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If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

This has been quite an interesting month as the election race heats up in the United States. It has been of great concern to me, not just because I live a few miles from the American border, but because I have American friends and I know that a lot of good people live there. I don't want them to lose their freedoms or to be plunged into a civil war.

Persuaded as I am that the "winners" of elections are already decided long in advance, that elections are basically just polls to find out what platforms people will vote for, I am still interested in watching the drama to see what lengths politicians will go to in order to get votes for their platform. Some of it is pitiful, such as posting ads where their opponents are portrayed as zombies. That's just childish.

Only one more day to go before we see who gets elected. I have ambivalent feelings about Mitt Romney, but not about Barack Obama. We don't know if Romney would be a good President or worse than Obama, but Obama has demonstrated that he is intent on stripping Americans of their rights and freedom.

All the shenanigans that politicians get up to convinces me that there is far more power in prayer than in voting, and that if we prayed more for our politicians when they are in office, we wouldn't have to pray so hard at the end of their terms that they not get back into office. I don't condemn officials who do bad stuff; just their ungodly actions. No one has the right to condemn other people; we don't know the pressures that officials have faced that compels them to do rotten stuff. Satan puts far more pressure on such leaders than on the ordinary citizen, because those leaders make decisions that affect a lot of people. They need our prayer support.

It's not useless to vote, though, even if the outcome of an election is decided in advance. We should register where we stand on various issues. If enough people vote for a Pro-Life candidate, then the "powers–that–be" know that goodness and decency has a strong foothold and they better not push too hard.

This American election has been more interesting than most. Wow! Hurricane Sandy. There is strong evidence that it was geo–engineered. You can go to this link and watch this HURRICANE SANDY VIDEO, if you don't know what I am talking about. Using weather technology to bring about such destruction is just pure evil. People have been popping out, saying that this hurricane was sent from God to punish America for not backing up Israel and trying to divide its land. But there are a lot of Americans who don't agree with what President Obama has been demanding of the Israelis. Some who disagree with his policies may have died in the storm. The people who loosed this hurricane are very anti-Israel, but were they harmed by the hurricane? Not likely. If God wanted to use this hurricane to discipline America for putting pressure on Israel to concede to Palestinian demands, He'd have a lot better aim and get the guilty parties.

There is no doubt that God is in control of weather and uses it to bless or to discipline, but He isn't always the one who stirs up storms. In the book of Job, we read about how satan was given permission to try Job's faith, and he sent a whirlwind that killed all of Job's children, and also a meteorite storm that killed much of Job's livestock and some of his servants. God permitted it, but He didn't approve of it. In the New Testament, we read of how satan stirred up a storm over the Sea of Galilee, trying to destroy Jesus and His Disciples. It got the Disciples really worried, but when they woke Jesus up, He asked them why they were bothering Him, and then He showed them what they were supposed to do; He spoke to the storm and told it to be still.

I am so glad that there were Christians who were willing to pray against that storm; if they hadn't, it would have done even more damage. The damage is bad enough, as it is. People on Staten Island are in much distress, as emergency services are not doing a very good job of meeting their needs, and the death toll is much higher than has been reported. People are finding bodies in garbage heaps.

And who knows how many people drowned in New York's tunnels, as well as the tunnels under other cities? I am not talking about the subway tunnels. There are many tunnels under major cities where people who can't cope with normal society make their abode, besides people who are running from the law. Babies are born in those tunnels, and children are raised there, though it likely a real nightmarish type of life for them. Did those people know that the storm was coming and did they get above ground in time?

In Cuba and other places in the Caribbean, the situation is worse; they have less resources than America for coping with disasters.

Christians need to wake up; our prayers are needed much more than what most Christians realize. Most don't want to hear about unpleasant, scary stuff that would shake up their comfortable, little world. Who is going to help desperate people, though, if Christians refuse to listen to information about what satan has been doing to some of their fellow human beings? Even if we can't do anything for them directly, we can at least pray for them, if we know what needs to pray for.

This month, I talked to a lady whose mother is a werewolf. Not that she has ever seen her mother morph into one (we thank God for that!), but her mother keeps telling her that she is a werewolf, and there is good reason to believe that it's true. The mother is heavy into voodoo and has manifested demons in other ways. This lady I spoke to loves Jesus and she said that when she decided to become active in ministry, her family started to send curses on her, making weird things happen to her and her children. She said that when her daughter was driving her car, one of the windows just suddenly exploded. People in those kind of situations need encouragement to stand strong in the Lord, but who is going is encourage them that they have the ability to put these things to flight, if they won't even listen to what they need to say and accept that such things go on in the world?

Bill Schnoebelen, a former warlock who also used to be a vampire, but is now a Christian, tells of a group of Christians who witnessed to a biker and the biker seemed interested in becoming a Christian. They asked him if he had ever killed anyone and he said he had, so they figured they had better turn him in to the police, but first they wanted to get his demons cast out. He agreed to go with them to the home of a little, old lady in her nineties who was a strong prayer warrior. While they were all there in the living room, he suddenly turned into a great, big werewolf, popping out of his clothes. The Christians who had brought him all jumped out of the window and took off, but the little, old lady stayed seated in her rocking chair and said sternly, "Satan, you stop that right now!" The man instantly morphed back into his normal form and sat on the couch with his clothes in tatters, looking bewildered, then he jumped up and ran out of the house, never to be seen by any of them again. Praise the Lord! Jesus really meant it when He said that He gives to His children power and authority over ALL the power of the enemy.

Those stupid horror shows about vampires and werewolves make people think that the thing to do is to kill them. No, no, no. Those people have souls that are going to spend eternity in Hell, if Christians don't have compassion on them and apply their faith to getting them set free of their bondage. And goodness only knows what else is out there that is really weird, that Christians need to know that they don't have to be afraid of.

This kind of stuff is well–known in Africa, where it is more out in the open. Charles Nfidon said he has seen witch doctors enter his meetings looking like bats, but when he rebuked them in the Name of Jesus, they dropped to the ground in human form. And in the Dominican Republic, I think it was, the newspaper actually reported an accident that happened when two witches who were flying crashed into each other. (I think that's hilarious; serves them right for playing around with that stuff!) A lot of people don't believe that this sort of thing happens, but that doesn't mean that it isn't true; it just means that they can't cope with this kind of information.

Wake up, Church! As we get closer to the time of Jesus' return, the demonic is going to be more out in the open, and we need to have keen discernment and great wisdom how to deal with it. We need to renew our minds in the Word of God to get rid of unbelief. I don't mean unbelief in those kinds of things. I mean unbelief that we can deal with them, that the Name of Jesus and the power of His blood is infinitely more powerful than anything that satan can come up with.

I sure am glad that Jesus saved me, not just from Hell, but also from being subject to those kind of nasty things. Most of all, I am deeply thankful that He washed away my sins and that He empowers me to not sin anymore. Not that I am walking perfectly in that regard, but there has been improvement over the years, and it is sooo good to have Jesus as my Advocate with the Father when I slip up.

I made it out to church yesterday. I've been busy on the weekends, trying to get some of my writing done and making websites to encourage prayer for the nations. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, though, as I was sorting through papers and filing them, I came across the new address of the church I would otherwise attend, which has moved location. I took that as a nudge from the Lord in that direction and went to bed right away, so that I could get enough sleep to stay awake during the service. I thought I was running late, as I was leaving the house, but then I suddenly remembered that I hadn't put my clock back. Yay! There was time to eat breakfast and do my dishes before I left. I laughed when I recalled a post on Facebook, reminding the people who are usually late for church to set their clock back, to make sure that they wouldn't be early! I hate being late and prefer to be early.

Please pray for that lady whose family is into voodoo. God is going to use her mightily to set people free from witchcraft, among other things. He has told her to move to another city, and she needs doors to open for her, as well as finances to make the move. She has six children and some of them still live at home, and grandchildren live with her, as well. And she needs to not put up with satan's shenanigans anymore, so please pray that she will realize more her authority and power in Jesus Christ and exercise it with purer faith.


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