bed of roses.

The fact that the Disciples themselves may not have appropriated painlessness when being tortured, or walked in perfect health, does not mean that it is not God's will for everybody. They still struggled with their human nature, as we see in the case of Peter who waffled when the Judaizers put pressure on him to separate himself from the Gentile believers and he had to be rebuked by Paul. Some may ask, "Who do you think that you are? Do you think that you're better than one of the Disciples that you could obtain things that they did not obtain?" It's not a matter of thinking of oneself as better or less. It's a matter of putting all our focus on Jesus and manifesting what He says we can have, if we only believe. Comparing ourselves to other people isn't even supposed to enter into our thinking.

If you really get into the word and meditate on it, there are plenty of logical reasons (in a spiritual sense) to anticipate that we can appropriate such benefits. God's intention was for us to rule over nature. Not the way that fallen man is doing it these days, with earthquake machines and manipulating the weather, causing catastrophes, but in the way that nature was intended to serve Man. Before the fall, fire would not have hurt Adam and Eve, even if they walked into the midst of it. Water could not drown them. There was no death. Rocks could not have crushed them, nor even scratched them; they were the lords of the Earth. Jesus removed all the curses through His suffering so that we can walk in Eden blessings. It is up to the redeemed to find out what our rights are and move into them.

The main thing is to never betray the Lord, even if we do feel pain, and we better settle it right now that the only way that we can ever be faithful to Him is through His strength. God bless all those amazing people who have felt pain and anguish, but remained faithful to Him, regardless. They might get a greater crown than those who appropriate painlessness by faith, and that doesn't bother me a bit. I gladly give them honour, but I think that God wants us to put our faith out for ALL that He has provided for us in the atonement. He paid for it dearly, with His own suffering and blood.

If your father bought you a dining room suite and sent you to pick it up at the store, what would you do if the warehouse guys gave you only the table and three of the chairs? There sits the buffet, the hutch, the china cabinet, and five more chairs, which they refuse to give you. You show them the bill; your Dad paid for everything. They have no legal right to hold onto your property. You can get them fired, if they refuse to do their job. Finally, you get just about everything, but there are two knobs missing from the buffet. You keep after them, and they give you one of the knobs. Are you going to go away satisfied that you got at least one of the knobs? No, you would stay on their case until you get every last thing that your Daddy paid for, and your Daddy would be really annoyed with you, if you let those guys get away with cheating you.

This is the lesson that Jesus was teaching about the slave who works all day in the fields and then has to serve his master dinner before he gets to sit down for a rest and eat his own dinner. Faith is that slave. When it has done one job (appropriated one of the blessings that Jesus paid for with His suffering and blood), send it out to get another blessing, and another, and another. It's not supposed to rest until you get to Heaven. But even there, according to Kat Kerr, there are some things that you can't do, unless you exercise your faith.

The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. That Scripture does not refer to physical violence. It refers to having violent faith; not letting satan get away with holding onto blessings that Jesus has paid for on our behalf.

I believe that perfect health is in the atonement of Jesus Christ, but am I manifesting perfect health? No. Why not? Because I struggle with unbelief like everybody else, but I am working on getting rid of it. I listen a lot to good teaching that encourages my faith. We're all in the same boat. Unless we ourselves are manifesting perfect health, without so much as a pimple on our bodies, we don't have any right to judge Christians who are ill for not having shaken off their diseases, and even if we are manifesting perfect health, we need to have the humility to acknowledge that it took us some time to get to that place.

I had a strange dream last night. In my dream, I had Morgellen's disease. Fibres that were like clumps of hair sprouted from my arms like crazy. I grabbed at the these thick clumps of hair and yanked them out. This went on for some time, and then my skin ripped, revealing the muscle beneath it, but it wasn't red; it was green! The skin lifted away easily and I could see further down my arm. Underneath, the muscles were all green. It was horrifying. I quickly put the skin back, but part of my arm was raw. When the torn skin dried, then it started to hurt, but the pain was not bad.

I went to a medical facility, so that I would not contaminate others. My sleeve covered my arm and I looked normal, so the medical staff had no inkling of why I was there until I uncovered my arm. Then they went into a panic. This was a zombie disease that was going around and it was highly contagious. They quickly identified all the people whom I had been in contact with when I walked in there and isolated them. The admitting nurse was included and she was in despair, certain that she was going to get the disease, which she did.

The doctors and nurses were intrigued that I was not afraid. Well, I was a bit concerned that as the disease progressed, it might become painful. I was believing that God would heal me, though. Because I was not afraid, the doctors thought that there must be something special about me, so they used my blood and tissue samples to try to find a cure. They didn't make any progress on that because God was the only one who could cure it.

The police came around to execute anyone who had the disease to try to prevent it from spreading further. There was a little four–year–old girl in the hospital with me, who had the disease. There was very little pain with it. It seemed that fear was the worst part and it made people go crazy, but the little girl was too young to be afraid. She had people looking after her, using her for medical experiments to find a cure, so she didn't have to fight for survival. She was going to be killed along with all the rest. I grabbed her and prayed for her, and she was instantly cured. I wasn't cured, yet, but I was allowed to live because the authorities were convinced that I held the key to the cure, especially after that little girl was cured when I prayed for her.

I am thankful that the Lord gives me dreams like that. I have to read so much stuff about the evil that is going on in the world; it's part of my job to identify prayer needs. It's really reassuring that God has prepared deliverance for everything that could possibly happen. When we give Him thanks in every circumstance, no matter how dreadful it seems, that is the signal that God's angels wait for to release God's solution to the problem.


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