Golden QuillGathering of Eagles

Job 39:27 – 30 says, "Does the eagle mount up at your command, and make her nest on high? She dwells and abides on the rock, upon the crag of the rock, and the strong place. From there she seeks the prey, and her eyes behold afar off. Her young ones also suck up blood: and where the slain are, there is she.

This passage is symbolic of those who obey the Lord's command to seek Him while He may be found and enter into the Secret Place and abide there. They have vision. They see where the spoils are, they head for the battle, and they know how to obtain victory. These eagles know it isn't just for themselves. They train others to be eagles.

Video testimonies of ex–Muslims are good material to play for boys, especially if the speaker was involved in terrorist activities at a young age, because kids see a lot of violence on TV. The violent element and the adventurous aspects of the stories captures their interest, then the testimony shows them the uncleanness and futility of violence, and points them to the better Way. It helps that I refuse to have a TV in my home, so when my grandsons visit me, these are the only kind of movies that I make available to them, and they therefore are willing to watch Christian videos.

There are many fine men and women of God. I have been blessed to hear some really exceptional preachers and teachers. I can't list them all, but I will share a little bit about those whom I feel led of the Lord to direct others to. There are a lot of things that have been preached or written that turn my crank. Of course, I don't agree with everything that I hear preached, but I appreciate teaching that is in line with the Word of God. Everything one hears or reads should be filtered through the Word of God, and the chaff discarded while the wheat is retained.

golden eagleAL HOUGHTON is a mighty man of God. His messages are potent. When he visited Crossroads, he knew something was up because the enemy had tried hard to discourage him from getting there. He preached about how we pray for Yehoshua's return, but do we realize that, according to the Bible, Yehoshua will not be coming back to Earth until the cup of the martyrs is full? Al asked how many were willing to pour their blood into that cup.

Though he preaches serious messages, Al has a humorous side. He used to be a pilot in the United States Navy, flying reconnaissance missions during the Vietnam War. After the war, he wanted to go into commercial flying. God was calling him to ministry, but he went to take a test to get his commercial license. Though he knew the material thoroughly, the answers did not come to his mind when he tried to write the test. It was embarrassing how the person overseeing the test looked at Al with disdain; he made a hasty exit.

Al became a Bible teacher and then in the 1980's, he began to move prophetically. That must be about the time that he said he lost all his friends, but it opened international doors of ministry for him. It is as Yehoshua said; a prophet is without honour among his own people.

Al is a cutting edge type of preacher. If you want to be radical for Yehoshua, he's a guy to listen to. He has some very strong messages. You don't have to listen to him for long before it becomes apparent that he is passionate for Yehoshua, has a heart for equipping others, and isn't out to make money through his ministry.

golden eagleANDREW SHEARMAN is an apostle from Nottingham, England whom I have heard speak on several occasions. His father was in ministry and Andrew has served the Lord since he was a young boy. Andrew pulls no punches when he preaches. In person, I found him to be as gentle as a lamb. Very cool. Some people are powerhouses in the pulpit, and polished diplomats with the "princes" among the people, but behave with less courtesy to regular brethren.

You can go to this link to hear some of ANDREW'S SERMONS. Andrew has been accused of having a dominionist theology, but I doubt that he wishes to see a theocracy set up before Yehoshua returns. He probably just wants governments to be more favourable to the Christian lobby. I think that he prefers to take a long range view for the sake of generations following and because of Yehoshua's command to occupy until He comes.

Andrew is an apostle who travelled behind the Iron Curtain when it was still in place, and to Third World countries. He mentioned one time about going into a room in India where snake charmers hung out, and walking on snakes on the floor. Now that sounds interesting and I wouldn't mind hearing more about it. Andrew is involved in training people for ministry in a leadership school in Spain.

Andrew has received words of knowledge about me that nobody could possibly know, and prophesied things over my life that are in line with my deepest needs and noblest hopes, though I didn't confide any of it to him or anyone else. It was a great comfort to get affirmation from the Lord and confirmation about the things He has spoken to my heart.

This is important to me because I've had so–called prophecies that were supposed to come to pass soon, spoken over me by reputable ministers more than a decade ago. God knows my heart and He knows that I don't consider 13 years or more to be soon. Friends have also told me of "words of knowledge" spoken over them that were not so, but they either didn't speak up because they didn't want to embarrass the minister, or they did quietly protest, but the speaker just ignored them and carried on. Not cool.

golden eagleANDREW WOMMACK is an awesome teacher. He has some deep insight into the Scriptures and a particular knack for debunking popular, traditional teachings that are in error. He is also very aggressive in his faith. You should hear him tell about how he refused various injuries of a serious nature. Determined that satan was not going to slow him down, he took off running with a broken leg, and through faith, avoided being crippled, as well as shortening his recovery time.

Andrew's website has two series of awesome video testimonies. Click on the links for the main HEALING TESTIMONIES series on his website and the HEALING JOURNEYS series. Click near the top of the page to access the other stories on Healing Journeys.

I was particularly blessed by Niki Ochenski's testimony, which is how I came across Andrew's ministry. Niki suffered a head injury in a car accident that triggered an extreme case of fibromyalgia and allergies. She ended up crippled, confined to a wheelchair and had to stay in a sterile room, except for visits to a clinic to receive eighteen shots EVERY DAY!

Yehoshua told her in a vision that she would receive a gradual healing, but after five years, her condition had only gotten progressively worse. She reached a point where she was going into convulsions and her doctor thought she would live for only one more week, when her mother attended a meeting at her church where Andrew was ministering. When her mother saw crippled people being healed instantly, she asked Andrew to come to her home and pray for her daughter, which he agreed to do. Then she got a copy of the sermon she heard that evening and took it home to Niki.

Niki listened to the tape and wondered at how Andrew said that God can heal people progressively, but He would rather heal them instantly. Niki asked the Lord why He had told her that her healing would be progressive, if that was the case. He replied that He had answered her according to her faith. The Bible says that God answers us according to our idols, which is a good case for casting down all our idols and tearing down our high places. Niki's idol was unbelief.

Her faith then went to a higher level; the next day, she was ready to receive her healing instantly. And that is what happened. Andrew prayed for God to impart righteous indignation into her, which is something we need in order to prevail in prayer against the works of the devil. Niki was able to get off of her pallet and walk across the room to her father, though her body shook violently, protesting the unfamiliar strain on her muscles.

Niki then got angry and told Andrew, "And I don't want to shake any more either!" He laughed and prayed for her body to be at peace and the shaking stopped. Then as Niki headed over to her mother, who was screaming and jumping with joy over the healing, her Dad ran upstairs to get Niki's twin brother to tell him that Niki was healed. Trip was ecstastic. It had grieved him much that his beloved sister was so incapacitated and that he'd had to feed her like she was a baby. Niki had to maintain her healing after that, because the devil tried to steal it from her. Andrew's teaching helped her win that battle. The Ochenskis are hugely happy about the mighty work of God in their lives.

I recommend watching all of Niki's interviews and listening to the sermon at the bottom of the list, which is the one that Niki's mother heard the night she asked Andrew to pray for Niki. In fact, it would be a good idea to download all of Andrew's audio sermons on an MP3 player and listen to them constantly, as well as watch his teaching videos. Andrew's outlook is very positive and sensible, and can help us maintain a cheerful attitude above the tossing waves of this negative world.

It was really cool that as I was emailing a friend about Niki's testimony, I got a friend request on Facebook from someone I knew long ago in a church I attended. It was such a coincidence because Niki reminded me so much of this woman's mother, who had been one of my counsellors, and her voice sounds like hers, too. As I watched Niki, I thought that Carol must have looked like her when she was young, and her personality and views seem like Carol's, too. I sent Carol's daughter a message, telling her that she must watch the video of Niki's testimony because she looks and sounds so much like her mother. Nadeen emailed me back that she has fibromyalgia. No, this renewed contact was not a "coincidence". It is a God incidence!

I don't agree with some of Andrew's teaching, but he does not seem to have a big ego about this matter. He tells people that if they don't agree with something he says, to just chuck it, but don't dismiss everything just because we don't agree with some things. It seems to me that most of what he teaches is right on, and that much of it is vital to appropriating our victory in the Anointed Lord Yehoshua.

golden eagleBRUCE VAN NATTA was nearly cut in half when a jack slipped while he was working under a 10,000 lb. truck. His soul floated out of his body, and he saw two angels kneeling on either side of his body who ministered to him to keep him alive.

Bruce's mesenteric artery was severed and he should have bled to death in eight minutes. It took 40 minutes to get him to a hospital, and it was a miracle that he was still alive when he got there. The body holds five liters of blood. The doctors gave him 8 liters in transfusions. It was just pouring out of him, but he still hung in there.

The doctors had to remove so much of his small intestine that they expected Bruce to die from starvation. Normally, an adult has 22 feet of intestine. Bruce's doctors managed to save only 3 feet of small intestine. He steadily lost weight, but God did a creative miracle and restored the section of intestine that was removed. Bruce is now in ministry. He tells the story of his miracle and moves in words of knowledge. Click on the link to hear BRUCE'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH.

golden eagleEDGAR BAILLIE tells wonderful testimonies of how the Lord Yehoshua heals through his ministry. It all began with his own miraculous healing. He was helping to build a church when hot tar splashed through a knot hole onto his arm and burned it severely. His right hand was also burned when he raised it to prevent the tar from splashing a boy whom he was working with. Edgar could not open his hand as the tar burnt him to the bone, but the pastor had the women of the church gather around and pray.

Only an instant later, Edgar was able to open his hand and the flesh rolled off of it, exposing the bones. The women also took the tar off of his arm, which took the flesh with it. After they prayed, a burning pain hit Edgar and they all watched as red welts rose on his hand and his arm. New flesh and skin grew over the areas that had been burned away. Edgar said that since that time, his right hand turns red when the anointing comes upon him; many are healed. He gives all the glory to Yehoshua and these are testimonies that my older grandson seems to find interesting when I play the videos.

Edgar has placed a series of videos on YouTube telling of some amazing miracles that God has done. He posted a video about how an enormously heavy woman instantly lost weight, reducing her down to a size 5! When she returned to her table at the back of the room, her husband didn't even recognize her. Eighteen women, so far, experienced instant weight loss after Edgar prayed for them.

The video was removed, probably due to judgmental criticisms. Many people assume that gluttony is always the cause of weight gain, having no idea how much our food has been compromised by pesticides, chemical additives, and genetic modification, which our bodies recognize as hostile substances and as our system fights them off, it can result in fat storage. Additives in dish soap does this, as well. Also, as people age, they lose enzymes, which help us digest food, so it becomes more difficult to lose weight as one gets older and their health breaks down. Even if gluttony is involved in weight gain, though, God is just as compassionate about healing people from that kind of damage as He is to restore the brain cells of former drug addicts and alcoholics and to heal their livers.

Through Edgar and Holly Baillie's ministry, people have been healed of cancer, received new hearts, a man was healed whose bones had turned to mush, and a woman with no eyes grew eyes and eyelids. If you type Edgar Baillie in the YouTube search box, it will bring up a lot of videos of Edgar's testimonies. They are very edifying to listen to and his wife Holly is a good preacher, too. I was blessed by her series on Defeating Depression and Finding Joy

golden eagleELIAS ANTONAS was another minister whom I heard at Crossroads. In his meetings, I finally understood what the Scripture means when it says that God confirmed His Word with signs following. Like a lot of other people, I thought that the signs were healing miracles, but there are plenty of meetings where miracles happen, though the teaching and preaching might not have been all that it could have been, and the ministers themselves are far from what they should be. I finally came to the conclusion that God will do miracles through whomever He finds is willing to believe Him for them, because He has compassion on the weary and hurting people who come to those meetings looking for relief. Healing miracles are not necessarily God's sign of approval on a minister or their teaching.

Elias's preaching is good, and he also operates in prophetic signs. Sometimes as he follows the leading of the Holy Ghost, he doesn't even know that it has any particular meaning, but I could see the meanings in some of the things that he did. For instance, one time when he was praying for people, it didn't sound like it made any sense, but it was a prophetic sign of how God uses that which is foolish to confound the wise. His little blurbs actually did mean something, such in the case of one young man to whom he spoke briefly about a fever. I think it indicated a downloading of infectious zeal.

God confirmed with signs that what Elias was preaching and doing was in His will. A woman in the meeting suddenly exclaimed that the face of her watch where the goldtone had faded came back to its former, bright gold colour. This was a sign from the Lord that meant, "Watch; it is time for renewal."

Another woman noted that the buttons down the front of her skirt suddenly became stippled with holes. I looked at them closely; the holes went to a precise depth in each of the buttons. It made me think of how God wrote the Ten Commandments on tables of stone. His finger likely emitted a light that would seem like a laser. This sign seemed to be saying that what Elias was ministering was "right on the button, all the way down the line." Nobody else in the meeting seemed to give these signs more than a passing interest. It's too bad; we were seeing something that must have been like what it was in the Early Church. What a privilege!

Elias spoke of how in one of his meetings, he had tossed a quarter on the chest of a youth who was lying on the floor after he had prayed for him. The young man leaped up yelling, tossing the quarter off of him because it burned. Elias gave the quarter to an elder who was standing nearby, enjoying the Spirit of God. The elder had no problem receiving it. I discerned that the quarter represented mercy, as in "to give quarter", but the youth did not want it because he did not have a pure heart; he still wanted to continue in sin. The elder got blessed instead. Only those who walk in holiness can dwell with God's everlasting burnings.

golden eagleGEORGIAN BANOV is from Bulgaria, and he is a fascinating guy to listen to. He seems to be drunk in the Spirit most of the time when he preaches, which is fun. Georgian also has a fantastic sense of humour. A merry heart does good like a medicine! Also a talented musician, he inspires lively praising of God in the dance. I love dancing to his fiddle playing.

In his youth, Georgian was part of a group that was the first rock n' roll band in Bulgaria. He and his friends coined some words in the Bulgarian language that relate to rock music. He had to escape from Bulgaria when the government wanted to use the band for propaganda purposes because of its popularity with young people. Georgian immigrated to the U.S. and headed for Hollywood, but God intercepted him through some Christians who were former drug addicts.

Then Georgian sought the immersion of the Holy Spirit and received an amazing experience where he saw God on His Throne with millions of angels fluttering around Him in ecstasy. God hit him with fireballs of His love. He got so hot that he thought he couldn't stand the fire anymore and rolled in snow and a big puddle of water to try to cool down. From this experience, he learned to not say, "Stop!" when God does that, but to say, "More!" and to ask God to help him bear it.

Georgian's humility is an inspiration, as is his attitude towards his wife. Georgian says he guards her anointing. He gave Winnie money to go shopping while he dealt with pastor who told him to "control" his wife. He also says that he takes notes when Winnie tells him about the things that God has been speaking to her heart. Yep. After hearing Georgian talk about his wife, I raised the bar on what I look for in a husband. I have gone into more detail about Georgian and Winnie in CHAPTER SIX of my Taming the Unicorn series.

golden eagleHEIDI BAKER and her husband Roland minister to orphans in Mozambique. Roland is the grandson of the famous missionary, Harold Armstrong Baker, who ministered to orphans in China and wrote Visions Beyond The Veil. You can obtain a FREE COPY of the book online.

The Bakers left for Africa when Heidi was suffering from MS, but in her faithfulness to God's call, He healed her on the mission field. Roland and Heidi have planted over 5000 churches in Mozambique and neighbouring countries and support almost 2000 orphans in their centres. They have endured much opposition, but also seen many miracles for provision and protection, and they minister healing and deliverance. Heidi also involves the orphans in praying for the sick and it encourages their faith when they see Yehoshua performing miracles through them. I enjoyed listening to this video of Heidi Baker speaking of GOD'S LOVE. It is a two part sermon.

golden eagleIAN CLAYTON is a New Zealander who has experienced translocation many times over several decades, such as the Bible tells us was participated in by Elijah, Ezekiel, Philip the Evangelist, and our Lord Jesus Christ. For years, I wished I knew more about this topic; Ian is a treasure trove of information about it, and he has many other interesting videos on YouTube, as well. He says that there is no reason for Christians to be bored.

Ian talks about some really far out stuff, but I advise to suspend criticisms and judgments, to just set aside on a shelf what blows your mind too much, until you have given it a lot of thought. Ian makes a good point that God has not confined all that He has done or intends to do to the Bible, that it is His plumbline, rather than His complete game plan. He points out that the Bible doesn't tell us about cars and cell phones and radio and television, and yet we use them. Saints from centuries ago could have made a good case against us that, by using these things, we are engaging in witchcraft, since the Bible doesn't tell us about those things and say that it is okay to use them.

Having said that, check him out with caution. Ian uses some words that are out of place for a Christian, and there was a video where he had some people engaging in a strange ritual where they hummed the Name of God, while facing in different directions. It looked cultish, but it may just be a brief aberration. We are all learning, as we go along. You can visit Ian's WEBSITE to find out more about him.

golden eagleIAN McCORMACK is a New Zealander who lived for the moment as a beach bum in Mauritius until he was stung by five box jellyfish one night when he was fishing with friends on a reef. The sting of one box jellyfish is enough to kill a person within fifteen minutes. It was a miracle that Ian lived long enough to reach hospital, especially after running into delay after delay while trying to get help.

While he was being transported in an ambulance, Ian supernaturally heard Yehoshua speak to him about repenting of his sins, and forgiving people who had refused to help him get to the hospital. He received Yehoshua as his Saviour by praying in agreement with the Lord's Prayer.

Shortly after Ian arrived at the hospital, he died. He experienced Hell, which was manifested to him as extreme darkness, and then he was lifted out of that pit to Heaven, where he spoke with the Lord. Ian wanted to stay in Heaven, but Yehoshua wanted him to return to Earth so that many thousands of others could be saved through hearing his testimony. Ian decided to return to Earth for the sake of his mother. Ian's mother was a Christian and this testimony will really encourage Christian parents whose children have gone astray.

After being dead for fifteen minutes, Ian returned to life, shocking the hospital staff. After only a few hours, he was fully recovered from the jellyfish poison, instead of being incapacitated for life. He left the hospital the next day and when his friends saw him, they were terrified because they thought he was a ghost.

This is a marvellous testimony and Ian has a compelling way of telling it. This is the link for his ORIGINAL TESTIMONY in New Zealand. There is also a series that tells his story re–enacted as a MOVIE and another series that tells IAN McCORMACK'S TESTIMONY at a later date. You may not want to watch all of the various series at the same time, but it is interesting to listen to each series at various times because Ian added extra details that he did not mention in the other tellings.

This is a terrific testimony to get kids to listen to. I played the movie version for my grandsons. The four–year–old did not seem interested, but he probably listened because he played quietly while his brother and I watched the movie. The ten–year–old quietly watched most of the movie, and that was when he was in a cranky mood. Wow!

golden eagleKAMAL SALEEM was raised from infancy to be a fanatical Muslim. When he was five–years–old, his mother told him that Allah would be especially pleased with him if he killed Jews. When he was seven–years–old, he went on his first mission, helping to deliver arms to the PLO at the Israeli border through tunnels coming from Syria.

A short time after that, he went on another mission with sixteen other little boys, and he was the only one who returned alive. The children did not know what the organizers had known; it was a suicide mission; they died while crying for their mothers. When one of his friends was shot, Kamal threw him over his back to carry him to safety, as he had promised his friend's mother that he would bring him home alive. His friend's body took the bullets that were shot in Kamal's direction.

Kamal was told that if he died as a martyr that he would be instantly admitted to Paradise, regardless of his sins, and that he would be allowed to designate seventy other people to receive instant admission to Paradise. This would, of course, include his immediate family. After hearing this, it finally made sense to me why some Muslim parents groom their children to take dangerous risks with their lives and encourage them to be martyrs.

Kamal's childhood consisted of being trained to be a terrorist and going on missions. Some of his missions entailed hitting up Saudi Arabian millionaires for donations for terrorist organizations. The high point of his week when he visited Saudi Arabia was to go on Friday afternoons to watch people get beheaded for various crimes. He said that he could hardly wait for the day when he would be allowed to do all the evil things he wanted to do.

Kamal was sent to the United States for the purpose of cultural jihad. He said that he was trained for this from childhood. While he was still a boy, he was taught in classes about marrying an American woman so that he could obtain American citizenship, because it would give him a lot of freedom to do the things he would be required to do. The boys were told that all they had to do to get an American woman was to tell her that they loved her. Islam would be spread by converting the wife, then speaking to her family about Islam and converting them, and converting their friends. Cultural jihadists are supplied with funds to visit the poor and give them food in order to win converts, and it works very well. Kamal says that Islamic terrorist camps have been set up all over the United States.

Europe is sinking under this type of warfare. There are so many Muslims in Europe now that the governments are afraid to crack down on crimes committed by Muslims because of the potential of Islamic mobs arising in retaliation. Even in the United States, religiously motivated crimes committed by Muslims are not being fully reported.

Kamal was injured in a car accident in 1985, breaking his neck in two places. He was horrified when three people told him that they would take care of him and he would be all right. He said that when Islamic terrorists say that they are going to take care of you, you had better run. Now he was in the hands of Christians, and they were telling him that they would take care of him. He discovered, though, that when Christians say that they will take care of you, it has a different meaning to them.

He was overwhelmed by the kindness that was shown him. He had no one to take care of him when he was released from the hospital, so his therapist took him into his own home. He was given the best room in the house and everyone in the household was so generous and kind to him. They had a friend visit them who was a Jew. Kamal was stunned to find out that Christians and Jews were not evil, as he had been taught to believe.

I highly recommend that you watch the video of KAMAL SALEEM'S TESTIMONY to hear of the miracle of what happened to him when he was about to commit suicide because he was so disappointed with Allah. My grandsons were interested in listening to this video. Kamal looks very macho, and that appeals to them. He refutes the mindset that only wimpy guys are interested in being Christians.

Also on Youtube is an interesting series of interviews with Kamal about his book THE BLOOD OF LAMBS. You will learn a lot about what Islamist terrorist groups are up to, if you listen to the series. There are other videos on Youtube where Kamal speaks that are very educational.

golden eagleKAT KERR claims to have been to Heaven thousands of times and received a commission from the Father to tell us more about what it is like there. When people quote the verse to her about how eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those who love Him, so how can she know about what is in Heaven, Kat points out that the Scripture goes on to say, "except it be revealed by the Spirit." [1 Corinthians 2:9 & 10] She has a good point.

I have been greatly edified by what she has shared. Some people listen only on the surface to what she says, and they don't look at what is underneath the surface of the things that God has revealed to Kat, as it relates to spiritual truth. If they did, they might not be so quick to criticize. The critiques I have read come across to me as being eager to find fault, instead of pausing and considering that what she is saying might be right.

It is true that her books are not well–written. Writing is not one of Kat's talents, but she does manage to convey what she saw and heard, which is the important thing. I surmise that she has had her books printed in large font and bolded, so that seniors with poor eyesight can read her books more easily. She is kind and considerate, which is more important than being a good writer.

Some might whine that she should have gotten someone to do a better job of editting for her, but I understand that sometimes God puts in a person's spirit a sense of urgency, so that the material reaches certain people at the right time, before it is too late, as would be the case for seniors and even some younger people, who might be destined to meet their Maker at an early age. There may not have been time to get her books perfect before they were published, but they can still do the job that God intended for them to accomplish.

Kat has pink hair. Don't let it put you off. I was astounded at Jan Crouch's huge pink wigs, but, curiously, Kat's pink hair didn't even raise a blip on my radar when I saw it. I just didn't care what colour her hair was. It sounded like she had something important to tell, and I wanted to hear it, and I am glad that I did. She said she wasn't keen to dye her hair that colour, but God ordered her to, and it has been instrumental in giving her opportunities to witness, as strangers start conversations with her, asking why she dyed her hair pink. When the answer is, "God told me to," who wouldn't want to hear more about that? Well, maybe not some self–righteous, stuckup Pharisee, but unbelievers with inquiring minds want to know and it gives Kat a foot in the door to share the Gospel with them.

There are lots of videos of Kat Kerr on YouTube. She hasn't posted them, but she's not unhappy that others have recorded her messages and uploaded them to the Internet. Some have complained that all Kat's talk about Heaven and angels doesn't glorify Jesus, that she doesn't spend enough time talking about Him. She does talk about Jesus and in a manner that gives Him glory, but He told her to tell about these other things, too. She is obeying God. Don't miss out on this blessing.

golden eagleKATHIE WALTERS is an English lady who tells an amazing story of how she was a gangster moll when God saved her. When she was young, she ran away from her fiancé and went to Australia where she became engaged to a man in the Mafia. Even in that sinful state, the presence of God fell on her and she heard angels singing "The Love That Would Not Let Me Go". Kathie prayed to get her heart right with Yehoshua, and then saw a vision of Him on a white horse. When she started witnessing to people after that, they all got saved.

Well, the boyfriend was an exception. He heard about what she was doing and rushed into her apartment to get a gun out of a drawer. He told her that he would deal with her later and rushed out again, but he did not return when expected. Kathie hurried back to England while the going was good and married the man whom she had run away from before. Kathie and her husband David are now working together in ministry. They have seen a lot of supernatural manifestations of the Spirit in their meetings. I heard her on Sid Roth's website. Here is a link to KATHIE'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH.

golden eagleKHALIL OF EGYPT was formerly a terrorist who was commissioned to write a book that would show the errors in the Christian Bible. Instead of finding any serious errors in the Bible, he discovered that the Koran is not the Word of God, and that the Bible is true.

The movie is narrated in Egyptian, so I read the subtitles for my grandsons. It was good for them to see that one of the changes that came over Khalil was that he stopped being a bully to his mother. There was a scene where Khalil had a hissy fit over his Mom and siblings watching TV. I agreed with his sentiments about TV, but not his methods. After Khalil had a dream where Yehoshua spoke to him and restored his Bible, which had been stolen, he was converted. He went to his mother and begged forgiveness for not showing her respect, as God commands in the Bible. His mother instantly forgave him, being convinced by this change that her boy had really met the true God. I made sure the boys paid particular attention to that scene. The movie is a re–enactment shown in three parts.

golden eagleLORETTA BLASINGAME saw a vision of Yehoshua when she was 13–years–old. He commissioned her to preach only two days after she received Him as her Saviour, and He gave her the gift of miracles at that time. She has ministered mightily in the Holy Ghost for many years. Her story is an encouragement to parents that their children don't have to wait until they grow up before God can use them in powerful ways.

Loretta had a very sobering vision of Hell where God showed her that she was going to end up there, if she did not forgive an organist in her church who was persecuting her out of jealousy of her ministry. In her vision, she saw people in Hell who had punk hairstyles decades before they became fashionable in the physical realm. Interesting.

Later in life, Loretta experienced a couple of heart attacks and died. She saw the gates of Heaven and streets of gold. Yehoshua stood waiting for her and gave her instructions and a tour of some places in Heaven. Then He sent her back into her body and gave her the heart of a 13–year–old child, which was confirmed by the doctors when they examined her after she came back to life. Click on the link to hear LORETTA'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH.

golden eagleMAJED EL SHAFIE visited the church that I attend and my grandsons were interested in his story. Majed is an Egyptian who was raised Muslim and trained to be a lawyer. When he read in his law studies about how his government mistreated Christians, he wondered why they did it. This led to a study of Christianity and receiving Yehoshua as his Saviour.

Majed and one of his friends launched a bold exploit at a mosque. Majed stood up in the mosque and told of a road that branched off into two directions. He said that at one fork in the road was a dead man, and a living man stood at the other fork. He asked the men in the mosque who they would ask for directions about which road to take. They replied that they would ask the living man. He then shouted that is why he follows Jesus rather than Mohammed because Mohammed is dead, but Jesus rose from the dead. Of course, he and his friend had to run for their lives after that.

Majed was eventually arrested and tortured. The torturers wore masks and were identified by numbers. At one point, they brought three dogs into his cell to rip him apart. It had been terrifying to hear them coming along the corridor to his cell. Majed curled into a ball, expecting the dogs to attack right away. After a few moments when he had neither heard nor felt anything, he opened his eyes and saw the dogs sitting there looking at him, doing nothing. The guards angrily took the dogs away and brought in another three dogs. It was the same as before, except when Majed opened his eyes again to see what was happening, the lead dog licked him on his nose.

The guards were frightened after seeing that their vicious dogs refused to attack Majed, but they found one hard case among themselves who would still dare to torture him. He said to Majed, "I'm not afraid of you." Majed replied, "Why would you be afraid of me? Look at the size of you; you're a lot bigger than me. "He was crucified, tied to a cross with ropes. His shoulder was slashed with a knife and lemon juice was poured into his wounds, which was agony.

Majed was able to escape Egypt and go to Israel. From there, he immigrated to Canada. He heads a ministry that is concerned for Christians who suffer persecution for their religious beliefs and practices. Click on the link to hear MAJED'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH.

golden eagleMARSHA WOOLLEY. I heard Marsha speak years ago in a church I attended, and her stories are so vivid and interesting that I think about them often. Marsha's father was a missionary named Bill Lovick who ministered in Africa. Marsha was born in Africa. In the area where they lived, Marsha and her parents were the only white people among ten thousand blacks. She never saw a person with blue eyes until she was five–years–old, when the family stopped off in Switzerland on their way back to the States. It freaked her out.

Marsha said that she used to pray that God would make her skin brown so that she could run about naked except for a string of beads around her waist. Subjected to intense peer pressure at school, the other kids commented that her body must be really ugly if she had to cover it up with clothes. When she came to the States, she heard profanity for the first time and found it confusing because she tended to take people's words literally.

I wish Marsha would put her stories about Africa back on her website so that people can listen to them. It has always held people's attention when I have repeated Marsha's stories to them. It would be even better if they could hear her for themselves.

Marsha told about Asumanu, an African native who went about naked and was hopelessly illiterate, but God used him powerfully to bring deliverance to an African king who had been poisoned by his brother. The king became insane and the brother became king instead. Marsha said that one time this insane man, who they had no idea was a king, leapt up on their jeep, grabbed hold of the windshield wipers, and urinated all over their windshield. She commented that the scene is forever burned into her psyche. I dare say.

Asumanu, however, led this man to the Lord after he cast out his demons. When it became apparent that the rightful king was now sane, thousands of natives gathered in the town to demand that he be placed over them as their ruler. Marsha described the scene very humorously. Yanquee, as the king's name was, chose rather to become a pastor like Asumanu. They travelled together for five years and led thousands of Africans to Christ until Yanquee succumbed to malaria. It's an awesome story and nobody can tell it like Marsha.

She also tells of a journalist who was afflicted with sores that covered his entire body. He became insane and was kept in a cage by his parents until one day he saw Marsha walk by, and he knew that she had something within her that could set him free. He broke out of his cage and leaped down in front of her. His repulsive appearance terrified all the pastors who were with her, but Marsha prayed for him, he was delivered from demons, and he was healed of his disease. She didn't recognize him when she saw him two years later and learned of his history.

Another favourite story is about the dirt–poor sharecropper named Henry Moon who finally gave in to his wife's nagging to go to church, and then gave away the only thing he owned because he heard God speak to him in the meeting, telling him to do it. It was an old jeep, which he gave to Bill Lovick. Henry Moon was laughed at all over town, but by the time he died, he left his wife a house worth $250,000.00 and over $200,000.00 cash in the bank. When Marie Moon spoke to Bill Lovick many years later, she told of how her husband had been given a brand new truck only a few days after he gave away his jeep, and how everything he touched after that seemed to turn to gold. She tells this story in her God Will Finish What He Started audio tape.

The story doesn't end there. That jeep was later used in a miraculous trade for a new, red jeep. The red jeep was taken to Africa and after several years of service, became instrumental in leading a whole tribe of cannibals to Yehoshua. Apparently, there had been a prophecy in the Loso tribe for many years that one day a black man and a white man would visit them in a four–wheeled bicycle (they did not know what to call a car because they hadn't seen one before), and it would be the exact colour of the beetle that lives in the kapok pod (which is red). The white man would be holding a key that would show them the face of God. Bill had his Bible in his hand.

Bill Lovick showed up with Claude, his black assistant, and they were safe among those cannibals because the Lord had prepared the way. They read the Bible aloud constantly for several days to the tribe. When they asked who wanted to be saved, the whole tribe stood. They thought that the people must have misunderstood, so they explained salvation all over again, and 99% of the whole tribe stood again when Bill gave the altar call. Awesome!

Another interesting story is about the insane man who bashed his baby's brains out against a rock and then ate the child. His tribe staked him out in the sun to die for this crime. Bill Lovick hadn't been met with much of a reception to his message when he visited that tribe. They insisted on worshipping Wanaba, the sun, which they said gave them their food, but they didn't object to him praying for their prisoner, who was almost dead at that point. Nothing seemed to happen when Bill prayed and they threw dirt clods at him as he was leaving, mocking him that his god had no power.

Several nights later, Bill was wakened by knocking on his gate. A naked man with a spear stood there and told him that he was the man whom he had prayed for. He said that the word Jesus went inside him from one side to the other until he was cleansed of his demons. He kept saying that word all the way on his journey through the jungle for three days to keep his fear of snakes and wild animals at bay. He then asked, "Sir, what is Jesus?" Bill explained and the man received Yehoshua as his Saviour.

Later, on his own initiative, the man knelt before his wife and children and asked them to forgive him for abusing them. Marsha commented that this was something that never happened in Africa where men lord it over their families. Nearly the whole tribe came to Yehoshua after they saw how that man was delivered from demons. Marsha tells this story in her Satisfying the Heart of God audio tape.

Marsha also tells of how her mother nearly died of dengue fever. She was very weak and her hair was coming out in clumps. The family was down to a couple pieces of bread and some used teabags. There was nothing else in the house to eat; they hadn't received any money for months. They fed their last bits of food to her mother, and then asked her what she wanted for dinner. She said she wanted roast beef with gravy. Marsha didn't figure that was likely to happen.

That day, they finally received a notice about a parcel in the mail, brought to them by a postman whose pride was his boots, an army jacket, and a hat – his only clothes. Marsha's father told her that she had better pray that God would supply them with money to get that parcel or he would have to sell her. She prayed very earnestly so that she wouldn't have to be a slave. At ten–years–old, she believed that he would do it.

It turned out, due to some type of post office complication, that they were allowed to pick up the package and remit the money at a later date. The parcel contained food and there was a tin of roast beef and gravy among the bounty! Not only that, but while Marsha and her father were sitting at the table having their dinner, her mother suddenly ran out from the bedroom, jumped up and down, and exclaimed that Jesus had healed her, and that she could feel His glory all over her body. Hallelujah!

Those are my favourite Marsha Woolley stories. Please send her an email asking her to put her older sermons back on her site so that you can listen to them in all of their rich detail and Marsha's humorous rendering. She tells some of the stories in her newer sermons, but not with as many details as the older sermons.

golden eagleMARY NAHAS was one of Sid Roth's guests. She tells an amazing story of how her father, John Galione, was a mighty deliverer of the Jews during World War II and helped America become a superpower. He should have received a medal, but his part in the story was suppressed. I requested her book The Journey of Private Galione from my local library and they ordered it in, but later I ordered it from a bookstore because I just had to have my own copy.

It is such an incredible story of how an American soldier, at God's promptings, walked for days on an injured leg to follow a railroad to track down a strange odour that God caused him to smell in the Spirit, though he thought at the time that it was physical. He discovered Mittelbau Dora, a concentration camp where the Germans were making rockets. The Germans had moved out because of the Allied advance, leaving the prisoners to starve to death. Mittelbau Dora was such a brutal place that, when prisoners in other camps discovered that they were going to be transferred there, many of them committed suicide.

John Galione's discovery led to the liberation of all the other camps as the Americans looked for more information about the German's technological experiments. Though the Allied leaders were aware of the camps, until they discovered the Germans were making rockets in them, the Allies made no move to rescue the prisoners.

Private Galione was told to keep quiet about his part in the liberation. Years later, a couple of prophets told his daughter that her father was The Liberator, and that she would write his story some day. Until then, she had no idea that her father had played a significant part in the war. As Mary was still too young to bear the burden of the horrors that her father had witnessed, John held off on telling her about it until forty years after the war had ended. Due to Private Galione's obedience to God's promptings, North America was saved from becoming a Soviet satellite.

The Journey of Private Galione is a good book to read any time of the year, but it would also be a good book to read as part of Remembrance Day observances for adults and older teens. John Galione was an American hero whose name should be as familiar as Davy Crockett's and Daniel Boone's. America would not have become a major world power, if he had not discovered what was going on in Mittelbau Dora. Click on this link to hear MARY'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH.

golden eagleMOHAMMED OF NIGERIA is featured in another video series that fascinated my grandsons. I made sure that they paid attention to the beginning where Mohammed spoke of the chores he had to do when he was a kid, telling them that this what children in other parts of the world are expected to do, so that they would realize that their mother does not have unreasonable expectations of them in regards to doing chores.

Mohammed was the youngest son of a prosperous village man. He was an ardent student of the Koran, but when he was about 23–years–old, he had a series of dreams where he was attacked by demons, and a man in white kept showing up to help him. In the seventh dream, the man told him that he was the prophet Isa, known to Christians as Jesus Christ. Mohammed received Yehoshua as his Savior.

Mohammed's father opposed his conversion and forced him to drink poison. He did not die. He was then exiled from his village and his father gave his relatives instructions to kill him. He was shot in the hip by a poison arrow, but a hunter passing by just then scared off his attackers and helped Mohammed to receive medical attention. Mohammed lived in another village for a while, but his father sent the authorities to arrest him. He spent six months in prison. When he returned to his village, his father then tried to win him back to Islam by kind treatment and bribes, which almost worked. In the end, however, Mohammed decided that he must stay true to Yehoshua because Yehoshua is the only one who could give him eternal life.

Mohammed is a very gentle man, but my grandsons' attention was held, nonetheless, by how Mohammed's father persecuted him, and by how gentle and respectful Mohammed was towards his father, regardless of his father's treatment, and also by how courageous and firm he was in standing for the Lord. In the end, Mohammed led his father to the Lord three hours before his father died of an illness. The narration is in Fulani, so I read the subtitles for the kids. The video is re–enacted as a movie.

golden eagleOLIVER JOHN CALVERT was a painter who died of heatstroke and faced God at His Judgment Seat. He was horrified when God showed him the selfishness that was in his heart. He admitted to the Lord that he deserved to go to Hell for the things he had done, but God brought him back to life. He was damaged by the stroke, but at times the damage was suspended and he was supernaturally enabled to preach for as long as he stood in the pulpit. Eventually he was healed. Oliver has a very powerful message about sin and how it affects others, and what our responsibilities are before God. His message is played in two parts.

golden eagleRICKY ROBERTS was mentally–retarded until he was 16–years–old. It isn't politically correct to say that someone is retarded, but Ricky describes his former condition in those terms, to clarify that he did not have merely a learning disability. Some people are geniuses, though they have learning disabilities, such as Albert Einstein and Thomas A. Edison.

Ricky Roberts was considered hopeless by the principal of the Christian school where his parents had placed him. His parents spent thousands of dollars for special teachers just so he could learn 100 or so words. The principal wanted his parents to take him out of the school. He said that the teachers were merely babysitting him, as he couldn't learn anything more.

The principal thought Ricky's mother was crazy when she told him that God said He had healed Ricky, and to advance him seven grades. She called him a hypocrite because he wouldn't believe her, though he had a banner in his office that said with God, all things are possible. To get her off his back, the principal let Ricky take a test to determine if he could be placed in 10th Grade. Amazingly, God downloaded the information into Ricky's brain and he passed the test. He even did algebra on that test! I know that I am a fairly intelligent person, but I still don't know how to do algebra. I got lost in the woods on that subject in Grade 8, and never thought to ask the teacher to explain it to me; I couldn't imagine what use it would be to me. I am in awe that Ricky could instantly do algebra!

Ricky felt nervous when he entered his new class; some of the kids in it had previously teased him about being a "retard". He ended up helping them with their homework and his grades placed him second in the class. It was so cool when Sid showed two yearbooks where Ricky's photo appears in the Special Ed class one year, and the following year shows him in Grade 10!

Ricky has earned seven doctorates, which includes two PhD's, and he speaks Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. He is considered an authority on ancient languages. This is a link to RICKY ROBERT'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH.

golden eagleROGER SAPP is a fabulous teacher on many topics and has great success in praying for the sick, seeing 80% to 100% healed in his meetings. He received a revelation on receiving Yehoshua as his Healer in the same way that he received Him as his Saviour. Roger has the best doctrine on healing that I have ever heard because it is totally Scriptural, and it does not rely on anyone's experiences to explain away unanswered prayers. As Sid Roth said when he interviewed him, it is Truth vs. Tradition.

I particularly like Roger's teaching about the effect of CURSES on Christians and also what he has to say about DELIVERANCE ministry. It's so very sensible. I have long suspected that satan has a lot of fun with Christians, getting them to waste hours and hours of time trying to cast demons out of people, when it should be a very simple process. And as for curses, Roger shows that a lot of what Christians believe about generational curses is just superstition, not taught in the Bible, and another way that satan deceives Christians into wasting time and energy. It is time to rise up to a higher level of faith. There is too much to do to spend time doing things that we don't have to do. You can also visit Roger's web page that lists other topics that he has posted as ONLINE BOOKS. His ebooks are near the bottom of the page.

golden eagleRON WYATT is someone I dismissed for many years, having first heard of him when I read The Gold of the Exodus by Howard Blum, where I received the impression that he was a boastful crackpot. I have changed my views after seeing some videos about his discoveries. Ron was a nurse who specialized in administering anesthetic, but on his own time he had a passion for studying the Bible and exploring archeological sites.

It was Ron who told David Fasold, the man whose information launched Americans Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke on a quest for the treasure left at the base of Mt. Sinai, that Jabal al Lawz in Saudi Arabia is the real Mt. Sinai. Larry and Bob saw for themselves remnants of the twelve pillars that the Israelites made, the boundary markers around the mountain, the altar that Moses built, the altar of the golden calf that Aaron built, and two miles from the site, the monolithic split rock from which the waters gushed out to form a lake that quenched the thirst of several million people and their animals. They also saw that the top of the mountain, which is not a volcano, is burnt black. It is really cool to see the photos of all these things! There are more details about this on my MOSES MEMOIRS page.

Ron saw these things, too, but he was arrested along with his two sons, his film confiscated, and he was warned that he would never be allowed back into Saudi Arabia. He located other significant sites, however, such as where the Egyptians crossed the strait of Tiran when they were pursuing the Israelites. Their chariots lie under the water, covered with coral. He got badly sunburned on that expedition and had to leave the site.

While waiting in Jerusalem for his cheap flight home, he wandered the city and met a man outside the Damascus Gate, north of the city. The man was with the Israeli government, and as they talked, Ron's arm swung in the direction of a garbage tip, much to his surprise for it moved of its own accord, and he was also shocked to hear himself say that that was where Jeremiah's cave was located and that the Ark of the Covenant was there.

The Israeli man said that was wonderful, and if Ron wanted to excavate the site, the Israeli government would take care of his accommodations and food and laundry. This was a very surprising offer, not at all one that the government is accustomed to making. Ron caught his flight home the next day and spent some time researching if there was any basis for the Ark being there, and found that there is. It had been in Jerusalem right up until Nebuchadnezzar's siege, but was not listed with any of the spoils that were taken from the Temple. Jeremiah had a conference in the Temple shortly before the walls were breached, and it was probably at that time that he removed the Ark and some other sacred items to the cave for safekeeping. Ron's explanations for how this was done are logical.

Amazingly, while he was digging, he located the actual place where Yehoshua was crucified. It is right there by Gordon's Calvary, and not on the top of the Mount of Olives as Peter Michas asserts. Peter has some really good information about other things, but not in this case. He bought into some Jewish fables that made him miss it on that one. Ron found the indentations in the ground where the crosses were placed, as well as places carved out in the slope behind where three different signboards were placed in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin to describe the crimes of those being executed. He also saw a crack from the earthquake that occurred when Yehoshua was crucified and it was by the most prominently placed cross.

Ron had thought that he had made a mistake digging there when he was trying to find the entrance to Jeremiah's cave, but he would not have found these important markers if he had not misguessed. This was to prove even more important later on when he found the cave, for it was directly under that spot, though it had to be accessed through tunnels that were farther away.

When he finally got into the cave, Ron saw a stone box that contained the Ark. He could not lift the slab that was on top of it because there was not enough clearance. It was almost as high as the ceiling and the cave was filled with rocks, but the slab was cracked and he was able to crawl across the top of the rocks and slide a surgical camera into the stone case to identify the contents.

Then he made a stunning discovery. There was a dried, brown substance on the Ark that had dripped down from a crack in the ceiling. Ron fainted when he realized that Yehoshua's cross had been placed directly above the Mercy Seat, and that His blood had flowed down through the crack that was made during the earthquake that occurred at His death. Thus the Word was fulfilled that was spoken of in Daniel 9:24, "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people and upon your holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy."

It also explains 1 John 5:7 & 8 that says, " For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one." I never understood that verse before now. Ron states that this verse is not an add–on inserted by men's inspiration, as some assert, but a valid Scripture that was indeed fulfilled. The water is the serum and the platelets that flowed from Yehoshua's side, seen as water and blood when His side was pierced. Wow! Being pierced with a spear was a very important part of Yehoshua's crucifixion. It not only showed that He died of a burst heart, but also allowed His blood to flow down through the earth and land on the Mercy Seat.

Ron said that his crew were not able to remove the rocks from the cave with the resources they had, but when he visited the cave later, he found it cleared and four men in the cave, who were dressed in ordinary clothes, but were angels. He was able to see that the tables of stone that the Ten Commandments were written on were in the Ark. He removed it at the angels' direction and it was placed it in a niche in the cave. Ron took video of the cave and put it beside the tables of stone, as he was told to not show it to anyone yet, and that was the safest place to keep it. Ron said that the two tables of stone had four sides and were written on all four sides. After each dig, all the excavations were covered up and made to appear as before, so that the site would not be tampered with.

He said that the Israeli government tried to send six men into the cave to remove the artifacts to unoccupied territory, but they were struck dead in the tunnels, and he was sent in to retrieve the bodies. The government denied any knowledge of him, as they fear the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant will set off a holy war to rebuild the Temple and place the Ark there, but Ron presented a book with a photograph showing him shaking hands with one of the officials who deny having met him. Ha ha!

During his last visit, Ron retrieved one artifact, an ivory pomegranate that he broke a piece off and left in the cave, as proof that he had been there. The ivory pomegranate is the only artifact that the Israeli government has from Solomon's Temple. He also took a scraping of the blood and had examined it by a lab in Israel. He ordered the kind of tests he wanted and insisted that they were not to conduct them until he was there.

When the blood was examined after it was reconstituted, the technicians and their supervisor were astounded, for they found that they were able to see the chromosmes, which is possible only with live blood, not blood that has dried out. They found that it had only 24 chromosomes; 23 x chromosomes from the female donor, and a single y chromosome indicating that it came from a male. Normally people have 46 chromosomes. The technicians asked him in astonishment, "Whose blood is this?" Ron broke down in tears as he replied, "It is the blood of your Messiah." While narrating the story, he said, "I assure you, those men's lives changed that day."

It is a very exciting story and is supported by Scripture. It follows the logic of the Bible, and if one respects the Bible, they can not lightly dismiss this story. As for Ron's credibility, yes, there are a lot of crackpots running about, but if this man was chosen by God to find the Ark of the Covenant, it stands to reason that he would come up against a lot of persecution because satan would not want people to be confronted with this kind of proof as to the truth of the Bible.

When listening to Ron, I get the impression that he is a sincere believer in the Bible and lover of God. I would rather err on the side of believing him, rather than dismiss him and find out later that he was telling the truth, which would be much more stupid. This is a link to hear Ron telling the story of his discovery of ARK OF THE COVENANT and there are other videos of him telling the story, which add more details.

If Ron is telling the truth, this puts the Israeli government in an interesting light. Some of the people in that government then know that the Messiah has already come, but they pretend it has not happened. Well, same old, same old. Some of the religious leaders in Yehoshua's day suspected that He really was the Messiah, but insisted that He was of the devil, which is why Yehoshua warned them against blaspheming the Holy Ghost. Once that stone was rolled away and they heard the soldiers' report, they knew it for sure, yet they paid the soldiers money to lie. Their doom was sealed at that point and there was a big exodus of priests who did not want to get caught in that trap. (The Bible tells us in Acts 6:7 that many of the priests became believers.)

Ron also had videos made of his findings at SODOM AND GOMORRHA, where the rocks are pitted with sulphur and show other evidence of a rain of fire from heaven. Very interesting footage and commentary. It does not sound to me like man–made weaponry was involved. The most detail is in the last link at the bottom of the page.

golden eagleROY DURMAN, an Englishman originally from the Channel Islands, is a sweet, humble man whom hardly anbody has ever heard of, though he has been a travelling evangelist for many decades, because he isn't out to make a big name for himself. He just wants to bring hope and help through the Anointed Lord Yehoshua to as many people as he can reach. He manages to do this on a much more modest budget than what the famous evangelists normally spend for their crusades.

Roy travels mainly to Asia, Africa, and South America, holding crusades in cities that most of the well–known evangelists won't go to. Many people are saved, many receive miracles of healing for blindness, deafness, cancer, paralysis, hernias, etc., many are delivered from demons, and some people have even been raised from the dead through Roy's ministry.

For many years, Roy was married to a wonderful woman named Eileen. Eileen helped support his ministry with her earnings as a motel maid. Before she died a few years ago, in spite of great physical weakness, God caused Eileen to sit up and prophesy in a strong voice to Roy that he would remarry. Roy couldn't see how that could happen. He told the Lord, "If I was to ask a woman to marry me and she refused, I wouldn't know where to put my face!"

Roy carried on with his preaching after Eileen's death, and did not make any attempts to court anyone. A year later, a Brazilian pastor, who arranges Roy's South American crusades, asked him if he had thought about remarrying. Roy replied, "Well, there has to be a woman, hasn't there?" He explained that he was too shy to date. Problem solved. The pastor told him that the woman God had for him was his church accountant.

Georgette, his accountant, was from a godly family and she has been a chaste woman all her life. For fifteen years, she and her family prayed that she would marry a mighty man of God; she did not date anyone in all that time. When it was announced in the church that Roy Durman's wife had died, she knew in her spirit that Roy was the man whom God had appointed for her. Before he met her, Roy wondered if he would find her attractive, but decided to trust the Lord in His choice of a bride for him. As it turned out, he was very attracted to Georgette, and he rejoices in how being married to a woman who is thirty years younger helps to keep him young.

I ran into Roy and Georgette one day a few years ago at a walk–in clinic. I told him that I had heard that he had remarried and that it was a miracle. He then proceeded to tell me the story while Georgette watched him with shining eyes. Their manner towards each other told me that they were very good friends and much in love. It was really sweet to see, as well as quite a privilege to hear the story straight from Roy's own mouth.

Georgette is an intrepid partner. Roy was outraged that she was put in jail when they entered a certain country, though the situation with her papers did not warrant it. Regardless of hardship, Georgette continues to accompany Roy in his travels.

I also admire how humbly and simply Roy lives, wearing the same suits that I have seen him in for years, and living in a modest house in the suburbs. When I give money to his ministry, I feel really good about it because Roy helps desperately poor people by bringing God's miracle power into their lives. If you wish to donate to his support his work, contact his secretary through ROY DURMAN'S WEBSITE.

golden eagleSCOTT HOLTZ and his wife Dalit are an interesting couple in ministry. Dalit was raised in the underground church in Russia, immigrated to Israel, and was a sergeant in the Israeli army. She used to train commandos and now their oldest son serves in the IDF. Dalit married Scott because she wanted romance and asked the Lord to give her a man who would give her flowers. Scott was the only man she dated who gave her flowers.

Scott is an American and he attended Oral Roberts University. The Holtz family has travelled extensively in ministry with their five children. Scott was supernaturally enabled to blow a shofar that he was given as a gift. He wasn't able to produce any sounds from it until an anointing came upon him, pouring down over him like thick honey. Now he sends forth a prophetic sound. He receives powerful dreams and visions from the Lord, and he recently received supernatural strength to train with Israel's Special Forces and compete in the country's Olympics.

I like to visit the Rivers in the Desert website to find out what is really going on in Israel, or as much as what Scott is at liberty to tell. He cautions against believing reports that various ministries glean from the secular media. The stories are likely to be deliberate disinformation, or exaggerations about incidents that amounted to nothing, or incidents that were deliberately twisted to make a sensational story.

Scott and Dalit comfort the Lord's chosen people by ministering prophetically among Israeli soldiers and officers. It encourages the army that they are not fighting a losing battle against their enemies. Please pray for protection for the Holtz family.

golden eagleSID ROTH. Yehoshua brought me to His banqueting house when I discovered Sid Roth's website, and I gorged on Sid's archived TV videos. Sid is a Messianic Jew who prayed a simple prayer one day when he came to the end of himself. That prayer also happens to be one of my favourite prayers. It consists of one word, "Help!" God answered and Sid is now a mighty man of God who helps to equip believers to do the work of God's Kingdom.

It is so edifying to listen to Sid's programs while doing housework, or just sit in front of a computer and soak up story after story of God's many loving kindnesses and mighty works. I don't agree with everything I hear, of course, but the website is a rich mother lode of golden teaching, inspiring testimonies, and powerful anointing.

If you don't have speakers on your computer, some of the shows in later years have transcripts that you can read. The link is found near the end of the blurb that describes the show below the video box. Also, Sid has archives of his radio programs. I love listening to those, too. I minimize the screen that comes up with the moving shapes; too weird to look at, and rather distracting. All I need is the audio. His RADIO ARCHIVES are a Treasure House, as well!

golden eagleTERESA HURLBURT has an amazing story that will encourage anyone who is looking to God to put them together with the right mate. She was married to an abusive husband for many years, thinking that she was obliged to stay with him. Eventually, that marriage broke up and she looked to God to give her another mate. God told her to make a list of what she wanted in a husband, and to list her personal tastes, as well as her spiritual requirements. She listed 40 attributes, and the man God gave her matched all 40 of her them!

God also gave Teresa supernatural ability to play a variety of flutes. She ministers prophetically with music and song. Click on the link to hear TERESA'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH. Her music is very peaceful and it is used in daycare centres to get children to settle down for naps. It is the sort of thing that is good to listen to if people have anxiety, heavy battles in their mind, or nightmares.

Follow up Teresa's interview with JEFF HURLBURT'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH. It was fun to listen to Jeff and Teresa talk about their courtship, but Jeff has got quite a story to tell, as well, of a battle that was fought for his soul, and of how God looked after him when he returned home to get help from his Christian parents. After Jeff got on track with the Lord and sought the Lord for a closer relationship, Yehoshua visited him in a vision in his home.

golden eagleTOMMY WELCHEL tells some interesting stories on Sid Roth's website. When he was a runaway teen, he came into contact with some elderly saints who had been in the Azuza Street revivals. They took him into their homes and told him of the miracles that they had seen. People grew missing limbs after they were prayed for in Brother Seymour's meetings, among the many miracles that happened. Here is a link to TOMMY'S INTERVIEW WITH SID ROTH. It is so edifying to listen to the accounts of those miracles.

One amazing story Tommy Welchel tells is of a woman who had a long, pointed nose that had been broken; it looked like a witch's nose. One of the sisters in the meeting felt sorry for her and prayed for her. The nose straightened out, but the woman complained that she had never liked her nose. The sister prayed for another half hour, and when she took her hand away from the woman's nose, it was now the most perfect nose that she had ever seen. Whoa! I didn't know that God did things like that. "Lord, I'd like to have longer eyelashes and thicker hair, …"

Those are only some of my favourite ministers and their stories and links to their interesting websites. I could go on and on telling of tremendous ministries that have blessed me, but that's enough for now. There is a LINKS page on this website to access most of these websites without having to search the next time through my stories for the links.

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