Golden QuillNoah's Story

1) I, Noah, escaped the Great Flood
As it burst from the womb of violence and strife;1
I escaped with the precious sons of my blood
And our wives to begin a new life.

2) Our planet now wallows in decay and mud
Beneath the gloom of a lowering sky.
Sparse, stunted plants are beginning to bud;
Under harsh solar rays, men will soon die.

3) Upon the deck of the Ark, I stand,
As it rests upon the crown of the Earth.
Water has become its swaddling band,
But what child is this that has come to its birth?

4) My eyes behold devastation and loss
That stretches across its rumbling girth.
Upon its broad belly, glistening waves toss;
There is not even a whisper of mirth.

5) Far to the north and the south in their station,
Ice caps conceal signs of former temperate clime,
And out of the Earth's mouth pours lamentation
Over the loss of its glorious prime.

6) The cries of this child wail in the winds;
Chillingly whistling around the slopes of the mountains.
Its breath is the bitter product of men's sins;2
Sins that opened the Deep's mighty fountains.

7) Harsh is the fury that evil unpins,
For Nature abhors disharmonious thoughts.
Unbelief and Doubt are nefarious twins,
And everything they touch increasingly rots.

8) The Creator observed that the thoughts of men
Were continually evil and rank.
They revelled in the pleasures of Iniquity's den,
And in God's nostrils, they stank.

9) Creation became appalled at the human race,
As further into sinning it sank.
Judgment was often held back by God's grace,
Until on His mercy, men no longer could bank.

10) I mourn for what has happened to God's beautiful work;
How it has been ravaged right to the core.
Yet still in men's hearts, wickedness hides in the murk,
Justifying its desire to demolish some more.

11) I see now many a strange quirk;
Weird gatherings of moisture drift by.
Never before did these heavy clouds lurk,
And there are hardly any birds in the sky.

12) Our firmament has been shaken and shattered,
And oceans dumped on our plains.3
Humans and animals by tidal waves were battered,
Screaming in their terror and pains.

13) Some were struck by the monstrous lightning,
While others were drowned in the rains.
Nature had never before been so frightening,
As it lashed us with its grim, gruesome chains.4

14) Meteorites had rained on our tormented terrain
After other planets reeled and collided,
For asteroids joined the refrain of Heaven's disdain
When Mankind, by the angels, was chided.

15) It seemed that Nature had gone completely insane,
Whipping the Earth in its fury.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, mighty hail, and hurricane;
They all rebuked us in a flurry.

16) People ran about, fleeing for their lives,
Crying bitterly in vain to their gods for refuge.
They abandoned children, parents, husbands, and wives,
While seeking to escape the Deluge.

17) There were "saviours" who promised immunity;
They had gained trust through subterfuge.
They gathered the world into a global community,
Using many a prideful, ambitious stooge.

18) My soul shrinks now from this bleak austerity,
As I gaze about at Sin's hideous result.
My heart trembles for all my posterity;
Though we have escaped, I cannot exult.

19) We have landed in a world of rugged severity,
From which I seek comfort in more pleasurable halls.
My mind flies to recollections of golden prosperity,
As they project their images on my memory's walls.

20) You would have marvelled at the Earth in its earlier days,
With its plush carpet of bright, emerald green.
Animals of every sort upon its lushness grazed;
Mammoths and miniatures and myriads in between.

21) Giraffes, zebras, small horses three–toed,
And lumbering reptiles were part of the primeval scene.
Also birds, each in their snuggly abode,
Grooming their feathers to perfect their sheen.

22) Various plants were gigantic in size,
Loftily shooting up within our crystalline sphere.
Ten miles above the Earth, the firmament did rise,
Shielding us from radiation year after year.

23) Another benefit clever ones can surmise;
The electro–magnetic energy field was recharged.
Increased oxygen made us alert; though not always wise.
In this terrarium, abilities were enlarged.

24) We knew north from south and west from east,
Without instruments or looking around,
And sensed the presence and identity of person or beast,
Even in the absence of sight, smell, and sound.

25) People lived for nearly a thousand years
Before their bodies returned back into the ground.
Unless they reaped the fruit of their fears,
For murders did often abound.

26) Most people used 100% of their brain,
But few used their gifts to do good.
Many fine talents went down the drain
As people tried to get away with whatever they could.

27) I'd rather recall vast fields of golden grain,
Ruffling softly beneath a broad, cloudless sky.
A deep pink5 was the dusk beneath which I have lain;
Upon awakening, a paler tone met my eye.

28) The stars sang their songs in their heavenly courses;
Each morning, for an hour their anthems we'd hear.6
That the stars sing has been told by various sources,
But I heard their songs with my unaided ear.

29) And all the stars sparkled in colour like dazzling gems;
Topaz, sapphires, and rubies without peer.
The floating, hydrogen7 canopy acted as an infrared lens
And somehow seemed to bring them more near.

30) The moon circled closer around our verdant sphere,
But its bright glory seems to be diminished.
It looks smaller and paler, now that it's not so near,
And glimmers forlornly when the day is finished.

31) Its once flawless complexion is now pocked,
From stones that were thrown in our direction.
Bedraggled and boggled, askance it views,
Deeds upon Earth that still taunt for correction.

32) Before God launched severe lessonings,
He was patient with humanity's daft ways.
He still let Man enjoy the more lavish of His blessings,
Though they disdained to render thanksgiving and praise.

33) A shimmering mist moistened with diamond–like dew;
No snow or rain ever met with Man's sight.
The air was 76o Fahrenheit all the day through,
And caressed us at 70o all through the night.

34) Leathery–winged predators beneath the firmament flew;
Huge lizards crashed and thrashed in the glades.
The people painted the tamer ones with every hue,
And rode them in their pagan parades.

35) We had technology that eased our labours
And ensured that everyone could be abundantly fed,
But those who had contempt for their neighbours,
Also made weapons that were instruments of dread.

36) And there were geneticists who created in labs,
The progeny of creatures that never should be bred.
All sorts of mixtures were up for grabs;
Man did whatever came into his head.

37) It did not seem evil at first;
Men were pining for lost power and glory.
They attempted to reverse the effects of the curse,
But without for their sins being sorry.

38) Diligently, their experiments they nursed,
Trifling with Nature for gain,
Sadistically subjecting animals and people
To terror, sorrow, hopelessness, and pain.

39) Eventually, from their labs strange hybrids were released,
Making the public to worry and wonder.
Scientists indulged their every caprice;
Docile, mind–controlled slaves were part of the plunder.8

40) Ape men were developed from spliced DNA;
Poor creatures more vulnerable to demon possession.
Demonic seed also riddled human clay,
For rebellion against God became Man's obsession.

41) That came later as evil increased;
Happier memories I prefer;
Of the days before all decency ceased;
To these fond reminisces I refer.

42) I loved to gallop with my boyhood friends
On enormous beasts whose size did not deter;
With daring children who followed adventurous trends,
For whom heroic deeds had irresistible allure.

43) I also rode in flying vehicles through clear, mellow skies
Far above meadows, cities, rivers, and roads.
To the limits of the canopy, these aircraft could rise
And transport cargo in their copious holds.

44) Yes, people are again technologically wise,
And they come up with many repeats
Of things their ancestors once devised;
For some, their conceit this knowledge unseats.

45) Indeed, it is historical fact;
Many monuments upon the Earth tell this tale.
There are some whose denials are an act,
Lest their control over the ignorant should fail.9

46) These desire to be held in high regard;
Against inconvenient facts and logic they rail.
They ride their lame theories hard,
Selfish motives, with philanthropy they veil.

47) There is nothing new under the sun;
In my day I saw many a ploy.
Power hungry trolls after position did run,
So that with other people's lives they could toy.

48) Jubal snared with entertainment and fun;
Tubal–cain used metals for weapons to make.
Many are the insidious webs that are spun,
And multitudes of victims they take.

49) Naamah10 the Sorceress cast her spells;
While Jabal, from his evil siblings, did fly,11
But his family sent people into his camps to dwell,
Thus forming a network to spy.

50) Jabal understood that God is never unjust and mean,
Even when He makes a decision that bothers,
Such as commanding Cain to go into quarantine;
Jabal was a noble man, not like his evil fathers.

51) He saw that the curse would have become a boon,
If Cain had not rejected reproof in bitter, sullen mood,
For God wanted to lovingly woo Cain away from ruin,
By teaching him what Abel learned in joyous solitude.

52) Later on, God did the same for others who failed,
Such as Moses the murderer, and Jacob the liar;
And bratty David, against whom his brothers railed;
All became lords after they were pulled from their mire.

53) Gentle Jabal grabbed the saving rope,
Which the Lord God had thrown to Cain.
He realized that obeying God was his only hope,
From being absorbed into plans that were insane.

54) Though his brethren found a way, regardless,
To take advantage of his nomadic life,
Jabal was able to remain a man who was harmless,
And steer away from most of their strife.

55) It is foolish to regard Cain's sons a completely evil line,
Because of mistakes made by their rebel ancestor,
As it's foolish to regard all the Anointed's lineage fine;
In some of His ancestors, self–will did fester.

56) Ingratitude is the rickety frame
Across which the yarns are stretched.
Along lines of shifting blame,
The Devil's dupes are fetched.

57) I myself have been entangled
In the appalling scene I've sketched.
But by God's mercy, I've become unmangled,
And upon my heart, His love is etched.

58) I was born a prince of the noblest blood;
In the favour of God, there was none higher.
My fathers lived until a few years before the Flood;
They rejoiced at my birth with Lamech my sire.

59) To them, I was the solution in the bud,
The remedy to the violence in the world.12
They expected me to clear away the crud;
All around me, their ambitions swirled.

60) I was groomed to be an emperor on the Earth;
Educated to be the best I could be.
Instead, I became an object of derision and mirth,
Ridiculed by foolish people with glee.

61) In my genes is the Seed that is blessed;
My family believed I had the key
To bring the Earth to safety, prosperity, and rest,
And clear away Transgression's debris.

62) But Man's judgment was already set;
They had made their bed with devils.
They heeded doctrines that scurry about yet,
And let people indulge in all manner of revels.

63) Alas, there is no way I can forget;
Upon my memory's wandering, reality will intrude.
Hovering over us hangs still the threat
Of an enemy who is wily and shrewd.

64) My children, I must tell you the story
Of how people fell from their noble place;
How we were designed to be lamps of God's glory,
But instead became lumps of disgrace.

65) Our ancestors were made in the image of God;
To Adam and Eve, our lineage we trace.
For many, this explanation seems odd;
Some say that we came from the regions of space.

66) Many were the wild theories flying about
In the barbarous days of old.
Adam was reviled as being whacked–out;
Preposterous were the stories that were told.

67) Many sought Adam's authority to flout;
All did not accept him as king of the world.
Upon his noble teachings, rebels cast doubt;
Their own tawdry banners, they shamelessly unfurled.

68) Men sought to quench Truth's pure flame
That God had placed in their souls.
To escape its conviction, they sought others to blame
And to trample on as they headed for their goals.

69) Contention and strife became bitterly naughtier
As Sin exacted its tolls.
Yet, people became even haughtier,
And Hell eagerly heated its coals.

70) Yes, it was garnished and ready
To receive souls who liked to swagger and boast,
As well as other tasty tidbits it managed to deceive
And furnish for its barbeque roasts.

71) Multitudes of webs, demons did weave,
To gather juicy prey for their reaping.
The arrogant, the lascivious, and just plain naïve;
They all went into the flames screaming and weeping.

72) Adam was shocked at what he had caused;
Turmoil whirled around him like a storm.
Hell kept opening its great, gaping jaws,
Welcoming rebels to its growing, gross form.

73) By Grace, Adam was enabled to be noble and brave,
Though over the Earth, evil continued to swarm.
Trust in the Messiah kept him faithful to the grave;
He knew the Lord would His promises perform.

74) Seth arose as a mighty prince;
The one who had replaced sweet Abel.
At first, he tried to peacefully convince
That Adam's teachings were not fable.

75) People's hearts were becoming hard as flints;
Only for a while did some respect his rule.
Numerous wars have been sparked since;
Even Seth's own seed became apathetic or cruel.

76) Some of his lineage had faith and worth;
To God's ways they hoped to attain.
I came along to a crown prince's birth
At the end of King Mahalaleel's reign.

77) King Jared took over from his sire;
On his knees, for kingship I did train.
I was taught for character to aspire,
To war against my flesh's corrupt grain.

78) Jared told me of his first heir,
Of Enoch, whom he sorely missed.
My great grandfather was a man of prayer
And often met with God in sweet tryst.

79) Enoch walked beyond where others would dare
As he communed intimately with God.
Many were the secrets with him God did share
Before He took him living up from this sod.

80) I loved to hear of this holy sire
And retrace the steps he took.
His life and sayings set my heart afire,
And more to God, I began to look.

81) I had my doubts and downfalls;
About them, I could write a book.
But it would not edify to read such scrawls,
Or for me to wallow in that gobbledy gook.

82) What matters is that I turned to lust for God's ways,
While others lusted for fading treasures.
I basked in God's eternal rays,
And revelled in His lasting pleasures.

83) My unwedded years seemed to be merely days
As my passion for God's fellowship soared.
My bachelor state could not be dismissed as only a phase;
Into a consuming fire, my love for God roared.

84) My family was perplexed;
They said I was going too far.
They never knew what was coming next,
And they thought I was bizarre.

85) I traveled all over the globe
By aircraft, upon beasts, and by motorized car.
Deep into men's hearts, I did probe,
And with many contenders, I did spar.

86) Other men took themselves wives,
But I was devoted totally to God.
They muddled about in sordid or mundane lives,
And sought after dreams that were flawed.

87) The Almighty declared that He sometimes strives,
But His patience comes to an end.
Six score years He gave men to change their lives;
Ample time for their ways to mend.

88) It came time for me to look for a mate,
A maid who was pure in her genes.
Such were vanishing at an astonishing rate,
For many had been defiled with beasts and with fiends.

89) The enemy of our souls had an insidious plan
To cultivate a race that more readily leans
Towards deception and perversion of God's plan for Man;
He sent his invaders in flying machines.

90) They came posing as races more highly evolved
Than Adam's confused and tormented seed.
They promised they soon would have all our ills solved;
Through Science they would meet every need.

91) Many who were in sorcery involved,
Already had met these aliens in their rituals.
They were receptive to whatever the Masters resolved,
And touted them as enlightened individuals.

92) The aliens chased after our females;
On some, they practiced seduction.
Others were repelled by the aliens' tall tales;
For these, they resorted to abduction.

93) I know your records will not say much,
But you can employ some deduction.
They did not desire our women as such;
They were bent on our race's destruction.

94) Swooping down on hapless brides,
They broke many a heart,
But some enjoyed going along with their rides,
And felt privileged to be so set apart.

95) Outraged relatives went after the aliens' hides;
This way also violence was increased in the Earth.
The interlopers played off various sides
While secretly concealing their mirth.

96) Their lust was not for fairness of face or of form,
But to make use of human desires.
Their whelps were stronger, more cunning than the norm
And their beauty was used to draw to their fires.

97) Their children vied for a glorious name;
They traded their talents for the richest of hires.
They succeeded in having great skill and great fame;
They were also the mightiest of liars!

98) Some of the aliens were of hideous shape,
While others looked much like ourselves.
The former mainly had to employ rape,
Though some actually lusted for those ogres and elves!

99) Some of the aliens made our women gape;
Through illusion, they appeared astonishingly handsome.
Fine vaues and emotions, they subtly could ape;
They held many deceived souls for ransom.

100) The invaders urged our ancestors on,
Meddling in their politics and wars.
Proposing solutions to bring forth a new dawn,
They made the media part of their corps.

101) It became obvious global destruction was near;
The meddlers' lies, the bound of credulity explores;
They lured people to a new frontier
That common sense simply ignores.

102) They told the people they'd take them aboard craft,
If all other remedies failed.
Another place would be found for them to graft;
Slyly, their victims were regaled.

103) Behind their backs, the aliens laughed,
For how could it possibly be,
That the Universe would accept such tainted riffraff,
And allow them into its pure bosom to flee?

104) The aliens themselves were confined,
Though they had indeed come from outer space.
To the solar system of the Earth they are assigned
Until the planet is purged from all its disgrace.

105) The gullible people believed the lies
That allowed them to keep sinning at their furious pace.
Their mockery drowned out my desperate cries
That bid them God's plan to embrace.

106) It just seemed too ludicrous to be heeded
That a simple, wooden boat could save their lives.
From its small size, much of their doubt was seeded;
In seeming contradiction, unbelief thrives.

107) Men laughed and reviled me as I pleaded,
"Be saved by coming aboard the Ark."
God knew in advance how much space was needed,13
And that no one to my message would hark.

108) I myself could have designed something more fancy,
But I dared not to presume.
Ignoring God is dangerously chancy;
Any other vehicle would have become my tomb.

109) I was to the world like a clown;
A loser that was headed for doom.
It looked like I was certain to drown;
Over me, destruction seemed ominously to loom.

110) Yet, I know why God made the Ark so plain;
Men had been destroying their race,
With their ideas so clever, yet insane;
Technology had to vanish without any trace.

111) Only simple things the Ark was allowed to contain
To slow the destruction of the next generation.
The precious fruit of the Earth is God's gain;
He deeply desires people's salvation.

112) I took my family aboard the Ark with a zoo;
We waited in a deep, holy silence.
Jeering people outside bid us bon voyage and adieu;
The glory inside became more intense.

113) But the daughters–in–law began to bicker
And openly question in the prolonged suspense.
My family's faith in me began to flicker,
Until the Deluge did suddenly commence.

114) There were only a few poverty–stricken sods,
Near the Ark when the firmament was smashed.
The wealthier were already in their escape pods,
When lightnings crackled and slashed.

115) My heart still quivers and rips,
As I recall the panicking screams
Of those who once made snickering quips
About my visions and dreams.

116) The elite fled to the Nephilims' flying ships,14
Expecting to be conveyed to sanctuary.
They were taken on one–way trips
To the flaming caverns of the Adversary.

117) Our days passed in sublime repose
While the animals quietly hibernated.
I'm glad they were all comatose;
Else matters would have been complicated!

118) We didn't have to calm terrified beasts,
Or deal with the animals' waste.
We didn't have to prevent carnivore feasts.
Feeding and watering never had to be faced.

119) We had only our own meals to prepare,
And peaceful pursuits in between.
We carved our records on the walls there,
Against the days when God wants them seen.

120) I am sure that God's angels assisted
In keeping the Ark stable and whole,
The Earth was greatly changed from what before existed,
As mountains heaved up and seas sank low.

121) Finally, the Ark came to Ararat to rest
Once the waters had suitably abated.
Magnetic winds made the floods to the poles recess
Until higher land was no longer inundated.

122) It was remarkable how God protected
Against the crashing, cosmic storms.
How the human race, He resurrected;
Such wonders that He performs!

123) If only my progeny were affected
To ponder the many lessons of the Flood.
If only my offspring were all directed
To the cleansing power of Yehoshua's Blood.

124) The Ark is a foreshadowing of the Cross,
To which the Anointed did willingly consent;
To recover all our desperate loss,
And ransom us from Hell's descent.

125) Run into that Sanctuary
That is offered entirely by Grace.
Sin's pleasures are merely temporary
And they lead to a sorrowful place.

126) My little ones, for whom I yearn
That you will be safe and sound,
From my story, I bid you learn,
And in the Lord Yehoshua be found.

127) All other hopes are insane and vain.
Forever with regrets, you will surely burn,
If from evil, you do not abstain.
Only to Yehoshua can you safely turn;

128) Be wary of our ancient foe
Who parades his lying wonders.
He rampages after each precious soul;
Those bent on sinning, he plunders.

129) Satan uses his same old tricks
To lead people into the same old blunders.15
Come under the Saviour's wings like trusting, little chicks;
Be safe when Heaven thunders.

130) Be sure that in the last days,
It will be as it was in the antediluvian time.
Except that the world will end in a blaze;
You would do well to heed my rhyme.

131) All those who at the stars would gaze
And dream of far–off places,
You cannot reach them by Man's ways,
But rather on God's basis.

132) For anyone who longs to make their nest
Among the stars on high,
Must first to righteousness awake
And to the Lord Yehoshua draw nigh.

133) Hurry now, my darling ones
Before it gets too late and the time goes by,
When you can become God's own sons
And meet Yehoshua in the sky.

1Or who shut up the sea with doors, when it broke forth, as if it had issued out of the womb? When I made the cloud the garment thereof, and thick darkness a swaddlingband for it. And broke up for it my decreed place, and set bars and doors (the polar ice caps), And said, Hitherto shall you come, but no further: and here shall your proud waves be stayed?
[Job 38:8 – 11]

2Harsh wind currents began to occur after the loss of the hydrogen canopy that used to encase the Earth.

3The firmament above the Earth was comprised of hydrogen crystals. When the canopy fell, it mixed with the oxygen in the atmosphere, resulting in the formation of tons of water.

4A play on words that refers to chain reactions.

5Hydrogen is pink and the canopy deepened its colour at dusk.

6The canopy's crystals acted like a radio receiver for an hour each morning when the sunshine slanted through at a certain angle. It was the original wake up song.

7Hydrogen is pink when the sun strikes it. The sky was pale pink before the flood, not blue. During the night, the sky was never totally dark, as the canopy, which was fiber optic in nature, picked up light from the other side of the earth and reflected some of its glow around the globe. How manifold are God's works!

8Jubal was the father of psychological warfare. The organ that he handled was the brain. He harped on it with propaganda that was sometimes set to music. Certain music chords when paired have the ability to stir emotions and drive messages deep into the psyche.

9In the New World after the Flood, pagan priests closely guarded secrets of antediluvian science and technology to awe the "vulgar" masses with their "sorcery". In modern times, it serves the purpose of the New World Order to promote the theory of evolution and conceal knowledge of ancient ingenuity, or they explain it as being of extra–terrestrial origin.

10Jubal's half–sister Naamah was probably the first woman to mate with a fallen angel. I surmise that she was a sorceress and the mother of psychic warfare, which she learned from her husband.

11It is possible that Jabal deliberately took to living in tents to spy, but I believe that by adopting this nomadic life style, he was actually submitting to the discipline that God handed down to Cain, which Cain rebelled against, and that Jabal reaped the blessing that God had been trying to confer on Cain.

Mercy is at the heart of all God's judgments and we reap mercy when we submit to God. Later in the Bible we read of how Jehonadab lived in tents, which I believe was for the purpose of escaping political turmoil after he witnessed Jehu's homicidal mania (2 Kings 10).

Jehonadab commanded his descendants to live in tents and refrain from drinking wine. Wine probably contributed to Jehu's depravity. Jehonadab probably was one of Jehu's drinking buddies prior to his rise to power.

Jehonadab's reasons for his decision to become a nomad incline me to believe that Jabal had a similar motive. People can choose who they want to be. They don't have to continue in their parents' sins, as we see from the example of Jonathan who loved God, though his father Saul was a rebel.

12Noah means "rest".

13I believe that the Ark would have grown to accommodate all the souls who came aboard, no matter how many millions, just as loaves and fish multiplied in Yehoshua's hands.

14Ancient Hindu writings describe fleets of flying machines and go into detail about them, as well as describe weapons of mass destruction and how they destroyed cities.

15For as the days of Noah were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
[Matthew 24:38 – 39]

The antediluvians knew that there was going to be a flood; what they didn't know was that their own efforts to save themselves would not work.

Yehoshua was possibly also referring to lab experiments with DNA when He spoke of "marrying", in addition to conventional marriage. Jude 7 says that the antediluvians were going after strange flesh like the people of Sodom and Gomorrha. This refers to bestiality, as well as sodomy, and we know from the Genesis record that humans also mated with fallen angels.

To know what Noah's day was like, we need only to look around at our present day where sodomy and bestiality has been on the increase, where we hear stories of alien abductions (some generated by hallucination and some are actual), and where scientists splice animal DNA with human DNA, animal with plant DNA, and human with plant DNA. It is weird and sick, but that's what happens when people do not retain God in their knowledge.

Visit the CREATION EVIDENCES website for more information about what Planet Earth was like before the Flood. Much of the environmental information for this poem was gleaned from watching Kenneth Copeland videos featuring Dr. Carl Baugh, the Director of the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas.

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