Golden QuillShem's Tale

1) My story begins the year after the Flood,
When the Earth was still raw from its scourging.
Its wounded skin oozed lava and mud;
Snows, winds, and droughts continued our purging.

2) Gone was the sublime clime of my childhood;
Gone from my hearing were the songs of the stars.1
Years passed before again grew a wildwood,
But only too soon, we saw wild, wicked wars.

3) Our life in the New World was lonely and rough;
The land was much harder to subdue than before.
Farming in the old days had not been so tough,
And pleasures had never been so few or so poor.

4) The sky overhead was a frightening vault
Of open, weeping, intruding skies.
Hail, rampaging electricity, the winds' assault,
And withering radiation brought forth grumbles and sighs.

5) We lost many varieties of beasts in those days
For the Earth was so ravaged and bare.
Lacking enough plants upon which to graze,
At each other, the animals ferociously did tear.

6) Many tamer animals wasted and pined,
Mourning over scarcity of herbs for their meat.
Upon their bones, scavengers dined;
We all had to make adjustments in how we did eat.

7) Often, while attending to my labours,
I mused on memories of the past.
I missed my friends and some of my neighbours,
And machines that made our work easy and fast.

8) I longed for the cozy pleasures of yesterday;
For dining with friends in restaurants and cafes.
Memories of our laughter echoed far away,
As the visions faded of our merry–making days.

9) We had no more servants to fetch and carry;
There were no amusements to feed our carnality.
We brought with us only what was necessary
For dealing with harsh, pioneering reality.

10) We ate our simple meals by flickering fire
That gave hardly any heat and only dim light.
To gloomy, flapping tents, we did silently retire,
There in the dark of frigid, wintry night.

11) I mourned for lost volumes of knowledge
And great works destroyed in the cataclysm.
A chastened Earth was now our grim college,
Under the rainbow's gleaming, bright prism.

12) Our father Noah forbade re–inventions
Of machinery ingeniously complex.
He said that, regardless of good intentions,
Technology would corrupt the generations coming next.

13) He spoke the truth, as I well know;
Our cleverness destroyed much before the Flood.
Technology brought slavery, knavery, and woe
When used for self–indulgence and spilling of blood.

14) Still, it's hard to not repine
For the comforts of the sullied past.
But to serve at their tawdry shrine
Would bring Man's destruction lightning fast.

15) Today's gas lines and nuclear reactors
Could become tomorrow's bombs.
The Earth has so many fractures;
The quakes gave us many anxious qualms.

16) Shakings were frequent as the continent shifted;
Volcanoes smoked in grumbling unrest.
Our faith in God, Nature continually sifted
And put to a relentlessly gruelling test.

17) If it wasn't for believing that the shimmering arch
Was a true token of promise to hold back the water,
I would have been dragged into Sin's mad march,
And gone like an ox to the slaughter.

18) It is amazing that some yet provoke God's wrath,
Inviting Him to burn the Earth to its core.
I long that people would forsake that path,
And embrace the good purpose that God made us for.

19) Father urged us to God be grateful;
We knew that by his faith, our lives were spared.
But Ham found this debt hateful;
He rejoiced when Father's faults and body were bared.

20) Though Noah was a man of great faith and virtue,
His soul, at times, was troubled and depressed.
For comfort, he did the Lord pursue
As he sought more fully His rest.

21) But sometimes our venerable father stumbled
Over the hardships of our difficult lot.
It shredded his nerves when we grumbled,
And he mourned over the carnage evil had wrought.

22) Once when his spirits were very low,
Father sought relief by imbibing much wine.
But his drinking brought further trouble and woe,
Because Ham behaved like a swine.

23) Just as a pig revels in mire,
My brother gloated over Father's brief fall.
He smirked when he told us about Noah's lack of attire
And said he reckoned Dad wasn't so good after all.

24) "Come, my brother Japheth," said I,
"We will cover our father's shame.
Our eyes upon him will not pry,
Nor our tongues heap scandal on his name."

25) Backwards into his tent, we stepped
And laid his priestly robe2 upon Noah where he lay.
Deeply the man snored as he slept;
With a headache, he emerged from his tent the next day.

26) Father was told of Ham's contempt,
Whereupon he prophesied to his offspring a curse.3
Japheth and I were from his fury exempt;
Ham went away, his bitterness to nurse.

27) "Poor little Canaan!", Ham's wife ranted,
"Why should the innocent suffer that old man's wrath?"
But rebellion was a seed Canaan's father had planted
And the fruits of it were strewn in his path.

28) The nature of sin is that it spreads harm all around,
But the tangles it weaves God can redeem.
If people would not give sin more ground,
Judgment would not be hard, as satan's lies make it seem.

29) For the heart of God's judgment is mercy;
People would find it, if they bent to His yoke.
But most enter with God into controversy;
Upon their bitterness, they strangle and choke.

30) Ham had proved that he was unfit to rule,
By harbouring conceit and ingratitude.
Canaan was poisoned by a father who was a fool;
From Ham's genes, he absorbed a bad attitude.

31) Ham needed to see that his sneering
Had made life harder for his posterity.
Their difficulties came through his steering;
The "burnt one"4 set aflame their barbarity.

32) Ham's family wrestled against Noah's rule;
They railed against the patriarch's God.
They deemed El and Noah as unjust and cruel;
Deeper into darkness, they imprudently trod.

33) Cush took up the grudge against our God,
Enticing people to worship creation instead.
From his loins, he sired a bully, Nimrod;
Evil fears and passions, father and son fed.

34) My great nephew was a belligerent brat;
He was bad news right from the start.
Nimrod grew meaner than a polecat
And he married a rancid, shameless, little tart.

35) It was his own mother5 upon whom he was especially keen;
And her ambitions and lust had no bounds.
That witch could not bear for any other to be Queen
To preside above her on the ziggurats' mounds.

36) She was a quite a beauty, that Semiramis;
Insofar as her face and her form.
But her heart was as deep and dark as the Abyss
And around her, many fools like bees did swarm.

37) Semiramis originated a phrase that denotes shame;
The wearing of the "cuckold's6 horns".7
Nimrod was the first who bore that name;
He was the "king of the world" that all Heaven scorns.

38) Blood ran upon their sun–dedicated altars;
The blood of sweet, innocent, little babes.
That orb was grieved by its murderous exalters,
Revolted by the worship of those psychotic knaves.

39) "The Servant" was the name men first called our star;
The sun is a servant of both Man and God.
To worship it, is really bizarre;
The same goes for worshipping our sod.

40) The idolaters' ceremonies were just an excuse
To indulge their most violent and smuttiest passions.
All that were vulnerable were subjected to abuse
And discarded in the most shameful of fashions.

41) Nimrod worshipped fire and the sun;
Ancient Zoroaster8 was he.
The name was revived for another one
Who was well versed in the lore of Chaldee.

42) Nimrod had many aliases, titles, and honours;
As "the Son of God"9, liars hailed that brute.
He was flattered mightily by his fawners10
All along his blood–spattered route.

43) Chemosh, Dionysus, Bacchus, and Mars;
Numerous have been the disguises.
The priests linked Nimrod's names to the stars;
Their presumption no longer surprises.

44) Ninus was his most well known name,
Though he's called by the other in God's Book.
Nimrod was a destroyer of human game,
But that's not why he was given his Genesis nook.

45) Many tyrants have shed the blood of millions,
But of them, the Bible by name makes no mention.
Many hunters have killed animals by the zillions,
But Nimrod went after monsters of gigantic dimension.

46) The Earth was menaced by terrible beasts;
Huge, devouring, lumbering lizards of yore.
Each kind11 were saved before the Old World ceased,
Including the ferocious to engender some more.

47) Our planet lost the crystal canopy that enclosed it
When it was shattered by the forces of Nature.
Away from the sphere, some oxygen did flit,
Diminishing the strength of each creature.

48) The dinosaurs' lungs withered in weak air,
Their numbers waned and became few.
Of those that survived, men had to beware;
Destruction all around, they did strew.

49) Nimrod used men's desperate situation
For his perverted, selfish advantage.
He aimed to achieve an emperor's station;
To this end, he went on his rampage.

50) The conquest of men's bodies and wills
Were the choicest trophies he sought.
For the hope of a little easing of their ills,
Many a soul was bartered and caught.

51) Men marvelled at Nimrod's hunting skill;
It made them gasp, gabble, and gape.
Nearly every dinosaur, he managed to kill,
Except for those that could fly to escape.

52) Stories were told later of the thunderbirds
That stretched aloft their leathery wings.
Amazed were the people at their elders' words,
At their tales of those terrifying things.

53) But knowledge was lost in the long ago
Of how life was right after the Flood.
Of how monsters ranged to and fro,
Churning villages and farms back into mud.

54) Into the fields, the brute lizards swept,
Crushing orchards and crops underfoot.
They trampled homes while people helplessly wept,
Until along came the hunter with skin black as soot.

55) He wore the skins of leopards12 upon his dark, rippling hide;
And hunted the most challenging of game.
Skillfully upon horses, he and his warriors did ride,
Thus "the Centaur" became another Nimrod name.

56) The farmers and their families watched in awe
As the hunters harried the lizards.
It was phenomenal how they escaped tooth and claw;
The hunters seemed like powerful wizards.

57) Leopards attacked the prehistoric prize,
But were battered by the monster's mighty limbs and tail.
Spears and arrows pierced the dinosaur's eyes;
It crashed and rocked on the ground with a wail.

58) The poor folk knelt in abject gratitude
Before the gloating, grinning hero.
He knew how to make use of their grateful attitude;
This man who also was called the "Zero".

59) "Zero"13 means "Seed" in the Chaldee tongue;
It denotes the Promised One from Mother Eve.
Bitter envy from Cush's breast had sprung,
Thus the Numberer14 set out to deceive.

60) Canaan's brood and brethren bore a curse,
But Cush was determined that his seed would rule.
With reasoning fiendishly proud and perverse,
Cush became Lucifer's tool.

61) He touted his strongest and meanest cub
As the Seed that was anxiously awaited.
By the sharpness of his cunning and force of his club,15
Self–lovers were deceived or intimidated.

62) Bel was the name that men called him;
Baal was the name given his son.
Hell was the power that fed that foul limb,
And "FAIL" is the destiny that his branch won.16

63) It looked at first like Nimrod would succeed
When he built Babel as a refuge from beasts.
He exploited men's fears and most urgent need
To make slaves and obtain food for cannibal feasts.

64) Wicked Cush laid the foundations of that fort
That Nimrod and Semiramis continued to build.
Babel grew on the plain like a contagious wart,
And the dinosaur threat soon had it filled.

65) "The god of forces and fortifications",17
My notorious nephew came to be known.
His refugees were subjected to many mortifications
In the "sanctuary" to which they had flown.

66) Other cities were made for refugees
Who flocked in like frightened, little geese.
But inside was no life of happiness and ease;
There was no vestige of genuine peace.

67) The terrorizing beasts were vastly reduced
While it became evident that Babel was a prison.
Then people realized they had been seduced
And that a maniac, to power had arisen.

68) More were herded like sheep to Nimrod's fold,
And forced to prostrate themselves at his feet.
He was trumpeted as the King of the World,
While he sat gloating over fresh, trembling meat.

69) "Cannibal" originally meant "priests of Baal",
For eating human sacrifices was part of their menu.
The high walls of the cities were but a corral;
And the gory steps of the ziggurats, their venue.

70) Of innocent children, they did partake
They gobbled down even their own babies.
Thirst for blood they sought to slake;
They were like dogs maddened with rabies.

71) Whatever he admired in those who resisted,
Nimrod thought he could get by eating their flesh.
Only minds that are outrageously twisted,
Choose ideas like that with to mesh.

72) There was no reasoning with that gruesome man
That would turn him from his numerous sins.
With blood, his grisly, demonic altars ran
While he smirked with idiotic grins.

73) Filthy orgies also took place
Upon the steps of the temples of the sun.
Semiramis presided over this brazen disgrace,
Pretending to be a divine, exalted one.

74) Venus, Ishtar, Astarte18, Aphrodite;
She was given many a grandiose name.
In lasciviousness and cruelty, she was mighty;
And the Book remembers the filth of her shame.

75) There is the Great Whore of Babylon,
Or its prototype, to say the least.
She made the nations drink from her cauldron,
And remember her in their idolatrous feasts.

76) She was called Juno, Hera, Isis, Cybele, And "The Lady",
But "Nut" is the name that suits her the best.
Never did I meet a woman so shady;
Though virtue is what she professed.19

77) So serene was her wide, white brow;
So "innocent", the large, blue eyes.
But where does her soul writhe now?
The one whose ruby lips spewed blasphemy and lies.

78) And what became of the lovers of Semiramis,
That once were embraced by her alabaster arms?
Each now curses themselves for being an ignoramus
And vomits at the sight of her worm–eaten charms.

79) A crown of horns Nimrod wore,
To boast of his mighty powers.
Scarlet robes clothed his blonde whore,
The one they called the "Goddess of Towers."

80) Towers were her gaudy crown;20
And flattery gave her fame.
Blood gave her a crimson gown,
And kings have embraced her shame.

81) Consciences were conveniently shelved
By the greatest and also the least.
Deeper into debauchery, the foolish delved;
They became slaves to the system called "The Beast".

82) The lusts of men are what drive it on;
Nimrod and his queen rode upon its scaly back.
Their power vaunted itself in the New World's dawn;
History follows their murdering track.

83) From Babel, the dragon slithered forth
With Nimrod and Semiramis arrogantly astride.
It swallowed up tribes on its way north;
Nimrod celebrated with his gory, evil bride.

84) That spotted one gathered his fearsome host
And spread abroad his mighty wings.
The size of armies is what the wings boast21
That are seen on the monuments of Assyrian kings.

85) This Ninus was the first of that viper's brood;
Nineveh22 was also where he made his abode.
His ambitions were of demonic magnitude
As onward to make an empire, he rode.

86) His warriors had been trained in the hunts;
They were fearsome in their cunning and skills.
They made games of those they considered runts;
The "Minotaur" got his name from those kills.

87) As Nimrod's shadow stretched across the land;
Terror reigned in his smoking wake.
He ruled with a heavy, iron hand
With the help of Cush, that odious fake.

88) Ham and his wife told many a secret
About the wonders of the Old World.
They reproduced things Noah said to forget;
It looked like magic had been unfurled.

89) Real sorcery also played significant parts,
For the evil threesome wallowed in demonic streams.
They gave themselves to learning satanic arts;
Their egos became bloated with monstrous dreams.

90) The simple people fell for Cush's trickery;
Film projectors cast gods upon the walls.23
Secret tools for building seemed like witchery;
Deception made the ignorant become thralls.

91) Cush's knowledge made him seem like a god,
But his inner circle was privy to his mysteries.
They were a rapacious, rampaging squad,
According to various ancient histories.

92) Each was mad for control over folk;
They used all their scientific and sorcery tricks.
Superstition brought people under their yoke;
Those who resisted were tortured for kicks.

93) Some of the more knowing feared to resist,
For they thought it was no use to put up a fight.
Of people everywhere, spies were making a list,
Noting all those whom they didn't consider "right".

94) These spies to Cush and Semiramis came;
The pair watched the continent, each like a vulture.
Their network of surveillance gave them a name24
That was famous in Egypt's idolatrous culture.

95) The All–Seeing Eye was intimidating,
Though its reach wasn't as far as its boast.
Propaganda was employed for dominating;
The weakest–willed believed it the most.

96) I watched the lies devour men's souls,
And felt helpless to turn them from their path.
Nimrod seemed to be achieving his goals;
I wondered why God held back His wrath.

97) For years the Leopard continued to strut,
Arrogantly prowling before the Almighty's face.
For decades, on men's blood he did glut,
And species of animals, he was permitted to erase.

98) Cush said that Noah had fatally erred
By bringing monsters aboard on the Ark.
Look at how the dinosaurs had everyone scared;
He said that he was the man to whom we should hark.

99) But Man had been given Earth's dominion;
God said our dread would be on all animal kind.
Through faith, we were supposed to make each a minion;
By holiness, to make every one of them mind.

100) But men did not want to put God first,
And they scorned to invest their faith in Him.
Disobedience kept them under the curse,
And at the mercy of a warlord's whim.

101) "A mighty hunter in defiance of the Lord!"
This Nimrod loved to rant.
He said he'd sweep the Earth with his horde,
And make El's feeble followers recant.

102) "Uncle Shem shall lick my sandals,
Before I skin his putrid hide.
His offspring's heads shall be reaped by my vandals,
And Japheth's young in my chains abide!"

103) Pride swelled further in Nimrod's heart,
As evil Ethiope25 urged him to build a tower.
Cush campaigned for a monument of masonic art,26
As a symbol of Nimrod's glory and power.

104) Insulting El was their intention,
And to create an emblem to rally around.
If they meant to make to Heaven a literal ascension,
They would have built it on higher ground.

105) Though still fearing the Deep's great fountains,
They did not make the tower for refuge.
They would have used the highest mountains,
As platforms to escape another Deluge.

106) These were not people of trust,
Who put faith in the promises of God.
He had promised His creatures of dust.
Never again would water flood all of their sod.

107) If the bricks were in the kilns well seasoned.
Men would find relics of their rebellious assault,
In the event of defeat, Cush reasoned,
Against the King who ruled in Heaven's bright vault.

108) Twice baking the bricks would effectively seal
Against moisture and the corrosion of time.
Perhaps someday, they would re–ignite men's zeal,
Recharging the New World Order's27 fanatical climb.

109) In the meantime, the tower would figure
On items in various lands,
To act as a powerful, psychological trigger
That would bring all people into their bands.

110) Surely their followers would rally,
And take up weapons against El's crowd.
They would terrify those who did dally
And have all of the ditherers cowed.

111) Under this symbol, all voices would unite
To exalt the hidden god that they served.
They would give Lucifer more power to fight
The King from whose service, he had swerved.

112) He who sits in the Heavens disdained28
The rebels' deluded presumption.
God cannot be diminished or drained;
Theirs is an erroneous assumption.

113) El's followers gain power and joy,
When they invite God's sacred Presence.
The purity of worship in the songs they employ
Determines how much He enters the residence.

114) God is so humble, you see,
That He waits for a sincere invitation.
He gives to His creatures the key,
Though He owns all of Creation.

115) God doesn't need praise to make Him strong;
He is the Almighty forever.
This is a place where Lucifer is wrong,
In his calculations of how God's Kingdom, he'll sever.

116) Because the brightness of God's Presence increased
When He was warmly invited by praise,
Lucifer thought that God could be decreased,
If worship to God was not raised.

117) Satan seeks to silence every voice
That gladly sings praises to God.
He seduces and bullies to become our choice;
It's his attributes and power he wants us to laud.

118) By this, he thinks he can break God's arm,
And throw the I AM from off of His throne.
It is to achieve this harm
That he entices each human, his praises to drone.

119) God has not the smallest degree of concern
About the lofty ambitions of that fool.
His rebellion is just a means for Creation to learn
That God is the most fit to bear rule.

120) The gullible bought Lucifer's half–baked lies
And twice their bricks they did bake.
Their tower shouted defiance at the skies
About the stand they had decided to make.

121) For cement, Nimrod's crew used slime
To make the tower resistant to weather.
It has been this way all throughout Time
That slimy dealings glue seared hearts together.

122) Regardless of how the rebels plot and rant
Against Heaven's King and His Anointed;
They can do nothing, if He says they can't,
And their destruction will come, as appointed.

123) So it was with Nimrod's rabble
When Heaven jeered at their obscene structure.
Fiery reproof was heaped on Babel
And its shoddy, little tower had a rupture.

124) Lightning struck and cracked it halfway down,
Toppling bricks every which way.
Fear made of each rebel a clown,
As over their minds it held sway.

125) It made their tongues twist and flop
As they tried to communicate later.
So many words were nothing but slop
In the mouths of each God–hater.29

126) Earthquakes and tidal waves engendered panic;
They brought about much suffering and death.
There was meteorite–caused fire, as well as volcanic;
Earth was scorched with El's holy breath.

127) The Continent was broken into scattered parts;
The globe's tilt was altered; its girth became more wide.
We had to change all of our old maps and charts,
Including our astronomy guide.

128) In spite of his armies' deaths and confusion,
And the scrambling of his boasting speech,
Nimrod persisted in his strong delusion;
For his psychotic fantasy, he continued to reach.

129) He learned new tongues in which to blaspheme,
And to communicate with the rest of his house.
Nimrod and his father continued to scheme,
Along with their murderous spouse.

130) I took advantage of their confusion and calamity
To prevent them from regaining their possessions.
Here was an opportunity to return government to sanity
And be loosed from sinister oppressions.

131) The Holy Ghost came mightily upon me
To persuade the people to rise up and fight.30
This was the time from Nimrod to get free
For God had broken the wings of his might.31

132) I marshalled men whose courage had risen
And we met with Nimrod in battle.
He was defeated and put into prison,
But there he still continued to rail and to rattle.

133) He was a snake to the end; I was sorry to see;
His ways he refused to forsake.
Nimrod consigned his soul to a lost eternity,
To wallow in misery that himself he did make.

134) The elders of our tribes conferred to decide
How to carry out Nimrod's demise.
That it should carry a message, we concurred,
To prevent another such as he, too soon to arise.

135) Nimrod was fetched from his incarceration;
He dallied in front of a looking glass to gawk.
We interrupted Narcissus' self–adoration
And led him off to the chopping block.32

136) We butchered Nimrod's body into several parts
After his head was severed from his neck.
They served as a warning against using dark arts
To enslave the nations and men's souls to wreck.33

137) Around to troublesome cities they were sent,
Each got one of those rotting portions.
On gathering them up, Semiramis was bent
As she filled her followers' minds with yet more distortions.

138) Her ambitions were not easy to shake;
She had risen to power on Nimrod's muscle and fame.
She got pregnant and hatched forth a fake;
A child that was Nimrod's reincarnation was her claim.

139) The child looked beautiful like his mother;
His father is anyone's guess.
This Nimrod looked much better than the other,
Though inside, he was sadly grotesque.

140) His mother and her priests twisted his mind,
Making him think that he was some kind of god.
Into their coils, his soul they entwined,
Soiling the innocence of the son of that bawd.

141) Nimrod's death was touted as voluntary;
They said he was the Saviour of Mankind.
It was certainly extraordinary
How suckers, these priests continued to find.

142) Apollo was a name given to the child
And Eros and Horus and Tammuz and Cupid.
Semiramis eventually drove her son wild,
Because she refused to stop being stupid.

143) The son had her killed by a eunuch one day
When he was pushed an inch too far.
She was too determined to have her own way;
This was the violent end of the fabled Ishtar.

144) Many stories were cunningly devised
Between Semiramis and those priests.
They spread abroad their devious lies
From the greatest nations down to the least.

145) The myths of many a goddess or god
Were germinated in Babylonian soil.
At spreading these doctrines abroad,
Crafty emissaries did insidiously toil.

146) Unto the "vulgar" masses there was a ban
Against telling them the true meanings in each tale.
Secret societies carry out the plan
To make all drink from that witch's unholy grail.34

147) Shem means the same as Seth;35
I was slandered as Set in Egypt's version
Of how Nimrod met his inglorious death.
The truth is twisted by their perversion.

148) For centuries, their heirs have plotted revenge
Against El and all His righteous host.
Killing a swine is the signal to avenge36
The wicked man of whom the secret orders boast.

149) They have woven their nets centuries long
And have flung them far and wide.
They have made their snares cunning and strong;
In the sea of humanity, these fishers have plied.

150) I see motors have replaced the horse
And bullets have replaced arrows and spears.
Technology has come back to us with force,
Just as Noah warned us through his tears.

151) Propaganda has refined its trap,
Manipulating public opinions.
The media is used for the Beast's yap
To direct its self–centered minions.

152) The ignorant have had their bloodlust baited
With news reports steering them to hate.
For profit, wars are initiated;
With gaping jaws, Greed and Murder wait.

153) Lust also demands its meals of Man;
Into its traps, men and women flow.
Fools dance to the pipes of Pan,
As he leads his guests to Hell below.

154) "Gods" and "goddesses" are projected on walls
Of your modern temples and shrines.
For such are your televisions and movie halls,
With their roarings, squawkings, guffaws, and whines.

155) People have become so shallow and flimsy;
They need no dinosaur threat of becoming its feast.
They accept nearly any old whimsy,
To enslave their souls to the Beast.

156) Wrath is racing towards the planet that sins,
To vex its rebel herd and their shepherds.
Those "Ethiopians"37 can't change their skins,
Nor can any erase the spots of leopards.

157) Though they may give apologies and excuses,
Don't trust that brood for even a second.
Sweet words are bait for selfish uses;
Into their traps, souls are beckoned.

158) Like the cannibals of Babylon, they select
Tender tidbits of gullible meat.
Those who strive to be politically correct
Are the main meal the Beast does voraciously eat.

159) God is seeking His elect the whole worldwide;
The precious fruit of the Earth.38
Each person must for themselves decide,
If they will be someone of courage and worth.

160) When the abomination that makes desolate is slain,39
Signaling revenge for Nimrod's death,
Whose kingdom will make your soul their gain?
Whose name will you exalt with your very last breath?

161) Are you ready for the indignation,40
Of the fires that temper and refine?
Or have you tendered your resignation,
From the noble purpose for which you were designed?

162) Wise ones, from Babylon flee;
Cast off its wicked ways.
Fear not the times in which you be;
These are exciting days.

163) End Time warriors, be strong!
Put away your worries and doubts.
God has provided all along,
Escape from the miseries the dragon spouts.

164) There is a sacred Secret Place
That offers refuge to every trembling soul
Who fears the Lord and seeks His face,
And makes intimacy with God their goal.

165) Worship the Nazarene;
The Seed that came through my line.
He is the Way to be clean;
He will fill you with God's new wine.

166) Nothing will do you hurt
In any way that matters.
Just keep on praying and be alert;
Don't fear the power that scatters.

167) For you are seed in God's own Hand;
Seed that will arise anew.
When your blood is swallowed by the land,
It will inspire others to be true.

168) I am Shem, of your own kin,
Calling you out of Babel.
Be not tainted with its sin;
Do not perish with its rabble.

169) For judgment is coming on the world,
Though God's mercy has tarried long.
Soon His wrath will be unfurled
Upon that wicked, rebellious throng.

170) Grief shall be their portion,
As plagues sweep across the Earth.
Their plans shall have an abortion,
And God shall wipe away their mirth.

171) And though they burrow deep into mountains
To hide from the face of Him who burns,
They shall be flooded with the Deep's fountains,
And crawl from their holes like worms.41

172) Let God be your covering in tribulation,
And endure through the Blood of the Lamb.
You will forget all sorrows in jubilation
When you feast in the Presence of I AM.

173) Let your witness be strong and steady
And love not your lives to the death.
Make sure that you always are ready
For the distance to Eternity is only a breath.

1Before the Flood, when the crystalline canopy that enclosed the Earth was intact, it acted as a radio receiver for one hour each morning when the sun's rays slanted at a certain angle. For more information about the environment of the Antediluvian Age, contact the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas via

2Various ancient cave paintings around the world show people wearing modern clothes. Since ancient Man dressed similar to modern times, it can be surmised that the robe Noah was covered with was ceremonial in nature, to affirm that, regardless of his faults, his authority needed to be respected.

3What God was saying to Ham when He pronounced this curse is that if Ham repented, sin would be stopped dead in its tracks. His DNA would be cleansed from evil and none of his other children would be contaminated by it. If he had submitted to God's reproof, Canaan and his descendents would have found great joy and honour in serving their brethren. Instead, the rest of his children were cursed with Ham's rebellious spirit.

4Ham means "the burnt one". It probably refers to a seared conscience, or possibly his anger over God's reproof.

5Semiramis was not only Nimrod's mother and wife, but probably also his sister, Cush's own daughter. In satanism, incest is considered to be a powerful union that multiplies psychic abilities, or in other words, opens up people who practice it to heavy demonization. Cush was totally sold out to satan and groomed his children to worship the devil.

6Cuckold originates from the Chaldee "khuk–hold" and means "king of the world".

7Nimrod wore a headdress of three horns.

8Zoroaster is derived from Chaldee, meaning "seed of the fire", but it also means "seed of the woman", which refers to Eve. The word for fire and woman was the same.

9Nimrod was referred to as "the Son", Cush as "the Father" and Semiramis was supposed to be the "Holy Spirit". The dove was her symbol, as the dove was known from ancient times to be a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

10The spotted fawn is a symbol of Nimrod. He was the devil's own "little dear". The symbol is linked to the spotted leopard.

11Noah took babies of each kind of land creature and bird aboard the Ark to save space.

12This is why he was called Nimrod. Nimrod means "the spotted one". Leopard skins were also worn by pagan priests.

13The word "hero" originates from Zero, and was used as a designation for Nimrod. Unlike the TV hero Zorro, Nimrod was NOT a good guy who fought for justice.

14Cush was a brilliant mathematician.

15The club was Cush's symbol. The word "club" originated from Chaldee and means "to scatter". Playing cards feature Babylonian symbols and carry a spirit of divination, which draw people towards believing in "luck" even when they aren't used for gambling, rather than in seeking to develop the mind of the Messiah, which is why cards are called "the devil's bible". Derived from tarot cards, which were developed as visual aids to memorize Babylonian Mystery doctrine, playing cards are programming tools to groom people towards the antiChrist. Adepts consider the simplified deck to be more powerful than tarot cards.

16Nimrod was referred to as "the Branch". This was a designation for the promised Messiah.

17Daniel 11:38 speaks of the god that the Antichrist serves.

18Astarte means "goddess of towers".

19Semiramis was called "the Virgin Mother".

20Cybele was the goddess of fortifications and wore a crown of towers.

21Isaiah 8:7 & 8.

22Ninevah means "the abode of Ninus". Its principal mound is called "Nimroud". "Ninus" means "the son".

23Apparitions that purport to be from God, but speak things contrary to His Word, are possibly produced by means of antediluvian technology that utilizes holograms.

They might also be produced through mass hypnosis. It is possible that the images that the Israelites doted on in Ezekiel 23:14 – 16 were produced by what used to be called a "magic lantern". Such was the conclusion that Alexander Hislop came to in his 19th century book Two Babylons. Most of the material for this poem was taken from his book.

24Semiramis was the vulture goddess Maut. She was known in Egypt as "the gazing woman". "Rhea" signifies both a gazing woman and a vulture. The vulture was symbolic of the spy system that Cush initiated.

25Ethiope was another name for Cush, as was Merodach, which means "the great rebel", Chus, Chaos, Janus (a symbol of the father and the son), Thoth, Nebo, Bel (signifying "the confounder" – Cush brought about the confusion of languages by instigating rebellion against God), Hephaistos or Vulcan – the father of the gods, Hermes – the interpreter of the gods, because Cush had a facility for figuring out what people were saying after their tongues were confused (Hermes is Egyptian meaning "the son of Ham"). Many other names are assigned to him, as well as to Nimrod and Semiramis.

26The Tower of Babel is the real monument that Freemasonry takes its name from, not the Temple of Solomon, and Nimrod's empire that it is attempting to rebuild.

27This is the origin of the term "New World Order" and why the rainbow is one of its prominent symbols. The Old World was the Earth before the Flood.

28Psalm 2

29The language was not totally corrupted, though many words became gibbled due to confusion. This is why many languages share similar words. Ancient Hebrew was likely the original language, though Chaldee is considered to be the sacred language of the world due to spreading its doctrines over the globe. God's own people were the least terrified and therefore the least affected.

30The first Hercules was Shem, who overcame the giants by the power of persuasion. In Egypt, Hercules' name was "Sem".

31Shem ran Nimrod to ground on the hills of Rome where Nimrod tried to hide. In ancient time Rome was called "Saturnia" as it was dedicated to the worship of Saturn. Saturn is pronounced Satur in Chaldee, but written as Stur. The numerical value of the letters add up to 666. Saturn means "hidden" as does "Lat". Latin means "the language of Mystery".

32Revelation 20:4 This is probably why beheading is chosen as the main method for executing the saints.

33Idolatry was not openly practiced again until the time of Semiramis's grandson.

34Jeremiah 51:7

35Seth and Shem mean "the appointed one".

36The abomination of desolation referred to in Matthew 24:15 "(Whoso readeth, let him understand)". God wants us to know about this stuff.

37Jeremiah 13:23 This is a biblical reference to the wickedness of those who practiced the Babylonian Mysteries. The rebellious Israelites were compared to them.

38Jacob (James) 5:7

39When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso reads, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:
[ Matthew 24:15 & 16.]

The swine that was sacrificed in pagan rituals represented Shem and the followers of Jehovah. This is where the custom originates of eating ham to celebrate Easter.

The Christian tradition of commemorating the Lord's death and celebrating His resurrection during Passover was moved along the calendar to keep in step with the Babylonian tradition of celebrating Easter, the queen of Heaven, at the end of Lent. Fasting during the 40 days of Lent originated for the purpose of lamenting Nimrod's death. No matter how it it dressed up, Lent is not a Christian memorial.

Ezekiel 8:14 speaks of this pagan custom of lamenting for Tammuz, and Jeremiah 7:18 speaks of making cakes to the queen of Heaven, which refers to hot cross buns. The word bun comes from the Chaldee word "boun" which means a cake.

The cakes were marked with a tau, which is the symbol of satan as his name in Chaldee (Teitan) begins with a tau. The cakes were also scored this way to represent the four quarters of the moon, which was a symbol of Semiramis.

The goddess Ishtar was said to have been born from an egg that fell from the moon into the Euphrates after priests rolled the egg to the shore. This is why egg rolling and hiding eggs are included in Easter celebrations.

Jeremiah 10:3 & 4 speaks of the Babylonian custom of decorating Christmas trees. Semiramis commanded that trees should be decorated with golden ornaments to represent the sun during the December festival that celebrates the reincarnation of Nimrod through a child that she gave birth to after his death.

The Church needs to purify itself from pagan traditions. The Word of God tells us to flee from Babylon, not to flirt with it or linger in its disguised, demonic doctrines.

40Isaiah 26:20 & 21.

41They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of you.
[Micah 7:17]

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