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God gave me an anointing to write a poem about the Exodus. Ten years after penning the first verses of The Moses Memoirs, it has become an epic poem of 400 verses that depicts, in detail, an adventure/romance. There is far more to Moses' life than most people realize. The Bible gives us only the skeleton of its stories, but the Holy Spirit can put flesh on those bones and bring the stories to life!

Moses the Lawgiver with the Ten Commandments on stone tabletsOrdinarily, I dislike reading poetry and can relate to other people who take no interest in it. This poem, however, is different from most types of poetry. It does not seek to impress with the writer's talent by making people work their brains hard to try to figure out what the poet is saying through allegory and obscure references to classical mythology. Rather, it seeks to help readers that are familiar with North American vernacular to plainly understand what was behind the signs and wonders of Egypt.

The poem shows how God used the elements of nature, specifically a comet, to work those signs and wonders, and it translates the messages that He sought to convey through them. It explains how Pharaoh managed to resist that cosmic display of God's power by rationalizing the events, instead of acknowledging that they were the work of God.

The Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:15 that we should study to show ourselves approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. This speaks not only of deeds that demonstrate saving faith in the Anointed Lord Yehoshua, but also handling the Scriptures in such a way that unbelievers can respect, rather than staying within traditional interpretations that are contradicted by obvious facts and simple logic.

This is not to say that any of God's miracles are discounted, but it does necessitate that one take their head out of the sand and face up to things that are proven facts. For instance, numerous historical records show that around the time of Moses, in many parts of the world, other people besides the Hebrews were supplied with manna. The Greeks called it "ambrosia" and the Hindus called it "honey lash". For some Christians, this information would rock their frail, elitist, self–centred faith to its foundations, but the fact of it points to the magnaminous nature of God.

The Bible itself refers to reliable historical sources outside of its own preserved record, such as the book of Jasher, the book of Nathan the prophet, the book of Gad the seer, the prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite, the visions of Iddo the seer, the book of Shemaiah the prophet, and the book of Jehu the son of Hanani.

It is fitting that the story of Moses' life is written as a poem because the Greek word that is used in Ephesians 2:10 for "workmanship" ("For we are his workmanship, created in the Anointed Lord Yehoshua unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them".) is "poiema", from which the word "poetry" is derived.

I have self–published The Moses Memoirs in book form. Anyone who wishes to assist in distributing this poem may copy the pdfs of the book and its cover, and take them to a printer, as long as they do not charge more than the cost of printing and shipping for the finished product, or alter the book in any way.

I have provided a link to a fascinating video of how two Americans, Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke, travelled to the real Mt. Sinai, which is Jabal al Lawz located in Saudi Arabia. They found the remains of the golden calf altar that was set up by Aaron and of the legitimate altar that was set up by Moses. The video actually shows these monuments, as well as the remains of the twelve pillars that were set up for a memorial of the twelve tribes of Israel and of the boundary markers that were set around the mountain.

Later in the video, an American family named Caldwell is introduced who also travelled to Jabal al Lawz during a holiday in Saudi Arabia after realizing that it is the real Mt. Sinai. They found all the same evidences that were seen by the other Americans. They provide their video footage of those artifacts, as well as of the monolithic, split rock from which waters gushed to sustain the lives of the Israelites and the mixed multitude that left Egypt with them, pointing out evidence of intense water erosion in an area that rarely experiences rain.

I found it a thrill to see the actual things that the Bible speaks of in Exodus that were touched by the hands of Moses and Aaron and the Israelites thousands of years ago, and the cave where Elijah found refuge when he fled from the evil Queen Jezebel, as well as the spectacular view that Elijah saw from the mouth of the cave. The video also shows the place upon the top of the mountain between two rocks where Moses stood when God passed by, declaring His glory!

Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke, however, did not discover that Jabal Al Lawz is the real Mt. Sinai. That discovery in these modern times was made by a man from Tennessee named Ron Wyatt, through intense study of the Bible and deductive reasoning. Ron was a nurse anesthetist from a Seventh Day Adventist background who had a keen interest in the Bible and a passion for finding archeological evidence that the Bible is true.

Ron Wyatt and his two sons entered Saudi Arabia illegally because they could not get visas, and visited the mountain, but shortly after they arrived, they were arrested and spent 75 days in a Saudi jail before they were released. Most of the people who interrogated him and his boys avowed that they did not believe his claims that the mountain was Mt. Sinai, but they were released because Ron managed to convince someone who had the influence to get them released. And right enough, when Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke arrived later, they were surprised to see that a chain link fence had been put around the mountain and that a sign had been erected, designating it as an archeological site.

Ron was able to get into the country legally about a year later, due to the offices of an influential Saudi who was interested in what he had found at Jabal al Lawz. He explored the mountain more extensively on this occasion and the Saudis were excited about what he was able to tell them about the site. They were going to give him permits and funding to do more research, give him a reward, and introduce him to the king, but Ron could not immediately take them up on the offer because of a previous commitment to his research of Noah's Ark. He had an appointment in Ankara that he could not afford to miss, but the Saudis got tremendously upset with him for not dropping everything to comply with their wishes right away. His photos and video tapes were confiscated, he was again ejected from the country, and he was warned, with threats, to not tell anyone what he had found at Jabal al Lawz.

Ron Wyatt had spoken of his finding to a man named Dave Fasold, who in turn told Larry Williams about it. Larry Williams engaged Bob Cornuke to help him study if Jabal al Lawz really was the Mt. Sinai of the Bible and to be a dependable travelling companion on the adventure. Larry tells the story in his book The Mountain of Moses, which is more accurate than Howard Blum's dramatization of the story in The Gold of the Exodus, as some details in the latter are inconsistent with Larry's book, but Larry Williams did not give Ron Wyatt the credit he deserved for figuring out where the real Mt. Sinai is and visiting it first. For the best accuracy, I recommend a visit to Ron Wyatt's website. Before I printed The Moses Memoirs, I did not realize the extent of Ron Wyatt's involvement in the discovery of Mt. Sinai and wish to correct that oversight here.

I have included a link to an article Vanity Fair about a military installation that apparently was erected after Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke visited the site. Oddly, though, Ron Wyatt denied that there is any military installation on the site, while noting that there is a radar station on another mountain 13 kms from there. He saw video that was taken after Howard Blum's book was published, in which he did not show any such installation on top of Jabal al Lawz. One has to wonder why Howard Blum would say in his book that a high security military installation was set up on the mountain. Was this disinformation, to keep Jews and Christians from flocking to the mountain to see it for themselves and creating international incidents with the Saudis? It would be extremely dangerous, as the Saudis are much more aware now of religious interest in the site, and are probably very alert to intruders.

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