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If you are looking for my examination of the uncut Cultures of Revolution video, click on this link to go to the MAVI MARMARA report.

September in Vancouver this year has been warmer than usual for September because of extra days of sunshine. It has been terrific. Some days, a tad too warm because I wear my coat out of habit on cloudy days, and I didn't need a coat. Even when the days were overcast, they were still warm. It just gets a bit nippy after the sun has gone down now in the last week of September, but when I was at my sister's place, I would have gladly slept with the window open, if it had not presented a safety risk. Whew! Was it ever warm. I was on the couch and needed only one blanket, which I did not keep completely covered up with.

I spent a week with my sister because of a prophecy that one of my Facebook friends posted. Normally, she does not post prophecies, but she felt that this particular one needed to be heeded. It predicted that there would be a huge earthquake on the West Coast that would almost entirely wipe out Portland, then hit Seattle, then San Francisco and destroy the Golden Gate Bridge. It said that these earthquakes would be followed by tsunamis and they would cause volcanoes to erupt, which would add to the miseries. The man who prophesied it said that this destruction could not be prayed away this time, as it was time for America to be judged. The man was quite specific about when it would happen, between September 14 and 20, 2011, but he felt that it would happen right in the middle of that time frame, on September 17.

I did not know what to make of this, but I paid attention because of the person who posted it. She is a very intelligent lady. She posts plenty of stuff about political issues, but not about prophecies. She was anxious for the safety of the people on the West Coast and I am conscious that, in Bible history, prophets were not heeded by the general population. I have never wanted to be guilty of brushing off what might be a genuine prophecy from God, but I just didn't know about this one.

I wondered if this prophecy was put out by some guy who wanted to get trade moving along by scaring people into buying emergency supplies. I wouldn't put it past some of those marketing boys to do something like that, to move up sales of batteries and other types of products that can be useful in emergencies. I also figure that satanists sometimes pose as Christians and make random predictions, so that the Internet is flooded with so many prophecies that don't come true that Christians stop paying attention to prophecies after a while, including predictions that are genuinely generated by the Holy Ghost.

I bounced it off my friends and got mixed reactions. One said that she felt in her spirit that we should take it seriously, but she believed that prayer could prevent it from happening. Her daughter had been having dreams for the last three months about earthquakes and tidal waves, which was not usual for her. Another said that she had been feeling an urgency in her spirit to pray in tongues, and now she knew what she was supposed to be praying about, but she did not believe it would happen. Another said he'd been concerned about earthquakes and praying, and that he'd had a dream where he was driving and the road heaved up in front of him. Jeff Mayr said that he did not believe there was going to be a big earthquake at this time, but after that the Lord gave him a prophecy that spoke of very troubled times ahead. Another friend said she was certain there would not be one because she had dreams before some major earthquakes happened. Yeah, but lots of major earthquakes have happened, and she did not have dreams about all of them. I wondered if there was any point to praying that the earthquake would not happen, as the man had said it could not be prayed away.

The thing that made me doubt was that I had not heard of a lot of Spirit–filled Christians in this area sensing imminent danger, but that did not totally rule out that it would not happen. What if God did not want to warn them, in case they all fled the area and were not on hand to help survivors? After all, one does not have to leave an area of danger in order to have God's protection, according to Psalm 91.

I was not concerned for my own life, as God has given me promises and shown me direction for ministry that have not yet been fulfilled. Besides that, I am looking forward to going to Heaven, when my work here is done, so death is not scary to me, though I am somewhat particular about how my passage from the earth life will be made. I don't like pain, so I would not care to die of disease or torture or injury that entailed suffering. I read once of a Christian man who had a very blessed life materially and health–wise. When he was in his nineties, he chopped some wood and then went inside to take a nap, and gently went to be with the Lord while asleep. That would be nice. If it doesn't happen that way for me, oh well, but if I had my druthers, dying peacefully during sleep sounds like a lovely way to go.

I was concerned about my family, if there was an earthquake. I have one sister who sounded like she had been trying to find her way to God, after her son died, but the rest of my siblings and their children have not had much regard for the things of God. The family members who live in this area reside on the other side of the Fraser River from where I live. If there was an earthquake, I did not want to be cut off from them. I wanted to be on hand to reassure them of God's love and His willingness to help them, and to pray for them, if any of them were injured or became ill.

I wondered how far my faith would go to help them in this way, as well as other people, if such a desperate situation were to arise. I figured that all the good teaching that I had been receiving through Andrew Wommack's ministry for the last year is bound to have had some kind of effect on my faith. Maybe I was going to find out.

I tried to find out more about this man who had prophesied this quake. There was not much on the Internet, but he is involved in a ministry that is laying up stores for difficult times ahead. Hmm. That may have been legitimate in Joseph's day, when God gave a command to lay up stores, and it was also done by a government mandate. This man said that his ministry had received a mandate from God to store up supplies, but people can say anything they like and attest that God told them, but that does not mean that they aren't either lying or deluded. The thing that doesn't sit right with me about that is that I have read that there will be a point where the government will not allow people to hoard. By implementing martial law, they can confiscate stores in excess of a month's supply of food. All the food being donated to that ministry could be confiscated.

I think that confiscation of supplies is likely to happen. I had a dream about tough times and this had happened, but God supplied my needs, regardless. In my dream, I found some leftovers, so I heated them up in a pot, then started dishing up plates for some people who were seated at a picnic table. The pot never looked like it had much in it, but I was able to dish up a lot of servings without the amount in the pot decreasing. Some officers came along to see what was going on because they had heard that food for a lot of people was being served there, as word had gotten around and others were coming to get food. They saw that it was just some mushy leftovers, and they also checked the government supplies. They must have had their inventory all chipped and on computer, because they were able to tell in a matter of minutes that our food had not been stolen from government supplies. They went away, not caring where it had come from, as long as it was not the government's food. I never did get to eat my helping, as I went over to witness to a lady who had stopped by and wanted to know what was going on. I didn't need to eat, though, because God downloaded vitamins directly into my body and I no longer felt hungry. I was slim in my dream, but not thin. It was a very reassuring dream.

Though the man's ministry of laying up stores of food put some doubt in my mind about how tuned in to God he is, I followed up on some links that my Facebook friend posted regarding this prophecy. I eventually traced them to the Prophecy Club where Stan Johnson had a radio interview with this man. It gave him more credibility, as he cited other things he has prophesied that came to pass. The Prophecy Club does not endorse everything that is shared by their guests; it is a platform for people to share their knowledge and their projections of future events based on trends, considering also what the Scripture predicts, and extra–Biblical prophecies that they believe are from the Lord, particularly if those prophecies are in line with what the Bible predicts about End Time events.

So there I found a ministry that shares a lot of valid information giving this man some air time about his earthquake prophecy, and Christian friends who had differing responses to it, and no specific word myself from the Lord about whether this prophecy was valid or not. All He would tell me when I wanted to know what He thought about it was, "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy."

Man! That did not rule out that there would not be an earthquake. Where has the mercy been towards the thousands of babies who have been aborted in Canada and the U.S.? Where has the mercy been towards our innocent little children who have been inundated with shows and movies that glorify witchcraft and vampirism, or try to present some types of witchcraft as harmless, and the push to program our children into believing that homosexuality is okay? The increase of sin is stealing their future from them. Children hardly know right from wrong anymore, except that society always seems to agree that stealing is wrong and never wants kids to go that route. I don't want horrible things to happen to anyone, but we can't say that we don't deserve judgment in Canada and the U.S.. It is a disgrace what has happened to morality in our countries, considering how much exposure there has been to the Bible. God holds those who have had more light more accountable than in countries where the Gospel has not been as freely spread.

I didn't know if this quake was going to happen, but just in case, I wanted to be with my youngest sister. She lives halfway between my other two sisters, and her common–law husband was out of town, at the time. She is also located the closest to my stepfather, who is in a seniors home. We could walk to his place, if need be, to get him and bring him back to her place.

I called a good friend and told her she was welcome to stay in my place with her son and their pets, if there was a quake, as she lives near the river and would probably get flooded. I put everything out of the way that could be broken, to spare her from having to plough through piles of broken glass to get in, and to save food from getting ruined. I had nothing to lose by doing this, having read that it is best to do "Spring Cleaning" in the fall, as the weather is cooler, so it isn't such hot work, and it is better to get out in the sunshine during the spring, while the good weather lasts, rather than be stuck inside doing housework. When I put my stuff back, I could do a thorough cleaning at the same time.

I left a letter giving my friend permission to stay in my suite, and to use her discretion to distribute my belongings to others in need. Later I thought, "Man, wouldn't that be something if she came to stay at my place, and gave all my things away, and then discovered that there would have been no danger in staying in her own place?" I laughed, though. If I trusted God to guide her, I could not complain, if she gave all my stuff away.

I asked the Lord that, if it was His will for me to stay with my sister for the weekend, she would be agreeable to having me visit her on Saturday, and that I would find an excuse to stay overnight. When I phoned to ask about visiting her on Saturday, she replied that she had been thinking of asking me, and that I could stay for several days, if I wanted to. Well, that was taken care of neatly. I said I could stay only until Sunday, because I had a job search program that I was joining on Monday.

During my visit, I did not say anything to my sister about a possible earthquake. I resolved to just have an enjoyable time with her, if nothing else, and we surely did. That visit was so blessed. I discovered that she truly has received Yehoshua as her Saviour, though she is attending the church we were raised in, which is a benign type of cult. I have gone into some detail about the COONEYITES in the Early Years section of this website.

I was so happy to discover that my little sister is a born–again Christian and that I could now talk to her much more freely about the things of God, though at times she had to tell me that I was giving her too much information, and she was not able to process it, yet. She has been reading the Bible, drinking it in like a newborn baby getting its milk, but she hasn't finished reading the New Testament, and she hasn't read the Old Testament at all. Yes, in spite of my apprehensiveness about the possible danger of a devastating earthquake, I very much enjoyed my visit with her, and I think she enjoyed my company, too.

I had a bag of emergency supplies with me, including Gospels of John, as I figured that if a big earthquake occurred, people would be more interested in God, seeing as a good many of them were likely to recognize that they need His help. I had no medical supplies, as I figured that I would be almost useless in giving medical aid, never having had any training, nor any natural aptitude for nursing. When I can put up with seeing yucky stuff like phlegm or burnt flesh, such as when my brother had to keep clearing his lungs after a bad accident and when my nephew was in the burn unit, it was totally supernatural that I could bear with it. When the anointing for visiting them lifted off of me, I had to leave right away.

Besides, I would prefer to pray for people and see them instantly healed, not having to endure pain, regardless if I was an expert at setting bones and bandaging, or performing other services of that type. Neither did I carry food with me, as it seemed ridiculous the amount of food I would have to lug around to ensure a few days of meals. Not that I eat a lot, but a sack of apples can get heavy after a while, if you are carrying it around. The food would eventually run out, so I was going to have to trust God for it sooner or later anyway. Might as well be sooner, and save my back the strain. Those Gospels of John were already adding considerably to the weight of my tote bag.

Lorrie took me out to eat at The Olive Tree on Saturday. I thought, "Oh, this is good. It is really close to where her grand–daughter works, so if something happens, we could go pick her up first, and then go get Dad." Lorrie wanted to wait for our table outside, so she could have a smoke. I thought that this would be a good place to be, if there was a quake. It was always on my mind. When we got our table, I checked underneath and saw that it was on a sturdy, steel post. I figured that if a quake happened, I could quickly drag her under the table, and we wouldn't have too much trouble getting out of the restaurant, as we were near the door. I didn't feel like eating much, so I shared a plate of food with her, which was enough for both of us, and I was glad that I saved her some expense.

Throughout the day, I kept thinking of possible situtations that could arise. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, I became more aware of criminal activities that occur after natural catastrophes. Paedophiles prey on children who are separated from their families, women were raped, homes are looted. I wondered if my faith was up to being able to defend children from predators, and intervening if I saw girls being attacked, and how much my prayers would avail to keep looters and vandals and murderers out of my family's homes.

These concerns were quite enough to brood on, but when I tracked down that man's full prophecy and listened to it on the Prophecy Club, I heard that he was also predicting that the quake would be followed by an invasion from China on the west coast, while Russians invaded from the east.

My heart sank. I had heard years ago of prophecied invasions, but had forgotten about them. I looked them up again on the Internet to refresh my memory, but it sure did not refresh my soul. I thought of how my family would feel, if there was a quake, and they found out that this disaster was going to be followed by worse disasters. I decided I had better not tell them, lest they sink into despair. This sucked. I had been getting prepared to handle an earthquake, tidal waves, and volcanoes, but not an invasion. One always expects that things will get better after a catastrophe, that there will be repairs made and happy days will come again, but how was my family going to cope with the possibility of being tortured, murdered, or enslaved?

Because the man said he was sure that this earthquake would happen on the 17th, that day was a crucial date to me. If it did not happen before midnight on the 17th, then it probably would not happen at all, though one had to keep in mind that the prophecy extended to the 20th. Around 9:30 p.m., I started talking to my sister about various things in the Bible, and she seemed very interested, more interested than ever before. What a blessing that was! The more I talked about God, the more joy rose in my heart, and it eased away my fears about earthquake, the possibility of Mount Baker erupting to add to the peril and the mess, and invasion. I really started to relax after midnight. At that point, I had to wonder if the man had ever predicted other things that did not come true. I sure hoped so.

Lorrie and I had talked so late that night that I didn't get an early enough start to get to church in time, if I took the bus. She said she would give me a ride, after she took her dogs for a walk and got ready for her own church service, which started after mine. I had to be there by 2 p.m., but Lorrie wasn't ready to leave until 12 minutes to the hour. I resigned myself to being a bit late and enthusiastically told her about AFSHIN JAVID'S TESTIMONY on the drive there. We were in Whalley by 2 o'clock and I marvelled that it had taken us only twelve minutes. She said, "Yes, the traffic has been unsually good today." I mused on that a moment and said, "Yes, but I have never heard of anyone being able to get from Langley to this part of Surrey in such a short time." Not while keeping the speed limit on Fraser Highway, that is. Lorrie had gone a little over the speed limit in one place, but not much and not for long.

Lorrie agreed that we had made unusually good time, regardless of light traffic. I then told her about how God telescopes time sometimes, and enables people to get to places faster than normal, and sometimes bypasses travel all together, taking them instantly to another place. I gave her an example from the Bible. She said, "That happened to me once. I was visiting Pat (our eldest sister) when she lived in Delta, and Johnny (Lorrie's son) was only a year and a half old. I was sitting at the table, talking to Pat. I didn't notice Johnny crawl away from the door and he went all the way down the driveway to the side of the road. Suddenly I heard cars honking and I saw Johnny out there, and then in the next instant, I was at the end of the driveway. I don't know how I got there. I don't remember leaving Pat's house, and when I asked her later if she saw me leave, she said that she hadn't." Wow! God picked my sister up in the Spirit and helped her save her child's life before she even knew Him. I said, "I never knew that this happened to you. Why didn't you tell me about it before?" She replied, "You have never talked to me about this (instant travel) before. The subject never came up."

I wasn't even late for church, though I didn't get there until 2:07. Jeff was having trouble with the projector. Everyone was praying that it would work. My friend Christine told me to lay hands on it. I did and said, "Be healed in Jesus' Name." A minute later, it came on and church started. I am sure that it was more than just my prayers that helped that thing to work. Afterwards, everyone went to Ruth and John's house for dinner and fellowship and then my sister Lorrie came and picked me up from there to take me home, bringing my luggage with her. By then, everyone else but Christine had left, and then Christine left, too, after ten minutes.

We had an awesome visit with Ruth for three hours, and we both discovered that our hostess and her friends whom she meets with for prayer on Tuesday mornings had read about my nephew's death the year before in the local paper, and had prayed for his parents. One member of their group cuts stories out of the paper that she feels God wants them to pray about. Ruth was thrilled to have in her home one of the people whom the group had prayed for, and to see how God was working in Lorrie's life, giving her the grace to forgive the person who had given her son the drugs he overdosed on and a desire to tell him about God's willingness to save him through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Lorrie would not have known about my earthquake concerns, except that she needed to use my washroom when she got to my place. I thought, "Oh no. Now she is going to see that I have cleared out the bathroom and taken all my dishes off the kitchen shelves." I briefly told her about the prophecy and why my place was going to look somewhat bare. She said later that she would not have noticed anyway, because it was so late that she was too tired to notice anything.

Wouldn't you know it. When we got to the door, I couldn't find my keys. I dug frantically through my purse and dumped everything out, feeling like I was trying to defuse a time bomb before it went off because I was conscious of my little sister needing to get into the house quickly. But I found them in time; they had gotten stuck in my purse.

When I went back onto Facebook the next day, my friend reminded us that the prophecy covered a period of time all the way to the 20th. Yeah, I remembered, and I still felt concerned about my family, and also I was not happy about the possibility of suffering myself. I wondered if I would ever get to see my children and grandchildren again in this life, if there was an invasion. My Facebook friend said that nobody would be happier than her, if the earthquake prophecy did not come true. Sure. She lives in Colorado. I, for one, felt that I would definitely be happier than her, if it did not happen, and I am certain that everybody else who was on the West Coast at that time would be happier than her, as well.

Though this prophecy was still pending, I had to keep looking for work. On Monday, I went to where I was supposed to join a job search class, but I discovered when I got there that I was not on the list and the class was full. The receptionist had not given me all the information I needed when she told me about the class. I had thought that she had put me on the list, but there were still some other steps that I was supposed to go through in order to get into the class. Oh well. I got a more thorough explanation about what to do to get into next month's class, and felt relieved that I could go back to my sister's place, if she needed me.

The miracle of how we got to church so quickly on Sunday relieved a lot of my anxiety. I remembered other incidences of how God transported people to other places and figured that, if I couldn't cross the river by normal means, God would make a way, if He wanted me to be with my family.

The next evening, after prayer meeting, I figured I had better go to my sister's place, as one of my friends told me that there had been earthquake warnings for the West Coast on the news. My friend Christine was going to Langley anyway, to drive another friend home, so I gave Lorrie a call. Lorrie liked the idea of having someone around to look after her, but it was more a case of her looking after me, cooking yummy meals for us the rest of that week. I offered to help her with some things, but she said she wanted to take care of those jobs on her own. Instead, I spent a lot of time on my computer, taking advantage of her WiFi hookup to search for work on the Internet and download more of ANDREW WOMMACK'S teaching videos.

I talked a little more about the possible quake on the 20th, and went over some stuff with my sister about what we would do. I said we would probably take the dogs in their stroller to go to Dad's place, as the roads would need to be kept clear for emergency vehicles. Lorrie has three chihuahuas and keeps a baby stroller for them, in case they get tired on very long walks.

I asked how Dad was doing physically, wondering if he would be able to make it on foot back to her place. She said that he would have a problem with that. I said, "Well then, we might have to put him in the stroller and walk the dogs on their leashes." She said that was what she had been thinking, too. It presented a funny picture, imagining pushing an old man in a baby stroller. Thankfully, our Dad was spared that indignity, as there was no quake at all. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord! Every day since the 20th that passes without an earthquake happening seems like a gift to me, and I don't want to squander any of them, but use each day to do the things I am supposed to be doing.

Though that prophecy did not come to pass, I am glad that I took it seriously. It prompted some very useful and necessary heart searching. I think it was a wake–up call. A serious quake followed by invasion could have happened years ago, but God has kept these things back; however, they will not be delayed forever. Some day, they will happen, but will we be spiritually ready? This is the prophecy that Jeff Mayr shared with Spirit Life Worship Centre on September 18:

Jeff said that he didn't think that there would be a quake, but when he gave this prophecy, it sure sounded to me like there could be. I am so glad that it did not happen yet. Praise the Lord. I think of it as sort of a drill, indicating that we really do need to press in further to God, so that we will be ready when stuff like that happens. And anyway, lots of people need help now. We have to get rid of everything that hinders our faith from flowing freely, such as unbelief in God's willingness to do miracles for us, and a spirit that judges others and doubts God's willingness to do miracles for them, and an unwillingness to suffer the persecution that comes against those who move mightily in God's miracles. It is selfish to not flow in miracles for fear of reprisal.

Interestingly, the Bible says that unbelief is EVIL. It isn't just a weakness. It is evil. When we doubt God's promises, we are calling Him a liar, which is an utter slander. The world programs us to doubt God, so we have to put a lot of effort into renewing our minds in His Word and getting rid of that false programming. I listen a lot to Andrew Wommack's teaching videos on grace and faith, but as good as that is, it is not a substitute for personal study of God's Word. Satan is rigorous in his efforts to cloud our minds with his junk, so we have to be radical about eradicating it from our minds. It is a good thing to severely limit worldly input; then it is not such a hard job to see the truths in God's Word.

My conclusion about prophecies is that we should make sure that we are spiritually ready at all times to deal with disasters, but to not be too concerned about how our needs will be provided. If we are spiritually ready, there will be no hindrance to our faith to believe that God will take care of all the details. It would be a good thing to get a lot of practice before then in trusting God for big stuff like healings and deliverances and provision to do great things, so that when bad stuff happens, it won't seem like more than just a bump in the road.

I have very much been enjoying the fellowship in Jeff's Mayr's meetings, and with my friend Christine in particular. Christine used to be an army sargeant and she is a highly competent person, but she is also very gentle and gracious. It has been a great blessing to talk to her about the things of God. She tells me where she sees me "missing it", but in such a caring way that it isn't hard to take, and she is also open to hearing my input in that way, as well.

I am also getting to know Ruth, whom I met years ago; I used to go to the same church and she was one of my ex–mother–in–law's friends. Ruth is a great inspiration in the way she so tenderly cares for her husband, who suffers from dementia. Though he has that problem, he is mightily anointed of the Lord and many people are ministered to from just holding his hand. I have been blessed that way, and I sometimes burst out laughing because he has a sense of humour that I can pick up on, and the twinkle in his eye tells me that he enjoys my appreciation of it, even if he can't verbalize what the joke is about.

God used both John and Ruth to minister to me last Sunday. I was in the meeting and starting to feel anxious to go home because I had not been home since Tuesday. There were things I wanted to do at home, and I was not feeling very patient about some things that were going on in the meeting. For one, I don't like watching music videos. I would prefer that we all sing acapello, if there are no instruments for accompaniment, and just words on a screen with no pictures to distract, but Jeff has not been able to get a worship team, yet, so he leans heavily on Hillsong. All the flashing lights and razzmatazz on their videos was bugging me. Various other things were playing in to my sense of dissatisfaction, so I decided to leave when the offering was being taken up. I told Christine I was going and that I would phone her the next day.

Christine said her heart sank to the floor when I said I was leaving, and her daughter whispered to her that she didn't think that I was supposed to go. But I left and said to the Lord, "If you don't want me to leave, then send an angel to tell me." I pictured a big, seven foot angel, all dressed in white, with large, white wings. Didn't see any, though, so I headed for the Skytrain station.

As I was crossing at the lights to get to the station, one of the cars waiting at the light started honking. I wasn't doing anything wrong (I figured), so I ignored it, but it kept honking. I looked back to see what the driver's problem was and saw it was Ruth who was honking at me. John hadn't wanted to go out because it was raining so hard, so she prayed for the rain to stop. It lightened up and she was able to get him into the car. Then she saw her neighbour's kids heading down the road and gave them a ride to the Skytrain, as well as $10.00 that she sensed they needed. Just after dropping them off, she saw me heading away from the meeting. She pulled her car around to where I was and motioned for me to get in.

I shook my head at first, then suddenly realized that God had answered my prayer and sent an angel, albeit a terrestrial one in purple rather than a celestial one in white. Not wanting to grieve the Holy Ghost, I got into her car and let her take me back to the meeting, to find out what I would have missed, if I had gone home. Praise the Lord! I am so glad I went back. The rain totally stopped when we got there, and the sun came out for the rest of the day. Ruth said, "I think that God did that just for you." I am sure that He did it for John, too, as he had not wanted to go out in the rain.

The rest of the meeting went much better than the start and I enjoyed the afternoon with my friends when we gathered at a home for dinner and prayer. Also, Christine was overjoyed to see me come back into the meeting. She said it was a lesson to her about how a person can think they are right about something, but still be open to correction from the Lord. That is not to say that God was putting a seal of approval on Hillsong. When I asked Him about their music before, all He said was, "There's better." Yes, there is better, and I sure wish that Jeff would play it, but God was telling me that He wanted me to just bear with it a while longer, until Jeff decides to play better music without all that glitzy razzle dazzle, easier tunes to sing along with or to dance to, and more meaty lyrics, or until we get our own worship team.

Now I have to put my place to rights, so that will keep me busy until the rest of the month. While I am at it, I want to pack some of my stuff away. When I first moved into this place, I enjoyed it looking cute, in a crammed sort of way. When my friend Donna was visiting with her kids, the little boy said that my place looked cosy, and the daughter said she enjoyed how artistic it was, but the crammed look has gotten old with me. I like how the areas that have been cleared off look, so now I have to decide which of my dishes and ornaments to put in the shed. Seeing as it would be a really tight squeeze to get more than three other people in here, I shouldn't need more than four place settings of dishes, until I move into a bigger place. The hardest part will be deciding which of the pretty mugs in my collection to keep in the house. If my grandsons come down for a visit before I move, they will have to make do with drinking out of girly ones.


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