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This poem is alternately titled The Rhyme of the Ancient Orator. Shortly after the cataclysms that occurred during the fall of the Tower of Babel, the Holy Ghost came upon Shem, the son of Noah, with a powerful anointing, and he was able to persuade God's people to rise up against the tyrant Nimrod and break up his empire.

Shem's Tale tells about the rebellion of Ham and his immediate descendents, in particular his son Cush, as well as Cush's son Nimrod and his evil mother Semiramis, who was also Nimrod's mother!

I suspect that Semiramis was Cush's daughter. Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis used sorcery to tap into demonic power. Parent/child incest, as it is so abominably perverse, is highly favoured by satanists because it invites powerful demonic possession. The more enthusiastically this perversion is embraced, the more intense the possession. The resulting powers that are gained are pitifully small, compared to the huge price that is paid in Hell for committing sins of this magnitude.

After the Great Flood, which is spoken of in the Book of Genesis, this sordid trinity of father, daughter/mother, and son reinstated idolatry and tyranny. Semiramis represented the Holy Ghost and one of her symbols is a dove. In fact, the name Semiramis means "lover of doves". She was also called the Queen of Heaven and the Virgin Mother.

Shem's Tale relates the story of how this counterfeit trinity attempted to build the Tower of Babel as a symbol to unite their followers, as well as to open up a door to demonic powers by committing public fornication and ritual murders dedicated to demons upon its altar.

The poem also tells how Nimrod gained his power and explains that a cosmic cataclysm decimated his army and created confusion among the remaining ranks. At that time, the Earth developed the bulge around its equator, causing a great landmass to break into several continents that distributed themselves around the globe.

The cataclysm also caused psychological trauma that confused some of the words of the language of the people (which had to have been ancient Hebrew) into an incomprehensible babble that eventually evolved more fully into widely divergent languages.

I have deduced that Hebrew was the original language because God's people were still able to communicate with each other after the cataclysm; their trust in God shielded them against terror. The Spirit of God came powerfully upon Shem, enabling him through inspired oratory to persuade God's people that this was the time to launch a strike to defeat Nimrod's tyranny. As the godly Shemites' language was still intact, they were able to organize themselves when Nimrod's and his rebels' lines of communication were broken and his army was in disarray.

According to Alexander Hislop in his book TWO BABYLONS, Shem and his forces chased after Nimrod and managed to discover his hideout in the vicinity of Rome, and a league of elders sentenced him to death. His body was chopped into twelve pieces and distributed to his former strongholds as a warning against using sorcery to bring people under control.

Anti–Semitism, which originates in the pit of Hell, was not only satan's attempt to defeat the prophecies that the Messiah would emerge from Shem's lineage, but also an expression of his chagrin that Shem and his followers were able to defeat him when he had the conquest of the Earth almost within his grasp through the efforts of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis. Satan erroneously supposed that if he could get all of Earth's humans to worship him, it would enable him to oust God from His Throne.

Anti–Semitism, along with the persecution of Christians, is also an expression of satan's spiteful anger at being defeated in Heaven through the death and resurrection of a very special Jew, the Anointed Lord Yehoshua, and his dismay over the empowerment of Yehoshua's followers when they appropriate the covenant rights that have been obtained for them through Yehoshua's death and resurrection.

Digging into IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY'S ARCHIVES will also give a clearer idea of how the Earth has been subjected to cosmic cataclysms that effected rapid changes to its landmasses, in contrast to theories that suppose the changes to have been gradual, requiring millions of years. AGES IN CHAOS and EARTH IN UPHEAVAL would be good places to start.

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