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I'm very thankful for the good weather that we had this summer in the Lower Mainland of BC. There were lots of warm, bright days that were not too hot. Well, if they were, I don't know about it, because I work in an office that is in the basement of a house and the temperature there was just right. I loved the long days of sunlight and now we are back into autumn, but the Lord helped ease me into it by leading me to take a drive after church one day to a lovely park, where I saw and appreciated the changing colours of the leaves. Fall has its own beauty.

There's always a lot on my mind and heart. I slog my way every day of the week through emails that report bad news from all over the world. Unless I knew that, no matter how bad things look, it is not possible for God to be defeated, I would go batty. But He is always the bright hope shining in my heart.

I've got to the place where I am plumb fed up with satan running loose all over, instead of Christians (myself included) enforcing Jesus' victory against him. I have read many prophecies and visions, and tried to make sense of them, because some prophecies contradict other prophecies and visions. Which are the genuine prophecies and visions? Undoubtedly, the enemy has seeded lying prophecies and visions into various ministries, which might be fake ministries, just covers for satanists to sow confusion and division in the church, or genuine ministries that have gotten off track.

But which is the lie? Which is the truth? Are they the "smooth" words that say that America is going to turn around and experience prosperity once again, or are they the words that say that America is going down and there is going to be captivity and much bloodshed? Many Christians are saying that we are in the end times and it is inevitable that the things we see occurring must occur at this time, and they are letting satan take over America. Like Chicken Littles, they prophesy doom at every opportunity, continually speaking death over their nation.

Indeed some, who I believe are genuine Christians, unwittingly behave as agent provocateurs, inciting others with their rhetoric to take action against the government, though they are vague about what sort of action to take. They rail at others for not having the guts to stand up for their freedom, and they post news articles about police brutality and other abuses. Some of the stories are absolutely ridiculous, leading to links from satire newspapers, which are obviously leftist instruments to try to make "conspiracy theorists" look like fools, and, amazingly, some very intelligent people believe their hogwash.

I have noticed that one person in particular who comes to mind, is very susceptible to the bad effects of chem trails, and her bitterness against the evil elements in the government for making her sick inclines her to believe anything negative that is reported. As a Christian, she has the ability within her to throw off sickness, and to even prevent herself from becoming sick, but instead of pouring her energy into getting deeper into the Word and getting rid of the doubt and unbelief that hinders her faith, she uses up valuable time and energy to rant and predict worse things to come. Satan loves it when Christians let him use their tongues to bring his plans to pass.

I think that it is possible for America, and other countries, to experience an economic turnaround, but it isn't going to happen unless there is a big change in how the general population and the government operates. That's the difference between "smooth" prophecies and the possibility of restoration of America's wealth and position. False prophets prophesy good, without the sinners having to change their ways.

I don't have issues with conspiracy theorists, as it is rather obvious to all but the most obtuse that there have been conspiracies set in place to bring our society to its current sorry state. Anyone who takes the Bible seriously has known it long before the media started to print stories that expose what the New World Order has been up to. It's right there in Psalm 2, that the kings and judges of the Earth conspire together to overthrow Judeo/Christian morality and the people of God. Well, not all kings and judges, but a majority of them have been at it for a long time.

Some theories are off, but interesting, nonetheless. The problem with discerning what is disinformation and what is correct is that satan is so twisted that, even the most bizarre theories could actually be true. There are some people dumb enough to believe his lies that he will give them a kingdom in the hereafter, and do absolutely anything that he demands. Christians need to press in to God for discernment, so that they will know what they are dealing with.

They also need to train themselves to meditate deeply on their covenant with God and find out their rights and privileges, and exercise them. The Bible says in 1 John 3:8, "He that commits sin is of the devil; for the devil sins from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil." It seems to me, from my meditations of the rights and privileges that we have in Christ, that He wants us to experience Eden health, Eden wealth, and Eden authority, in the midst of all the chaos that is going on, and spread His order wherever we go. I think that God wants the world to see what it looks like when a redeemed man, woman, or child takes hold of His covenant to a much fuller degree than what most Christians currently appropriate.

I've read rants against "Dominionists" and I agree that Christians are not going to bring in the Millennial Age. The Bible tells us that only Jesus can do that, and that when He comes to judge the Earth, the Earth will be on the verge of total destruction. But I see things in the Word of God that indicate to me that there will be a time when Christians have been exercising their covenant rights to a great degree, using them to bring order and prosperity to their environment. I think that we should make that time right now, before the world gets any crazier than what it already is.

Daniel 11:32 & 33 says, "And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days." These verses seem to indicate to me that, in the end times, there will be Christians who operate in a very high degree in the power of the Lord Jesus, and who will teach others to do so, as well. But, as with Jesus, who was immune from harm until the appointed hour of darkness, they, too, will be tested. Jesus confirmed in the New Testament that we CAN prosper greatly NOW IN THIS TIME, but we will be persecuted. [Mark 10:30]

Another verse that convinces me that there will be a time of great prosperity immediately before the Rapture is Luke 12:39 & 40, "And this know, that if the goodman of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through. Be therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when you think not." Jesus said that He will come at a time when we don't think that He will be coming. Do thieves attack hovels? Well, some really pathetic ones do, but generally speaking, they target rich homes.

As said before, when Jesus comes to judge the Earth, it will be chaotic. The rapture occurs, though, when nobody is expecting it. Right now, most Christians seem to be saying that surely the Lord is going to come at any time, because of all the terrible stuff that is happening in the world, but the Rapture will occur in a time of peace and prosperity, when Christians are quite happy to just let things continue as they are, so that they can enjoy their material blessings and sexual activities. There isn't any sex in Heaven, and some Christians just don't get it that, when they are in Heaven, they won't miss it, because what we will have there will far exceed sexual pleasure.

When I was a young woman at a Women's Aglow meeting, one of the ladies there remarked about a young lady who was about to marry, and how her fiance had said that he looked forward to Jesus' return, but he didn't want Jesus to return just yet, because he wanted to enjoy his wife. I could certainly relate to how he felt about wanting to enjoy this aspect of marriage, but my perspective has changed. I've been waiting a long time for the right man to come into my life, as I believe I will marry again, but if Jesus wanted to return to Earth to set things right the very moment after I say my wedding vows, so be it. The pleasure I could look forward to with my husband can't compare with millions of little children never again being sexually abused, with people never starving to death again, with no more beatings or torture, no more disease, and no more heartbreak.

Luke 12:39 & 40 convinces me more than anything else that Christians everywhere will be experiencing great victory in their lives over the curses that came on the Earth with Adam's fall, displaying to the world what we can have when we put our faith in Jesus Christ and take Him at His Word. But there is a snare in the midst of that; it is complacency. The Bible says in Proverbs 24:10 that, if we faint in the day of adversity, our strength is small. People think that it is the bad times that test us the most. They are times of testing, as to whether we will continue to believe in God's goodness, regardless of how bad things look, but it is easier to press in to God when we're desperate and have no one else to turn to. Boy, don't I know it. When I was in a legal battle on behalf of my grandson, it was no hardship to fast and pray about the matter. It wasn't a complete fast, as my body couldn't handle that, but, most of the time, all I ate was baked potatoes, without salt or butter, just one or two when I needed them.

Try restricting yourself to something really basic like that when everything seems to be going relatively well in your life, on behalf of someone else's troubles, or so that you can press in more deeply to God. It's even harder to fast and pray when everything is going REALLY WELL. What if we had the means to buy a fabulous wardrobe, a mansion, fancy cars, and a yacht, to eat out frequently in nice restaurants, to go on numerous vacations? Most people would be too busy shopping for clothes and furniture, or meeting friends in restaurants, or going fishing, or on vacations, to spend adequate time in prayer to enable them to do the things that God wrote into His plan for their life.

I think that, just before the Rapture, a lot of Christians will be living in wealth and health, but some of them will be engaging in secret sins, even if they appear to the world to be great men and women of God who work miracles. Oh, we already have this? Yes, here and there are some people who have made it big in ministry, but some of those people aren't really operating all that much in miracles. They speak "evangelastically" of their successes, without offering genuine proof of healings. I'm talking about miracles occurring where it's obvious to one and all, such as people who have missing body parts growing them, and scars and deformities being healed. As for prosperity, a few have made quite a fortune from the offerings of gullible saints, but the Bible prophesies a wealth transfer, in which the wealth of the WICKED is turned over to the just. [Proverbs 13:22, Ecclesiastes 2:26, & James 5:3] The question is, though,regarding those who receive it, will they REMAIN in Christ, after they learn how to appropriate His covenant blessings?

So, what is the alternative to the failure to be faithful? To live in poverty and sickness, to keep us humble? That's stupid. It's only the prosperity of the FOOL that slays them, and when we're sick, we're hindered from working more vigorously in the harvest field. Along with the blessings, we need to appropriate the character of Christ, to help us handle what He wants to give us. Yes, God wants to give us health and wealth, not to squander on self-centred pursuits, but to be used to establish His covenant in the Earth. Psalm 35:27 says that God TAKES PLEASURE in the prosperity of His servant. Be God's servant, and He will never repent of having blessed you, and you will be ready when He comes as a thief in the night to evacuate His faithful servants before all Hell breaks loose on Earth.

I think that the New Word Order has been running a scam, to make people think that right now is the time for them to take over. No doubt, it would like to take over right now, before God's people catch on that they can push back their agenda through faith in the promises of God's Word. Did you know that 100 years ago, many Christians had dreams and visions that the Rapture was imminent, and they supposed that it was going to happen in their lifetime? Well, the Early Church believed that, too. And little wonder, for Jesus said in Revelation 3:11, "Behold, I come quickly." Obviously, Yeshua's notion of quickly differs from ours, but from the perspective of eternity, 2000 years is only a short time. Three thousand years and 4000 years is a short time, too, from that perspective, but I very much hope that this planet won't have to suffer through another thousand years of Man's depravity.

We have been living in the end times ever since God came to this Earth in mortal flesh as Yehoshua of Nazareth. On the cross is where He stomped on satan's head, fulfilling the promise He made to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15 that He would come to save them and offer the same opportunity of salvation to their offspring. When He was born in that stable in Bethlehem, it was the beginning of the end for satan. When He went to the cross, that nailed down satan's doom. When He rose from the dead, with the keys of Hell and Death in His hand, He gave gifts to men, to His redeemed, to enforce His victory on the Earth.

We better get busy and find out how to implement that victory. Jesus conveyed to us in Luke 19:13, that He wants us to occupy until He comes. Now how does a victorious army occupy a defeated land? It brings an iron fist down on those who rise up against them. I'm not talking about taking over the government and establishing a theocracy. I am talking about putting satan in his place through prayer and the words of our mouths, and keeping him there. I am talking about agreeing with what God's Word says, instead of what satan says. I don't advocate forcing people who aren't Christians to live according to the Bible, but I do advocate for Christians to live in such a high degree of victory that unbelievers will see that it makes more sense to live wholesome lives than to let sin take over society.

We see teen girls running about in slutty clothes and boys hobbled by their low trousers, and homosexuality becoming more open, and abortion legalized, and silly women shouting about their freedom of "choice", which means the freedom to murder their children in the womb, and there are many other things that are unjust, or just simply foolish, but what if some teenager's beloved grandmother, who was dying, was raised from her bed through the prayer of a Christian? It's likely that, if that young person overheard others putting down Christians, they would not join in. They might even stick up for Christians, and they might eventually become a Christian themself out of gratitude for God sparing their grandmother's life.

We can rant all we like about right and wrong, but if we don't have mighty signs, wonders, and miracles in our lives, as the early Christians did, not very many people take us seriously. Even Jesus, though He was the Son of God, needed miracles to gather a crowd, so that more people would, at least, hear what He had to say.

To support this argument that we aren't quite so near the Rapture as many hope, and constantly declare based on the evils and troubles that are happening at this time, I also to refer to Ezekiel 38. Many Christians believe that Israel is on the verge of the Ezekiel 38 war, because of the nations they see gathered against Israel. The nations gathering against Israel is not the sign that this particular war will happen. It is Israel's peace and prosperity that precedes it, and Israel is most certainly not at peace right now.

Israel is not a land of unwalled villages. It has a physical wall between it and Syria. It has a technological wall of defense called Iron Dome. It is currently occupied by its enemies in various areas, having ceded parts of their heritage to Muslims who hate them and want to annihilate them. Some of their kibbutzes have fences, which are sometimes breached by fanatical Muslim murderers who kill even their children. Security cameras are part of a "wall," as they alert people to trouble, so that they can send their defenses to that area. As for prosperity, the Israelis frequently appeal for help from non-Jews to supply the needs of their poor, and also to help outfit the IDF with proper boots and other gear. The Ezekiel 38 war isn't going to happen until the UN gets off of Israel's back, demanding that it gives up portions of their land to its enemies. It isn't going to happen until people who are hostile to Israel are booted out and it gets back all its territory. An occupied country is not a country that is at peace.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 says, "For the mystery of iniquity does already work: only he who now lets will let, until he be taken out of the way." Is it God who lets, until He is taken out of the way? God cannot be taken out of the way. He is all–powerful. This must be referring to the Rapture, when those who have been faithful to God and operating in His power are taken out of the way, so that the Antichrist can come forth and set up his One World Government. So what have they been "letting"? By implication, it is Christians who have been allowing evil to run rampant, but they also have the power to hold it back and let goodness have the upper hand. Do you hear God's call to rise up, to shake off the dust of fleshly interpretations of Scripture and events, that make excuses for Christians not walking in their covenant power, and, instead, display what God intended for Man, that they should rule over nature, to walk in health, to have their material needs abundantly met, so much so that they can overflow to the help of others who are struggling?

I've been working on entering into His rest. I haven't "arrived", but, praise God, (as Andrew Wommack says), I've left! I've left the mindset that says that God uses sickness to "teach" and work character into us. God CAN use sickness that way, if satan manages to put it on us, but He really prefers for us to just believe Him when He says that, through Jesus' wounds, we WERE healed, and to appropriate that word for our health. I've left the mindset that says I had better remain poor because, if I get rich, it will be sure to destroy me. It can only do that if I'm a fool. His Word also says we have the mind of Christ, so the way God thinks and His character are among the treasures that I am exercising my faith to receive.

If I have to wait until I'm as wise and as good as God, though, in order to prosper and work miracles, it ain't never gonna happen, because nobody on Earth has ever been that wise and good, except for Yeshua. I work on releasing God's health, His wealth, His wisdom, and His character all at the same time. It's like driving a team of horses. You can read books all you want about how to do it, but you will never really do it, until you get on the wagon seat and pick up the reins. If you don't listen to the Teacher beside you telling you how to do it, you could end up with the horses running away on you, but you will never take what you're carrying in that wagon (your gifts) to where they are supposed to go, unless you get on board with the promises of God.

Denying that health and wealth has a place in God's plan for your life is like pulling that wagon on your own back. Sure, you can move it along the road, but a lot more slowly than if you were in good health and had the finances that your minstry needs, and you will bless some people along the way, but you won't do as much as what you could have done. You will not have done ALL that God provided for you to do through the promises of His Word.

So, this is where I'm at in my thinking, but is it where I'm always at in my practice? No. Sometimes, I have let myself get off track, like this weekend, when I intended to do much more writing and finish reading a good book. Just when I thought (for the umpteenth) time, that I have set aside the weight (once and for all) that so easily slows me down (watching movies), I slipped again. I hadn't watched any videos on YouTube for weeks, but I didn't want to watch any again forever! Most Christians would probably approve of the ones I watched. For the most part, they were Christian movies that had really good messages, but they distracted me from something that God gave me that is much better – a book called Diary of Signs and Wonders, which give some details about the ministry of Maria Woodworth Etter. Reading that would have fitted me better for my God–given destiny.

It's like the Bible says in the Song of Solomon 2:15, how the little foxes spoil the tender vine. I'm not one for reinventing the wheel, so I will refer you to an excellent study on this topic by Betty Swann. I hate falling, but, thank God, He says that when a righteous man falls, he picks himself up and keeps on going. He doesn't sit and stew about the part of his destiny that he lost. He does damage control, so that the enemy can't steal from him even more.

There are big changes ahead at work. My employer finally found a successor to take his place. It will take about a year to make the transition, and the head office might end up in Ontario. I told the incoming Director that my family is in BC, and I don't intend to move to Ontario, so that could mean the end of this job that I love so much. I knew I wouldn't be there forever anyway. In the meantime, though, I am going to savour the blessing of working with this ministry and the Intercessors that I get to meet. What a privilege it is.


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