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Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in Heaven. [Matthew 18:10]

This Scripture applies to every phase of a child's life, starting from the moment of conception. Children are not convenient and that's a fact, but we must deal with them maturely, instead of shunning responsibility for what we have done in producing those children. Self–centredness to a very toxic degree likens a child to a parasite that is growing within a woman and must be eradicated, if she does not want to continue her pregnancy. Thinking of a child in those terms most certainly falls into the category of despising them.

Maturity says, "Regardless of how a child was conceived, whether deliberately planned or the outcome of an illicit relationship (fornication, adultery, incest, rape), a living soul is a gift from God, and that gift must be guarded and nurtured until they can adequately fend for themselves." Yes, even in cases of rape, a child is a good thing that God made to come out of a bad thing, a signal of His mercy, an opportunity for a woman and her family to develop and demonstrate character by doing all they can to help the child find their God–ordained destiny and become a blessing to the rest of the world.

My daughter was not married when she conceived her children, and she was only seventeen when my grandson Connor was born. There was never a thought in my mind that this child should be aborted. God had ordained his existence, though the circumstances of his conception were not the best. By embracing him as a gift from God, our eyes were open to how God would use him to bless our lives.

In Heather's case, he probably saved her from being destroyed while still in her teens, for her life was not going anywhere but down the tube at that time. Having a child and wanting to keep him motivated her to start obeying sensible rules, so that she could give her baby a safe home. By sparing her child's life, though she was strongly pressured by her group home mother and the other girls whom she lived with in that home to abort her baby, Heather probably saved her own life.

Mercifully, Heather did not have to stay in that negative environment for long. One day as I was on my way to visit my daughter, I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and cheerfully say, "Lanny, what would you like for me to do for you?" My instant reply was, "Get Heather into Mom's Place." Mom's Place was a home for young, unwed mothers that was sponsored by a Mennonite church. When I arrived at the group home, Heather happily told me that she had been accepted into Mom's Place. Hallelujah!

It was a safe and nurturing environment where grace was said at meals, pictures with Scriptures were on the walls, and people from the church befriended the girls, taking them on outings and to visits in their homes. When the girls were required to move out of the home, they could help themselves to donated household goods that were stored in the garage.

ConnorDuring their pregnancy, they were given classes on the Lamaze natural technique of childbirth, as well as on parenting. Two of the women who worked in the home were doulas who helped the girls deliver their babies in the hospital. Our dear, little Connor was surrounded in the womb, not only by amniotic fluid, but also the concern of generous, caring Christians who recognized his right to exist, to be born, to have his chance at life, and put compassion into action to help him get a good start.

It hasn't been easy for my daughter to be an unwed mother. Connor has a lively, strong–willed personality and is very bright; he has not been what one would term a "compliant" child, but he has given us many moments of joy, regardless, and I am sure that the help we got from others contributed to the good stuff that has been in our lives because of him. A brother and sister were added later, and they have given us more joy, though my daughter is not married to their fathers either.

How would it have been, though, if there had not been government help, nor the kindness of Christians, to ensure that these children have shelter and adequate food and clothing and education? Most certainly, the decision to not abort would have been much more difficult, but it would have still been just as wrong to do it. Besides my daughter's guilt, blood would have been on the hands of those who had opportunity to help support and raise the children, but had declined to do so out of unwillingness to be inconvenienced by their needs.

How dire do circumstances have to be in order to justify killing one's children to spare them suffering? It is never justified; not in the womb, or outside of the womb. It is never justified, regardless of how intensely a child suffers, whether from illness, or lack of necessities, or deliberate cruelty due to the evil that is in the world. Children are not animals that can legitimately be put out of their misery to spare them further suffering.

People's bodies may have similarities to animals' bodies, but people have a higher destiny than animals. God set man above animals by shaping them with His own hands, instead of merely speaking them into existence, as the Bible records in the book of Genesis. Animals are only spirit and body. Humans are a more complex spirit that has a soul, as well, within a body that enables them to live on Earth, and each soul has the potential to be converted to the love and the service of the Creator, and help save other souls from eternal misery, which is the reward of human beings who choose to serve Self, rather than God.

Those who are in rebellion against God might pay no heed to what the Bible says, but Christians certainly should take it seriously. The Bible says that John the Immerser, more commonly known as the Baptist, was filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb. It also relates how God called various people to be prophets, while they were still in the womb. It implies in Job 3:3 that there are Watchers who observe all the things that happen on the Earth, and they are deeply interested every time a child is conceived and record the gender of the child. The Bible tells us that all the events in every person's life is recorded, as well as the choices they make in responding to those events.

Some people experience very adverse events in their lives, and many choose to become bitter because of wrongs done to them. I a book called "A Nickel's Worthy of Hope" by Andre Vandenberg, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp in his teens because he was a Jew. Andre suffered terribly there and ended up in the camp hospital, which was one of the most miserable places on Earth. The patients received very little medical care, if any. They dying were stripped of their clothes and ordered to lay on the ground where they were left mostly unattended, until they died in their filth.

As Andre lay dying, he contemplated his life, which he considered to have been selfishly wasted, and he knew of a certainty that another life was coming where he would pay for his misdeeds. He prayed for another chance to live a life that honoured God. Within a short time, the camp was liberated and he was able to go on his way to make a life for himself and find his way to God. This man came to know Yeshua as his Saviour and had many adventures travelling down through Africa.

Anyway, the point is that, even in the midst of intense suffering, people can find their way to God and fulfill His purpose for their lives. Among those who have been aborted are souls who would have overcome their disadvantages in life and discovered ways to improve life for many others, to extend lives to give other souls more time to come to salvation, and some would have been saved themselves and helped others understand how their souls could be saved. Nobody has the right to deny them their chance to make the world a better place for having passed through it.

There are some who have let themselves be convinced that they have every right to "play God" with other people's lives. Some of them even fancy that they are gods and it amuses them to treat the lives of men and women and children as merely so much sand that sifts through their fingers, in their ambition to gain more power over the Earth's resources and other people's lives. It gives them pleasure to kill because it reinforces their obsession with control. Sometimes they kill with their own hands, sometimes they kill by programming people to obey their every order, even the order to kill themselves, as they have trained their slaves to fear torture more than to fear death.

Yes, some people really are that evil; they are satanists and the more blood they shed, the more demon–possessed they become, which to their minds, means gaining more satanic powers, but they are dupes and slaves. What they will get after they die by serving Lucifer while they are alive is not what he has told them their reward will be. In fact, he will torment them more than he torments others because there is a heavy penalty for knowingly choosing to serve evil.

Some of satan's followers have become very powerful and have gained the ability to manipulate war for multiple purposes. One of their purposes is population reduction, which is disguised as "population control," using the fallacy that the Earth does not have enough resources to sustain its population, if birth control is not implemented. The whole population of the Earth could be fitted into the state of Florida, so space is not really the issue.

Greed is the problem, not space nor the Earth's resources. And it is the kind of greed that suppresses inventions that would be a great benefit to all, enabling all to have safe and inexpensive sources of energy, food, and cures for disease. It is the kind of greed that builds companies into large corporations that edges out competition and bribes people in government in order to force the general population to buy their products. It's the kind of greed that engineers fruits and vegetables to not produce viable seeds, so that farmers are forced to buy seed from them year by year, and doesn't care at all about farmers who are committing suicide because they went into debt to buy the seeds, but the harvest failed because of drought, or some other reason.

What else does greed do that causes death on a massive scale? It promotes drugs that have side effects that are worse than the diseases they are supposed to cure or the symptoms they are supposed to relieve, leading to further breakdown of health. It contaminates food with harmful additives for the sake of extending the shelf life of products, or to produce a more appealing product. It poisons body care products with harmful additives for the same reason. It convinces the public that they need those products.

Greed encourages addictions of all kinds; addictions to sugar and salt in foods, addictions to alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, entertainment, pornography, etc . . . The people who make a profit off of other people's bondage do not care that their products are destroying people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Greed motivates people to campaign to convince the public that rights of free speech should offer protection to smut and to spreading the ideologies of terrorists who have deliberately infiltrated other countries to take them over, that prostitution and recreational drugs should be legal, and that women have the right to kill their babies in the womb.

The abortion industry rakes in billions of dollars, and not just from killing the babies. That alone accounts for billions of dollars of profit, but it earns yet more money from selling the bodies of their infant victims to become ingredients in beauty products and food products. It sells the bodies to labs for experimentation and dissection. Sometimes the babies are still alive after being aborted and they are shipped off to be used for experiments in countries where late term abortions are not allowed.

The abortion industry has helped the educational system promote rampant sex experimentation among teenagers, with a goal of producing customers for their industry. Their hope is that they will be able to profit from performing an average of three abortions on girls by the time they reach eighteen, and then later more abortions as women engage in casual sex with strangers and enter relationships where the other partner is not fully committed to them.

There are evil people who have much to profit from by convincing women that they not actually committing murder when they kill their unborn children, that they are being denied their "rights," if they are not allowed to abort their babies with impunity, or have the expense of the abortion covered by their medical plan. Oh yes, the medical plan that guarantees that the abortionists will get paid, that no matter how poor a woman is, she can get an abortion; it's another "cause" that those in the abortion industry campaign for.

It is greed that not only fuels giant corporations, but also causes environmentalism to run amok. Greedy, power–hungry trolls enlist dupes to campaign passionately for the preservation of the environment and wildlife to the detriment of people, placing more importance on plants and animals than on people's lives. There are many in the environmental movement who invest great passion and energy and finances to fight for the preservation of animal species, who also espouse abortion. These people will prose on about how a tree has a "soul," but refer to a human being in the womb as "tissue" or "a clump of cells," as if they were a cancerous tumour. Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones.

The cry is that "We have to preserve the Earth for our posterity! We have to sacrifice a few for the benefit of all. We can't let the Earth become overpopulated!" Listen up, dummies. It isn't your posterity that the trolls want to preserve the Earth for; it's THEIR posterity. They don't give a hoot for your posterity; that's why they put so much effort into convincing you that it's okay to kill your unborn children. And they don't care about you either. When you are no longer useful to them, you're a goner, too, and that day will come far too soon, no matter how hard you try to delay it.

Wars are started, not only to profit from selling weapons and other ordinance to both sides, but also to get rid of large portions of the population of various countries, so that their natural resources can be plundered. The Bible knows what it is talking about when it says in Proverbs 14:28 "In the multitude of people is the king's honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince."

The babies who have been aborted had among them, not only the brains that would have come up with brilliant ideas that would have added to the prosperity of the nation, but also provided soldiers to protect it. Among them were also workers who would have keep the economy thriving, providing taxes, as well, and enabling a nation to be wiser about who they allow to immigrate into their country, instead of throwing its doors open to masses of people who have destructive idealogies and actively work to remake their new home into the kind of tyrant nation that they say they are fleeing from.

Chemical and biological weapons are being employed in warfare to reduce the world's population to what the trolls consider ideal – 300 to 350 million. That is A LOT less than the current seven billion. This has been stated by Ted Turner, the owner of CNN, as the ideal size of population. As someone else has said, "You first, Ted."

After the elite (a.k.a. trolls) get finished using their chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and any other type of weapon that can poison the environment, how do they expect to survive? People can go online and look at photographs of huge TUNNEL BORING MACHINES that have been used to bore tunnels beneath the Earth, which run high–speed trains, not open to the public, to connect underground bases. The photo of the machine is closer to the bottom of the page.

Are the trolls and their slaves safe in their underground shelters? Not from the justice of God. The Bible says in Micah 7:17, "They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of you." That seems to indicate that the underground bases will be flooded, for it is usually too much water that causes worms to emerge topside.

The Earth's crust sits on a layer of water. In Noah's time, the breaking up of the fountains of the deep contributed to the flooding of the Earth, and the collapse of its hydrogen canopy ensured that even the highest mountains were covered. There is no canopy anymore, so the Earth will not be flooded again to that extent, but underground facilities surely will be inundated. Earthquakes and volcanic activity will probably cause cracks that will make passages from the waters into the shelters.

What about space platforms or colonies on other planets as a refuge? Obadiah 1:4 says, "Though you exalt yourself as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there will I bring you down, says the LORD." There is no escape for those who rebel against God, no matter how powerful they become among men, no matter how advanced their technology.

Some trolls publicly present themselves as honourable and upright, but behind the scenes, they are raking in billions of dollars through the illegal sale of drugs, not only to make a profit off of addicts, but also to hinder the thinking processes of the population with drugs, to weaken them physically, and eventually kill them for the purpose of population reduction. Don't let them do that. If you are an addict, cry out to God to deliver you from that weakness. Try to extend your life for as long as you can, to give you time to fulfill your God–ordained destiny of being a blessing to those around you. Why should you make it easy for the trolls to destroy you?

Why should people kill their babies for the trolls? God gives children to people to be a blessing, and even in cases of fornication, adultery, or rape, it is a signal of God's mercy if a child is conceived. The child is an opportunity for good to come out of evil, but the parents and relatives have to recognize the potential for something good to come out of the circumstance, and work hard to try to make up the deficits, to help the child develop character by being loved, provided for adequately, and taught sound moral values. If the children die because of war or famine or crime, then let their blood be on the hands of the trolls, not on the hands of their own parents.

Satan tries to make parents panic and take matters in their own hands, to do what is good in their own eyes. One of the ways he does this is to prepare them ahead of time to kill their children in times of deep distress. I once saw a movie about Vikings where a town was about to be attacked by a tribe that was more savage than the Vikings. The townspeople knew that it was the sadistic practice of the enemy tribe to commit atrocities on the children when they captured a town, so the mothers were prepared to kill their children quickly and "mercifully," if the enemy won, before they could reach them. This was conveyed as noble and merciful. Satan seeds these ideas through the media.

To a mind that is darkened to the knowledge of God, it does indeed appear that it is merciful to kill children to spare them pain and grief. When God is not in the equation, or when faith in Him is riddled with doubt and unbelief, it seems totally outside of the realm of possibility that God would rescue innocents from demon–possessed people who delight to cause pain and sorrow.

The same is true in the case of dire illness, where it seems merciful to kill, rather than to let a person suffer horrific pain or exist in a comatose state, which is commonly called "vegetative," conveying the idea that the patient is a vegetable rather than person. God is not considered, His power to heal is not considered, and His salvation, which He says comes only through Jesus Christ, is not considered. The person who is suffering might need more time to repent of their sins, and the suffering might be the very thing that causes them to cry out in desperation to God to, at least, save their souls, if not their bodies. It might also give them opportunity to make amends with those whom they have offended through neglect or abuse.

In the case of children, their souls go to Heaven anyway, when they die, so killing them won't make the children go to Hell, but the person who thinks that they are being merciful by killing them might be hardened further in their unbelief and never again be open to repenting of their sins, so that they can be saved. Their action says, "God has failed to act, so I will be my own god and act as I see fit. I am more just, more merciful than God; I will spare my children pain and grief."

This is not only a refusal to trust in the goodness of God, but also arrogance. Even if God permits us to suffer terrible pains, or our loved ones to suffer terrible pains, we must always trust that He is good. Without that as the foundation for our lives, we cannot hope to discern our true purpose in life or think rationally about the tragedies that happen in life.

I had a dream several years ago of terrible times that had come upon my country. It was at war and the war was not overseas; it was right here on Canadian soil. Both men and women were required to fight our enemies to defend our land. The men and women decided that they would kill their children, so that they could give full attention to fighting the enemy and turning them back, and not be distracted from having to provide food, shelter, medical care, and protection to their kids. They figured that this would be merciful to their current children, and they could have more children after they got rid of the enemy. But is God going to fight for a nation that kills its own children? In the end, they did not have more children because chemical weapons that had been used made them sterile. They did some of their enemies' dirty work for them, by killing their children themselves.

Pro–abortion advocates are irrational. They chide Christians for supporting the death penalty for murderers, mocking them that this isn't "pro–life." The Bible teaches that God has given civil authorities the right and the duty to put murderers to death, in order to protect society. There are people with heavy–duty anger issues who need more motivation to get their tempers under control. There are also mass murderers who would have never had the opportunity to kill anyone else, either inside of prison or outside, if they had been quickly executed. If people really believe that life is sacred, they will protect innocent people from murder, instead of protecting murderers.

But how do many of those who call themselves "Pro–Choice" act? They support the use of billions of tax dollars to pay prison expenses for murderers, to extend their lives, and grudge spending tax money on innocent children, to support them because their parents can't or won't, and also to pay for services that help them get past their challenges. Instead, they call for the deaths of these innocent little ones. Great. Kill the babies who have done no wrong because they might turn out bad, and let killers live because they might turn out good. No, no, spend the money on the babies to help them turn out good, and let the killers forfeit their own lives for having taken the life of someone else.

Because of misunderstanding the Bible, some have erroneously supposed that the lives of unborn children are less valuable than of other people, due to Moses giving men the option of imposing a monetary penalty on someone who caused their wife to miscarry. This is only in the case of ACCIDENTAL miscarriage; not deliberate malice with intent to destroy the child. In the case of deliberate murder, the Law of Moses decreed an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life.

If, in a justice system where there is no death penalty for murder, or it is limited only to the murder of police and prison guards, the degree of punishment depends on the innocence of the victim and the injustice of their murder, then abortion should be punished more severely than any other type of murder. Who is more innocent than a child who has not even been born, yet, to commit any sins? And of those who participate in such a murder, most heinous is the abortionist who kills for financial gain, more so than a frightened girl who fears being rejected by her family or that she will be unable to provide adequately for her child.

Of course, there should always be some room to show mercy, even to a killer, WHEN IT IS WARRANTED. If a murderer truly does repent of their sins, and has actually demonstrated their repentance, judges should have the right to show clemency. But if a judge defers the death penalty too often, with the result that the criminals have killed again, that judge should be deprived of their office, or demoted to a court that judges minor offenses, for they have demonstrated that they do not have adequate discernment or integrity to make sound decisions about serious cases. And any criminal who kills again after having escaped the death penalty should most certainly be quickly executed after that.

Why should execution be quick? The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 8:11, "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil." Some are confident that they can get away with murder, but if they are caught, what's so bad about having the state provide shelter, food, and clothes for them for years on death row, while their case is being appealed? They can watch TV, write their memoirs, and read interesting books while they wait. If their appeal fails, well, chances are they could have dropped dead of a heart attack or some other disease outside of prison walls long before then. They still got to live for years, instead of only having a few weeks to set their affairs with God and man in order. If a person has only a few weeks to live, and they are at all inclined to repent of their sins to get themselves ready to meet their Maker, they won't procrastinate on it any longer.

Yes, sometimes innocent people are perjured, or circumstantial evidence has been against them, and they have been executed. This is indeed a tragedy, but should multitudes of murderers be allowed to live and take millions of innocent lives, because mistakes are sometimes made and a few innocent people get executed? Indeed their lives are precious, and if they have been perjured, when this is discovered, the perjurer should be severely penalized to discourage the crime, if investigators were negligent, they should be disciplined, but death should still be the penalty for murder.

Our society has been falling rapidly into decay because people are letting themselves be intimidated into not acknowleding that Truth is absolute, that there is right and wrong, not just "what's right for you and what's right for me." If we don't grow a backbone, it will soon be only the psychotics who are dictating what is right and the streets won't be safe for anyone. The streets might be risky, but we can help to restore the womb as a place of safety for children. Don't do the trolls' dirty work for them. Let them answer to God for having engineered murders, so that they could hog the resources, but don't let us have to stand before God with innocent blood on our hands.

There are organizations working to fight abortion, such as Canada Silent No More, and the Canadian Centre For Bio–ethical Reform, which has launched forth across Canada with a caravan that shows the plain, hard truth about abortion. CCBR's stuff is gruesome to look at, and it's not something that one would want to look at very often, but we should all look at it at least once, to drive home to us what a horrible crime is being perpetrated against children. Let's not be like the Pharisee and the Levite, who walked past the bruised and bloodied body of a man who had been stripped naked, beaten, robbed, and left to die in a ditch, considering it none of our business.

If we don't have the nerve to speak out publicly about abortion, or join a march to protest against abortion, or stand outside an abortion clinic holding Pro–Life signs and risk going to jail for it, then let's, at least, help finance those who are on the front lines.

We aren't be allowed to get a tax–receipt for our donations to them, as government considers Pro–life ministries to be organizations concerned with political activism, rather than charity organizations, but God will reward us all the more for having given money, in spite of not being able to claim back a percentage of it.

We have to fight abortion right back down to making it illegal again. Having gained that ground, satan is working on taking more territory. A few months ago, I came across an article about a couple of "ethicists," who were "raising for discussion" what they call "After Birth Abortion," meaning legalizing infanticide. The fact that they term the murder of infants "abortion" indicates that they are actually proposing it as a viable solution for dealing with handicapped children and children whose parents can't or won't look after them. The trolls would love to convince women that it is okay to have their young children killed, if they feel that they can no longer cope financially or emotionally with looking after them. What happened to developing character in that situation, and faith in God?

No, just give them an easy out, so that when economies collapse, lots of little urchins aren't running around the streets where they have been abandoned by their parents, begging and stealing to survive. Make sure that lurid stories get into the news about how children who live on the streets are always sexually assaulted, so that the mothers will think that it is compassionate to euthanize children to spare them those horrors, instead of cracking down on the pedophiles who take advantage of defenseless children and teaching the mothers to turn to God to meet their needs. Oh yes, and trust a government that legalizes abortion and the killing of young children that they won't allow anyone to capitalize on the situation by selling the children's body parts for transplant surgery to those who can afford it.

Satan's plan is to totally debase the human race and make sure of as many as he can that they will end up in Hell. He has people who are willfully helping him to fulfil this plan. He has promised them kingdoms and pleasures in the afterlife, but he is a liar. If you refuse to believe this, after having read a plain–speaking article that does not mince words about what abortion is, then you are a fool, and you will remember for all eternity every word that was written on this page, and be tormented by the knowledge that you were warned and could have avoided that place.

If you have aborted your children, or encouraged others to abort, or have participated in performing an abortion, you can still receive God's forgiveness, if you will turn away from your sins and turn to Jesus Christ, who is God come in the flesh, to pay the ransom for your soul upon the cross. The SALVATION page will tell you more about that. If you reject Jesus (Yeshua of Nazareth) as your Saviour, that is the one sin that will SEND you to Hell, and there you will pay for all your sins forever.

Some have had visions of Hell, where they saw the devil forcing women to eat the bodies of the babies that they aborted. The same thing probably happens to the fathers who consented to the abortions, and parents who insisted that their children get abortions, and people who performed abortions, and people, such as madams in whorehouses, who imposed abortions on others. In China, some restaurants actually sell soup that is made with the body of an aborted child floating in it, for which they charge $5000.00 a bowl. While some may enjoy being cannibals now, they won't enjoy it when they are in Hell.

These are unpleasant things to read about and to speak about, but we need to face the facts of where abortion leads, when people dismiss the Holy Bible and decide that abortion is neither a sin, nor wrong, nor detrimental to society. Proverbs 6:25 says, "There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

Much good was achieved when society acknowledged that there is a Creator, and that He has the wisdom and the right to make the rules, and that the Bible is His Word and lays down the correct set of rules. Though there was evil in high places even then, and many wrongs were committed, many wrongs were also set to right and more wrongs were prevented.

Slavery was legislated against, child labour laws were instituted, schools and orphanages and hospitals were built. Killing children to get rid of problems was not considered acceptable. Organizations were set up to protect public health. Under the tyranny of atheism, and the perversion and apathy and despair that it produces, dangers to public health increases, health care is diminished.

Education is being reduced to programming children to comply with atheistic goals, rather than to empower them with useful knowledge that fosters independence and genuine self–esteem. Kids, and many adults, today can barely spell and they can hardly do Math without a calculator. The dumbing down of our educational system has been going on for quite some time now, in order to reduce our ability to adequately perceive and contest the evil changes that are being made in society.

Jeremiah 6:16 says, "Thus says the LORD, Stand in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls." Return, return, return to the Lord, and seek His face, and do His will; then He will heal our land. If we will do that, before it is too late, God will save our nation. If it is already too late, by setting ourselves to serve God, regardless of what happens to our nation, He will be merciful to our souls. Choose life, both for yourselves and your children.

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