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At the bottom of this page are links to sites that minister to the Body of the Anointed Lord Yehoshua through prophecy. God says in His Word in Proverbs 22:3, "A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished."

Many years ago, back in 1972 or 1973, I read a tract that forewarned of terrible judgment coming on North America. I was a baby Christian and didn't give it the thought that I should have. We are now 39 years closer to those terrible times, which might be just around the corner now. I sure wish that I could go back in time and do my life over, using the time much more wisely to prepare myself and others for what is ahead of us. Our cushy lives are going to change. Are you ready? Time is more precious than gold.

Use what is left to seek the Anointed Lord Yehoshua, to press in very close to Him and be found hidden in Him when the hurricane starts to gather its strength. Isaiah 25:4 "For you have been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall."

I don't agree with all of the teachings on these sites, but there sure is a lot that is very good. We need to be careful to not dismiss any of it lightly, but to carefully sift it through the Word of God. There is no substitute for giving diligent study to the Bible so that we have a high quality filter, instead of a just a sketchy idea of what the Bible says. Regardless of the flaws, these are good sites for "wise virgins" to go to collect "extra oil" that will keep them faithful to the Anointed Lord Yehoshua in their darkest hour.

Remember that parable about the foolish virgins and the wise virgins? The oil represents anointing. God wants all of His children to have an anointing for perfect bodily wholeness, to prosper materially, to have favour, to minister to others, to have supernatural protection, to bring down strongholds with their prayers, but this is the only anointing that the foolish virgins wanted.

The wise virgins looked ahead and considered the anointing they would need in order to endure persecution. They allowed themselves to think of the possibility of being sued, or their goods confiscated, of being put in prison or mental institutions, tortured, and murdered for the sake of the Gospel, and of their loved ones suffering because of their association with them. The wise virgins accepted that these things could happen and refused to dismiss them from their minds, contrary to what the foolish virgins did so that they could concentrate on just enjoying their current blessings. The wise virgins pressed deeper into God and stored up the Word of God in their hearts against the day when such things might happen.

I highly recommend reading Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Foolish virgins dismiss that book as gruesome, and those of reprobate minds are likely to enjoy reading about tortures, but when one's heart is right, a Christian will find it inspiring to read of men and women and children who remained faithful to God, regardless of the terrible things that were done to them. These were not exceptional people. They were people just like us, who hated pain and deprivation and degradation as much as we do, but God gave them the grace they needed in their darkest hour. If He could do it for them, He can do it for us, too.

One of the stories in that book that stood out to me is of a man who was burned at the stake, and called tauntingly from the flames that he was experiencing a miracle; he was as comfortable in those flames as if he was lying on a bed of roses. That got me to thinking about how Yehoshua bore our sicknesses, so that we would not be ill and weak and in pain. God does not enjoy seeing people suffer, even if they are evil. He particularly hates it when innocent people suffer. The relief He gives to those who are ill, would He not want to extend it also to His children when they are tortured? I can't imagine a loving father looking on passively while his child is tortured, if there is something he could do to rescue his child from pain and degradation.

I know that there is a redemptive purpose for all the suffering that God allows us to go through, even if it is suffering that we allowed ourselves to go through, when we ought to have avoided it, or used our power and authority in the Lord Jesus to forbid it. I know that all suffering we endure for the Kingdom of God's sake works intercession and brings down strongholds, BUT I do not believe that it brings down strongholds because God takes any kind of pleasure in our suffering. That is a very sick idea that some people hold. They deliberately subject themselves to torture, or subject others to torture, or withhold medical care when they have the means to give it, supposing that suffering satisfies some requirement of God. Jesus did the suffering on our behalf, to pay the penalty for our sins, and nothing more needs to be added. On the cross, Yehoshua declared, "It is finished."

The Bible says that anyone who lives godly in Christ Jesus WILL suffer persecution. It can't be avoided, if we are going to stay faithful to the Lord. We have to count the cost of following Jesus, be honest and humble enough to admit that we can't pay the cost, but have the faith to realize that He can! He can override the weakness of our flesh and give us the strength to endure slander, imprisonment, deprivation, degradation, and pain. Getting killed is the least of it. Once we are dead, there is nothing more anyone can do to us. We get to go to Heaven and abide forever with the Lord.

Though God can give us the grace to endure all those things, I believe that He wants to do more for us than simply to give us the grace to endure. I think that God would love to totally cheat the devil when he subjects God's children to his tortures. I think that God would prefer us to exercise our faith in HIs goodness and mercy and power so that we will not feel pain, or if we are subjected to degradation, that we will not be aware of it happening, but instead be caught up in the Spirit and aware only of the beauties and glories of Heaven.

It may be God's plan to let us suffer martyrdom, for the sake of bringing satan and his angels down from the heavenlies, and also to build for us a wonderful inheritance in Heaven that will far outweigh anything that we suffered on Earth. In that sense, He may have tied His hands in regards to rescuing us from our beds of pain because of His eternal purposes, but consider this scenario. A good father is subjected to watching his child being degraded and tortured, and cannot do anything about it, UNLESS He is willing to take his child's place. Now what kind of father do you think the Heavenly Father is? What would He do? What He has already done. He sent the Lord Yehoshua to take our place on the cross, to pay the penalty for our sins. How much more would He gladly take our place on a bed of suffering when we are innocent of wrong doing?

I think He has done it. I think that His suffering under trial covered that. Isaiah 53:4 says, "Surely he has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows." This applies to all grief and sorrow; pain, deprivation, and degradation causes grief and sorrow. Now imagine a good father in chains, being subjected to watching his child suffer pain and degradation, and though he cannot physically move, he has the power to cause his child not feel pain or be aware of degradation. Instead, he can take his child's spirit away to a place of comfort and joy, and the child still gets the eternal reward for their suffering because they continued to do good, in spite of the threat of persecution. Would a good father not exercise his power to do this? What kind of father do you think the Heavenly Father is?

God can, and is glad to, heal the wounds of torture and take away the scars, if His children want Him to do that and will believe for it. Some people might not want their scars removed. Men, in particular, seem to like to sport their battle scars, if they aren't too disfiguring, so God is not likely to grudge them this joy, but I believe that He is willing to heal those kinds of wounds and scars as much as He is able to heal the wounds and scars of accidental injury or disease. And just as He is able to grow back a limb that has been lost through an accident, and does that for whoever has a pure enough faith to receive it, He is able to restore parts that have been hacked off for the sake of the Gospel.

If He wants to, God can even restore a person to life who has had their head chopped off. He can just grow them another one, and maybe it will be even better looking than the original. This may violate natural laws of biology, but it does not violate the Law of Love. God can do anything that does not violate the Law of Love. Mind you, once I am dead, as long as my work on Earth is done, I don't want to be restored to life. Heaven is a far better place.

Meditating about this makes me feel bolder about doing God's will. Some might shrink at the idea of serving God, if it means being disfigured and crippled, but it makes me laugh to think about how the enemy can be defeated in his efforts to intimidate when a child of God has the faith to believe for restoration. It is no longer a big deal to think of how one's stand for righteousness can result in having their hair plucked out by the roots, if one knows that God can make it so that they feel no pain, and cause their hair to grow back more glorious than before.

That these things are possiblities with God, and it would be pleasing to Him to exercise our faith for Him to do these things for us, does not discount in any way the sufferings of those who have felt horrible pain and suffered crippling and deformity for the sake of the Gospel, and who did not succumb to stealing or selling their bodies for food, but rather obtained grace to die of starvation without compromising their integrity. They might not have considered the possibilities of supernatural intervention, or they might have tried to exercise their faith in that direction, but fallen short, yet they remained faithful to God anyway. Wow! If they receive a greater reward in Heaven than those who were shielded from pain, so be it! I don't grudge them their rewards in the least. I hope that they do receive a greater reward.

For myself, my main thing is that I want to be faithful to the Lord. I admit that not wanting to go to Hell and suffering forever is a big part of why I want to be faithful to the Lord. I wish that a greater part of my motivation is a desire to glorify God, and this is definately part of why I want to be faithful to Him, but currently I am not so noble that it is all I care about. I aim for it and work towards it, though, building my confidence in God through meditating on His Word about His ability to keep me from falling and to present me faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.

I hate pain, I don't want to be thirsty or feel hungry, or feel too cold or too hot, or be so tired that I wish I was dead, or suffer degradation, or be ill due to being deliberately infected with disease, or crippled, or scarred, or be lied about, and have to battle bitterness in my heart towards those who have perpetrated their crimes on me. I'm pretty normal in that regard. End Times prophecies frequently predict circumstances that could generate these things, so we need to consider how we can meet such challenges.

Prepare for them by getting a larger picture of what God can do, and what He is willing to do. Consider how in times of famine, God can supernaturally download vitamins and minerals directly into our bodies, without needing food as an intermediary, and give us a feeling of fullness, as well as keep us at a healthy weight. Consider how an angel fed Elijah in the wilderness with cakes that he made and supplied him with water. Consider how ravens brought Elijah food, and how the widow of Zarapath's little bit of flour kept multiplying every time she made a meal, and what the Bible says about how if we eat any deadly thing, it will not hurt us, and how Elisha caused poison to be neutralized and bitter waters made sweet, and how God made water gush (gush, not trickle) out of a rock in a place that gets only an inch of rain over a period of ten years.

I believe that in these End Times, though Christians will often be served disgusting food to eat, if anything at all, and they might have to eat it, there will be times when the food they are given to eat will be supernaturally exchanged with the scrumptious and healthy meals that their tormenters expected to enjoy when they have set themselves down to eat. I believe that Christians will experience more frequently the multiplication of whatever they have on hand to eat, so that they can feed many more than just themselves. I believe that there will be times when Christians are forced to eat something disgusting, but it will turn to something healthy and tasty in their mouths, while their persecutors will find in their own mouths what they forced on the Christians. Of course, some will hate us all the more for this, but God can prevent retribution. If not, He will not permit more than what we can endure. Signs and wonders like these will convict some rebels and turn them from their sins.

I believe that God can make pain feel like tickling, or even a good massage, and that those who exercise their faith in this way will actually laugh or sigh with contentment when they are being tortured. It puts a big grin on my face to picture the frustration of demon–possessed men and women when the people they are afflicting are laughing their heads off, instead of screaming in terror and pain, or when they are lashing them with a whip, the person asks, "Would you do that a little more to the right?" Ha ha!

Can you imagine guards dragging a bruised and bloody prisoner back to their cell, and the prisoner is laughing all the way, and their laughter ignites hope and courage in the hearts of the other prisoners? Some of those people are going to be kicked out of prison because they create too much havoc with the plan to terrorize people into denying the Lord, and they will have to break into prison in order to minister there.

If I am judged worthy to be put to those tests, I don't know how well I will do in extending my faith to appropriate the victory Jesus has won for us over pain and deprivation and degradation, but meditating on these possibilities and the Scriptures that support them sure cheers me up. If I fail to appropriate these peaks of faith, I just have to trust that the Lord will keep me, regardless of feeling pain. I saw before how He can do it. When I was ill, I experienced pain, but it didn't matter, because it was something that was happening on my outside, like the rind of an orange being peeled. It did not touch the real me that is linked up to God.

In the same way, we need to put our imagination to the godly use of considering what kind of things we will have to face if we find ourselves in the midst of a natural disaster or war, and how we can deal with them in the authority and power that God has given us. I am not talking about cream puff fantasies where we see ourselves and our loved ones not touched by them at all. Even if our faith is pure enough to receive supernatural protection from all injury and supernatural provision for our needs, if we have God's love in us, we will be broken by the suffering of those around us. Are we ready to minister to those people? Are we anointed enough to draw them into God where they will be comforted and guided by Him, rather than cave in to despair and commit suicide because of their losses, or because they have learned that on the heels of disaster are more disasters to come?

I have considered not only this, but also how it will be to experience the aftermath of an earthquake when the adrenalin is no longer pumping to enable us to dig people out of wreckage or rescue them from fires or floods, and we have to face the stench of dead bodies, and drag those bodies and body parts off to bury them. And what about lack of sanitation, with garbage piling up in yards and streets and no bathroom facilities because of broken plumbing and lack of water? Gag! Do you think that maybe we will need to extend our faith to believe for the perfume of Heaven to minister to us while we have to deal with that? And for a suspension of natural revulsion at seeing gore and filth? The time to prepare to extend our faith is now, by getting a bigger, clearer picture of God than what we have had before.

More importantly than having to deal with stench and gore and filth, we need to consider safety issues, such as what happens to children during natural disasters. There are people who capitalize on these things to snatch children when they are without parental protection. How tragic it would be for them to experience sexual abuse, in addition to losing their parents. God might want to assign us to look out for children wandering about on their own and keep them safe.

Seniors need to be considered, as well. We cannot buy into the worldly programming that says that elderly people are less useful because they are not physically strong. Consider how we would feel, if we were old and helpless, living in an extended care home, and people left us to die of injuries or starvation. The least we can do is to lead them to a place out of harm's way until someone comes along who can give them medical attention and food and water. How a society treats their elderly says a lot about it. Casting them aside as being unproductive, instead of honouring them for their past contributions, demonstrates an evil heart. How we treat those who are weak and helpless is a good indication of how much we love God.

Gather the extra oil, wise virgins. Nobody can do this for us. Considering these things will help us see more clearly the necessity for it. When they are already upon us, it is too late to gather the anointing that takes the u–f–f–e–r out of suffering. The Bridegroom comes at the darkest hour of our lives, to receive the blood of His martyrs that will fill the cup enough to summon His return and put an end to injustice. When we are wedded with His heart, we can celebrate, instead of lament, when we are called to suffer. The foolish virgins who focussed solely on comfort and prestige and went after only those things will be left outside, shrouded in darkness, instead of able to see from the heavenly perspective and lay hold of promises in the Word that are not obvious to shallow reading.

When the time of testing comes, we can't expect others who have an anointing to suffer to impart that anointing to us. They have put work into gathering it. They have had their hearts shredded and shed tears when considering troubled times ahead and using it as a springboard to go higher in commitment and faith, instead of remaining in denial like many of their fellow Christians who refuse to think on troubling things. They have put time into studying the Word and listening to preaching and prophecies that go straight to the heart, instead of tickling the ears. Some have read books about others people's triumph in suffering for their faith, to gain more understanding about how they did it, instead of reading only entertaining or soothing books. They have pressed into deeper intimacy with God, so that they will be faithful to Him to the end, for Jesus said in Matthew 10:22, " And you shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he who endures to the end shall be saved." The wise virgins can't afford to impart any of their anointing for suffering to others, for then they will not have enough for themselves. Besides that, even if they would share it out of compassion, the Bible indicates that they are not supposed to, for everyone must drill their own well into God. If we do not have intimacy with Him, He will say that He never knew us.

I read a true story that made me think very soberly about enduring to the end. It was written by a man who was not a Christian. He was an American soldier during World War II, who was captured by the Japanese in the Philippines. He described his experiences as a POW, and I was struck by his account of a young Christian man who kept praying that God would deliver him from imprisonment. He also described the horror of being packed into the hold of a ship and taken to Japan. Men went insane because it was so crowded and filthy, lacking sufficient water and food and medical care. One young man lost his mind and strangled his father to death, while his father looked on him with compassion. They had both been serving in the army at the same time and had been imprisoned together.

The survivors of that crossing lived in abject misery, reduced to eating rats to survive. Everyone in the barracks where the author was confined died, until only he and the young Christian who hoped and prayed for deliverance were left. He said that, eventually, the young man turned on his side as he lay on the floor where he had his bed, and said bitterly, "There is no God." No sooner did he say those words when the breath left his body and he died.

The author concluded by saying that he believed that God took that young man's suffering into account and showed him mercy, taking him to Heaven, regardless that he had denied God. He said that his own suffering turned him from being an atheist into believing that there is a God, perhaps because he managed to survive while all the others he was imprisoned with died, and he surmised he had been spared for a reason. Well, good for him, but he apparently did not come to believe that Jesus is the only way to enter Heaven, and what he said about how he believed that young man went to Heaven contradicts what Jesus said in Matthew 10:22, and what the Bible says in Hebrews 10:29, "Of how much sorer punishment, do you suppose, shall he be thought worthy, who has trodden under foot the Son of God, and has counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and has done despite unto the Spirit of grace?"

There is no excuse for turning one's back on God. Part of our battle is to not allow satan to deceive us into thinking that God is unjust and turning away from trusting Him. This young man loved his life in this world. He yearned for his comforts. Perhaps he thought of the happy times he had with his family and longed to be with them again, gathering around a Christmas tree, exchanging presents, eating well. Maybe he had a girlfriend back home whom he had hoped to marry. He probably believed that healing was only for the early Church and died off with the apostles, and became bitter as his body wasted away and his teeth became brown and fell out. I gather that he had a very shallow understanding of Scripture, not enough to hold him steady and give him hope as his dreams for the future trickled away.

He may have come to terms with the idea of not being as handsome any more and emotionally wholesome enough to attract the attention of someone whom he would be thrilled to be married to. Perhaps he had reached the point where he would be grateful to just be repatriated and reunited with his family. When month after month passed without release, he gave up on God, demonstrating that he had served God before only for what He could do for him, rather than for who God is. God is always good, even if circumstances seem to say otherwise, and He is always worthy of our praise and obedience.

No matter what happens, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is satan who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus said that He came to bring us life, and that more abundantly. Got it? The devil is bad; God is good. The devil is bad; God is good. Don't ever forget it. If we are taunted by torturers that our God can not be good because He is allowing this to happen to us, or to our loved ones, don't lose sight of the fact that it is the devil who is motivating them to do evil, not God. God allows it to demonstrate satan's unfitness to rule the Universe. He is allowing evidence to be presented of what satan and his cohorts choose to do when they are allowed to do what they want. In the end, God exponentially makes it up to us for what we have suffered as an exhibit in the Trial of the Fallen Angels.

Why would we turn away from God and turn to satan, if all we can get out of doing so is temporary relief, and then suffer forever in Hell and the Lake of Fire? For that matter, why would we turn to serve someone who has cruelly afflicted us, even if they offer relief? Someone who is hateful and evil and can not love? He can simulate love for a time, but it is not real, for it is impossible for him to love. A being who takes delight in causing suffering and provokes others to do evil is not one whom we should trust. We have to remember that anything he has to say against God is twisted. God may allow suffering, but He sure isn't happy about having to do so in order to prove that His sentence upon satan and the other fallen angels is just.

Some say that we can't be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good. A wiser person has said that if we aren't heavenly minded, we are no earthly good. Contemplate the glories of Heaven, and this earth's shabbiness becomes more and more apparent. If behind prison walls, we long to see trees and green grass and mountains and rivers again, we can let our spirit soar to Heaven where there is plenty of all that, and much better than on Earth. For a Christian, death is nothing more than cracking open the husk of our bodies of clay, so that our true self can fly Home.

Some don't want to die without knowing what sex is like. Certainly, there is no sex in Heaven, but the wonders of Heaven so far outshine the joys of Earth that sexual intimacy is not missed. God gave us sexual intimacy to teach us about having spiritual intimacy with Him, and the fruit that this produces, similar to how sex, if the reproductive process is not hindered, produces children. Sex is only a token, a mere representation of the real thing. Think of being chosen to receive a mansion, and being given a token to present at the gate of the mansion in order to prove that you are the person who is supposed to receive it. The angel in charge asks you to hand over the token in exchange for the keys to the mansion. You refuse because you love that token so much. It is made of gold and has lovely designs on it. You hang on to the token because you love it so, when you could get started on having something that is worth infinitely more, is much more beautiful, and a lot more fun – being joined forever to the Lord with no danger any longer of being tempted to stray from Him. It is a mistake to make an idol out of sex, even sex within marriage, and let the loss of it rob us of the determination to be faithful to God to the end.

From Heaven, we get to see what happens here on the Earth. If we leave behind children, we get to witness their weddings and the birth of their children, and other important events. If we leave behind a spouse, seeing them remarry does not pain us. Only selfishness could cause that, but there is no selfishness in Heaven. If our loved ones suffer after we die, we will see that from Heaven, too, but we will be at peace because there will be no doubt in our minds and hearts that God can see them through it.

If we find ourselves in circumstances where it seems that we might not survive, instead of longing for deliverance in an idolatrous way, we need to set ourselves to pray for our loved ones to help them make it to Heaven, and see how we can help those around us, so that if this is going to be our exit, we go out in a blaze of glory, rather than with a whimper of self–pity.

If we would worry about our loved ones never learning what happened to us, forget it. They will eventually learn what happened to us, though it might not be until after they die and are reunited with us in Heaven. If they live for another sixty years without learning what happened to us, sixty years is a very short time compared to all eternity. But maybe God will let them know in some way what happened to us, to set their minds at ease, if learning of this will set their minds at ease. He has ways and means of doing so that the enemy can not prevent.

In any case, though we may be separated from every human being who loves us, Yehoshua said He will be with us always, even to the end, and I am sure that every suffering saint has a great host of angels surrounding them, helping them to be faithful to the Lord, besides all the loving citizens of Heaven watching them and cheering for them. Yea, they that are with the righteous are more than they who are with the wicked.

We need to live every day of freedom and prosperity in such a way that we will have no regrets, if these blessings are taken away, having done good to others while we had the means to do so. This entails living in close communication with God, so that we know who to give to, how much, and when, rather than indiscriminately throwing money around with the result of provision being taken for granted or wasted. The same goes for who we invest our time in. Mentor people who want to grow emotionally and spiritually, not whiny or stubborn people who just want to be big babies and suck others dry, unless God specifically directs us to minister to them. We have to always give Him the option to make exceptions.

Some of the prophecies on the sites below did not come to pass at the times stated, but don't dismiss the person who released them as a crackpot. They may have simply misinterpreted their dream or vision by assuming that it would surely come to pass when what was intended was for them to pray that the vision would not come to pass, or that the vison would be delayed or reduced. It could be that God was showing them what the devil intended to do, if he was permitted. I have had several prophetic dreams that seemed to contradict each other, so, after a while, I realized that God was showing me what is on the enemy's agenda and will come to pass, unless we pray that God will intervene.

I think that the sword of judgment has been hanging over Canada and America by a thread for a long time, and that unless Christians repent of their carnality and serve the Lord joyfully in their time of prosperity (be salt that has more savour), that sword is going to fall some day. I am not anxious to see it happen. It makes my heart sad to think of how little children will be so frightened and suffer so terribly, and it saddens me to think of the future suffering of many people I know who are really likeable, in spite of how they sluff off what the Bible teaches about sexual morality and refuse to receive Yehoshua as their Saviour, as well as the many lovable, but lukewarm, Christians I know who refuse to make Yehoshua their Lord.

It is just crazy for anyone to think that our prosperity and peace will continue indefinitely when one considers the evil things that have been done in our countries and continue to get worse, especially considering the advantages we have had over other nations from our greater exposure to the light of the Gospel. God holds us responsible for the light that He has given us, and He holds us responsible to get more knowledge from the light that He makes available to us, so that we can walk before Him with increasing holiness and lay hold of the Pearl of Great Price, which is a metaphor for being totally sold out to Yehoshua, even if it costs us much pain and ultimately our life.

Corrie Ten Boom wrote, "In China, the Christians were told, "Don't worry, before the tribulation comes you will be translated – raptured." Then came a terrible persecution. Millions of Christians were tortured to death. Later I heard a Bishop from China say, sadly, "We have failed. We should have made the people strong for persecution rather than telling them Jesus would come first. Tell the people how to be strong in times of persecution, how to stand when the tribulation comes - to stand and not faint."

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