Glistening green, blue, and purple butterflyGolden QuillEva's Letter

Dear Daddy and Mommy,

I broke forth from my snug, warm cocoon,
Into a strange, cold room much too soon,
And you two were bent over my tiny form,
Looking lost, bewildered, heartbroken, forlorn.

There were bright beings all around,
And in the distance, I heard a majestic sound,
Bidding me to return to my Creator;
He said that I would get to see you later.

I had to go, but you looked so sad;
I tried to tell you that it's not so bad.
Some flowers are too fragile for this place,
So God protects them with a peculiar grace.

It looks so tragic to the human eye,
For an innocent child to untimely die,
But I get to be innocent forever, don't you see?
Nothing will ever taint my purity.

I will never forget my Creator who begot me from His mind;
I will never know what it is like to be self–centred and unkind;
I will never make anyone weep because of wrong that I have done;
I will never be part of the evil that goes on beneath the sun.

You had plans for me, I know;
Mommy, I heard you telling Grandma so.
You both dreamed of how you'd buy me pretty clothes,
To make me beautiful from head to toes.

But, Mommy, you should see what I am wearing now;
There are jewels that shimmer upon my brow.
I have royal robes that are dazzling white;
You've never before seen anything so bright.

Glistening green, blue, and purple butterfly

Your heads hang down and your hearts are bowed;
You drag yourself through dreary days beneath a cloud.
My spirit flutters around you like a butterfly,
And I call to you while you weep and sigh.

I watch you every moment, don't you know?
And I see those brothers of mine everywhere they go.
I rejoice every time any of you do what is right,
When you grow towards God, it gives me great delight.

I'm here, right here, so very near,
And I'll follow you around, year by year,
To remind you that I am waiting for you to meet,
Upon the hallowed ground before God's mercy seat.

A crystal sea stretches before His Throne,
And your Eva Crystal is waiting to welcome you to this Home.
God provided a Way for you to get to this blessed place;
You will find it, if you earnestly seek His face.

I am happy here, so richly blessed,
Far beyond anything that the human mind has ever guessed.
Already, I've been made wiser than Solomon the king;
And, Mommy and Daddy, you should hear how I can sing!

I know that you ache to hold me and kiss my face,
And that in your heart, no other child will ever take my place.
Blow your kisses to me, until we meet again at last;
I will catch each one and hold them fast.

And then some glad day, when your work on Earth is complete,
I will stand near a pearly gate, waiting for my dear parents to greet.
Nothing will ever part us again on that bright, glad morn;
I tried to tell you this the day that I was untimely born.

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