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All ministers make blunders when they are preaching or teaching. There are a lot of ministers whose preaching and teaching I very much appreciate, and they welcome emails and letters that express this. Those notes probably get passed along. I wish I could also tell them what I disagree with, but they are too busy to deal with letters from thousands of people, and it would probably get them down if they read every letter where someone disagreed with them. If you send an email to their ministry, telling them what you disagree with, the staff sends back a stock answer that is supportive of their employer's views. There is no way to show the teacher that they are wrong about something, unless you know them personally.

I love ANDREW WOMMACK'S teaching; he has the best message on faith and God's grace that I have ever heard in nearly 40 years as a Christian. But that does not mean that appreciate all of his teaching. Some of it, I do not agree with.

I listen to his TV videos via the Internet a lot. I am working my way through all of them, starting from 2000. After listening to him saying the same errors over and over, having now gone through four years of his teaching, I need an outlet to express my disagreement with some of his errors. I have decided to post my disagreements on my website, but I hope that won't stop anyone from listening to him. Nobody has perfect doctrine and never makes mistakes. In spite of his errors, Andrew is an awesome preacher who has a lot of good things to say and his is one of the two ministries that receives from me the benefit of regular, financial support.

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