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Your Will Be Done

Our Father, which is in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done. What a relief it is to get past always wanting one's own will to be done. It is such a hassle to always have to struggle with one's flesh over every little, nit–pickin' thing.

I have gotten to the place where I finally can say to the Lord in my heart when I come to this part of the prayer, "Yes, Lord, let Your will be done because Your ideas are better than mine." I have seen it happen time and time again that, when I have been disappointed in my expectations, but in obedience to the Lord I have thanked Him in those situations, what He worked out turned out to be better than what I had in mind.

That does not mean that I have total victory over my flesh. Far from it, as far as experience goes, though in the Anointed Lord Yehoshua, we have victory over everything. A lot of His triumph still has to be appropriated and implemented in my life. I am just saying that, by the grace of God, I am not quite the big baby that I used to be.

It helps me to every now and then boss my soul around by saying to the Lord, "I give my will to You. I command my soul to give You all the keys to all the kingdoms of my heart. I want to be Yours 100%. I invite You to invade my soul and completely take it over. You have the legal right."

I have served notice on all the warlords in my flesh that I am in cahoots with Yehoshua to establish His reign in my soul. I am aiming for perfect, as my Father in Heaven is perfect, and being holy as my Father in Heaven is holy. The Bible tells us to be this way, and the only way to get that way is to rest from our own works and appropriate, by faith, Yehoshua's victory on our behalf over the world, the flesh, and the devil.

I am not saying that I don't still balk at some of the stuff that God tells me to do, and don't still disobey Him, like when He tells me to not eat candy at all, unless it is made from healthy ingredients. I have gone for years without eating sweets other than honey or natural syrups, but in the last few months, I scarfed down some candies that I was saving for the grandkids.

I never had any idea when I bought it for Jake's birthday that I would end up eating it all, but the birthday plans fell through. Heather decided to take him to Chucky Cheese, rather than let me put on a Bumble Bee birthday party on for him in her home, and there you go. I was left with five boxes of Smarties, and three bags of jelly candies that I was going to put in gift bags. I ate all of it, at various times, except for one bag of jelly candies, which I threw out. Thank God!

I INTENDED to dole the candy out to the boys when they came over for visits, but they stopped visiting here so much and I went to their place instead. I am not one of those people who can eat just a little bit of sweets when nobody else is around to see me making a pig of myself. Once I start, I don't stop until I am feeling a bit sick, so it is better for me to avoid it completely.

I have gotten somewhat stout in the past year, but if it wasn't for avoiding sugar most of the time over the past twenty years, this would have happened a lot sooner. As it was, by steering clear of sweets, except for things made with honey and unsweetened peanut butter, and wearing clothes that camouflaged my weight, together with having small bones that contributed towards making me look thinner than I actually was, I managed to look fairly cute up until now.

"Oh, who cares about how much you pigged out and how much you weigh when the world is on the verge of being blasted to smithereens!? Let's pray about something important!" you may say. Go ahead. Say it. But there is a point to this. No situation is too big for God to handle, and nothing is too small for Him to care.

He cares about everything that we are concerned about, and He cares even more than we do about us being healthy. He is a good Daddy and doesn't want us to ruin our health and our looks through self–indulgence, so He says to do all things in moderation. That is clearly His will, but how many of us are moderate about everything?

Come on, brothers and sisters. Let's everybody make it a habit to say the Lord's Prayer every day. We all need the Lord's help to deal with everything in our life, both big and small. This part of the prayer does not apply only to ministry efforts. It applies to every part of our lives; we should be obedient to Him in everything. Praying this prayer, keeping in mind that it is a prayer for the whole Body and not just for us, is an intercession to help our brothers and sisters to be obedient, as well.

It helps to meditate on how Yehoshua won the victory for us so that we can say to God, "Not my will, but Yours be done." I certainly do not agree with everything Larry Huch teaches, but he writes some really good things about the blood of Yehoshua in his book Free At Last.

He said that the blood that Yehoshua shed in the Garden of Gethsemane when He struggled with His revulsion towards sin, and His horror at losing His sense of connection to the Father when He would have to bear our sins, turned back the curse of willfulness in human nature that came into the world when Adam said to God in the Garden of Eden, "Not Your will, but mine be done." Larry Huch said that we can apply this blood to addictions, and I think he has a really good point.

I recommend his book, in spite of the heresy about tithing. He seems to have missed his own point that the blood that Yehoshua shed when He wore the crown of thorns turns back the curse of poverty. There is plenty of good stuff in there, though. It is the best teaching that I have ever heard regarding the blood of Yehoshua.

Again I am inspired by Larry Lea, who placed an emphasis on the last word of this part of the prayer. "Your will be done! He had a good point. We should not stew about it and put it off; we need to get right on the ball as soon as the Lord tells us what and when. He knows when doors are opening and closing in the spirit realm, when people are ready to receive and when opportunities for reaching them will be lost.

There is also an application in this for getting tough with demonic powers that seemingly are delaying God's angels from getting through with the answers to our prayers. It boosts our confidence in receiving when we know that what we prayed for is what God's wanted us to pray, and not something foolish we asked for to gratify our selfish lusts.

It is probably a good idea at this point to have a pen and paper handy, and ask the Lord, "What is Your will for me today, what is Your will for me in the future, and what would You like for me to pray about?" Yehoshua didn't say that we had to pray the whole prayer through without stopping. I am sure that it is perfectly okay to slow down, ponder, and take notes.

Your word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against you.
[Psalm 119:11]

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