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Chapter Eleven – The Cleansing

The Genesis Genealogy of the Godly Lineage of the Pre–Flood Patriarchs is as follows:

Enoch was an outstanding man of God who did not die, but was caught up to Heaven when he was 365–years–old. He prophesied that God would judge the Earth for its wickedness in the year that his eldest son died. This son was Methuselah, whose name means "when he dies, it shall be sent".1

And so it was fulfilled; the year that Methuselah died, the Earth experienced a global flood that covered the tops of the mountains. Bear in mind that the mountains probably were not as high as what they are now. Upheavals have occurred since then, such as a few hundred years after the Flood and in Moses' day.

There is a secondary sense in Methuselah's name of a something being sent with great force or speed, which has caused some scholars to render the name as "man of the dart".

I think that both interpretations are valid and the latter relates to a comet or an asteroid that hit the Earth in Noah's day, shattering the crystalline canopy that encased the Earth. According to the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, the canopy was made of hydrogen particles.

It seems logical that when the hydrogen particles mixed with the oxygen beneath the canopy, it produced water. This contributed to the flooding, along with the fountains of the deep that geysered from the Earth's crust after the asteroid's impact caused earthquakes. I have written a poem called Noah's Story that deals with the Flood and its aftermath.

Noah's father, another man named Lamech, died five years before the Flood. Adam lived right into Lamech's day. Lamech was 126 years old when Adam died. Lamech had a clear understanding of the Earth's beginnings and could pass it on accurately to his children. But of all Lamech's children, only Noah was deemed a truly righteous man.2

Noah travelled around the world warning people that God was going to send a Flood that would destroy the whole planet. I do not believe that the antediluvians had no concept of rain, simply because it had never rained before. They had seen condensation. They were smarter than us. It wasn't any stretch for them to figure out that rain could occur if the canopy was smashed.

People are so programmed by simplistic Bible story and Sunday School illustrations that show Noah dressed in a gown and mantle, such as was worn in Yehoshua's day, that they assume the antediluvians knew no more than the general population of the Middle East 2000 years ago.

In Yehoshua's day, much knowledge had been lost and the technology of that day was crude, so He didn't explain in Matthew 24:39 that what the antediluvians didn't know was that they couldn't save themselves. The people of that day could not have conceived how it would be at all possible for the antediluvians to think that they could save themselves from being destroyed in a universal flood. Yehoshua let them think that He was referring to rain, and many preachers have assumed that this is what He meant, even though they are better educated. It seems a lazy way to think, considering all the knowledge that we have nowadays that can help us come to more accurate conclusions.

It is sad that Christians are so simple–minded as to assume that men and women who lived for nearly a thousand years could not be accomplished scientists who were capable of building a space platform or a colony on another planet, particularly with the input of knowledge from fallen angels who were their counsellors. Another thing the antediluvians did not know in their attempts to save themselves was that their alien visitors, who claimed to be benevolent beings from other planets, were bent on their destruction and only pretended friendship.

The Earth has evidently been hit in the past by huge asteroids. The Pacific Ocean was impacted, as were Hudson's Bay and various other pockets in the Earth's surface. The antediluvians probably could see into the heavens at least as much as scientists can nowadays. They observed comets and asteroids and calculated their trajectory. Perhaps like today's scientists, they assumed that there would be a lot more time before the Earth got hit by anything seriously damaging, and they supposed they would have lasers developed by then to deflect or explode any that presented a threat.

Noah told the antediluvians the very year that the Flood would happen. God had told him that He was giving people only 120 more years to repent. Antediluvians were much attuned to their environment, even without instruments, because of the electro–magnetic energy field that was still intact. They could sense rumblings beneath the Earth that told them the planet was fragile. Noah's dire warnings of impending disaster did not mark him as a crackpot. It was his proposed solution that caused the arrogant antediluvians to think that he was crazy.

The antediluvians were capable of calculating how much water would fall when the canopy burst, as well as project that an asteroid would cause volcanos and earthquakes, which would release geysers. They probably worked on devices to deflect or destroy asteroids, and developed means to evacuate the planet, if all else failed, but they did not accept that it was going to happen as soon as Noah predicted.

Sometime very soon, the Earth will be hit by two celestial bodies because the Bible tells us so in Revelation 8:8 and 8:10. We know that it is going to happen a lot sooner than the 1000 or so years that scientists have projected, because the Bible tells us that it will happen in the last days. We know we are in the last days because of the prophecies concerning Israel that have been fulfilled, that the Bible predicted would be fulfilled shortly before Yehoshua returns. But now, as it was then with the Flood, Yehoshua's return will take unbelievers unawares because they refused to believe the Word of the Lord.

The antediluvians laughed at Noah, not because he said that it would rain, but because he said that they would be saved by going aboard his little, wooden boat. How was it possible that millions of people could be contained in that little boat? Much the same way that five loaves and two fish could feed 5000 men, and women and children besides. Just as Yehoshua took that food and blessed it, causing it to multiply, God can multiply any kind of molecule. Salvation has always required faith.

Salvation has always been uncomplicated, as well, so as to make it available to everyone. The Ark, though, differs from the salvation of the soul in that it did not offer refuge to everyone. A great many were excluded from Noah's invitation because they were not eligible to populate the New World. Besides the exclusivity of the proposed passengers, which was offensive to a large part of the population, Noah's boat was simply too simple for the antediluvians' sophisticated tastes and immense knowledge. Noah probably could have designed a space platform, but like Abel, he humbled himself and deferred to God's instructions. Technology was destroying the Earth, and God wanted to set Man back so that he would not kill himself off too quickly.

The Ark was thus a very basic kind of vessel that would not capsize in the tumult of the Flood or allow any rain to get into it. It did not need any steering capacity. I surmise that God instructed Noah to bring only simple tools and containers aboard, so that there would not be any complex artifacts for succeeding generations to copy.

With the sophistication of the antediluvians left behind, and people's lifetimes reduced due to environmental changes, it would take quite some time for Mankind to get back to the place where he could bomb himself to oblivion. For many centuries, people would be mainly concerned with a daily struggle to survive.

God knew that the Ark didn't need to be any bigger than the specifications He gave. He knew that nobody but Noah's immediate family would believe him that the Ark would save them, with the possible exception of Lamech, who died five years before the Flood, and Methuselah, who died the same year as the Flood. God spared those men the hardship of having to carve out a new life in a greatly changed, very weird, environment. It probably would have been too heart–breaking for them.

Besides being a righteous man who put his faith in God, Noah was qualified to be the progenitor of the Messiah because his DNA was pure human. The fallen angels had been contaminating human DNA for centuries, not only to produce humans who were more susceptible to deception and possession, but also to prevent the birth of the Messiah, who required a pure human body for His work of redemption.

The Bible says in Jude 1:6 that some of the fallen angels did not keep their first estate, but left their own habitation. I believe that their estate refers to becoming flesh instead of remaining spirit, and their habitation that they left is the spiritual dimension, so that they could intrude into the temporal realm.

Somehow, they figured out how to do it. Maybe they could have done it all along, but Lucifer could not show up in the Garden of Eden as himself. He had to sneak in through a disguise, one that would capture Eve's attention, so he persuaded the serpent to let him use its body because the serpent was Eve's special pet.

Some allege that Eve and the serpent engaged in a sexual act when she took Lucifer's bait. That is totally improbable. It took time for people to get so degenerate that they would engage in bestiality. Bestiality was one of the abominations for which God judged the antediluvian world. Adam's sin was to choose his wife over God, but even so, it wasn't a sin for him to have sex with his wife. Sex really wasn't the original sin, and it never is a sin to have sex with one's spouse, if they are consenting to it. The original sin was idolatry.

Human DNA was further contaminated by animal DNA, not only through physical bestiality, but probably through technological experimentation, as well. The Bible says that the "sons of God" (fallen angels) took wives of all they chose. This implies that some of the women were not consenting. The fallen angels employed abduction and rape.

But they may also have stolen female ovum and merged them artificially with their own DNA. The Bible says that their offspring were giants. If they had any further use for the donor mother, they probably would use this means to produce offspring, yet spare the mother's life. The fertilized eggs could have been implanted in a large mammal to gestate.

An ordinary human marrying another ordinary human, even if the other human is very beautiful, does not result in offspring who are giants and incredibly strong. It is true that people used to be much bigger before the Flood and that modern Man would consider the antediluvians to be giants, but the passage indicates that it was the offspring who were considered to be giants, not Mankind in general. The strange offspring were bigger than the antediluvians.

An argument against the fallen angel theme is that satan has no regard for marriage, so the fact that the sons of God took wives indicates that they were men, not fallen angels. A closer look at the two words used for wives in Genesis 6:2 indicate that wives really means "mortal women". There is even a sense that the women were adulteresses. When a person "marries" one thing to another, it does not mean that there has to be a ceremony or even a commitment. Marrying one thing to another can also mean a simple joining. The fact that the women are described as mortals indicates that the "husbands" were immortal and therefore another species.

The offspring of the fallen angels were not eligible for preservation aboard the Ark, even if the fallen angel DNA was so diluted that several generations later the offspring looked like ordinary humans. I would imagine that the exclusivity of Noah's invitation offended many and they accused him of racism. Even those who were eligible were likely to feel offended on behalf of their hybrid relatives and friends. I don't think that Noah and his family had a tranquil life. People probably accosted his wife and children in the streets and challenged them about Noah's preaching, bellowed at Noah for being "narrow–minded", and ridiculed him in poetry and songs.

We have come back to the days of Noah in our present age. Various scientists are producing monstrosities in their labs. Sometimes scientific curiosity is evil. It was because God saw where hybridizing would lead to that He set forth a law against in Deuteronomy 22:9. He didn't want people to even get started on it, because human depravity is such that some people do not know where to stop.

Yehoshua said in Matthew 24:373 that the days before He suddenly comes will be as it was in Noah's day. He mentioned that people were marrying and giving in marriage. This could refer to uniting foreign DNA, besides wholesome marriage.

Wholesome marriage between heterosexual humans was probably rare in Noah's day, as it is likely to become so before Yehoshua returns, for the Bible says in Titus 4:3 that vegetarianism will be forced on people and that it will be illegal to marry. The trend is there already. Homosexuality is protected and promoted to reduce population growth. So, if the last days will be like it was in Noah's time before the Flood, it is likely that Yehoshua was referring to this other kind of marriage.

The Promised Seed needed a pure human body to put sin to death, as this was Adam's state when he released sin on his descendents. Yehoshua's pure body sent forth a message that Man alone is responsible for his sin. He can not use for an excuse that "the devil made me do it" or "it's my animal nature". Even without demonic possession or animal contamination, people would still commit sin. It might take them much longer to reach certain points of depravity, but they would eventually get around to it, if the circumstances were right for it and God wasn't restraining them by His grace.

Noah's wife and his daughters–in–law were probably from his own family because of how contaminated other families had become due to sexual relations with strange flesh. The rest of Mankind had to be done away with, not only because all their thoughts were only evil continually, as the Bible tells us in Genesis 6:5, but also so that their compromised DNA would not contaminate that of Noah's descendents.

Nephilim were again introduced after the Flood, but if the previous purge had not been executed, the contamination of the human race would have proceeded so rapidly that Shem's lineage would have been compromised long before Yehoshua's mother Mary appeared on the scene. It is doubtful that the world would still have been standing by then. If it hadn't been for the Flood, Earth probably would have been bombed to smithereens that same year, a hazard that hangs over it now. Yehoshua said that unless He shortened His coming, no flesh would be saved.

The world mocked Noah and scoffed at his boat, preferring to rely on more sophisticated methods of escape. Some probably resigned themselves to death, being deceived by various demons that a better life awaited them. When catastrophe approached and the elite deemed the time had come to evacuate, they probably boarded spacecraft, thinking that their alien friends were going to take them to a planet where they could colonize. Ancient records speak of flying craft and strange beings. It's nothing new.4

I have no doubt that the elite did not like where they ended up. The Bible says that they were all destroyed. Satan and his group like to devise all sorts of ways to torture their dupes. One way is to get the hopes up, and then dash them cruelly. I wonder if they flew them through what the passengers thought was a wormhole in space that bypassed galaxies, only to discover that it was nothing more than a gate to Hell.

God sent pairs of land animals and flying creatures aboard the Ark to preserve the genus of each type. They were probably juveniles, to conserve space. I think that He sent all of them into a deep sleep, as He did Adam when He took Eve from his side and fashioned her. In a state of suspended animation, they did not need any kind of attendance from Noah and his family.

God sealed the Ark after Noah and his family were inside. The Ark is symbolic of salvation, and the sealing relates to how God puts a limit on His offer of salvation. Just as He said in Genesis 6:3 that He would not try to persuade people indefinitely to repent, He also tells us in the New Testament that He does not continually offer the gift of repentance.5

When people reach a certain point, which differs with each individual, God withdraws the offer and then it is impossible for a person to repent of their sins and be saved. It can be fatal to take God for granted. When a person feels conviction that they should believe the Bible and repent of their sins, that is the time to do it, because they may never again be allowed the opportunity. Putting off that decision is like playing Russian Roulette with one's soul, which is the most stupid of all gambles.

The Flood came and none of the man–made methods of escape worked. Not all were drowned. Some were burned to death, some were crushed by buildings, some were impaled by debris, some fell into cracks that opened in the Earth, some were stampeded by animals, some died of heart attacks, some were hit by meteorites, some were hit by monster bolts of lightning, and some were murdered by others in frenzies of blood lust set loose by the breakdown of law and order, etc. But anyone who wasn't killed by other means was drowned.

Noah and his family were safe. The little boat saved their lives. It was the only boat that could save anyone's life because it was the only boat that God approved. He designed it Himself, and He covered it from the cataclysmic storms that lashed across the Earth.

The rains poured down for forty days and nights and covered the tops of the mountains. It was not until 150 days passed that they began to recede. The Bible says that God caused a wind to pass over the Earth to make the waters recede. It was probably a magnetic wind that pushed the waters towards the poles.

The magnetic wind that pushed the waters towards the poles left its marks in the earth. In his book Worlds in Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky wrote about the phenomena of erratic boulders that were carried upwards and away from the equator, contrary to conventional theories about the Ice Age. Glaciers travel downwards and push rocks downwards, not upwards.

Velikovsky also speaks of how the bareness of the rocks under which the erratic boulders of this type lie in Wales and Yorkshire indicate that they rolled there within human history, not longer than 6000 years ago. Velikovsky thought that erratic boulders that rolled upwards occurred during the cataclysms of the Exodus, but some were also undoubtedly displaced during the Flood.

Quoting from Worlds in Collision in the chapter called "The Tide", Velikovsky said, "The fact that accumulations of stones were transferred from the equator toward the higher latitudes, an enigmatic problem in the ice theory, can be explained by the poleward recession of the equatorial waters at the moment of velocity of rotation of the earth was reduced or its poles were shifted. In the Northern Hemisphere, in India, the moraines were carried from the equator, not only towards higher latitudes, but also toward the Himalayan Mountains, and in the Southern Hemisphere from the equatorial regions of Africa toward the higher latitudes, across the prairies and deserts and forests of the black continent."6

The Ark landed in the mountains of Ararat. There Noah and his family and the animals disembarked. The Earth was a bewildering mess. Not only stripped of vegetation, but the sky was now blue because the hydrogen canopy was gone. There was wind and it was cold, or too hot in some places. The canopy was no longer in place to keep the temperature even across the globe. It was not there to shield them from harmful radiation. But there was something new that was beautiful – the rainbow in the sky after a rain as a promise from God that the Earth would never again be destroyed by a flood.

This promise implies that there had been more than just this recent flood. I believe that the Earth was destroyed by a flood before Adam's time, and that this is why it was covered with waters when the Spirit of God appeared on the scene and hovered (Genesis 1:2) over them. The command for dry land to appear indicates that the orb was not solid water, but rather that land was beneath those waters.

The rainbow is not only symbolic of a promise, though. It is also a warning from God that the next time He has to destroy this planet, it will be with fire.

I have heard it said that it is impossible for there to have been another race of people on the Earth before Adam because death did not enter the world until Adam sinned. The fact that death did not enter this world until Adam sinned does not mean that another world did not exist prior to this one. The word for world in Romans 5:12 is "kosmos" and means "arrangement". Yes, sin entered this arrangement through Adam, which brought death to it.

In the former arrangement, sin entered through Lucifer and brought death to it. It is probable that our solar system looked different back then and that some planets were destroyed in the cataclysms that destroyed the Earth. Stars certainly were. In Luke 10:18, Yehoshua said that He saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven. That had to have made some kind of impact in the cosmos.

Black holes in space are proof that death entered the Universe before the Earth was restored in Adam's day. I believe that black holes in space are stars with their planets that were the dominions of fallen angels. If scientists can see black stars originating or growing, they are viewing events that happened long ago.

I had a dream that was vastly intriguing to me regarding stars and black holes in space. In my dream, I was in a corridor where I was sucked backwards until I found myself floating in outer space among the stars. I slowly turned in a dance with my hands raised as I praised Yehoshua. It was so peaceful. I could see stars around me and black holes in space. I was surprised that the black areas were spheres. Prior to this, I had thought of them in terms of being holes in a fabric, but it is logical that they should be spheres since they pull things into them through their gravitation.

When I awoke, I asked the Lord what this dream was about. He replied to my spirit, "You told me that you wanted to dance with me among the stars." I was amazed because I had not thought it would happen until after I got to Heaven. Yehoshua is so romantic and He has got to be the best date ever!

The night sky was another unsettling thing for Noah and his family. The hydrogen canopy had acted as an infrared lens that permitted them to see what colours the stars were. After the Flood, they were merely the cold colour of white diamonds, and the sky was so black. Before, it darkened to a deep magenta at night, but always soothingly reflected the sun's rays in some measure from wherever it was shining. After the Flood, when clouds covered the sky at night, everything was pitch black.

The new environment also reduced Man's lifespan. There was not as much protection as before against harmful radiation. Diseases and deformities increased. The following generations of people and animals and plants became stunted. Modern Man, even at his best, is sickly and puny and mentally retarded compared to the antediluvians.

In spite of the scary, new environment that the Flood survivors had to get used to, Noah made a thanksgiving sacrifice to the Lord and reconsecrated the Earth to Him. The Lord accepted Noah's offering and promised that cataclysms of that drastic of an extent would no longer occur, until the world's end.

He also allowed Mankind to eat meat, and He didn't set any restrictions on what type of meat at this time. That was done in Moses' day, but it was lifted again after Yehoshua went to the cross. People were allowed to eat meat because vegetation was so severely reduced and at a premium for both animals and people. The great reptiles alone could devastate entire fields and the newly growing forests both by eating and trampling. They were continuing to become ever more difficult to control.

In His instructions to Noah and his family, God lifted up people as being very precious, far more precious than animals. If anyone presumed to murder another human, they had to understand that it would be at the forfeit of their own life. If an animal killed a human, the animal was to be killed.

The reason for this law was that Man is made in God's image. Our reverence for God is reflected in how we treat people. This is why the Bible says in 1 John 4:20 that anyone who hates his brother is a liar if he says he loves God.

Soon after the Flood, tyranny arose and much human blood was spilled. Our ancestors didn't even get past two generations before evil spread its poison again in an attempt to raise up a New World Order that directs worship to Lucifer instead of to God.

1See the explanation given by Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries on the CREATION MINISTRIES website for the meaning of Methuselah's name.

2And the LORD said unto Noah, Come you and all your house into the ark; for you have I seen righteous before me in this generation.
[Genesis 7:1]

3But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
[Mat 24:37 – 38]

4The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it has been already of old time, which was before us.
[Ecclesiastes 1:9 & 10]

5Repent therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;
[Act 3:19]

6Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky, first published in 1950, Abacus Edition, published 1972 by Sphere Books Ltd., reprinted 1974, page 85.

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