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My poem Noah's Story provides insight into the drastic changes that Noah and his family had to deal with after their deliverance in the Ark from the Flood, and Noah's emotional response to those radical environmental and social changes. I don't claim that everything happened the way I portrayed it in my poem, but, based on what I have read about history and my study of the Bible, I think that Noah's life probably was as I have portrayed it.

Traditionally, with a misplaced air of superiority, Noah has been blithely criticized by Bible teachers for getting drunk, though it was on only one occasion. They forget that Noah was the only person whom God considered at that time to be truly righteous. Can it be said of these teachers who point their fingers in accusation that, out of the whole human race, they are the most righteous person in their generation? Their callous treatment of this event in Noah's life demonstrates a very shallow understanding of the passages of Scripture that relate it, as well as a judgmental attitude and a serious lack of compassion.

Another issue that is addressed in this poem is the phenomena of UFO's and extraterrestrial aliens. A lot of Christians bury their heads in the sand on this issue because they don't understand it, or they don't know how to explain it to unbelievers who consider the presence of these beings as proof of life on other planets.

Christians who are more on the ball have no problem immediately identifying these "visitors" as satanic interlopers from another dimension that are under the rule of "the prince of the power of the air", a.k.a. Lucifer/satan/the Devil, but some still don't realize that it was also from these ranks that emissaries were sent before the Flood to impregnate human females to defile the human race.

This was done to make humans more susceptible to demonic deception and possession, as well as to contaminate human genes to such an extent that it would prevent the birth of the prophesied Deliverer who would bring about their ultimate downfall. "The sons of God" in that passage in Genesis most definitely does not refer to the children of Seth intermarrying with the daughters of Cain.

It is a foolish assumption that all of Seth's lineage were godly, and that Cain's entire lineage was ungodly. People can choose what they want to be, regardless of what their parents were. Being born into Seth's line did not automatically make a man godly.

I have heard it said that the passage that speaks of how the sons of God married the daughters of men, and that their offspring were giants, is a rebuke from the Lord against godly men who married Cain's ungodly daughters for their beauty. Godly men do not marry a woman for her looks, but rather for what they perceive her character to be, though they may prefer to wait until they find a woman in whom the two qualities are combined. If a man married a beautiful woman because she was not only beautiful but also had godly character, then she would be a daughter of God, regardless of who her parents were. "Sons of God" in Genesis actually refers to beings who were created directly by God, rather than generated through sexual intercourse, in the same sense that Adam was called the son of God.

Furthermore, an ordinary human marrying another ordinary human, even if the other human is very beautiful, does not result in offspring who are giants and incredibly strong. It is true that people used to be much bigger before the Flood and that modern Man would consider the antediluvians to be giants, but the passage indicates that it was the offspring who were considered to be giants, not Mankind in general. The strange offspring were bigger than the antediluvians.

Another argument against the alien theme is that satan has no regard for marriage, so the fact that the sons of God took wives indicates that they were men, not fallen angels. A closer look at the two words used for wives in Genesis 6:2 indicate that wives really means "mortal women". There is even a sense that the women were adulteresses. When a person "marries" one thing to another, it does not mean that there has to be a ceremony. Marrying one thing to another can also mean a simple joining. The fact that the women are described as mortals indicates that the "husbands" were immortal and therefore another species.

In keeping with this theme about aliens, an interesting interview to listen to is Sid Roth's interview with CHUCK MISSLER on Sid's It's Supernatural program. I was surprised when Chuck Missler mentioned the verse where Yehoshua prophesied that the last days will be as the days of Noah, for my thoughts were similar to his, though they took a slightly different direction at first. It was this verse that inspired my poem.

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