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Chapter Seven – Healed From Rape

Isaiah 34:6 & 7 says, "The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made fat with fatness, and with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams: for the LORD has a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Idumea. And the unicorns shall come down with them, and the bullocks with the bulls; and their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust made fat with fatness." These verses demonstrate God's supremacy over Lust.

Verse 6 tells of how God's sword is filled with blood. That means that it is triumphant and is soaked with the blood of all His enemies. But it also means it is triumphant because the Word of God (which is the Sword of the Spirit) is filled and enlivened by the mighty Blood of the Anointed Lord Yehoshua. He fulfilled God's Word and submitted to His Father in everything, even to the point of death on the Cross. His Blood sealed the covenant of God with His people and has empowered it since before the foundation of the world. This predates all Creation. God has not left any loopholes for the enemy to sneak through.

God's sword (His Word) is made fat with fatness. It gathers spoil when God's anointing is upon it. The anointing upon God's Word reaps a great slaughter. The anointing is God's celebration of Yehoshua's victory on the Cross.

The enemy sends forth his army of "unicorns". Demons of Lust invade through television sets, movie theatres, books, magazines, flyers, posters, billboards, the Internet, radios, videos, computer games, CDs, and DVD's to pollute minds and capture souls.

His hordes march against little children, perpetrating and promoting pedophilia. They campaign to lower the age of consent so young people can be taken advantage of with impunity. Teens are vulnerable because of hormonal changes in their bodies and undeveloped self–control. Children are indoctrinated in school to experiment with their sexuality as part of satan's strategy to subvert and rape souls.

The unicorns are so stealthy that many of the people they use to promote their filthy agenda do not realize they are duped. Some of them honestly believe their way of thinking is more wholesome than Judeo/Christian values of sexual purity. Others simply delight in contaminating the innocent.

Demons provoke crimes of lust to promote bitterness against God and call His character into question for permitting them, as well as all the other ills in the world. The Universe watches how satan and his rebel hordes behave when they are given opportunity to do what they want to do, which reveals what they really want to do, contrary to all their arguments that they are the ones who should rule. It watches in horror as the weak are downtrodden and the pure defiled. From the point of view of the Heavenly Watchers in God's Hall of Justice (Daniel 4:13), there is no question as to whose character these wicked acts reflect, as they examine the evidence that the sentence of condemnation on Lucifer is just. But those who are bogged down in the mire of earthly thinking get confused.

Even many of God's own people do not understand His purpose in permitting satan's evils for a time. In a racist attack on the Chinese in Indonesia, an apartment building was surrounded. Working their way from the bottom floor to the top, Moslems looted, raped, maimed, and murdered.

A Christian family listened to the cries of little children begging their mothers to make the pain stop as criminals raped them. Women were raped and their genitalia mutilated in front of their husbands. Take your heads out of the sand, people. This is happening in the world. Don't think that because you are a Christian that it can never come to your door.

When the marauders came to the Christians' door, the tension was too much for one of the children. She screamed and gave their hiding place away. The child was eleven–years–old. As several men were raping her, she spit in their faces. The men cut her throat and plunged their knives into body repeatedly. Her older sister witnessed this atrocity. She also was gang–raped, but survived the assault. In a letter to the churches, she cries, "Where was God?"

God has not promised that His own people will never be the objects of satan's attacks. Many, many Christians have been sexually violated over the centuries. A group of four, young Christian virgins were rounded up at a baptismal service in Russia in the sixties. They were stripped naked and transported in the back of a truck through the streets to a jail. Then they were thrown in a cell full of filthy drunks and raped all night.

The man who led the attack on their meeting took particular note one of the girls, whom he thought was very attractive. She was slender, had beautiful, blue eyes and long, brown hair. After she was released from jail, this girl suffered a nervous breakdown in school. She was thought to be odd because the school and her mother did not know what had happened to her, but the police knew that they were responsible for her mental illness.

How could God use such a horrible experience to bring glory to Him? Well, the man who led these brutal assaults became curious about why these Christians were willing to suffer for what they believed. When nobody was looking, he snatched some handwritten pages of the Bibles that he and his team were burning and stuffed them inside his coat. He read them later and became convicted about his sins. Then he escaped from a Russian navy ship off the coast of BC and swam ashore. He became a Christian and wrote a book declaring his testimony. One more precious soul was saved from the flames.

He was murdered shortly after his conversion. It was my ex–husband's opinion that this was God's way of helping him to not lose his salvation, as he was a handsome man who would have faced a lot of temptation from women to turn back to the world. It could be. The Bible says that sometimes when the righteous die, it is to save them from evil to come. It is better to die in one's youth and go to Heaven, than to waste one's youth and end up going to Hell.

The enemy wins his assaults on people when they become bitter and refuse to let go of their unforgiveness. God is glorified when people allow Him to help them forgive. There are some people that have done such wicked things, that they will never believe God truly forgives them, unless one of their victims does. They know very well that it is humanly impossible for this to occur. When it does, some will realize there really is a God and He really does forgive.

Lust launches itself through armies to spread its terror. During World War II, Canada and America distinguished themselves from Russia in the respectful way they treated their enemies when they were in their power. As a result, many fine Germans immigrated to Canada and the U.S., becoming loyal citizens. Under the influence of a Christian ethic, these countries gained respect. It saddened me how America's image became tarnished in the Vietnam War when soldiers entered into frenzies of rape and murder.

Reports came out of Kosovo of how Serbs raped not only women and children, but men as well. It recalls to mind how Alexander the Great sprang from that same area of the world in Macedonia. Alexander and his troops were known for their homosexuality. It could be that a spiritual stronghold exists in the region, making it a base of operations for base operations. Atrocities have occurred on both sides of the Serbian/Croatian conflict.

There is a legend that when Alexander was a boy, his father had a unicorn that nobody could ride. Its name was Bucephalus. Alexander tamed the unicorn and was able to ride it.

Alexander was a type of antichrist and this legend is a satanic mockery of God's claim that only He can tame the unicorn. Even if it really happened, it is still beside the point. The unicorn in Job 39:9–12 was used as a metaphor for Lust and Alexander most certainly did not conquer that. Rather it was Lust that made a pet of him and used him to work its will.

Isaiah 34:7 can be used to comfort nations that have been invaded and its inhabitants violated. It can be used to pray against the bitterness that rape leaves in its wake.

This verse can be used to turn back the damage lust does when it invades a soul and rapes its character; hooking a victim on pornography and other perversions. It can also be used to encourage those who pray against lust on a personal level, either for themselves or the deliverance of others.

The unicorns shall come down. When the anointing comes on this word, oppression comes off both abusers and victims alike. It needs to be applied in faith with persistence until it becomes too expensive for the enemy to resist it any further.

Psalm 22:21 is also a Lust–buster. David expressed his gratitude to God in this verse for delivering him from Lust. "You have heard me from the horns of the unicorns." David was hooked on lust. But God's Word says He has not despised nor abhorred the afflictions of the afflicted. If one of our kids fell in a cesspool and we could not get them out any other way except to wade in ourselves, we'd do it. That is what God did for us. He sent Yehoshua down here to this filthy planet to live among us, and to take our sin upon Himself to set us free.

Psalm 22 speaks prophetically of what Yehoshua suffered for us. Lust challenged Him, but He never gave in to it. He knows what we have to deal with. He knew what it was like to be taunted by demons, inviting Him to turn aside from His mission to indulge in selfish passion, but He never succumbed to it.

This really galls the enemy. Satan spreads a slander that Yehoshua married Mary and Martha. This is not consistent, however, with the Yehoshua that Scripture reveals. He is the One who inspired Paul to write in 2 Timothy 2:4, "No man that wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please Him who has chosen him to be a soldier." I'm sure Yehoshua set the example by abstaining from getting caught up in civilian affairs, and single–mindedly going after only one Bride – the one whom God sent Him to rescue, which is the Church.

God delivered Yehoshua from the horns of the unicorns in another way. Yehoshua was stripped and mocked by a lot of raunchy soldiers, but there were certain things God did not permit. He did not allow His bones to be broken, though He allowed Yehoshua to be nailed to a cross and pierced by a spear after His death. This speaks of how God allows His Body the Church to experience tribulations, but never be broken by them. The spearing speaks of how flesh that has been put to death does not fear pain. It does not feel it.

There was another aspect as to why God permitted Yehoshua to be speared in His ribs after His death. It gave evidence of why Yehoshua died so quickly. When all the sin of the world was rolled onto Him, and God the Father turned His face away, causing Yehoshua to cry out, "My God, my God! Why have You forsaken me?" He died of a broken heart. His heart burst from anguish, and that was why water came out of His side mingled with blood. In the blood of Yehoshua's broken heart is healing for our broken hearts.

The demons that were in the soldiers who mocked Yehoshua before His crucifixion wanted to defile Him, like the demons who controlled the men of Sodom when they saw the two angels whom God sent to Lot. God did not allow either Yehoshua or those angels to be touched in that way.

This was prophetic of how God does not allow satan to defile His Bride. At times, He will allow His children to be subjected to rape, as well as other tortures, as convicting evidence against the devil to show that he is unfit to rule the Universe and deserves to burn forever in the Lake of Fire. But He guards against the defilement of the spirit by identifying through Yehoshua with our shame, and invites us to roll all our humiliations onto Him so that He can bear them for us. In this way, His Bride remains undefiled.

Yehoshua identified with the shame satan tries to ravage our souls with by permitting Himself to be stripped naked to public gaze, which was infinitely far from the respect our Creator deserves. When a brave Dutch lady named Corrie Ten Boom, who helped hide Jews from the Nazis until she and her family were caught and jailed, stood naked in line behind her sister as they waited to get into the showers in the concentration camp where they were sent, she thought of what Yehoshua suffered for us. Corrie and Betsy lived in a day when dress was very modest, and they were both middle–aged virgins. They were humiliated with their situation, but then Corrie thought of Yehoshua hanging on the Cross and she whispered urgently to her sister, "Betsy, Jesus was naked for us!" Knowing that He identified with their shame removed it from them. Their spirits were preserved from being bowed down by shame and poisoned against God.

Demons do not really care about seeing humans naked. What they care about is demoralizing people through shame and cutting them off from the Spirit of God through bitterness. Motivating the people they operate through to inflict sexual crimes on others is one of their methods.

The weapons of our warfare are MIGHTY! Forgiveness is one of them. The shoes of the preparation of the Good News of Peace is forgiveness. Yehoshua forgave us first so we could be saved. He set the example, which can be applied to any type of offense. When we walk in forgiveness, it sends daggers through the soles of our shoes with which we tread down the enemy. The more we forgive, the longer the daggers grow and tremendous damage is done to the enemy.

Corrie and Betsy were both raped by a cruel guard while they were waiting to get into the showers. He was a fat, disgusting man. Betsy had been a pretty woman in her youth, and a man had loved her and wanted to marry her, but her doctor had said that it would endanger her life to have children. Feeling it would not be fair to the man she loved to marry him when he would be inhibited from making love to her, she gave him up. He married someone else. Corrie had been in love also, in her youth, but the man she loved married another woman, and she never wanted to marry anyone else. They kept themselves pure for Yehoshua, and now this repulsive, lecherous Nazi guard forced them to strip and leered at them and raped them.

Corrie returned to Germany many years later to preach the Gospel. She told of how God helped her when she was in Ravensbruck, and she spoke of God's forgiveness. After the meeting, a man came forward to speak to her. She instantly recognized him as the guard who had raped her and her dear sister who had died in the camp.

The man did not remember her specifically, as he had abused many people, but he knew that if she had been in that camp, she must have been one of his victims. He told her that he had repented of his sins and knew in his mind that God forgave him, but he did not feel forgiven in his heart. He said that he had prayed and asked God to let him meet one of his victims again, so that he could ask their forgiveness and hear them tell him that they forgave him, and then he would truly know that he really was forgiven. He extended his hand and asked with a smile, "Miss Ten Boom, do you forgive me?"

Corrie said that as she stood there remembering what he had done to her and Betsy, she hated him and she didn't want to tell him that she forgave him. But she knew God wanted her to forgive him, so, in faith, she extended her hand to take hold of his. She said that when she did, she felt the power of God run down into her arm, and as she said the words, the love of God flooded her heart and she knew that she truly forgave that man. He received of the Lord what he asked for.

I've been gored by the horn of the unicorn. Twice in my youth, when I used to hitchhike, I was raped. I didn't report either incident because the public opinion at that time was that girls who get raped while hitchhiking shouldn't have been taking the risk by hitchhiking, and unmarried girls who weren't virgins were not worth being treated better. I could have easily reported it the first time it happened because the next person who picked me up to give me a ride on the isolated road where I was released was a policeman. The guy probably would have been caught, too, but I was so angry at the system because it was often presumed that girls with sexual experience who got raped must have invited the attack, that I said nothing. In my rebellious mindset against authority and against God, I didn't even realize that God sent that policeman to give me a safe ride.

I thought that I had taken those incidents in stride because I didn't let them stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I didn't want to stay home, and I had no money for bus fare, and bus routes were not very extensive anyway in those days. So, I kept on hitchhiking and taking risks until after I started to date the man I married. Then when I realized that he cared for me to the extent where he would be devastated if something happened to me, I stopped hitchhiking.

It was not until many years later that I realized how deeply those rapes scarred me. I attended a conference at my church for people who had experienced childhood sexual abuse, and for people who wanted to help people who had experienced sexual abuse. I considered myself to be in the latter category, still giving no thought to what I had experienced when I was sixteen.

The conference lasted several days and, one night as I was trying to get to sleep, the Lord spoke to my heart about the men who had raped me. He asked me if I felt anything in relation to those incidents. I said that I didn't. He then asked me, "Can you imagine them being tormented in Hell?" I closed my eyes and pictured it. Then He asked me, "Do you feel sorry for them?" I bluntly and coldly said, "No." The Lord then said to me, "That is because you haven't forgiven them."

I realized then that those men had hurt me far worse than I imagined. I had shrugged it off because I wasn't a virgin. Back in those days, I thought nobody would ever love me enough to want to marry me, and since I didn't want to die without discovering for myself what the big hoopla was about sex, I went and found someone handy who initiated me into those mysteries. Later, it was a shock to be raped, but since they hadn't taken from me something that I had valued and been saving for someone special, I didn't think that it was that big of a deal. God's words on that subject gave me some food for thought, but deliverance didn't come for another couple of years.

A man named Bob Nichols had come to my church and spoken of how many women have a hard time relating to God as a father because they have been so deeply hurt by men, frequently through sexual molestation, and God presents Himself as a male figure. I thought about how I had been hurt by rejection from my father, my stepfather, my boyfriends, and my husband. I went to the altar for ministry, and stood there feeling absolutely nothing until the music director played some music that seemed to crack my heart wide open.

Bob then came along to pray for me, and it seemed that he reached into that torn flesh to pull out handfuls of maggots as he spoke words of knowledge over me. He gagged as he received insight that I hated men, and I finally realized that it was true. It wasn't like I hated them to the point of being a lesbian; I still found men sexually attractive, but I was afraid to trust them. In my spirit, though, I saw a heart of pure crystal beneath the impurities. My heart was being circumcised and cleansed so that real Lanny, the person I am in the Anointed Lord Yehoshua, could be released.

Bob said, "You have stood in church and thought, "I don't need men." Again, I was astounded as I recalled thinking those very thoughts a couple of weeks before when I stood in church, and figured that I would rather earn my own living, such as it was as a waitress, and be poor than be dependent on a man who would hold me as his economic hostage. Bob ministered to me and I got a lot of relief through his prayers.

When he returned a couple of years later, I told him that God had really changed my attitude towards men since he had prayed for me that time before. He said that he could sense the difference. I told him that I needed prayer so that I could forgive some men who had raped me. He prayed for me then, and said words again that reached deep into my heart.

He spoke about that time when I thought that God had abandoned me. I started to wail, letting my anguish come out for the first time. I hadn't even known it was there, but it gushed out of me like an artesian well. I thought, "People probably think that I am having demons cast out of me, but I don't care. I've never let myself grieve about what happened and it is finally coming out." I had been hurt so deeply that the pain would have been unbearable if I had let myself feel it before I was ready to let it go. I realized that I had thought that God let me be raped because I was rebelling against Him and deserved to be punished.

That is a really sick idea about God. What kind of a father would allow someone to rape their son or daughter because the child had disobeyed them, even if the child had been disobeying them repeatedly? That kind of a father would have to be a psycho, and God is not a psycho. He is a loving Father, but satan misrepresents God and casts doubts on His character every which way he can.

I got this impression through the way that authority figures treated rape. If a girl was not a virgin, she was subjected to further humiliations through gruelling interrogation by the policemen who obviously enjoyed hearing every nitty–gritty detail. It was liked being raped twice, and going to court seemed to be like another rape, and then the papers reporting the rape was like being raped again. I told my older sister, and my brother who was at her place when I got there, and I told a couple of girlfriends; only people whom I could trust to sympathize – all rebels like me.

It is necessary to ascertain if a person who claims to have been raped is telling the truth so that innocent people are not charged, but it should always be conducted in a sensitive way. When I was a girl, the police and judges tended to behave like clods. In those days, they didn't consider it rape if a man forced his wife against her will, or if it happened to a prostitute. And if a girl was hitchhiking, well, she was just "asking for it." Right. Just because a girl hitchhikes, she supposedly doesn't mind having sex with a total stranger who she is afraid will kill her if she tries to fight him, or if he thinks she will go to the police afterwards.

All I really wanted was a ride from point A to point B, and nothing in between except some pleasant conversation. Most of the time, that was all that happened when I hitchhiked. God spoke to my heart the day He healed me and said, "Lanny, in a perfect world, kids should be able to ask a total stranger for a ride and arrive safely at their destination. That is how it will be during the Millennium when Jesus rules upon this Earth. In the meantime, you live in an evil world where evil people prey on the vulnerable. It isn't what I wanted to happen."

I realized then that it grieved God deeply when that happened to me, and that He felt all my pain. He grieved that I thought I was worthless and deserved to be treated like that. He grieved that someone else thought that I was worthless and deserved to be treated like that. He grieved that they thought they were so worthless that they treated other people like that.

Even if our rebellious or risky behaviour makes us vulnerable to attacks, nobody has the right to take it on themselves to do such a despicable thing. Regardless of how worthless people might feel themselves to be, deep down we all know that nobody else has the right to violate us, so it injures us. We know in our hearts that we have been deeply abused, even if our conscious mind glosses over it so that we can continue to cope with daily life.

As Bob prayed for me, in my spirit I saw empty dagger–like places. I got excited as I thought, "I know what those are. I saw them before when I was ill!" I went through a nervous breakdown after my husband left me in 1986, and God ministered to me in many ways at that time to bring me to wholeness. Those dagger shapes were the remains from where there had been roots of bitterness. God had pulled some of them out then, and He was pulling more of them out now. Then I saw a bubbly liquid, which was the love of God, filling the empty places. All day the next day, I continued to feel light and bubbly inside.

After Bob Nichols prayed for me and I received inner healing, I was finally able to pray that God would forgive the men who had raped me, and ask Him to go after them and help them to come to know Yehoshua as their Saviour.

There was an unforeseen benefit to my healing. After I was healed, my daughter told me that when she was 12–years–old, she was raped on New Year's Day. If I had not been healed before I found out, I would have been devastated that such a thing had happened to my baby. But now I knew from my own experience that a person can be healed from such a hideous wound, so there was no need to despair.

I also knew better than to get worked up about how she shouldn't have been running around on New Year's Day, rebelling against my authority. I told her that, regardless of what she was doing that day, nobody had the right to do that to her. She didn't want to talk about it, but when she is ready to go to the Lord for His healing, I know that it will be there.

It would have been better if I hadn't been raped and if my daughter had not been raped. Since these things do happen in this wicked world, and God is able and willing to heal, and He healed me, I was actually able to thank God for what had happened to me because it enabled me to empathize with my child, be a comfort to her, and have answers that work. My heart also goes out to other rape victims. Be encouraged. God didn't want that to happen to you. He did not abandon you. He can redeem it for you.

When we forgive sexual assaults, and pray for salvation of the rapists, it is like breaking off the horn of the unicorn, and using it as a goad to herd people off of the road to Hell and onto the road to Heaven. It would be an ugly thing for us to not want the same forgiveness and salvation for them that God has so freely given to us.

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